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7 Strategies to stay motivated towards your goals

teacher avatar Romil Rambhad, Life strategist, Author and Speaker

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Fuel your Motivation: Ultimate action strategies

    • 2. Sources of Motivation

    • 3. 7 Habits that kills motivation

    • 4. Sense of Clarity

    • 5. Goldilocks Rule

    • 6. Reward System

    • 7. Role model Way

    • 8. Discipline Bypasses Motivation

    • 9. Physiology Affects Motivation

    • 10. Self-Talk Motivation

    • 11. Bonus for you

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About This Class

Learn to Motivate Yourself with the proven and effective Strategies and Overcome habits that kill motivation.

Goals are the stepping stones toward your dreams so, in order to achieve them, you need the motivation to keep you chugging along towards them.

Not everyone is born with motivation. There is a severe lack in some who believe ‘I’ll get to that one day’ or ‘the timing isn’t right’ or a classic case of ‘I can’t do that’. Motivation is the defining factor that turns a good thought into immediate action. It turns a good idea into a business and can positively impact the world around you.

Motivation can also help you personally to be the best you can be. This can have a positive effect on your confidence, relationships, and the community you live in.

This course is a Powerpack, in minimum time I have covered the maximum and essential points!!

In this course you will learn:

  • Different sources of motivation and identify what's yours

  • Identify and overcome the Habits that kills motivation

  • 7 Strategies that you can implement immediately

  • Boost your enthusiasm

I can assure you, By the end of this course you will be a LEVEL UP in your journey and move forward with passion, enthusiasm, and happiness.

Jump into this course today and start learning 7 Proven strategies to stay motivated towards your goals

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Romil Rambhad

Life strategist, Author and Speaker


Romil Rambhad is a life strategist and Author of a Personal growth book "The20 powerful keys to a better life".

He always lived with a mission of serving others through his work and making a positive impact in other's lives. Being an Engineer and  Masters in Business, he took a route different from what everyone has been doing. 

This had led him to study the human mind learning ancient mind and healing techniques (Vipassana, Reiki) and modern as well (Hypnosis, NLP, Life coaching) to help an individual enhance their potential, achieve their goals while staying happy and in peace from within.

He is reaching people through multiple social media platforms and his video content and podcast has inspired many people.

