7 Ways to Grow Your Business Connections, Your Personal Influence, and Your LinkedIn Network | O. M. Allred | Skillshare

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7 Ways to Grow Your Business Connections, Your Personal Influence, and Your LinkedIn Network

teacher avatar O. M. Allred, Writer | Speaker | Educator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Importance of Your Profile

    • 3. Past Friends and Co workers

    • 4. Group Dynamics

    • 5. Email Lists

    • 6. Endorsements Recommendations

    • 7. Publisher Platform

    • 8. Keywords

    • 9. Conclusion

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About This Class

You'll learn seven proven methods to grow and expand your LinkedIn connections network.

Meet Your Teacher

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O. M. Allred

Writer | Speaker | Educator


Writer, speaker, storyteller, narrator, video/voice spokesperson. 


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1. Introduction: hello. Welcome to the class. LinkedIn is, without doubt the most important professional network in the world. It now has membership of over 500 million people, and it's growing at a rate of 174,000 members every day. LinkedIn has become the most important tool available for business professionals and entrepreneurs. Lincoln is the place to network with industry professionals. Is the place to get hired for a job. It's a place to promote your company, and it's the place to promote yourself, if that's what you need. Once you became a blinked in member, you became part of the largest professional networking group in existence. Lengthen is a gold mine of opportunity for networkers, business promoters and job hunters alike. With your Lincoln presence and online profile, you're in a position to grow an impressive professional network. You can do it, and that's what you'll learn in this course. Let's face it, lengthen is here to stay, so let's make the most of it. It's definitely to your advantage to grow and care for your connections network. In this course, you'll learn several tips and advice to help you grow and expand your personal linked in network. Welcome to the class. My name is Mike, and I'm glad you're here. 2. Importance of Your Profile: What is the most important thing you can do to expand Darlington Connection Network? The most important step to take and growing your Lincoln Network is to make sure your profile is up to date and complete. This is especially important because you need your profile to be complete before you start inviting people to connect with you. The reason for this is because when you invite someone to connect, who doesn't know you, the first thing that will probably do is to check out your profile before they respond or answer your request. If the person doesn't see in your work history or in your profile where you might have met , chances are he'll ignore your connection requests. So a completed linked in profile is the most important thing you do before you start sending out your connection requests. The best way to think of your LinkedIn profile is to think of it as your own line professional home page that's visible and available to the professional and business world . The purpose of your profile is too given accurate. Look at your background, your qualifications and your skills. It's also supposed to give a true picture of who you really are as a person. It's supposed to give a picture of the kind of person you are behind your profile, the kind of person you are in your real world, everyday life. 3. Past Friends and Co workers: one of the most overlooked tips and good pieces of advice for building a connections network is to remember your past friends and co workers who you knew in previous employment . These past friends can be a valuable source of new connections for you, a source of people who could give you recommendations and endorsements. Also, your old friends may have suggestions for new lengthen connections specifically in your specialty. Think of all the people that you've met at your previous employers or the many people you've met in your non business activities. Think of the people who, for example, maybe your past golfing buddies, your women's club groups and members of your women's club, your civic club members, people you met your kids, p t. A. Meetings past teachers of professors, business owners that you do business with on a daily basis. There are hundreds of past acquaintances who might be lengthen members and would be glad to connect with you if you only ask. Always remember to ask anyone you meet if they're Arlington members, and this is especially important when you're renewing an old friendship 4. Group Dynamics: all right. Next toe having a completed optimized profile, the subject of Lincoln groups would be the next in importance. Joining groups on LinkedIn is your chance. It's your chance to show the world how you're involved with your professional industry. And remember, when you join a group, that group's logo of peers on your profile. Now the true value of groups is in your chance to make new friends, to develop new business relationships and to meet other professionals and your specialty. And one of the most outstanding benefits of joining groups is your ability to directly contact fellow Lincoln members in your group without having to send an invitation or needing a linked in introduction. This is one of the best kept secrets own, linked in the secret that you could meet someone in the group and then send them a direct message. It's best to strike up a friendship first before you start sending connection request in your groups. Now one of the best types of groups to join. Well, that all depends on what your professional target is. For example, it. If you're seeking new customers for your business, you should join groups that contain your potential customers don't join groups that have others in your specialty, That is, if you're looking for new business. So, for example, if you're graphic artist join groups that contain business consumers of graphic arts services as members don't join groups of other graphic artist. If you're a data analyst, don't join the groups whose members are data analyst there. Your competitors. Now, if you're interested in sharing industry news, engaging in shop talker or you might have questions about your specific industry, then joining groups of your competitors and professional peers would be a good idea. Of course, you could accomplish two goals by joining groups in each of your interest. You could join groups of consumers of your services, and you could join groups of professionals in your industry. And don't forget to pay attention to the number of members and a group. Join groups that have large numbers of members who, by your services as you can see linked in groups, have many benefits you should be taking advantage of. So get active and be a really groupie. Develop new strategic relationships with consumers of your skills and services. This will benefit you in 100 ways now and well into the future. 