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7 Signs You’re Doing Awesome In Life Even If You’re Going Through Hell

teacher avatar James Canzanella, Affiliate Marketing

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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2 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 7 Signs You’re Doing Awesome In Life Even If You’re Going Through Hell

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About This Class

Are you always looking to improve your personal growth? Have you ever thought about starting an online business or currently have your own online business? Have you ever come across problems you just didn't know how to solve? If you said 'YES' to any of the previous questions, then this course is perfect for you!

In this course, you'll be motivated and inspired through many personal stories about problems, success, and what it takes to have MAJOR breakthroughs not only in your life, but for the people you want to help too.

You just can't miss out on this course, so be sure to enroll now and I'll see you on the other side.

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James Canzanella

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketer, course creator, and fan of everything 90s.

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1. Introduction: Hey, Minute, Miss James. Cancel and welcome to my course. Seven signs. You're doing awesome in life, even if you feel like you're going through help now, first and foremost, most importantly, this is actually for any type of entrepreneur aspiring entrepreneur, whether you want to create an online business and offline business when you started your haven't gotten started yet, whatever it may be, or even if you aspired to achieve a great amount of success, this course is going to be perfect for you. Now, aside from that, what I'm going to do on the other side is go through these seven signs and basically relate them to problems you might be currently experiencing or will perhaps experience in the future. Talk about my personal life in many stories that are going to help you get through those hurdles, abolish them as quickly as possible so you can move forward as quickly as possible as well . So aside from that on the big gun introductions, the sounds, even the slightest bit of interest Teoh, which I'm sure it does if you're still watching, go ahead and roll right now and we'll see you in the next video 2. 7 Signs You’re Doing Awesome In Life Even If You’re Going Through Hell: hates James cans and all. And welcome to my course seven signs You're doing awesome, even if you're going through hell now. This course is kind of unique from what I usually do, and it's more geared towards anyone who's basically looking to be an entrepreneur. An aspiring entrepreneur. Ah wants to do big things with their life with their business has really high goals, high standards, whatever it may be. Basically, you strive for success and you're always look looking to improve upon yourself. But you know what? Maybe you go through a lot of ups and downs, a lot of roller coasters of emotions, and maybe sometimes that feels like health you. And if that sounds like you're exactly where you need to be right now, if that doesn't exactly kind of sound like you and maybe parts of those, well, I'm sure you can learn a lot. So stick with me either way, because I'm going to show you how you can basically overcome a lot of the problems that you think might be really big problems and why they're usually not a big deal. Along with talking a lot about kind of my personal stories, my life stories to help you overcome and make the process much simpler for you. Because if you can solve a problem much quicker, um, I don't even have to explain why that's going to be beneficial to you, right? So anyway, with that being said, here's some benefits that you can get out of this course first and foremost is going to be insight. A lot of the great people I learned from I love listening to just for insight, inspiration and breakthroughs because it's not always about information, but more so how it's presented with stories like I'm going to do in this. But aside from that, some other big benefits is to eliminate complaining. Now what I've noticed for a lot of books, I've hung around a lot of millionaires, multi millionaires. And one thing I've noticed is that they just about never complained. Okay, I remember secrets of the millionaire mind. Uh, remember, he made a very good point that there's no such thing as a really rich complainer. Okay, so the fact that you can eliminate complaining will probably be a next extremely huge breakthrough, and I'm not saying I'm perfect, but I've gotten really good at it and complaining isn't just out loud. It's just not on social media. It's also in your head with thoughts that you have. So if I can even reduce any type of thought, any type of whatever, it might be complaining related. I know I'm gonna help you out tremendously, as that little lesson has helped me out over the years. Okay, aside from that's not as bad as you think. All right, we as human beings love building up our problems for some odd reason. Okay? And I'm going to show you that as we go on. And basically it's not as big as you think, all right. Also, minimize coffee spoke problems. This kind of goes hand in hand with the last one. How often have you ever seen someone say, Oh my God, I spilled my coffee. It's like the worst day ever, and then you're like, What's how is that the worst day ever, right? So we want to minimize those things on. Basically, look on the better side of things, whether it be your situation in life or problems, there's always multiple ways to look at a situation. Us being awesome. Human beings like I said, like the