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1. Fuel your Motivation: Ultimate action strategies: I welcome you to this course. And so glad you have enrolled here to learn the strategies to stay motivated towards your most ambitious goals. My name is Roman lumbar. I'm a life strategies and the author of a self-help book. I always had a keen understanding and curiosity to learn about human psychology. How will a lot of mind works? And how we can train our mind to achieve our ultimate potential. So we can't achieve our most ambitious goals without losing our peace of mind and wife staying happy. I have worked with many individuals to reach their ultimate potential and achieve their goals and ideas, shared the same strategies with you, the same bricks with you, the same techniques with you. So you can implement those in your life and you get achieved the cause which you are looking for. The things which we will discuss in this course will be available to you in downloadable format for your reference, all the details at available there. You can download the file from there and you can keep it for your reference. I hope you will get the best from this course and utilize that strategies, that techniques, which I will be sharing with you, which many people have already applied and got the result, which you will definitely get during this course without wasting much time, we will get straight in with the course. See you in the next video. 2. Sources of Motivation: What exactly is motivation? We have heard a lot of towns quotes and theories about motivation, but we will see the simplest form of motivation. What exactly is motivation? It is a driving force which help us to achieve, to accomplish our most desired goals. Yes, without motivation, we can't achieve anything. It is a life skill we must have and we must develop in our journey. You can see many examples of people who have achieved anything significant in that light. You can see Jeff Bezos who have formed Amazon. Odd example of Steve Jobs, who is the founder of Apple. And there are numerous, many examples available. But one thing is they were motivated towards the things which they wanted. Because motivation clarifies our walls. It's set priorities in our life. It helps to overcome temporary debates and temporary setbacks. It helps in building our confidence, it inspire others to achieve their goals too. There are three main factors which are responsible for our motivation. First is extrinsic. Extrinsic, it can be fame, it can be power, it can be position. Or it can be a position in a company which is all related to external things. It just all related to material things which motivates us. It is one of the powerful thing. Work on things which we've warned and it has some extrinsic value to it. The second, the second is intrinsic motivations. What does exactly intrinsic motivation means? Intrinsic operates on purpose. It operates on mission. It has a deeper purpose to it to do things. It is not just for material gains, but we are doing something because it fulfills us at is-a intrinsic motivation. And the third type of motivation is family. Family comes under extrinsic, as well as intrinsic, because people feel motivated to do their work just because they have their family to feed. They have this spouse who is dependent on them, who have their childrens, who need them, and who need their support. And for that, they have to do things, they have to accomplish their goals. And family is one of the strongest reason. People, 90% of people in the world are operating. So it is one of the driving force to stay motivated. In the next section, we will discuss Seven Habits that gives motivation, state dealing with me. And I will see you in the next section. 3. 7 Habits that kills motivation: First habit, which kills our motivation, is our desire to be perfect. We want to start everything at the perfect moment. But did you know the secret? The perfect moment doesn't exist. We have to start right now. There are many people who are planning to start a business. They're planning to start the exercise routine from tomorrow, from next year, from next month. But does it come? It never comes when we will feel good when we will have enough money to start the thing which we want. But the thing is you have to start from today. You have to start from now with the things which you have right now, the things which you have in your hands right now, if you start now, you will start small and it will eventually build and it will become a big thing. But for that, you don't have to delay the thing. You have to start right now without waiting for the perfect moment. The second habit that guilds motivation is your comparison to others. Initially, when I wasn't so familiar with the camera I'm shooting, I was so insecure to shoot and posted online or in social media because I was thinking there are many good materials already available on the online platform in the YouTube. So my video won't get much traffic, much views. So I have delayed many times, but eventually when I have started Actually I've got much better response than what I had thought. Because comparison exist in our mind. We are comparing the cause of our experiences. So we don't have to compare, we have to compare ourselves with how we were before. If you are comparing yourself with you, you will always win because you are always improving. You're always learning new skills and you're always having some experiences which you can share with others. Third, hybrid back tildes motivation. If you don't believe in yourself. There was an artist few years back. He was extremely good at is art. He was a great painter. He has painted a 100 of paintings. And it was so amazing. But he don't have believed that people