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7 Secret Amazon FBA Product Research Methods 2021 (Part 1)

teacher avatar Sumner Hobart, 7-Figure E-Commerce Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

37 Lessons (6h 59m)
    • 1. Is This Course Right For You?

    • 2. How To Find High-Demand Products With Low Competition

    • 3. Amazon Product Research For Freelancers

    • 4. EVERY SINGLE Tool You'll Need For Amazon Product Research

    • 5. Spot the Difference Between High-Potential and GARBAGE Product Ideas Like a Pro.

    • 6. Sumner's Own EXACT Amazon Product Research Criteria

    • 7. Avoid These 6 DEADLY Product Categories

    • 8. FREE Helium 10 Chrome Extension Walkthrough

    • 9. How To Find Products You LOVE

    • 10. FREE Amazon Product Research Template

    • 11. 100% FREE Amazon Product Research With ZERO Paid Tools!

    • 12. Find Product Ideas NOBODY Else Is Looking At Using Helium 10

    • 13. Find EVEN MORE Product Ideas NOBODY Else Is Looking At Using Viral Launch (Pt. 1)

    • 14. Find EVEN MORE Product Ideas NOBODY Else Is Looking At Using Viral Launch (Pt. 2)

    • 15. Discover Products In Categories Most Sellers Overlook

    • 16. The 'Also Bought' Method

    • 17. Let Amazon Show You What Customers Want

    • 18. Uncover Products Of The Top 1% of Amazon Sellers

    • 19. Find The NEWEST, Best-Selling Products On Amazon RIGHT NOW

    • 20. Product Research Already Done-For-You

    • 21. Know If People ACTUALLY Want Your Product Idea

    • 22. Will Your Product Sell Well All Year Long? Here's How To Find Out...

    • 23. WATCH OUT: Common Issues With Product Research Tools

    • 24. Thinking Outside The Amazon Box

    • 25. Not Yet Confident In Your Product Choice? Watch This!

    • 26. Crush Your Competitors - 8 Ways To Make YOUR Product The BEST

    • 27. Ethically Read Your Future Customers' Minds To Know EXACTLY What They Want (Pt. 1)

    • 28. Ethically Read Your Future Customers' Minds To Know EXACTLY What They Want (Pt. 2)

    • 29. FREE TOOL Will Show You How To Improve Existing Products

    • 30. Understanding Your Audience First

    • 31. Calculate The Price You SHOULD Be Charging For Your Product

    • 32. Amazon FBA Fees Explained

    • 33. Amazon FBA Fees Calculator (Pt. 1)

    • 34. Amazon FBA Fees Calculator (Pt. 2)

    • 35. DON'T Skip This! One Of The BIGGEST Mistakes New Sellers Make

    • 36. Product Research Recap

    • 37. LAST STEP!

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About This Class

★★★ Discover Amazon FBA Product Opportunities That NOBODY ELSE Knows About (2021 Update). ★★★

(EVEN IF you’ve tried before and failed or have ZERO experience.)

Did you know one of the top reasons Amazon Sellers fail is developing the wrong product?

It’s true!

This is such a big problem that some sellers waste MONTHS of their life finding & launching a product idea that was destined to fail from the beginning.

Luckily for you there’s a solution to find THOUSANDS of low-competition products to sell on Amazon.

Let me introduce you to the Amazon Product Research Secrets Masterclass.

In this class you will learn…

  • 6 DEADLY product categories & how to avoid them like a pro (Lesson 8)

  • SECRET #5 - Find product ideas WITHOUT spending one cent on product research tools. (Lecture 12)

  • Find products that get you EXCITED to get out of bed every single morning! (Lecture 11)

  • How to position your product as the PREMIUM BRAND in your market to DOMINATE your competition.


Now, why do I (Sumner) have a single ounce of credibility to teach this topic?

First, I’m an actual Amazon Seller that has helped hundreds of students identify, develop, & launch successful products they're passionate about.

Don’t take my word for it though!

Here are just a few raving fans of this class…

★★★★★I didn't even know where to start, but everything seems so simple right now! One of the best classes, if not the best, that I have ever taken.” - Karo L

★★★★★Sumner is THE best Amazon FBA teacher out there. Most people charge several thousand dollars for the same or even less stuff. Sumner is super passionate and caring. Over the screen, I can feel his positiveness and kindness to help us succeed. I'm going to move on to the next module and I'll see you there!” - Turvey H

★★★★★Thankful to have found Sumner's course! His positive energy and insights were helpful to give me confidence to get going on product research, and I am going to continue with his next course as well.” - Erin G

★★★★★Sumner Hobart is an amazing teacher! I have been watching other courses and you tube videos and almost all of them are the within 2 or 3 different types of videos which all copy cat each other. This is original content that as far as I am aware you will not see anywhere else. Thanks for sharing your knowledge Sir.” - Mike T

★★★★★I was looking for an overview in the FBA market and the possibilities it holds for private sellers. i am a photographer, filmmaker and graphic designer. So this was gold for me. I can do the whole marketing and product design myself and will definitely try this out. I was listening to the course and i already started researching products. I already have a list of possible products. I am very excited. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I wish you all the best. Will also check out the other courses right ahead :)” - Tobias H

★★★★★Amazing class and I feel like I have learned from A-Z on how to find my first product. You convinced me to absolutely start investing in this, where 2 days ago I was not even aware about it. If I may give a remark below: It can be really confusing on how to proceed after finishing the course, so maybe a slide on bullet points for the product research and the usage of the tools with each step along the way. Thank you again and good luck to you!!!” - Ana M

★★★★★Absolutely loved this course! The amount of valuable knowledge is huge and it covers all the aspects you need. It's very clear and the steps are easily actionable. Many thanks for sharing that much information, it definitely makes a huge difference from all the other options out there on YouTube and other platforms. Will definitely use everything I learnt from this course. The only downside: if you have already a bit of an idea about Amazon FBA, some moments in the course can be a bit too redundant, but speeding up the videos to 1.5x helps, as you don't want to skip that altogether.” - Lulia S

★★★★★My dream sense a little kid has always been to be different and not to follow the typical 9 to 5 with college debt and a 401k retirement plan. I started with engineering in college and soon realized i just wanted to be my own boss and my own individual. I later transitioned into an entrepreneurship degree and soon realized why am i here and not out there doing something to improve myself and my career. I've always been scared because I don’t know how to start anything and I don’t have some big brained plan, I’m just a kid with a dream. This Course really just proves to me that you can live a normal life while still working on your wild dreams. Ive been wanting to start my own Amazon career for over a year now and finding this course was absolutely the best thing i could've done. Sumner’s energy, positivity, clarity and transparency has really aloud me to improve and learn new skills that i can utilize to build my career and has really given me hope as to whats attainable and how much opportunity there really is out there for people like me. It seems difficult because everything you can think about is most likely already a product or a service and just makes you feel like you cant bring originality to products but he has definitely inspired me and shown me how much potential and opportunity there is with every single product. Great work, Highly recommend!” - Gustavo S

You have NOTHING to lose and so much to gain!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sumner Hobart

7-Figure E-Commerce Entrepreneur




Hi, my name is Sumner!