magnifier problems on it usually doesn't help us. So without something like Anthony Robbins, I'm gonna give you my insane and a lot of things. I've learned these were going to be seven. Extremely simple. Like obvious. Duh. Um, you know, whatever you want to call them, I guess things, But don't focus on those as much. Focus more of what I want to share with you revolving around them. That's how you're gonna get the most out of this. If you go through these and say, Oh, my God, Will, obviously you're not gonna get much out of it. Okay? So with that being said, let's move to number one and the fact that you ate today. Alright. Seven signs. You're doing awesome, right? Maybe it's still early for you. Maybe you just woke up. You know, I want to listen to the soothing sound of James's voice teaching this course first thing in the morning. Hey, congratulations on that. But either way, there's a good chance if it is later on in the day. You probably ate today. Am I right? So think about this for a sec. Imagine not having any food. Okay? What if struggling for food was your number one priority? Okay, I specifically have known a few people not really that great, but know about them how they actually used to be homeless before, okay? And what they had to fight for table scraps. And I remember a guy gave a story used to be homeless once, and he said, basically, someone was posting on Facebook How? They're like, Yeah, I finished my meal and the food I didn't want I gave, I offered it to a bum and the guy was saying, like, I used to be a bomb That would have been the most disrespectful thing you could ever do is give them, like, a leftover. So I mean, imagine if you were, like fighting for scraps like that, or food that was just dirty wasn't clean. And what may be wasn't prepared had someone else's germs on it. And what if that was your number one priority after all? I think you can go. What? Maybe a week or two without food before you know, you start getting in trouble. But heck have ever gone almost a full day and not eaten. And then you know what you feel like? Oh, my God. I need to eat something. All right, That could be a serious problem. And compare that to what you're going through. Maybe today what types of problems you might have. Now, I'm going to be talking about a lot of STT entrepreneurial problems. Okay, so if you haven't related to them yet, you might eventually All right, I'll start a food. One of the biggest ones is that any time someone comes online as an entrepreneur, I noticed this was the same for me. Anytime you want to do something big you want take risks, people who are doing those things in their life are gonna naturally reject it. Okay, So if you've ever come online, maybe you want to do an online business, whether it be a business, whatever you're selling and offer service, you want to do that? Whether you're not doing now, people are gonna naturally reject it, all right? And a lot of times that will really take the wind out of someone sales. And I'm here to tell you that basically, it almost should be that way. Okay, cause it's just naturally going to happen. I remember when I basically told my brother what I was going to be doing. He literally called me up on the phone and nobody said He literally said, You are going to fail. Okay? How is that for confidence? My brother, like my only brother, that I have literally calling me up, who's normally a positive person and just about never negative, literally saying you're going to fail. And I remember he felt that was so unlike him. I don't know. Maybe thought I was, like, buying into someone, like trying to sell me. I don't know. You like snake oil? I would, I don't know, maybe was just being protected. But I remember him calling back the next day and literally apologizing. And s o, I mean, if you're going through things like that, my family never believed in May. Ah, a lot of my friends I'd say about maybe 2% of people I know actually believed in me from the start. Okay? Me being one of them. So keep that in mind if someone's going through maybe a job, they haven't taken any risks. Why should they think that it's going to be something beneficial for you? So if you're going through that problem. It is. It's really not that big of a problem, because I'm here to tell you that many people have gone through that same problem. Is he All right? So what if you had to struggle for food instead? OK, do you think someone's opinion whether it be family or non family, is going to be a big deal when they're saying all you're never gonna be able to do this? Not really. All right, so keep in mind, after each of these, I want to make sure that there is an abundance of food. Okay, So the fact that you ate today, even if you didn't need today, do you know that there is an abundance of food? Go ahead, shake your head up and down, regardless of if the food's good or not. All right. You got McDonald's. You got Burger King. You got all these chain restaurants, fatty foods you got, stop and shop. You got walmart. You got Kmart. There's just so many places to get food. So even if you didn't have food, you know, you could get your hands on it somehow. So either way, not that big of a deal. Right, Right. So that's kind of the 1st 1 was to move on to number two. You have water, all right. And clean Water, that is. OK, so that being said, imagine not having any water. Okay. And, um, we just talked about food. Where would basically be around? Let's just say, you know, two weeks. I think with water, it's it's like days. Okay, maybe a week, Max. But aside from the imagine no shower. Okay. You can't wash your clothes and you have no drinking water, which is probably the worst. Okay, imagine being hungry for a while. Being thirsty is even, You know, that's life threatening. Okay, compare that to a