will love his work. So he didn't put his artwork outside so that people be able to see in the art gallery or any art event. But one fine day, his friend inspired him for sin, that you should put it outside so that people will be able to see. And magic happened. His painting was so inspiring to people that many people have Vitis painting. Lack software piece in lacks of monks. Just because it wasn't sure of himself, just because he didn't believe in himself. You have kept that hidden talent inside him. And once I have put it outside to the others to show, to see the magic begins, the magic happen because people were able to see how amazing His work was. This happens with all of us. We all are good at one or the other thing, just because we believe that we are not good enough. We are hiding up potential and this is stopping us. If you don't believe in yourself, you are letting your potential down forth hybrid that gathers the motivation. Is you don't have rules. Yes. Mostly people have goals. If you don't have goals in your life, you will finish directionless. You will finish de-motivated. You will feel sad because you don't have something to put your life into it. And if you don't have something, you will eventually get demotivated. The goal can be anything. The goal can be to be successful, to be a great businessman, to get a promotion in job, to do great in our job, to provide to our family. There can be any goals, but we should have something to put our life into it so we can get up every day and put our efforts in that direction. And if the goal is lacking, then you would surely get de-motivated and it is surely killing your motivation. Fifth habit that kills motivation is you get distracted if you're doing a thing. And in your mind, there are many things going on and you're focusing on bad. Judge, just distracting yourself from the work that you're doing right now. So it is important that you should stay focus on the things which you are doing right now. As you will be distracting every now and then, and you'll are disturbing the thing that you're doing right now. So distraction is one of the thing which is killing your motivation because you can't able to keep your attention, which is prime important tool. You won't be able to produce a quality work. And it is certainly killing your motivation because it is also affecting your confidence. Six habit that kills motivation is working on too many things and destruction. We are not able to focus on one thing. While here, we are focusing on many things at once. Like we're multitasking. Humans are not meant to multitask. If you're multitasking, you're just distributing your energy in many direction. And if you're distributing your energy in many direction. So you have to focus on a single task at a time in a day. You can show do you have part of days to particular work, but at one time you can't do more than one thing. So it is important that you should have a single-minded focus on the thing which you have right now. If you're trying something new, if you're doing something that is possibility that you will face failures. Failures means there is a temporary setback. And people who understand it, they consider failure as a feedback and they work on it and improve. Later. They will convert that failure into feedback and then success. This is how successful people operate. The people were not so successful and we're not motivated. They take temporarily setback as a permanent failure and they stop working on it. Any individuals who have accomplished anything great in life, you will see that they have faced major setback in their lives into one or another stage in their life. But they didn't give up. They didn't give up. They just kept trying and they kept improving themselves. They kept enhancing their skills. And finally, they were able to achieve the things which they want it. These are the seven habits that gives motivation. I've shared the challenges with you. Now, I will shed the strategies with you. I will share the solution with you. I will share the seven strategies you can implement in your life to get motivated. And this are actually implementable. So you can immediately apply this principle of these strategies in your life. And you will achieve the goals which you are looking for soon in the next section, and you will learn the seven strategies to stay motivated. See you in the next video. 4. Sense of Clarity: When you're working towards your goals, mostly we are clear about what we're doing and how we're going to proceed with the goals. But one thing which is missing and which is prime important, the journey is your y. Why is it important for you to achieve that goal? What is the reason? What is a prime reason of doing that thing? And why is it so important for you? The strong the yield reason is, the stronger you will persist in your journey towards your goal and you will stay motivated in your journey. For example, I am reaching you might content is reaching you through internet, through video content. Am I good at all the things which I am doing? Maybe not because my y is so clear, I want to help you achieve your potential and help you reach your ultimate goal and convert my passion into the profession through my writing, my speaking. This all things are related to the things which I can serve you and Chairman, knowledge through various mediums and reach u. This is the reason why I'm doing this. So I want you to make clarity regarding the goals, why you're doing it and write three reasons. Yes. Right? Three reasons why you want to achieve your woods. Maybe you want to be a billionaire. Maybe you want to be famous. Maybe you want to buy a house near a beach. Maybe you want to be a big businessman, tycoon. What is your ultimate goal? What