I'm an e-commerce entrepreneur traveling the world on a quest to continually achieve a better life for myself and my family AND to share the life-changing knowledge I acquire in the form of affordable, detailed, & highly valuable courses here on Skillshare.


Do you want to…


Generate more income by creating & selling your own physical products on Amazon? Generate more traffic & sales to your website through Pinterest marketing? Build a brand you are proud of that stands out in your marketplace? Achieve your personal goals faster & happier than ever before?

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1. Is This Course Right For You?: Hello and welcome to the Amazon FBA product research Mastery course. My name, something or Hobart. I'm a full-time Amazon seller and had the great opportunity of helping literally hundreds of individuals discover profitable product opportunities that they're passionate about to sell on Amazon. And I'm here to help you do the exact same. And specifically in this course, you're going to learn how to identify high-demand, low competition products with a healthy profit margin. Sixth, little known deadly products. First-time sellers must absolutely avoid how to find product ideas for Amazon FBA for free without any paid tools. A secret strategy defining private label products based on what you love. How to spot the difference between good and bad Amazon FBA products. How to read the minds of your future customers to know exactly what they want and so much more, all resources mentioned throughout the lectures can be found in the project and resources section of this class. If you have any questions about any of the course material, let us know in the discussion section of this class and we'll get back to you with answers as soon as we can. And lastly, once you get a feel for the class material, we would greatly appreciate your honest feedback here on Skillshare and really excited to have you. We're here to help you as much as we can along this exciting journey ahead. And let's go ahead and get to the first video. 2. How To Find High-Demand Products With Low Competition: welcome to the product research module of the course. This is the most important section of the entire course because everything following this section will essentially build off of what we learn here. OK, so it's very, very important identifying the proper the right product opportunity in building a brand or building a business around that product or those types of products. Um is gonna be huge. It's kind of the nuclear nucleus of everything that we dio. So be sure to take notes. And of course, I will do my best to make things a simple, concise and in depth and comprehensive as possible. So all of that right? And I also want to make one quick kind of side note. So hopefully you know, if you're taking this course, you're planning to to sell on Amazon on and if you don't, if you have no intention of selling on Amazon or decide not to this section and really the entire course. But especially this section is going to be extremely valuable and important for you because we're gonna cover skills, strategies, techniques that not only I developed but other. You know, literal millionaires have developed and have kind of taught me or have shared with me. And then I share it with you here. So this is gonna teach you about marketing in general, which is really powerful. It's gonna teach you about product differentiation and really, But it is in this to go for products, for personal brands, for businesses. I'm not even gonna get into all that. There's just a lot of very valuable skills, strategies, techniques that you're gonna learn here. They're gonna make you more valuable in the work place on. Of course, if you decide to sell on Amazon, which I hope you do this will obviously, you know, help you there immensely as well and put you ahead of every other new seller. Okay, so I just want to make that side note, and then we'll go ahead and actually get back into the product research section. So before we get into the step by step in integrity, I want to give you guys a very clear kind of overview in the direction of kind of where we're going and why. OK, so this sentence summarizes the entire product research process. What we're going to do is create and sell a product that people need but cannot find literally. There are infinite during an infinite number of times per day per week per month that people are searching for a solution to their problems or a product to solve their problems . And for us specifically, they're searching on Amazon, right? 50 54% I believe of online sales are made on Amazon and United States was pretty crazy. So, you know, they go to Amazon. They're searching for a solution of the problem or specific type of product, and they either find really terrible options. There's not really any good options or there are no options whatsoever. So they just try to find something else, or they just ignored or live with the pain, right? And you may be wondering, like, you know, the kind of makes sense, but, you know, let me kind of explain a little bit further, So let me move my head out of the way. So Okay, I'm gonna make this, uh, this little flow chart makes sense. So someone starts up here, they have a problem. They're upset or they're not even upset. There is trying to, you know, they're trying to solve some kind of problem, whether it's big or small. So let's just say I'll make this out. There's infinite examples. But let's say you're trying to find a product for your dad for Father's Day, right? And you don't know what to get him, Okay? You don't know what to get your dad. So you try to think of what are some things like, What? Can I get my dad, or what would he be interested in? What? What could I be searching for That could potentially solve my problem. We turn these thoughts. Okay. If you buy products online, you turn these thoughts into keywords. Okay? On your on your computer, on your smartphone. What? Or whatever it is, right. You basically take, for example, you may be thinking great. Best Father's Day gift. 2020. You know, for example. Right? So you about ready, like, best Father's Day gifts, You know, whatever, whatever the years or best Father's Day gift, Um, whatever. It may be right. You think of some keywords, then type these keywords into Amazon, and then boom Amazon shows you a list of products based on your keywords. Okay. And this is what's so powerful about this is this is one of the biggest reasons why Amazon such a huge opportunity and there are multiple. But the fact that we can basically, basically OK read people's minds when you think about keywords. Think about that. When you when you look at keywords, you see Okay, here's the key word. And then here's how many times is being searched into Google and the Amazon, and I'll show you how to do that. It's actually really, really simple and really, really powerful, but you're basically reading people's minds. So what you can dio is you know, you do this yourself, you get you put yourself in the customer's shoes. Okay, So like I want something for Father's Day, what would I type in? Do you think about that? What would they type in? And then he type of skewers into Amazon yourself, and then you see the product options that appear OK, and then what you're going to do is look at do the product options meet their expectations that consumers expectations if they type in Father's Day gift, are there a lot of fantastic, phenomenal, you know, well priced or premium Father's Day gift options is that a yes or no If it's a no bingo for us, it's kind of sucks for the consumer. That's good for us. Okay? Because right, like I said before in the previous slide, the consumer And when I say consumer, by the way, if you're not familiar, it's just basically like customer consumer, someone who buys things or consumes things, not just food, right, but consumes products and services so that so I say that a lot. So I apologize, but moving too fast. But people right? People are looking there thinking they have to stop their head. Oh, this would be great Father's Day gift. Let me see if it's on Amazon. No, it's not on Amazon. Guess what. That's an opportunity for you to take it and take that idea and bring it to Amazon. Okay, again, this is the overview. I'm gonna show you step by step, how to do this. It's super exciting, extremely powerful. But that's why we're gonna be relying on keywords a lot. Because, like I said before, keywords are basically like reading people's minds ethically right? It's very, very powerful. And ultimately, what we're gonna you know, we're gonna make people happy by giving them something that they desperately want and in need. Okay, so that's kind of the overview. And then ultimately by can move to the next step here. And ultimately we're going to want to find a product that has relatively high demand. That means