problem you might have. Where? Hey, someone wrote a bad message about you on social media. Maybe your product, your service. Like I said, maybe you haven't gone through a problem like that previously. All right, what do you think's worse not having water or someone speaking their mind because they didn't like you in the first place. All right, let's way out those right? Not that big of a deal, right? Although suddenly do you see the perspective of a problem that you could have not really being a big deal. Okay, so keep that in mind, it's Ah, if you haven't had a lot of these problems, I'm going to bring up. That's good. Okay, Adventure. You are going to have them. And, uh, because, you know, the more success you've reached, the more problems you're gonna have. That's just naturally how it occurs. It's the ability to fight through those problems and realize that they're not that big of a deal. Okay. All right. So keep in mind, there's also an abundance of water. If you don't believe me, go look at those big oceans. All right, go. Go take a swim in the Atlantic with the Pacific and so on so forth. There's plenty of water. Okay, Regardless of the fact you might not be able to drink it. Look at all the bottled water. Okay, I'm getting ah, head of myself. All right, but there is an abundance of water, so let's move on to number three. You have closed. All right. Clean clothes. That IHS. Okay, so imagine not having any clothes. Imagine you were like Tarzan with loincloth. Maybe if you're a woman, you know, you got a little more than that to cover the chest area. But with that being said, let's just say you had no clothes and you wanted to get a job interview. But you couldn't Okay, because you couldn't. You know, you couldn't clothe yourself. Okay, that would be a pretty big problem. Imagine if you were living somewhere where it's really cold all the time. I used to live in New England, in Connecticut. So in the winner, not having closed would be pretty tough. Okay, How about imagine rotating the same 4 to 5 shirts became the reason I put there because I literally do that right now. So not having a lot of clothes. Once again, I'm telling you right now, it's not a huge problem, mostly because I enjoy living my life wearing just about the same view close every day. Okay, I live in Florida, so it's extremely hot. So once I moved here, anything cotton was like, all right, it's not going to do. You walk outside and you're literally just in a pool of sweat. So I like wearing those dry wick type shirts and, you know, like I'm wearing it right now. My red trainer shirt, which is funny. The job I got put on employment from which the last job I ever had, which kind of catapulted me into becoming and online entrepreneur. I happened where, all the time, right? About three or four. These and I have another trainer shirt, but that's from bodybuilding dot com. Either way, aside from that, I have, like one more black shirt, which is a little more professional, but either way, it's not that bad. Like you could literally live off a few shirts, even if you buy a ton of them right now. And that would be a big deal. It's something you could simply get over. All right, compare that to a problem you might be having right now. I remember when I was on unemployment like Holy crap, I'm making between like, 40 and $50 a week. Talk about sucking. But no matter how much it sucked, I was fresh out of college. So it's still living with my parents. Look on the bright side there. Right. Um, I still had kind of I guess you could say a safety net, which, you know, could have been good or bad, but I didn't have all this pressure on me where it was like, OK, I can still find the job, Which wasn't the case, Okay, I went straight to online, but that's what allowed me to go ahead and make money. So Hey, it was ah, kind of a sucky situation for me. But once again, looking back at it, that problem really wasn't all that big. It was one of those kind of blessings in the skies because if I never got kind of thrown onto unemployment, heck, I might have still been doing what I loved. But, you know, not getting the hours, not getting the clients, not getting the pay I wanted working for someone I just didn't like, so keep that in mind. A lot of things can be blessings in disguise, regardless of how big of a problem it might be at times. And for a lot of people getting thrown on, unemployment could be quite the big problem. But when you look at it at a different perspective, okay, you can rotate those 45 shirts all the time. All right, let's look a Zuckerberg. He wears, like, the same shirt all the time. I imagine you probably has, like, 1000 of those either way. Okay, so there is an abundance of clothes, And if you don't believe that, go ahead and ask any of my old girlfriends, and they will tell you otherwise. All right, So with that being said, next, you have a roof over your head, Not too shabby. Right? So imagine not having a roof over your head. All right? Have you been caught in a storm before? Okay, where it was just I'm not too long ago. I was taking groceries to the cart, and right when I walked out, it's just started raining cats and dogs like lightning and thunder. It was just immediately drenched. You know, imagine having to actually live your life like that where you're bouncing around trying to find shelter. Okay, that would be a huge problem. Okay, compare that to any type of spilling your lot A on the on the ground, and you stained your new carpet. Boo hoo. Okay, I drop some pasta on my carpet the day before instead of panicking. You know what I did? I found the sponge, and I kind of threw some soap on it, scrubbed it out a little, and I'm pretty sure I got most of it out. Sometimes we build up these problems, but Oh, my God. I just spoke pot. You know what I