is the reason why you're doing it? You have to be precisely clear or the things. And one thing which stocks are clarity is lack of direction. Yes, most of the time we feel demotivated just because we are not sure we are in the right direction or not. If you feel so, just ask yourself two questions. The thing which we're doing right now that goals you're working right now. Is it aligned with your strength? Are you good at it? Or you can improve your skill set by practicing, by learning as it possible. Second question is, the thing that you're doing right now, is it aligned with your values? If the answer to the question is yes, are you can improvise that thing than you are in the right direction. Don't confuse you are in the right direction. And the second thing which stops us from achieving our goals is we don't set priorities. This comes under time management, but this is a main thing which stops us from achieving our goals and we lack motivation because of that. For example, like I have been working on my book, my latest book. But while working on my book, there are many thoughts which are running in my mind. Like I have to work on my next book. I have to create my video content. I have to research on it. I would work on my podcast. I went to work on my one-to-one sessions that are many things which are working simultaneously on my mind. I don't mind is a submission engine. It is continuously suggesting us man-eating why we are working on the thing which are working right now. This thing can be improvised. If we set a priority list, write down all the things which are important to you and you want to accomplish. And out of that list, mark down three things which are prime important, which is urgent, as well as important to you to accomplish. And just focus on that thing. If you're focusing on one thing and you're thinking about the other, you are just distracting your work and it will affect the quality of your work. You will feel demotivated by working on the thing because you haven't set priority. So the tank is set priority. Get clarity, get that direction, get the priority, and know your Why is the first thing we have to focus on you and no doubt the things which you feel is important, right? You're why create your priority list? I'll see you in the next video. 5. Goldilocks Rule: Goldilocks rule states that human experiences pick motivation when working on things which are on the edge of their current abilities, which are not too hard and which are not too easy. Human love challenges. But the challenge should be within a limit, within a optimal difficulty. For example, you are running a marathon with a professional athlete who have when craning in the same field for many years, he have his shoddy we'll see has these trainings. And from many years you have been training the same fee. Will you feel when you feel motivated while running with them? Maybe no, because you know, that possibility of winning with him is not possible. And consider another scenario. In that scenario, you are running a race with a ten year old boy. Will you feel like motivation while running the race with the boy? Maybe no. Because you will easily win the race, right? But if you're running a race with person who had the same schedule as yours is working in a nine to five or he's running his business. So you will able to relate with them. And there is possibility that if you train yourself, there is possibility, a good possibility that you can win the race of the ten. So this is the same with motivation by setting goals. If you're setting goals too high that you know you can't be able to reach, then your motivation will die out. And if you're setting your goals too low, which you have already achieved, it won't excite you, it won't motivate you. For example, your company has already reached a landmark of five corrodes last year. And if you're setting your target of 20 career for the next year, what do you think? What will be the motivation? You have said the landmark, which is very difficult to reach. And you will take a lot of effort, so you will lose motivation in the process. So instead, eight or ten CIA, is it possible? Yes, if you will work in US, if you create a plan, if you create a new product, it is possible that you will able to reach its IA next year. So you have to set a goal for yourself, which is in the range which is not too high, which is not too low. With certain hard work, you can able to reach the landmark, the milestone which you have set for yourself applied the Goldilocks rule in your life. It may be you are health sector, it may be your business, or it may be your career or your job promotion or your salary. Just thing, how much effort you can make to reach that goals. Don't set unrealistic goals. It will lead to only one thing. It was de-motivated. You see you in the next video. 6. Reward System: Assume you're working out in a gym and you have set a target of yourself. For one day you will work out no matter what. But for some reasons, you aren't able to work for one I either you're working for 30 minutes or 45 minutes, but can't walk beyond that. Today, it is different because you have set a target for yourself. And you will reward yourself if you achieve that particular time. And that reward is a dark chocolate. And assuming that you love dark chocolate because I love. So as soon as you will complete one, are your rewarding yourself with a creamy dark chocolate, which you love a lot to eat, which is in your hand, and you eating jet enjoying God me, how will it fee? Just consider. The same principle is applied wife training dogs or training any sort of animals. We are pushing their limits. They are motivating them for that reward so we can get things done from them. Even this is applicable