that, you know, every day there are good. They're a good number of people searching for this product where people there's a lot of people that want this not just like one or two. They're like hundreds or thousands or 1,000,000 people that want this type of product OK and low competition, meaning that it's relatively easy to compete. There's not a lot of other options out there or maybe even know options. OK, so that's our ultimate goal is to solve someone's problem. That's the whole point, right? Either there are terrible options or they're just no options on Amazon, and we're going to become the first option or become the best option in a high demand in low competition environment. Now, I know you're thinking this sounds really great. Really. That sounds like a really complicated like Oh, wow, that's that's crazy. Too good to be true. I'm gonna show you exactly how to identify this. It's so powerful. I'm really, really excited to get into it on, and I'll show this graph again. But essentially, we're gonna avoid anything that has too high of competition. Okay, Because you know, if you're not an expert with Facebook ads and Pinterest ads and Google shopping ads and building email lists and all this kind of stuff, this is gonna be kind of difficult for you compete. So I'm gonna show you how to avoid these for your first product. Basically, build up some experience and we'll get more experience to go after these higher competition products that you they have greater revenue potential, meaning that they have more potential of making, basically making you more money. But they're also a lot harder to compete with and a lot harder to succeed with if it's your first time product. So that's why I kind of put a red acts there and then down here, we want to avoid anything with, you know, low competition of that sounds great, you know, low competition, but also nobody searching for it right? We don't want we don't want to sell a product that nobody cares about that nobody wants. Okay, so that's just the basic overview. Again, I'm gonna go in a more step by step detail. But hopefully, this gives you a very clear understanding off where we're going and why. It will kind of hopefully explain. You know, the rest or help make sense of the rest of the process. So if you have any questions, of course, is always let me know and I'll afford seeing you the next video. 3. Amazon Product Research For Freelancers: Do you want to see something really cool that you could do this course. So with the information you learn this course, you can literally use the information to find products on your own. So products that you launch and find suppliers on make money from yourself, or you can help other people, other new sellers or other existing businesses find profitable products and get paid to do that. And with this method, right, when you when you basically sell product ideas, it costs you literally $0. Or it can even cost you literally $0 right and get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to do this, right? I just want to kind of back up my statement here, so I just quickly want fiber literally took me two minutes when on Fiverr typed an Amazon product research. And this is just one of the gigs that shows up here on Fiverr. So for 100 50 people pay this, um, I believe this woman $115 for three product ideas, and I can almost guarantee that she reuses the same three ideas with other clients. Okay. So very, very profitable for her in terms of her time she could. I'm sure if she does it right, she could make a lot of money per hour. I'm actually helping a current existing business research new product ideas for I can't really say too much detail, but for a particular season. And they're paying me to do that so you can get paid to find products for a business or for new sellers. Get paid kind of a commission like, say, Hey, you get percent of sales depending on how well this product does right and things like that . So you can, like, literally either use the course to launch your own product to be extremely successful, and you can have the potential to do really well make a part time or full time income when you actually launch and market the product. Or you can literally use this and make money immediately without with $0 start making money . There's definitely need guys because I've actually use a lot of these services and the really, really crappy they don't use the same techniques or the criteria that I teach here. In this course on, I teach a lot of things that, like I said at first prime reasons. We're gonna take you a little bit of time. It's gonna take a while. The more you get into it in the Mawr and Mawr Ah, custom, you get to it, you're gonna get so fast. I promise you, you're gonna get so much faster over time. And that's really true with anything, right? So So this is just another opportunity for you to make truly, you know, necessary passive income. But well, in a way, it could be because you just put in the work, find a budget, great product ideas, and you sell each product idea for a certain amount, right? You could be very, very, very profit with your time with no money invested. So this is super exciting stuff. I hope you're excited because you can literally apply this, uh, and use this exact strategy. There's no reason you can't This something that I'm doing, Eso Yeah, there's just plenty of options and so much opportunity out there. And, um, yeah, hope you're excited. Let's go ahead and get into the rest of the course. 4. EVERY SINGLE Tool You'll Need For Amazon Product Research: if you were a lumberjack and it was your job and your living to cut down trees, would you want a really sharp saw? Or even better yet, an automated sol, Right? Just an electric saw. Um, as with any profession, whether it's online or offline, you need a set of tools to be able to properly get the job done. Otherwise, it literally makes the job either really difficult or impossible. So with Amazon, there are set of tools that we will need in order to properly get the job done. In my opinion, with the methods that I lay out, um, this product research is going to be the most efficient and effective and accurate defined your first or your next Amazon FB A product or private label product? OK, so as you see the majority, these tools are free. There are a couple paid down here, but before you spend a dime, I'm gonna have other videos going in depth in detail on how to use all of these different tools, and you can determine if these tools are right for you. If you want to use these tools, obviously I recommend them because of how powerful they are, and you will see just how powerful they are. If I could do product research for free, trust me, I would, and I would recommend the same to you. But again, let me kind of odd videos on those tools on all these tools specifically seeking determine if it's right fit for you or not. So I just want to throw that out there as well. I don't want you have to spend money unnecessarily where you don't have to. There's no reason. Right? So yeah, we'll go ahead and kind of I'll talk about briefly the tool, the purpose of the tool and, you know, in the cost, which is mostly free. But eso the tool Number one, Google trends, Google trends, a free tool. You can basically I'm Hillary type in Google trends and, oh, by the way, one last thing Sorry, I will include links to all of these tools below. So you just so you can just click and go there. You don't have to figure it out and to make sure you have the right tool on and also down here for these two paid tools again in the future. If you decide to use them. And if you want to ultimately pay for a one month subscription, which I don't recommend doing an annual subscription, you don't need Teoh. Just one month is usually enough. I have promo codes to where you get a percent off. That's why I have the X out here. So all include other promo codes and affiliate links below. And so I'll have links all these. So back to it. Google trends, trends, a fruit tool that you can use and, as you can kind of tell what the name were using it to identify friends and seasonality. So basically, we're gonna use Google trends to see. Okay, does this product is this particular product or particular category? For example, a particular product could be like, you know, marshmallow stick where the category would be camping gear. Okay, way basically. See, at what point of the year do the are these items getting searched the most? And there's a high correlation between what people are typing in on Google and what people are buying on Amazon. It's not always exactly the same, but there's a very significant correlation between the two so we can get a very good estimate off. We know exactly when a product is selling best and when it's not okay or when a product category selling best when it's not OK so we can look at seasonality doesn't sell well all year round, and