mean? So this is just a very small example. Uh, don't have a whole lot to say about this, but I imagine even if you didn't have a roof over your head, I've seen entrepreneurs before. Who may be, You know, they took a risk. It didn't pay off. Or maybe they were separated. And you know what? They might have not had a roof over that. Maybe they were moving, whatever happened, but they knew friends. They knew family and people helped them out. So keep that in mind. There's an abundance of homes. There's an abundance of people who can help you out. Okay, Which leads me to my next one. Someone cares for you. All right. This is a really good sign. You're doing awesome, regardless of the hell you feel like you're going through. And it's probably more than one person. All right, So could you write down a list of people who care for you? Okay. Friends, family, brother, sister, mother, father, relatives, uncles, cousins, nieces, nannies, caretakers. Ah, high school buddies, preschool buddies, high school sweethearts, college buddies, teammates, sports teams, cheerleaders. All right, I'm just naming off. I imagine you can write down a lot of people regardless of the fact. Maybe you haven't spoken to them. Maybe cause your ah, you know, your your schedule got busy. Whatever happened, you know, could you call someone up for advice? Okay, I'm sure there's plenty of people who can guide you in the proper direction, especially if you have a problem. And this is why I believe a coach or mentor is one of the most valuable things someone can invest in. Obviously, there's going to be people who aren't as good. But when you can actually get someone who's going to tell you how it is and you know they're going to give you exactly what you need to know, that's the power of it. Okay, so can you call up someone for advice? Okay, problems can be solved regardless of what problem you're going through. People have been through them before, and that's the beauty of the Internet. Is that you know, information is everywhere. It's just more about finding the right person to get it from. Okay, so there is an abundance of bad ass people bad ass for a reason, because there are a lot of people who can be just kind of normal. Kind of cool. There could be some jerks. Could be some assholes. You could be. Some people don't like you whatever it's going to be. But as long as you keep in mind that there's going to be an abundance of bad ass people, are you gonna be pretty good and I'll give you a little story? One of my coaches speaking of coaches and mentors once told me, is that basically, there's going to be sometimes as an entrepreneur, you're gonna feel like the whole world is against you. Okay, happens. You're gonna get maybe some bad comments, a bad feedback, going to get some angry customers, you know, whatever. It's gonna be some negative reviews. Sometimes it doesn't take a lot to kind of switch your mood, and that's completely cool, right? Everyone goes to problems like that. But I remember my coach saying that, uh, let's just say out of 100 people, if 90% of those people they didn't like your message. Maybe they didn't like the way you did. Whatever May don't like a video, they don't like a voice. They just find every way to not like you, regardless of whatever reason why. Let's just say there's 90% right? Okay, then there's the 10% 10% freakin love what you have to say. They love your message. They love your content. They love your products. They love your the way you do business. They love the way, whatever. They're just like super amazing fans, right? IRA room saying What you want to do is basically set those 90% aside and focus everything you have on those 10%. Okay, because those are the people who are really gonna obviously love what you do. Take you your business to newer levels, support you and so on and so forth. So keep in mind, even though it might feel like it's only 10% of sometimes there's always going to be an abundance of badass people. So don't let that fool you just because you get a few, you know, monkeys throwing poop at you, so to speak. There's always going to be those abundance of people, sometimes They're just not as I guess you could say, shit talking as the people who like speaking their mind. Usually when it's something not good. All right, so that someone cares for you. Next is you want the best and not just for yourself. All right, this is gonna be a good one here, because I have a lot of examples that I can think of off the top of my head. Let's hope I don't forget them. OK, so your one the best brothers you got thrown back in your face, Okay, I want to say about two years ago is watching a video. And it was from Russell Bronson and I ordered a book from him, and it was, ah, completely free, like bonus where he did like this $5000 mastermind and like, he was him on the stage. He recorded it and it was nice enough for him to, you know, give it as a bonus, which was like, four or five hours I watched all of it was awesome. And the biggest take away I got from that it wasn't like creating funnels. It wasn't like how toe get more money out of your upset like those were helpful. I'm not saying they're not. But the biggest thing was a story he once said was that when he first started online, he was amazed at how many people he was just really trying to help out. All they would do would bash him, all right. They'd be like, You're a scammer, You suck F you giving him death threats while you're the worst justice, all this negativity. And he said like that was one of the biggest reasons why he wanted to kind of quit being an online entrepreneur because he was getting all this negative feedback. I think I'm like, Holy crap, like I had thought the same thing. That's what I'm saying. Like if you haven't gotten to that spot yet, keep in mind