for the corporate industries and employees. If they're achieving a milestone, company is rewarding them with some sort of bonus or incentives. It motivates them to do even better than before. And they have some motivation to reach that particular goal. And how you can apply this principle to yourself. For example, I was working on my last book and I have taken a pledge that until I finish my one whole chapter, I've won't go out for a movie because I love watching movies in multiplexes. As soon as I have completed that particular chapter, I've rewarded myself with my favorite movie ticket. This was my vote system. Like how you can implement this in your shadow. Is it your business? You have set some target for yourself as UCLA health sector, that you have set a target. And as soon as you reach that, you are rewarding yourself that a particular thing which you want to eat a, you want to have. It can be a vacation, it can be a tool, it can be eating habit, so reward yourself. The things which you have achieved. There are two goals we're working on simultaneously. One is our long-term goal, and one is a short-term goals for ultimately reaching our long-term goal, which should be achieving a short-term goals on simultaneous basis. So as soon as you are reaching a particular short-term goal, you reward yourself with the things which you Love is the best thing you can do to motivate Joseph. See you in the next video. 7. Role model Way: The oil has set goals for ourselves in our particular field. And in that particular field, a person is there who is in the top of that ladder who have achieved that thing. And he's enjoying all the luxuries, all the things you can certainly imagine. So you have a role model. You can look up to, then you feel de-motivated. This is the thing which I certainly do. I admired many authors, I admired many speakers I admire, have many life coaches. I admire many enterpreneurs who are doing good in their fields. I take inspiration from them. Whenever the role model I really admire is written data. Not only he's a great businessman, but also he does business with considering all the values. Also, it donates a lot of percentage of his company to NGOs. In Joffre, There are many people who have already reached a milestone which you're thinking of. And you can see the people were already are in that lateral. What are the stages they have gone through? What are the things they have learned? How was the journey? And you can learn a lot from their journey. Because the things which C had just outer layer, there are many things which are the internal side which we are not able to see. And there are many struggles. There are many obstacles in the way which only autobiographies, books, videos which very disclose about that person. Maybe you are a fan of football player maybe or a fan of a great businessman. Just take them Book, see their video, see what was their journey and get motivated from them. It is not about the goal you reach, but it is also about the person you become intact journey while going through that journey is really very important. See you in the next video. 8. Discipline Bypasses Motivation: The one thing which you will notice in all of the people who are in the peak of their career or in the peak of their free, is they're very disciplined about the things they point to achieve. If they have set a target in their mind, they want to do a certain thing in a day. They will certainly do it no matter what the circumstances are. And so discipline bypasses. Motivation is extremely valid point because if you don't want to do something, but still you are doing it. It requires discipline. Persistence is a need, is very essential if you want to do something, bake something great, and you want to achieve that goal. If you don't feel motivated, still follow your shadow, will do the things which you need to. Cvs back when I was in sales, I was promoting a new product and it was new in the industry. So whenever I am reaching to customers to show that protocol, I was getting oftenly getting rejected every time. I was very de-motivated during that time. But I used to go I used to follow my schedule every day. I used to plan. I want to meet ten customers and I will meet them no matter how the circumstance or how, no matter how I feel when your feeling doesn't affect your work. It shows that you have discipline and it takes lot of discipline and persistence to achieve your most ambitious goals. And if it is important to you, you will prioritize it and you will stick with the things which you have decided for yourself. And I'm sure if you are disciplined towards your things which you want to achieve, that is nothing which will stop you. See you in the next video. 9. Physiology Affects Motivation : Many times we have heard about the code, fake it until you make it. And it is absolutely true. And in this case, our physiology, absolutely how impact on our motivation, the way we display are set, the way we show ourselves to others, have impact on others, as well as an odd mind. Three things which you can immediately do with their body, which will improve your confidence, which will improve your motivation. First is take space while setting white standing. Just expand your body and set. It will just make you feel more comfortable. It will make you feel more confident. Have you seen a dog or any animal who was scared? How was their position? They have shrunk bends and bad, shrink them body. It chose that de-motivated. They're not confident and that are for it. And the opposite is also true. That when you expand your body, when you take space for your body, then it shows that you are confident and you unmotivated, and you are sending your mind a signal that it needs to be confirmed and it will be