there's a couple spikes or is it only gonna sell well in two or three months out of the year and then also more importantly, trends. So we do not want to launch a product that is going after a trend. Ah, great example. This would be silicone egg cookers. You may not be familiar with them, but these are a product that actually almost considered this was actually going to be almost considered my first product launch on Amazon. I'm so glad that I didn't because I would have been launching it because I use Google trends and I saw this huge spike, and I'll show you how to use Google trends of this huge spike, and I basically help me. Google trends help me identify that. Oh, this product, like was selling like nothing and then I'll decide Boom shot up. You wanna I recommend you don't have to this guy. Actually, there's actually sellers who specifically do this, but you don't want to sell a trending product after it's dead, right? And a lot of people don't know because they're looking at past data. Like if a product all of a sudden sold really well for a few months and you're kind of at the end of those few months Looking back, you're like, Oh, wow, look at all these sellers making all this money. This is a great opportunity, but we don't already know is that it's already dead. It's kind of like a star in the sky that goes dead. You can still see the light from the star, like seven years or something after it's dead, right? But it but it's already dead. So that same kind of concept. So Google trends basically helps you avoid. Basically, it helps you avoid products that are either dead that are kind of they trended and it went away or that are only gonna make money, generate income within a few months of the year and not all year long, right? And I'll go into more detail about that. I know if Carney Priory explain too much but very, very powerful tool, and it's free next Google keyword planner Again, this is another free tool on, and I will say this you'll need to create a Google ads account. Google ads are obviously Google's. They're cool advertising platform. That's how it's one of the ways that Google makes money price. I think it's their biggest income or is the biggest profit generator for them if I'm not mistaken, but I could be wrong. But so Google keyword planner basically shows us what people are typing in every single day for specific surrounding specific keywords. So, for example, if we wanted to see what are people typing in around Father's Day, right, we type in Father's Day into Google keyword planner, and Google is going to show us other related keywords. Or it might be best Father's Day gifts, Great Father's Day gifts. What should I get my dad for Father's Day? All those types of keywords, and it shows us also, which is very important, how many times they're being typed in every month, okay, or gives us a kind of a range, and this is very powerful. So we know. Oh, a lot of people are searching for this. That means it's high demand where less people searching for this. Let's lower demand, right? And then we can check on Amazon. See? Are there good options on Amazon? Okay, So really powerful. And it's free. So highly, Highly. I love using this tool. It's it's awesome. Um and yeah, I'll show you how to use that aims E scout Chrome extension. Specifically, this is a free chrome extension. As of the moment, if anything changes, I will let you know. But it is free, and it really kind of helps us. It's really more as it from an efficiency standpoint. It really helps us efficiently as we're going through product research, finding product and then see and basically estimate Willis product be profitable. What are the Amazon FDA fees, which I talk about later when I talk about the entire cost way. Also, you want to see if we sold this product. What do we make money right? That's it really simple. And this helps us do that. And it's a free chrome extension. Uh, down here, the helium 10 chrome extension. Okay, so the healing crime extension is again. It's another free chrome extension, as you see here that the Web app and some other functionality will be paid. OK, but the chrome extension is free. And I love the chrome extension man. It z really great. I love these tools. Did they help so, so much? And I'll show you how they do that. But what the current sexual do is show us the historic basically, sales rank okay. And just briefly for every practice, all the Amazon they have what's called a Bs are or a best sellers rank. Okay, this show This basically shows us how well a particular product is ranking in his respective category. Okay, like for Father's particular Father's Day gift, Maybe it's like a wallet. It shows how well this particular wallet is selling among all the other wallets on Amazon. Okay, so the higher the number of your the number one seller, right? Your bs, ours is one. That means you're the number one seller for that category. That's great. And if you're like 500,000 that's not great, right? So big. Quite a big range. But we can basically see with the Bs are how well it's representatives a line graph so we can see how well a particular product or seller is performing over time, okay? And that, and I'll show you how that makes answer why, that's important. But we can see how well it's performing over time. And also, it's going to show us price data basically is gonna show us, you know, because our names on and it really anywhere, any product you can change your price point over time in kind of test different price points. I want to talk about that later. And actually, how you can increase your price point and see if you actually, you know, start selling a lot less. Or if it's sometimes even increase your price points are selling mawr, right? So really powerful. And that really helps you ultimately generate more profit, more money, more income. So I'm gonna show you how to do that. And we can kind of see other sellers and other products. How they've been pricing over time and how that correlates with their BS are okay again. Sounds a little complicated, but really, it's honestly super simple. I'll show you how to use that. It's also free, all right, and I have links to all that. You can go ahead and get the free ones now if you want? Um Oh, these these two or crime extensions, you need to sign up for Google ads. Uh, you have to create a Google ads account, which is really simple to do and free to do. And then you get access to this, and then this. This is just this is online. So you can just google this whenever you want. You don't have to install or anything like that. And then finally down here for the last two, the final two paid tools, which I are by far my favorite. They And that's why they're paid. They're so powerful and they do things that none of these other tools can dio so healing time. Let's talk about that first eso he left and has free chrome extension. Then they have the paid side of things called the Web app. Okay, they have the web, they have some other things that's over complicating. They basically have, you know, the web app and what you can do with this is it basically even type in criteria. And it was kind of, you know, show you products on Amazon, like hundreds of products on Amazon. That meat that specific criteria. Okay, I want to find products with this many reviews that make this many this much money per month that are in these categories that have this keyword in the title that you know all you know, all these different variables and it will show you results based on that. And another great thing about killing 10 is that it will show you Amazon keyword data. OK, so we look at Google keyword data, and that's great. But a lot of there's a significant correlation between Google and Amazon, but people are typing on. Google could be very different from what people are typing on Amazon, so it's good to use both to kind of get a full picture. I'm in healing. 