is probably gonna happen, Okay, so at least you can prepare for it. But it's completely normal, like you try and help people, and all they do is like, shoot you down. And you're like, Why are you doing this? It's like you ever problem that I have solved before. I know how to help you. Yet you're telling me to go f myself. Alright, It just it just doesn't make sense. Sometimes people work that way. But when you keep in mind, there's an abundance of badass people. And a lot of times the people who love your stuff aren't just gonna always say it. OK, so all right, so have you ever given someone the best advice, even if you knew it wasn't what they wanted to hear, right? The truth hurts, right? I remember when I was a personal trainer, I had no problem telling someone how it was, and people definitely hated me for it. And people definitely love me for it. It's just the way it is. And I feel I'm still that same way as an entrepreneur, and I do it all the time, and especially if someone really wants to kind of get rowdy with me, a lot of times will thus avoid them, or I'll really stick the truth to him. Just give him a nice little dose of reality. For example, if someone's like, um, you know, I have, like, 10 minutes a day, I kind of want to do this like once every three weeks. How much money can I make? I'm like, you know, with an attitude like that. Just don't even bother. I don't want you as a customer. You know, something like that. And I have no problem saying that because I know who I want as maybe a client, a customer, and so on and so forth. And a lot of times, you know, people won't say anything back will get pissed off. But the reason why I might do that and maybe you might do that too, depending on the situation, because you want the best for the person. If they go in there thinking they can spend one minute of a month looking to create, like, a five figure income, you know, it's just it's just never going to happen. So don't be afraid to tell people the truth and put your foot down That basically what that saying is you have quote unquote balls. You have no problem how to tell people how it is. And a lot of times as an entrepreneur, you're going to need to do that regardless of if it hurts to tell the other person or their feelings, or how they're gonna come across it all right to keep that in mind, right once again, There is an abundance of amazing people. Okay, a lot of times you're gonna tell people how it is, and they were going to respect the hell out of you. All right, That's a good thing. Like I said, they're gonna love it, and many times they're not going to know how to deal with it and just complain it happens. Okay. Welcome to the wonderful life of being an entrepreneur. I'm just kind of giving you both sides. OK, so you want the best for people? Another really good. I'm glad I remember. This is like I said, I used to be a personal trainer. And the reason I became one because they used to be really skinny. I'm six to right now is about round price 6162 in high school, Probably around £170. Like with stones in my pocket, so to speak. So I was really skinny. Just imagine, Like a rail. You know, that was me. When I got to college, I was I just started eating a lot. I had no friends. Was probably, like, £235 maybe close to 2 40 And I wasn't lifting so that was all, like, straight to the gut. You know, I kind of blew up. And, um, from there, I basically I started lifting. I started, you know, some cardio, mostly watching what I ate, you know, bodybuilding and so on, so forth and became the sexy hunk that I am today. Aside from that, either way, I made a great transformation with my life, and I realized that I wanted to help others do the same. Like I had been in the position where I knew what it was like to look in the mirror and hate what you see and all the problems associated with that. So what I decided to do was become a personal trainer, right? And then you get someone on a forum, you get someone just randomly speaking their mind, all personal trainers or scam artists. They only do it for the money. They only like it for the sex, you know, with clients, blah, blah, blah, people speaking all this stuff. And then, you know, sometimes when people constantly say the same thing over and over, they can get in your mind, all right? And really, Like I said, it's just a really small problem when you think about it and you look at the big picture like that's just not how it is. I got in the personal change because I wanted to help people because I had made a transformation seriously, wanted to help him in the same way. That's why I came online as well as the same thing. I was on unemployment and everything I've done to get out of it and achieve what I am right now, where I can work as much as I want, as little as I want. Do what I want, not really have a boss. It's the same thing. So when you get people saying like Oh, you're a scam artist when they haven't even bought anything from you they don't know anything about you These air just you know people speaking their mind and its most of the time is never true. All right, sometimes you get some constructive criticism, which is pretty rare nowadays, but either way keep that in mind. You are going to ah probably come into a lot of these problems where someone who doesn't know anything about anything, all right, so he's selling something is a scam artist. I see that a lot like a person will create a YouTube video, provide some value and then linked to, like, one of their courses, weakened by for $47. And, like, always a scam artist, because he's selling something which obviously makes no sense. That would be like going to a restaurant, taking a sample of food and then offering the full course and then saying that their scam artist. Okay, so once again, keep in mind, people