7 Tips For Running A Creative Design Studio | Melanie Greenwood | Skillshare

7 Tips For Running A Creative Design Studio

Melanie Greenwood, Designer & Founder of Vision City Studio

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10 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Introduction: 7 Tips For Running A Creative Design Studio

    • 2. My Story

    • 3. Tip 1: Embrace Your Niche Style

    • 4. Tip 2: Pricing, Deposits and Invoices

    • 5. Tip 3: Creative Workspace Matters

    • 6. Tip 4: Referrals Are Everything

    • 7. Tip 5: Be On Time, Everytime

    • 8. Tip 6: Be A Team Player

    • 9. Tip 7: Open Communication Is Key

    • 10. Final Thoughts and Encouragement


About This Class


In this course, I offer 7 tips to running a creative design studio, based on over 10 years of experience running my own studio, Vision City. I have worked with clients all over the world in the music industry, corporate world as well as start up companies, and I have found these 7 key tips to be vital in running a design business. 

If you are an artist, designer or illustrator and you want to learn how to run your own studio and gain clients...This course is for you.

In each tip video, I will share examples and advice as to how to further develop your studio business. Client service is key to all service businesses and thats no exception when it comes to design. I believe these tips will build your business back bone so you can continue doing what you and I love, being creative for a living!

I am also including  a sample invoice (that I go over inside this course) so you can download it and refer to it for your own invoice creation.

Wishing you much success in your creative journey. I hope you enjoy this course!

Feel free to ask questions and I'd love your review! 



Website: http://www.visioncity.biz