10 will provide us, at least with the their full kind of $87 option will give us all of some really great keyword data and then also it'll show a similar keywords related to. So if we type in Father's Day gift, it'll shows other related keywords with high demand, low competition right, which is really great. That's that's called their magnet tool and a lot of other great things. It's really, really crazy, very impressive and So that's this tool, the viral launch Web app similar in a way to killing 10. And you always. If you're when you're doing product research, you always want to have to product research tools. The reason is sometimes, so these products are really great. Oh, and by the way, I didn't mention this. But both of these tools, Basically, when we go on Amazon, you type in a keyword. You can use these tools to see the exact revenue. Are the estimated revenue of every single product on the first page of a particular keyword . You can see how many reviews a sales trend. Is that increase overall sales increasing or decreasing kind of Google trends? But for Amazon specifically, that's what viral launch does. And I'll show you how to use that really simple to use, too, by the way it shows, You know how Ah, a lot of other great dad. It's crazy. The big ones are revenue, a number of sales. You can see the number of units that a particular seller is a particular product and selling per month. So a lot of great dad, I don't pry overwhelming. I'm sorry, I don't mean to go into so much detail, get really excited about this. I want to make sure you understand what the tools are and all again go specifically in detail about each of these. Yeah, that's overview of what they do. Super powerful. I have. You know, I never do product research without these tools, but again, we'll go through it and then you can decide if you if you want it, or if you see the value in it or not. Okay, so those are the tools. Um, and yeah, you go ahead and get the free ones now and then. Yeah, We'll go and get the next video. Actually show you how to do the product research. 5. Spot the Difference Between High-Potential and GARBAGE Product Ideas Like a Pro.: remember how I said we're ideally looking to sell products that are in high demand with low competition and avoid products with very high competition as well as very low demand. So it's really easy to talk about this. I'm sure you understand it conceptually because it obviously makes sense. However, what I find really helpful is actually looking at rial results. So I'm gonna show you real examples on Amazon today of high competition, high demand market, a low competition, low demand market and then ideally rate unexamined, all of a high demand and relatively low competition market. Okay, so go ahead and show you show this to you now. So the first example is a silicone baking mat. This is an example of high demand because a lot of people want to purchase this, but also high competition. Here's why. So I type it in type in the keyword and Amazon scroll past the sponsor. These are Amazon ads. I show you how to create these and other videos, but not just ignore those for now. These this is the we want to focus on the non sponsored. Okay, so we have 3000 over 3000 reviews over 1000 reviews scroll down past these two 400 reviews . 1000 reviews. 503,000 right? A lot, a lot, A lot of reviews. Now what does that say? Like, why am I focusing on reviews right now? Um, so a couple things One is that on average, 1%. So for every 100 sales, an Amazon product will get one review. That's that's That's the rough kind of average. So we can kind of estimate based on the number of reviews, how many sales a particular seller is getting. So we're seeing that there is high demand. They're making their likely made. All the sellers are making lots of sales. I mean, imagine if you, for everyone, review you make 100 sales. You have 1000 reviews okay or 3000 reviews. That's a lot of sales. Eso lots of sales, a lot of demand, but also very high competition. So imagine this when you're starting off on Amazon, I'm gonna show you other ways of generating more than 1% 1% low. It's against the average ITT's low. You should be getting several times. That is, in terms of percentage rate of reviews, actually exactly several steps. Several ways to do that ethically on Amazon and other videos. But even with that, when you're starting off, you'll need to sell quite several several several units in order to start generating you even 10 15 20 reviews. So if you have 10 reviews and you're trying to compete against sellers with 1000 reviews 405 103,000 right, it's gonna be pretty difficult for you. It's gonna be very, very competitive, and you think about this generally, and this is generally the more reviews. It's like this exact this thick wall. You have to break through this, like thick ceiling of two breakthrough in orderto rank on page one to start getting sales right. And the less reviews, the thinner that you have to break through. And guess what? If people are searching on Amazon and on Google for a certain type of product and it's not even available on Amazon, then there's no you. You're the one creating the roof. You're the one creating the barrier, right? So if there's like no reviews and there's, you know, there's really not a lot to compete with, it's very easy to start ranking. But because the sellers on the first page, like all these options here, for example are selling so many units, you would have toe, you know do. And again, this makes more sense when you talk about product launch, but it would be very basically, very difficult for you to get to Page one. So in general, the more reviews mean more sales and more competition. Okay, it's more difficult to compete, and it's difficult to rank because they're generating so many sales. It's just hard to kind of break through. If that makes sense, it'll make more sense. We talked about product launch, but that this is just an example just to give you a feel, for this is a very high, high demand in high competition market, Right? Next example, Hexagon alarm clocks. This is an example of a low competition, but also low demand product category. And I know this because I literally kind of made this up. I was like alarm clock. What type of hexagon alarm clock? I totally made this up. I'm surprised even results here. But if we look at the difference right from having 4400 if we go back here to silicone baking mat and if we scroll down, down down, all the results Silicone baking mat, silicone baking mat, Silicone baking mats. Okay, right all the way down the first page. If we go Textron Alarm clock, we scroll down, okay, here somewhere options, but then stops. None of these air hexagon alarm clocks, so there's not even enough demand. So there's not, you know, there's not enough demand to where there's only a few hexagon alarm clocks, even available because it's just so few people want thes or need. These, um, I'm surprised. A sexual one cell with 44 reviews but two reviews. Zero reviews, one review. Right again, reviews were strongly correlated with sales, so demand and competition. So it's a little competition. If you want, it would be easy for you to get to Page one of Amazon with a hexagon alarm clock. But for several key words, I'm sure, however, there's not a lot of people searching for the specifically hexagon alarm clock. As we can see here, I just had our first glance, something else I want to mention to going back to the silicone baking mat that I forgot to mention What do you notice about all these results? Right? You see anything in common? Don't they seem very, very, very, very similar. So, you know, we have a few different options, like three packs a two pack, another to pack before Pac. That's actually not bad. Four pack. So there are some variations. Some differences in colors on differences sizes, But really they look like pretty much the same. They look almost identical. So they change the color of the outside. Maybe like the name in the bottom right hand corner, right. And they all have their logos in the bottom Writer bottom It just so similar because the reality is the key to one of the Big East. The Amazon is differentiating right, solving an unsolved problem. When I look at this, I mean, if I really went through the reviews and start doing some research, I'm sure I could find something, but at first glance, it looks like I mean, I don't really know how I would differentiate this product. It just looks very, very kind of commodity like meaning. It would just be hard for me to kind of differentiate at first glance. So that's another big flags. Even if it was, you know, I would still maybe consider maybe consider this product for me, not us. A new seller do not do this is to celebrate if I could find a way to really differentiate. But I really I mean, it really doesn't look like there's much room, at least from what I see for differentiation. And even if there was to be heavily competitive, I don't want to mess with this. There's plenty of other better products in terms of R A Y that I could go after than this. That's just my opinion. So, But again, that's something to keep in mind is differentiation. What? What problem can you solve? That zone already being solved, And in this case, I just don't know how it really differentiate. So that's just another point I wanted to make. So silicone baking mats. Hi competition. High demand hexagon alarm clocks. That's low competition, low demand. Now what you've all been waiting for the high demand and low competition product. That product is dodge balls. I'm shocked actually by some of the results, and I'll show you why. Why is this? Ah hide man Low competition product. OK, so one thing I look for when I'm looking for markets or, you know, basically product categories like calm. So the dodgeball kind of market on Amazon, the dodgeball category on Amazon? Well, im going through. I like