5. Email Lists: another valuable tip own who might be new connections for you is your email list. Don't forget your email contacts as a source of new lengthen connections. Lengthen makes it possible to import your email and Web mail list, and they can check to see if any of your email contacts our current members of linked in one of the best ways to let people know you're only 10 via your e mails is to incorporate your linked in profile. You are l into your email signature lines. Many people completely forget about how valuable the signature real estate is at the bottom of your emails. Every time you send an email, your custom signature line with your Lincoln address will be highly visible in your signature line. I recommend you design a custom signature image, which includes your name, a small photo, maybe a phone number and a link to your website. Your linked in public profile you are l and any other contact information that you can fit in your signature line. Here is my signature graphic that I use on my emails. This type of signature graphic does grab attention, and it's remembered by your email readers so don't forget that little space at the bottom of your emails. Create a custom signature graphic that contains your lengthen U R L 6. Endorsements Recommendations: there's a point that I really like. Everybody loves a pat on the back. Once in a while, everybody loves to hear you did a good job, and this is what I'm recommending in this tip. Make it a point to leave recommendations and endorsements for your first degree network connections. If you feel they deserve and have earned riel praise, it's a great feeling to receive an endorsement or a recommendation you didn't expect. Giving an endorsement is a positive action, which shows you respect and acknowledge another person skills and abilities. I like to think of unendurable mint as a pat on the back for a job well done or a thumbs up . Giving a recommendation or endorsement also is a chance for you. The highlight. Your own skills. When people see your endorsement, they almost surely will check out your profile again. As for the endorsements on your own profile, the more endorsement you have means the more clout you have own. Lincoln. Now, on occasion, you may receive an endorsement you don't really want. This has happened to me on a couple of occasions. The problem wasn't with the endorsement itself or the endorsement for a job I performed for this person. The problem was with the profile of the endorser. Their profile photo was taken in a bar and looked more like a party picture than a serious businessman would have on LinkedIn. And also, their profile was not close to being complete. And it just gave a bad impression. So rather than having an endorsed my endorsement, associate it with this person, I basically hit the endorsement. 7. Publisher Platform: Here's a recommendation that I suggest that could be very important for you. You need to take advantage of Lincoln's publisher platform. This allows you to write long form posts, articles and observations. This will give you the chance to show your experience, knowledge and skills about it particular subject in your professional specialty. This gives you a chance to show you're an authority on a certain topic being discussed. And also don't just be a poster. Don't just write the post. Participate in the post. Participate in the threads with good, useful feedback and remarks. Don't try and sell anything. That's a definite turn off, especially if you're the new person in the group. Avoid political talk like it was the plague. In our current political situation, it's best to keep your political affiliations to yourself. I learned this the hard way many years ago when I first graduated from college. On my first important job, I voiced my political affiliations and my boss didn't agree with me, and things weren't the same after that. Another thing never attacked fellow group members. Even if you feel justified, you can have gentlemanly disagreements, but avoid name calling, foul language and insults. Always remember this. Once a word is spoken, it's like a puff of smoke. You can never, ever bring it back or take it back. You can apologize till you're blue in the face and your apology may be accepted. But what you said will never be for gotten by the person. You said it, too, and finally avoid any type of self promotion when you're riding post or posting articles. 8. Keywords: here is a very important tip that many people forget. Make sure you have made liberal use of keywords throughout your profile, and especially in your summer, you want to ensure your profile. Is Internet search friendly, linked in search, friendly, liberally sprinkled with relevant keywords? Remember, Lincoln's purpose is more than just a place where professional connections are made. It's your own line. Home page. People use LinkedIn to do job searches to find service providers to find customers, employees and investors. And most linked and searches aren't for a specific named person or company. When people are searching on linked in, they all most likely just enter specific keywords in the search bar. So remember this. If you want to be found, you must make sure your profile contains keywords relevant to your skills and ability. Remember for your profile to appear in a search. Your profile must contain the keywords that people enter into the linked in search bar. If they enter in key words that are not own your profile, you will not be found. Also, remember when riding or optimizing your profile, right your profile with your keywords in mine and with your intended audience in mind. If your professional specialty keywords are not in your profile, you'll never be found, no matter how beautiful your profile is. If key words aren't there that your customer is entering into the search bar, you'll never be found. Key words are important. Please remember that. 9. Conclusion: Thank you so much for taking this class. If you put the work, the information in the tips you've learned in this course you will be developing a lengthen profile that you can be proud of. And that will be a definite professional benefit to you. Thanks again. I appreciate your time and interest.