confident, then you will take enough space and you will be relaxed and sitting or standing. But taking enough space, instead of shrinking, you're just standing tall or sitting straight. So you're feeling more confident and motivated. The second thing which you can do is deep breadth. You have heard this technique from a lot of people, but actually, this technique is so beneficial in our brain that is a part called amygdala, which control the emotional responses of ours. When we're sad, when we're depressed, we are de-motivated than we are in negative state of mind. At that time, when we take a deep breath, we are supplying more oxygen to that part of brain, for example, just consider a moment. When you were angry at someone. At that moment, how was your breathing? It was shallow or it was deep? I'm sure it is fast and it is shallow. At that time, your body temperature has the rates to cool that when you are relaxed, when you're sitting on your couch and you are relaxing, you are taking deep rubric. You're relaxing. And the current thing which you can do is we have to stand tall. Yes, it makes us feel more in control of the things more in power. This is also called a power Porsche. But you stand tall, you feel good. And this is one of the kosher, which you can do. When you do this, it shows or authority. It shows a power. And when you stand like this, you give your mind a signal and you give adults signal as well, that you are in control of the situation. You can try this three post shows right now and you will feel the difference. What I'm seeing exactly physiology affects motivation. See you in the next video. 10. Self-Talk Motivation: There's only one individual with whom we are constantly communicating and we're sharing each and every detail about how we're feeling. You might be thinking who is that individual, the one who we share all the details is ourself? Yes. Whatever you are telling to your cells, you're always listening to it. So it had it deep impact your cell in your mindset. So if you're achieving something, you're telling yes, I had achieved so you feel motivated, you feel good about yourself. But if you face failures, you're telling you can't do it and you are criticizing yourself. At that moment, just feel how you feel about yourself. You feel demotivated, you feel depressed, you feel sad because you're seeing yourself, that you are a failure. That noises which are from the outside of your body matters. But the thing which you say to yourself matters most, the things which you accept becomes your internal voice. And it is your internal dialogue which matters the most. So no matter what the circumstance is, always have a positive internal dialogue. Always have a positive affirmation. Always have a positive statement assigned for yourself. So you can't be motivated towards some things which you want to achieve if you're always in a negative frame of mind and you're always saying negative things to yourself. How is it possible to achieve positive results through the negative statement which you're saying to yourself, right? Because there's self-talk affects your feelings, which affects or emotions. And it's simultaneously affects of motivation. Through motivation, you will take action. And if you're not motivated, how you will take action. So the thing which you are saying to yourselves is prime important. So convert your negative self-talk into a positive one. You have to replace that if you have seen a failure in your project, which you have been working for a long time. Instead of saying I'm a failure, instead say that I have tried my best, but I have to learn few things so I can be a winner next time. The circumstance is same, but the internal dialogue has changed. And what you have said to yourself, you will act on it and it will have an impact on your physiology in your mind. I will suggest, right, a positive affirmed machine for yourself. It might be customized, like if you want to achieve a certain sales target in your company, but you're failing to do so. So don't say that you're fairly. Instead say You have to learn a few things so that you can implement it in your skill set and you shall try again. You have to convert, you have to replace your negative self-talk to the positive ones, which are important to you, which are important to you. See you in the last part of bonus, don't miss it. 11. Bonus for you : I'm so glad that you have attended the whole goals. And you have learned seven strategies, which I have gathered from my experience, from the people which I have prayed, which I have coached, and which have implemented by ten, which you will be able to implement by yourself by now. But maybe you want to gain more knowledge about the things which I want to share. So I have a thing with you to share. That is my book, The 20 powerful keys to a better life, which is available on online platforms. It is available in Amazon, it is available in Flipkart, and it is available in e-book format to, and there are many as 20 lessons with examples and the techniques which you can use in your life to improve your life. If you want to connect with me, you can connect with me on Instagram, or you can connect with me on Facebook. I also have a YouTube channel. You can connect with me there. What was your take from this course? What do you feel needs to be improvised? And I would love to have your review this course. And if you have particular topics that you want, I should create a cosine. Let me know, began BMI on Instagram. You can post this in the comment section two, I absolutely had a wonderful experience by sharing my knowledge and I would love to connect it. You wish you all the best in achieving your desired goals and stay happy while you do it. So wish you all the very best.