to see that several sellers have under 100 reviews that something that I like to look for because when Seller start having ah, 100 or more reviews like many like the majority of sellers have 100 more reviews, it gets really difficult to compete with them. You know, when I even if my products superior in quality and has 10 reviews, depending on how it's differentiated, depending on the product category in general, it's gonna be difficult, more difficult to compete. Then, if I was competing against other sellers with 10 2030 however many reviews so that so. I like to see that several sellers have under 100 reviews, and those sellers that have under 100 reviews and other sellers are all generating good revenue based on viral launch or helium tens analysis. So I'll just kind of quickly go through and look through so under, So we have under 100 reviews here, here here one has over 100 which still doesn't bother me. 27 70 very so relatively low competition overall. So that's why I call it low competition. Because I'm looking at the reviews and there's other ways I'll look into this. But that's number one. Number two. When I'm looking at competition, look at this set of six set of six Scroll down here said of six set of 666 both. They don't say that too many times, but as you can see, they all have pretty much the same number. And they're the exact same colors. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Right? So another thing in my mind I'm like, Come, there are so there's low competition terms of the number of reviews. And then also, if I could, they're all selling sets for the most part, selling sets of six, and they have pretty much the same color. I'm sure there's a way that I could differentiate right, So now my big questions. So I see that's low competition number two. I see that there may be an opportunity for me to solve an unsolved problem. For example, maybe people I would have to look and figure out who's buying this, why they're buying it. And then I can find the opportunities. Maybe I find out that the one of the main customers buying this type of product are high school gym teachers and or certain kind of special events. And maybe they want to get more like that, match their school colors. Or maybe, you know, a certain color to show that it's for the school. I don't know. I'm just making this up, but something and maybe they want to buy in bulk because six balls isn't enough for a dodgeball game. I was from when I played. You need, I don't know how many, but a lot more than that, in my opinion, like I don't know, 10 to 20 something like that. So maybe I offer a 12 18 20 pack of something else you know, larger sizes. Or maybe I offer the Dodge balls individually and they can buy them individually. Maybe, although I would have to see about that with different color options right where you can select you know, six Blue six red cause that's our school colors, right? I'm just kind of throwing some things out there. Nothing unnecessary would do that just initially. At first glance, I can already see some ways I could potentially differentiate. So differentiation. That's good. Low competition. That's good. Now let's check the demand. And how do we do that? I'm going to do that. You can use either the viral launch or helium 10 chrome extension so you can't see it up here. But I went up and clicked on the viral Long term extension. I have other video showing you how to use the chrome extension, the violence, insolent and chrome extensions. So you'll know how to use. This is very honestly, pretty simple to use, but I like to use these to estimate demand. I like to see who's making money. Is it? Is that the majority? Is it one or two sellers? Um, you know, how much are they making? Estimated Alex use both fire lots and killing 10 to make sure I have a very accurate number , and it does take a second to load. So I apologize for that. Now that viral launches loaded. I want to go over here and look specifically at the monthly revenue. Now again, this is an estimate. This isn't an exact 100% accurate number, but I found that viral auction killing 10 especially when used together and to look at kind of the average tend to be very, very accurate. Okay, I have used this with my own products. Have been a lot of research and testing into this, and that's that's person what I found. So these numbers are estimates, but they're very good estimates. And here's what I can see, right, This is crazy. So this is monthly revenue. We can see that there is a seller selling a six pack of dodgeball is making almost $45,000 a month. That's pretty crazy. There's another seller making you know 13,000. 18,000. 23,000. 4000. 20,016. Right? Wow. So okay, low competition. Because of the reviews, it looks like there may be an opportunity to differentiate. And in my fear, I mean, this is very high demand. This is very good demand for this type of product. It is? Yeah. I mean, several sellers making you know what is 3000 and 4000 1 of the lowest. Right. We have 41,000. 27,000. So this is shows to me that there's definitely demand, right? So that's why I call this a high demand. And let's say it's like, oh, summer. Well, what if those numbers were inaccurate? Well, let's take a look at healing tendon. So I'm excited. Viral launch. I'm gonna click on healing 10. You can't see it. Go to X ray. This is basically does the same thing. So healing 10 x ray, we'll do something similar as a spiral launch. It'll show me some of the monthly revenue sales. It shows me who like the brand. Whose whose? Making that in all that. So we're gonna scroll over here? Yeah, So some of numbers, maybe a little bit lower, but still 8000. 12,000. 16,000. 13,000. 8000 5000. Very, very good. I like to see consistently $4000 or more. So both with violent, unfeeling 10. Whether the numbers are way too high or not, Um, you know, our that one is higher than the other. It doesn't matter if you average to both them together. You get a pretty good understanding an estimate and there's absolutely demand. Here s Oh, yeah. This is a great example of a high demand, low competition product with an ability to differentiate and as well as the other two categories low competition, low demand and then high demand. But then also high competition. So those are the three types of categories. This is general, what you want to look for and also one last thing. If I ever say, Hey, this is a good product or, um, you know, this is a good example. Do not sell this product. That's what I recommend. Okay, you're watching this video. There gonna be a lot of other potential Amazon sellers watching this video thinking the exact same thoughts is you. And whenever when a bunch of people get the exact same idea under the exact same thing, it doesn't really turn out so well. And that's just a rule of thumb. If you ever see like an example, if some somebody on YouTube, if somebody on rights of Blawg post or I don't even know how else but you see a product or oh, that looks like a good idea, don't do it because there's so many other people thinking the exact same thing. There are plenty of other opportunities and you want to find products that nobody else is looking at because think about it. Let's say like 1000 people saw this watch this video, right? And even with 1% had the same idea. That's a lot of people all coming in or even 1%. 2% 3% right. There's a good amount of people coming in all fighting for the same market. And what was once a low competition market may now become a very high competition market because of that. Okay, so that's just a word of advice. Don't go and launches product. It's a well, Somerset was a great idea, and then and then you know. So I went ahead and do it. Do your due diligence there still some or criteria that I want to cover on. And by the way, this doesn't automatically make this a home run product because we still when you figure out how to differentiate when you check for patents and trademarks and some other things so but at first glance, I just want to show you in general, this is the type of feel. OK, this is a type of market that looks like a high demand low competition market versus, you know, the other two markets, Right? Just so you can kind of get a very clear understanding of Okay, this is what summer means and hopefully not make sense. So yeah, like that probably doesn't make sense on this is helpful. If you have any questions, let me know and let's go ahead and get into the next video. 