7 WAYS to use Watercolor Pencils (& Goat Demo)! | Hajra Meeks | Skillshare

7 WAYS to use Watercolor Pencils (& Goat Demo)!

Hajra Meeks, School of Watercolor & Wizardry!

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7 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Intro & Supplies

    • 2. What are Watercolor Pencils?

    • 3. 7 Ways of Using Watercolor Pencils!

    • 4. Palette and Color Wheel Swatches

    • 5. Goat Demo, 1/3

    • 6. Goat Demo, 2/3

    • 7. Goat Demo, 3/3


About This Class

Hey Watercolor Wizards, Hajra here!

Learn 7 ways to use watercolor pencils and see how these techniques can be applied in an artwork! Watercolor pencils are a fun and diverse art medium waiting to be explored! I’ll be going at a relaxed pace (just a bit faster than real-time to keep it lively!) with lengthy viewing time and instruction. Suitable for beginning to advanced artists.

About me: I'm a former university lecturer and Author-Illustrator, and you might know me from my channel of Watercolor and Wizardry on YouTube, or from my Patreon tutorials where I share epic watercolor, gouache, and ink instruction, or more recently from my shared art on Instagram!

Thanks for parking your brushes here and let the epic art adventures begin!


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