7 Tips Become a Successful New Freelancers | Andre Regin Raditya | Skillshare

7 Tips Become a Successful New Freelancers

Andre Regin Raditya, Entrepreneur - Beginner Instructor

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    • 7 Tips to Become a Successful New Freelancers


About This Class

Are you a new freelancer ?

Maybe these tips will help you get your first job .

Being a freelancer, not only must have the skill

but, you must have a preparation time of bidding.

This video explain about tips for new freelancers,before you started your job as freelancer,why not take and enroll this course.

Its free for you !

Join me in my class and start learning.





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Andre Regin Raditya

Entrepreneur - Beginner Instructor

Im not special like other instructor, I learned to teach & i love it.

Not everyone can read and find information from many websites on the internet, therefore im here in skillshare to help people get the information and the lessons they are supposed to get

Born in Indonesia Oktober 1994 Bekasi,

Currently im living in Cikarang,

Full name Andre regin raditya,

College in Skillshare Udemy and Lynda.com

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