7 Steps to Creating a GOOD Information Product | Bill Schuler | Skillshare

7 Steps to Creating a GOOD Information Product

Bill Schuler, Instructor - IT Consultant - Energy Healer

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7 Videos (31m)
    • Introduction and Goals

    • What You Will Not Learn & Mindset

    • Picking a Topic

    • The 7 Steps - Part 1

    • The 7 Steps - Part 2

    • The 7 Steps - Part 3

    • Summary


About This Class

Information products are at the core of most internet marketing success stories.  "Information product" is simply a term for teaching what you know through some kind of media and then selling it.  But, you can also use the ideas that I'm presenting in this course to help you create text, audio or video for your job or social group.   

The purpose of this course is to encourage people to create a good quality resource and not just fluffed up common sense.

I hope you find this course educational and useful.  Enjoy!





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Bill Schuler

Instructor - IT Consultant - Energy Healer


I have worked most of my adult life in the IT Industry (aka computer geek), but at the same time have been involved in a spiritual/metaphysical lifestyle, coaching and creation of learning material. I have a HUGE range of interests. I love to learn and then teach others what I have learned in a way that is understandable to many different levels of knowledge and also bridging the gap between different "modalities" or industries.

I am a jack of all trades and master of some...

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