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7 Steps to Solve a Problem

Dwain Stewart, Normal is Relative

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    • 7 Steps to Solve a Problem


About This Class

The video presented might seem trivial, but there's a catch, and if you miss it, you'll miss the purpose and developmental personal growth opportunity, not only within a business context, but personally and psychologically as well. Pay careful attention to each step as your class project will be based on applying these steps in an corporate situation.





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Dwain Stewart

Normal is Relative

Advocate for Social Justice, Never-Ending Student (and loving it), Aspiring Writer, Ordinary Radical Lover (in the making), and Ambassador of the King's Domain. Dwain has been an Ordained Minister for several years, co-Pastor of Chrisma Fellowship Church in Vereeniging South Africa. He has traveled extensively in Africa (countries such as Zambia, Mozambique, Lesotho, Zimbabwe etc.) working as a Missionary, teaching life lessons along with Biblical content to both adults and children. Making t...

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