7 Top Hacks To Get More Sales on Fiverr | Mike Ingram | Skillshare

7 Top Hacks To Get More Sales on Fiverr

Mike Ingram, Skillshare Teacher. Follow me

7 Top Hacks To Get More Sales on Fiverr

Mike Ingram, Skillshare Teacher. Follow me

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2 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Ways to get more sales on fiverr

    • 2. Your class project

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About This Class


Top Tips To Increase Your Sales on Fiverr

Do you have gigs on the Fiverr platform? Are your sales looking lack-lustre? Are you wanting ideas to give you more sales? I'm a level two seller on Fiverr and I'll show you hints and hacks to help increase your sales.

This course dissects one of the best-selling gigs on Fiverr and gives you helpful insights into how you can use the methods shown to ramp up your sales. Items discussed include:-

  • Structuring your gig
  • how to make your sales videos pop
  • SEO tips to increase your ranking
  • ways to use Social Media to increase traffic
  • copywriting hints

Just spend some time watching this course and you too can benefit from the sales techniques shown inside. 

Take action now!

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All music for this course (upbeat forever, maccaray bay, blue ska, thief in the night) all by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/


Meet Your Teacher

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Mike Ingram

Skillshare Teacher. Follow me



Thanks for taking time to visit my profile page.

I'm delighted that I might have the chance to help you, through my courses here on Skillshare.

I've been fortunate enough to work at some top companies and have also for the last eleven years run successful businesses of my own.

I've picked up a lot of experience in online and offline business and hope to help you be successful too!

My Interests include online business, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Wordpress, SEO and Social Media and I hope to soon be able to share some of my skills with you In my courses. My hobbies include playing guitar.

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1. Ways to get more sales on fiverr: Hi, I'm Mike. And as you can see from the screen, I'm a level to center on Fiverr, which means I've done over 100 gigs on Fiverr now. So I think I know what I'm talking about. And if we just look at what Level two, he's on Fiverr level one, level two. It means you've maintained a high start rating of between 4.7 and five stars. Exceptional customer care have a low cancellation rate, community leadership in the forms, etcetera, and a high volume of sales. So how do you achieve it operated or level two status? I'm going to show you now. So here we are, back on the fiver. Now, my number one tip for getting more cells on Father is to be unique and offer a professional gig, which is what they start. If you look at it, the heading is I will make a customer custom video with Professor Poppet. And as you can see, he's got plenty of great quality images there to show off his product. And if we just look at the video Hello, my friends. I'm Professor Hans von Puppet. I'm looking for a new way to beat brain burnout, but now you could stay shop by playing space blocks. Special Blocked is a box based puzzle where you could try to remove all the blocks by changing and Jason wants together. Change only work horizontally or vertically, but not diagonally black. Sit on a grid that is five blocks by five blocks for added difficulties. Some black tea to be changed multiple times in order to be cleared, you could play casually or competitively with other players, so get cracking and see who could blast the most blacks out of space. Now that's a great sells video showing off his product. It's just have a look at what packages he offers now. If we look at that, the packages come in a $5 or £3.78 basic, a $50 or 30 22 standard deluxe package, that is, or $100 or £75.56 premium. So he's making a lot of money from these gifts. Bearing in mind, he sold well over 3700 gigs. And as you can see there a nice profile picture and a nice profile description. Let's just look down about the gig now Another thing you can do to make your geek really stand out and for Seo purposes is to include the keyword from the title. In this case, Professor Hans Van a puppet off highlighted There is in the in the actual gig description twice. And as we just look at the bottom here, he's got 3765 reviews. Five star rated. All sing his praises. You can't ask for more than that on the gig, and that's why he's doing so very, very well. This this gig, which is probably worth 1/4 of a $1,000,000 to him. Just one thing to add. There is the tanks you add to your project, which is video in animation and spokesperson. So if we just take a look at some of the key points from that professor hands, then puppet video, so make your gig unique and of professional quality. Now I've not seen anything like that hands van puppet video anywhere on Fiverr, and, of course, it's of the utmost quality. It's done in a professional studio. It looks really, really great. Now nobody is expecting you to start with a professional studio, but you do need to make sure that the sound and video quality that is the best you can make it. Number two, as we saw in the video, used the main keyword, which in this case was Professor Hans Van Puppet twice in the geek description, and they were shown to you highlighted and, of course, usual keyword in the gig description. Now on additional piece of device here. For Seo purposes, it's better to use your keyword at the front of your big description. So in this case, Hans Van Puppet would be better off having his name at the beginning. Instead, off make a video with Hans Van Puppet. It would be better to say Hans Van Poppet make a video on, although that doesn't make ah whole heap of sense to read. For Seo purposes, it's absolutely fine. And as you saw there at a good quality video. Now, if you can't do a video yourself going to fiver and get somebody to make you a video for $5 have had it done myself, I fell have done them for other people. It's a great way to boost your sales and moving on to the next point add colorful geek images. Now the more images you put on there, the better. Hans van Papa had probably tend 20 different images on there and probably five videos as well. So the more colorful gig images the better, and it doesn't always pay to just use royalty free images. Sometimes, if you wants to sell more, you need to pay out a few pounds to get a unique image. So that's for that. For these key points, we're going some more now. Mention the name fiver in your geek description. So if you're offering logo design on Fiverr, then it would be exclusive logo design gig only on Fiverr. This trick worked great for me to rank higher on a fiver. Search engines offer a no quibble money back guarantee. This will give your customer the confidence to buy from you. So number two a money back guarantee. Use the appropriate tags for your geek. You have several to use. Make sure you use the more easily use Google AdWords keyword planner to give you good tag choices. You can also start by taking a look at what the popular gigs in your niche are using. IE what your competitors air using as their tax. Now, like Professor Hans Van a puppet, he started his own YouTube channel. Now, if you do this, you can send links across to your gigs quite easily, or you have to do is put your promo video on there and link it to your fiver channel. Use a call to action at the bottom of your gig description. Something like Buy it Now would work absolutely fine. The next word is patience. Now I know everybody gets immediate success on Fiverr. Be patient. If you don't get that immediate success, don't give up on selling your kick services on Fiverr. Sometimes you have to wait for the orders to come in and you'll find the more orders you get. What you get to level one. You'll see an increase in your orders and again. Once you get to level two, people will trust you even more and off you even more. Work onto your top rated seller when people choose you first of all, above anyone else, and the next thing is visit fiver daily. You need to visit your fiver account frequently at least once a day to stay active. Buyers will see when you're on, and they won't be buying if you offer an inactive gig service, so you need to visit fiver daily. So that's it for this lecture on more cells, methods on Fiverr hope to see in the next lesson. 2. Your class project: Hi. Your car's project is shown in the box just below the main screen net to the community books Creature Project on Uploaded under the Class Project section. I'm really looking forward to seeing it. I want to congratulate you for completing this course on hope It helps. Have you enjoyed the class? I really hope so. If so, I would be grateful if you could leave her of you in this. Bob's here. Thank you for watching. And I'll see you inside some of my classes.