can have some interesting our thoughts. So if you have these little problems, that's literally all they are are little problems. Okay? It happens when it comes to being in on an online entrepreneur. Just the businessman, businesswoman, whatever you're doing. All right, So last, but definitely not least you are breathing right now. How awesome is that? Really? I mean, because if you weren't breathing, that would be awesome. Right? So have you ever heard of the guru and the beach story? If you haven't swung the one of the most watched videos on like YouTube, it's a motivation one. But anyway, this guy wants to ah, create success, want to see success. So the guru takes him to the beach basically hold his head underwater for a long period of time. That dude under Waters, you know, little ladies making all these noises. You can't breathe and finally lets his head up. You know, he's breathing like he's like he need all his air in the dude's like, What the hell you trying to kill me? And basically, the groom made the point of basically, you know, that feeling where you'll do anything for that breath if you have been under while you know exactly what I mean, Maybe you're just swimming. Maybe you want to see how long you can hold your breath underwater. But when you get kind of to that breaking point like, Oh, no, I got to come back up, you get this heavy desire this want where it's like you'll do anything to get above the water. And what that grew is saying is when your desire for success comes a strong is you wanting that breath of air like that's when you're going to succeed. All right, So the reason why I bring this up because right now you are breathing. All right, Imagine if you weren't imagine if you had to rely on an inhaler. Okay, Maybe you do. Okay, Maybe you have. I personally haven't. But I know many people have, and I know it must be a problem. But either way, that inhaler is going to help you breathe. You can still breathe regardless, or imagine not being able to do that. Okay. What problems do you have right now that maybe our seemed like big problems too? I can tell you right now, people come online. Ah, with some of the I guess you could say smallest problems in the world, but they make them to be some of the biggest problems in the world. Let's see, Let me name off a few. Um, buying a domain. Okay. How can you immediately solve that problem? You contact the customer support, Okay. Setting up WordPress. How do you solve that problem? You contact glucose to contact. Go, Daddy. Contact beyond hosting whoever your host is, you have them walking through and set it up. When I first started, I didn't have any of these technical know how? Uh still to this day, I don't like HTML, so I don't do it Or if I need to. I ask support problem celebrate instead. A lot of people say, Oh my God, such a huge problem when immediately you can look at it and say, Okay, that's how it solved All right, let's dive a little deeper. For example, I'd say, if there is one of the biggest weaknesses I have as an entrepreneur, which I am always working on is getting leads into my business because my secret power, so to speak, are creating offers that sell really well and providing, like an awesome experience with it. Okay. Giving the person not only what they want but what they need at the same time. And it's obviously based upon real world results. Okay, so with that being said, like that part I had down. So I'm thinking to myself, If I could only get so many more leads just as many as possible into my business, I'd be doing so much better. That's what I started focusing on. So what I started doing, obviously, I started testing. I started tweaking. I started doing C p. A. Because that's we have getting leads as well, Even if it's not for my specific offers. I started following people who were way the hell ahead of me. Obviously, if it was a weakness, there's gonna be a lot of people. I started looking for ways to get better to model. I look for more ways to improve the problem or not improve, not to make the problem bigger, but improve upon it. I could hire an agency. I could get someone to do it for me. So when you started thinking in that way, it's not gonna be like, Oh my God, I can't get leads, Okay? And then people stop. They quit and they that's it. They don't do anything. They don't fart. They just that has quit. Whatever, Right. So when you have problems, you got to start looking at it in a different light. All right, so a lot of the problems that you have right now, I'm telling you, are extremely small problems, and it's funny. Nowadays. People talk about how, um, you know, there's a lot of people who aren't great. Entrepreneurs are not making any money, and they're like, How can you tell if someone's like ripping you off, whatever to me, it's extremely easy. It's not really necessarily if they have the results that gives it away. And whether they do or don't, it's how they handle their problems. So let me give an example, right? Let's say someone is launching a product okay to $7 on the front end and they're getting affiliates to drive sales. Would they get 100%? Okay, so let's say that $7 sale is made, okay? They don't even keep a dime of that. So what happens a day later? The person cereal refunds? Ah, and they basically send them a nasty message. And then what does that person do? The vendor screenshots it posted on Facebook and starts complaining to the world. Now, how big of a problem do you think that IHS? Okay, from a perspective, looking outside, that's like, it's not even a problem. You just refund them. It's not like you, you know you don't need the customer, okay? If they're gonna be kind of and asked to you, right? You can always fire customers. You get a refund. It's not like you even lost any money in the first place.