6. Sumner's Own EXACT Amazon Product Research Criteria: in this video. I'm going to cover my personal exact product criteria when I'm looking for new products to source and launch on Amazon specifically. Okay, so I've designed eso number one. I've spent literally several hours and hours and hours of going back and forth on on criteria and kind of parameters. Four brand new sellers to Amazon because what most sellers do is what other sellers or teachers or whoever will do it just kind of say, here, this was a good product. Here's looks like a bad product and just kind of do that and they'll never explain why. So I want to really quantifiable, you know, go through or quantitatively, I should say, go through and give you my exact contracts here of what I look for in products with that being said, these are really set of kind of guidelines. I would you know, you can interpret them as strictly as you, as you would like. I follow these, like to the t like very, very, very strictly. Okay, but there are always gonna be exceptions to the rules. Eso So that's something to keep in mind. And then also, you know it will take some time to find products like this, You're gonna find a lot of products that don't meet every single one of these criteria on bats. Okay, that in a sense, the harder it is for you to find your first product, the harder it is for everybody else too. But again, I'm gonna show you tactics, tools, techniques that will help you find on products, literally products that nobody else is looking at that air so uncompetitive in all that that nobody else is looking at and how to do that faster. On average, it takes me about five hours to find a product like this. They're looking definitely depend, but that since I've been tracking it, it's about five private eight hours. It will take me to find and verify a new product. Opportunity can just just keep that mind. But again, it completely depends on the situation. Don't just assume it will take. You may take a little bit longer, so I just want to kind of cover that first. Okay, it is very important and I'll go ahead and get into it now. OK, so basically, I literally have this checklist next to me when I have A. So I basically type in a keyword, you know, private based keyword on Amazon. So, for example, it could be like leather wallet. I type in leather wallet on the Amazon. And then I and I look at the results and I asked myself these questions or I look at this check box. So number one, is there a problem that is not currently being solved? Okay, this is the most important. In my opinion, this is the most important. If you cannot differentiate if you cannot make yourself different or better than everybody else, why would they purse your product? You know, so it's very important. So if you have two options right to other wallets, they're both brown. They're both similar price point. You're pretty much like the same. Let's say they're pretty much the same guess what happens. Seller is like, Wait, you know, they'll get pretty similar amount of sales to each other. Right? Seller is gonna be like we're pretty much the same in every single way except for price. So if we're the same product, but we're a little bit cheaper, then people will buy more of us and they do so they lowered their price like my dollar or whatever. And they start getting more sales, then sell. Herbie is like, wait in order to compete. I'm losing all my sales in order to compete, make any money after lower my price. And guess what the seller is like. Oh, you know, for me to differentiate me, to get more sales have to lower even more look. So what happens is what's called the price war. And it goes that both sellers go back and forth, getting lower and lower and lower until both are basically dead. Not that the people but the products are dead. Make that clear toe where you neither neither brand or product or whatever is making any sales. Okay, so you want to avoid that. And one of the ways to avoid that is by how am I going to solve a problem that nobody else is? Solomon, for example, if you remember the dodgeball example that I gave, you'll see that all of you go on Amazon type in dodge balls. You'll see that the majority of all the options or six packs and they're all you know, one set of red red on yellow green blue and purple, The six colors. Now for me, this just initial thought maybe a promise being solved is, let's say, like we identify and we figure out that the types of people buying dodge balls are, you know, gym teachers at schools. Okay? And they're like, Yeah, we would be really great if we could get, like, two separate types of so we can have, like, kind of like teams. You know, I'm just making this up. Okay, so give me some grace, but I just want to different colors. I want red and blue. That's our Our school colors are red and blue. I just want those two different colors. So maybe as a seller, you go through and look and think Oh, like people wish they had more options in terms of coloring and also of of, you know, of size or of quantity, right? There's only six packs available. What if I made a 24 pack? Right? Because there's so many people that buy in bulk. So by even just making a 24 pack, you could already get sales that way. But also, if you figure out, you know, we could just add red orange, yellow, green, blue and purple individually, and people could just by as many as they want. And what is many colors as they want. So they only want, like a few colors right? Or it could be for event, for example. Maybe it's it's ah, it's to raise, you know, uh, awareness for a blood blood drive event. It's like for charity or fundraiser, right? And they want specific with maybe, like red and white or red and black or something like that. Um, then they made truths you over everybody else because you have those you sell the individual dodge balls or something like that. Right now, I'm just brainstorming, but that's away, right? And if you don't, if you just come out with another six pack red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, you still maybe generate sales. And maybe you improve the quality. That could be a way of improving. But if it's pretty much the same quality, the same colors, the same same everything. Why would somebody choose you over any other option? Okay, it's really that simple, right? Eso? So just keep that in mind. That's the most important differentiating solving a problem that's not being solved yet. That's key. Okay, I'll show you how to do that. In my in my differentiation videos. I show you how to do that. Okay, Number two. Can I be? I ask myself, Can I be the premium brand? You never. Okay, here's a tip. Right. So when I started Amazon, I wanted to connect and and network with with men and women who are making literally seven or eight figures, you know, literally, like a $1,000,000 form or every year in revenue on Amazon. I want see, What are they doing? What do they do when they search for products? And guess what? Across the board, they all said this is one of the top criteria. Can I be the premium brand? Okay. What does that mean? Premium brands. They've got two options. There's there's multiple options, But there's too, um, ways that most sellers think about. Okay. And most think about was in one way you do not want to be the cheapest. Okay. Never be the cheapest. If you haven't noticed about Amazon, there are plenty of cheap options already out there. And by the way, those cheap options tend to come with more headaches, more problems because they're not as good quality. They have high return generally, and this is a general statement. But if you look at a category, you look at the cheaper option versus the more expensive option. The more premium option that she brought contends to have worse reviews, more refunds. They don't make much money. They make less profit because again, they're you know they're product costs are here, then the prices here. Okay, like thin, thin. That's called thin margins. Where the premium brand they could have the same, you know, a little bit higher costs, but lot higher price point, more margin. So it's the cheaper generally is thinner, you know, and the more so a great example of this since I actually work not four, but I worked with Adidas, Adidas or Nike shoes. I'm telling you guys the cost it takes to produce Nike or Adidas shoes are so they're so inexpensive. It's so cheap, right? And they can sell it for 121 151 $190. It's crazy for running shoes and in street shoes and all this kind of stuff, right? So they're the premium brand and they do a lot of that with design, and they make sure that you pay attention to quality. Although it depends on the shoe, I will say, But But overall, you know, they're a premium brand of sneaker, right? And they've done a lot of work building the brand and all that kind of stuff. But think about that. Their product costs so low and they charge it so much they charge so much higher than the product costs. And they're able to because they're the premium brand they don't want to be, you know? So think about that. Would you rather be a devious of Nike or, you know, like, I don't know what Another Brantley? Maybe New Balance I But I won't say that. I don't notice from the new balancer like Skechers. Maybe I don't know those air just but you get what I'm saying, right? Be the premium brand. When you're the premium brand, you're able to ultimately make more money. That's it. You're able to make more money. Um, if you do it correctly, right? And this is an example. Quick example. I'll move onto the next check check point. I know, I know a seller. Okay, so their product costs is, I think it's either 18 or $20. I forget the exact number, but it's between 18 to $20. Landed cost. That means it costs them 18 to $20 per product per unit to produce it and ship it to United States when it lands in the United States. So far, it's cost them 18 to $20 per unit. They sell that product for $140 on Amazon. It cost them $20. They sell it for $140. Think about Nike. Think about Adidas. Okay, that's what you want to kind of. Do not insert that you'll do those exact numbers. That's pretty incredible. And it also depends on how many here he's selling a day, right? If it's like one, a day is a 10 a day, 50 a day, right? It really kind of depends, but but very just keep that in mind that you want. You want to be the premium brand, and I talk more about that in future videos. OK, number three, even sales distribution. You want to make sure that there's even sales distribution across all the listings. What does that mean? What does what does that mean? It means that multiple sellers are making in my This is my view. This is my criteria. Multiple sellers need to be making at least $4000 or more per month. Multiple. If you look at a category and you see that there's two sellers, they're making a lot of money, and everyone else isn't. Let's say there's a bunch sellers making 1000 but there's two sellers making their ones making 20,000 the other ones making 13,000. Don't go. I would. It depends. It depends. You have to figure out. Why are they making that? You know, why are they able to generate, You know, make a lot more money than the all the other options? And is it because the other options and properly differentiate are the big sellers? Are they running a lot of Facebook ads and other advertised? Are they big established brand right? That's already known to our people already typing in their keywords on Amazon. You have to kind of figure out, but in general again, this is General. If I see that, um, category on, Lee has one or two sellers making a lot of money. First, I want to figure out why. And in general, I figure out, you know, that I ultimate don't want to go into that that market because, you know, I want to see that multiple sellers are generating revenue. That basically means there's more likelihood that I will also be able to generate more revenue. And it really shows there is really demand. Okay, it shows there's really demand. If multiple sellers are making and especially I see that there's a lot of sellers that have , you know, okay, photos not very good copy writing, you know, kind of text in their listing. The reviews are a little bit like 44 point over last, Right Then, if I see that, that's great for me cause I'm like, Oh my gosh there. They're kind of poor options or not doing very well in terms of marketing. And then yet they're making a good amount of money, right? $4000 or more. There's definitely opportunity for me. Okay, so that's the way that I think about it. Those were my exact numbers. I want to see, you know, and I love seeing when there's like a few celebrating 4000 a few making 6000 a few making 8000 and few making 10,000 or more like that. Just kind of even sales, um, distribution. But again, you want to show you doom or research. This is just kind of a high level. Okay, so even sales distribution, there's multiple sellers making money. That shows that there's opportunity for me. Number four No established brand in the category. I don't know about you, but I don't want to compete with Nike. I don't want to compete with Procter and Gamble. I don't want to compete with with any established brand. And a lot of times people think of brand like think about a famous brands like Apple Starbucks. You know, for example, John Deere tractors, right? Like those established brands, those were you know, I think I think all of those air Fortune 500 companies Okay, so those are all Fortune 500 company brands or Fortune 1000 company brands. But what I also mean when there's established Brand is, for example, it look up. If you just google this, uh, snow teeth whitening. Okay, They are. There are in my I would not want compete with them, either. They're not a Fortune 500 company or Fortune 1000 company, but they've done a thin tat, in my opinion, a great job of branding their teeth whitening kits. They have teeth whitening, kind of little kits, and they've done a really great job of branding. They know how to run Facebook ads and Google ads, and they know how they really know how to market. And the really strong right. There are really strong competitors. I don't there really strong. And if I'm a new seller, I'm pretty weak. I'm still I would not compete against even even now, right? Just cause it would be more headache and, you know, and they know what they're doing. That whole team around them, it's just me and my wife and, you know, so I would not recommend going up against an established brand. Okay, and again, you'll usually see right a lot of times when you see that there's like one or two sellers making a lot. They're using an established brand again, not necessarily a Fortune 500 company like a really, really successful, well known company. But even you know, Well known within the niche or within the within the category. Okay, Like snow teeth whitening. They're really well, I think there and I don't know too much about it, But sure, they're very well known within the teeth whitening market. And they've really done a great job raining. I would not want to compete against them. OK, so I make sure I'm not going up against an established brand. It just It's basically going up against this superstrong heavyweight guy with boxing gloves , like, ready to punch me down. I'll just avoid that. I'll go with another product like, thank you, you know. So that's number 45 we have I want to see this is this is also important here. Okay, I want to see that several sellers have less than 100 reviews. When I see that the majority of sellers have 100 or more reviews, like all throughout, Like, you know, the top half of the page wander all of page one, right that I see that many sellers have over like that, even maybe the majority half of sellers where the majority of sellers have over 100 reviews . That's gonna be really difficult for me to compete with you. Think about it when you start off on Amazon again. This will make more sense when I talk about how to generate reviews and all that. It may not make make sense now, but when you're starting off on Amazon, you're just gonna magically get 100 reviews. It's gonna take a lot of time in a lot of sales before you start generating, you know, 100 reviews. It takes a lot of time. Okay, take several months or even years, depending on the product, Um, to get even 100 reviews arm or in that three digit number. There's something with psychology when people see, you know, 19 like 99 reviews versus 100 reviews. Literally. When it was my first product, when my first product reached that 100 review Mark, we saw ourselves. Our sales right go down, which is a good thing. So are kind of like we went from basically kind like, you know, I'm making this up like 100 place to 50th place like boom like Drop Down, which is great on generate more sales when went from 99 reviews to 100 reviews because They're something with three digits, like there's the three, that it's more verified, its Mauritz more trustworthy, right? It's something with human psychology that can't really explain, but it's absolutely true. I've definitely seen it with my own products and make sense right. It's pretty. It's pretty common sense. I want to see that several sellers have less than 100 reviews. If they don't again, I can still compete. But it's just gonna be harder, because if I have five or 10 reviews, even if I have ah, well differentiated, great images, all that sometimes you can win right in there. I know of instances where other sellers have, but in general, as a new seller, like I said, it's General I would recommend Stay away. Okay, that's just my recommendation, because will be tougher to compete. So So I want to see okay again, going back to this, I want to see that several sellers have less than 100 reviews, okay. And then also I want to make sure that these sellers have been they've been selling for at least two months. OK, so not just like one month or a week. I want to see that have been telling, at least for at least two months. So there's some kind of data to really you know, it's really actual data, right? That I can go off of. And I'll show you how to use that with violence and killing 10. Why then why? That's important. That two months kind of period and then they also making money. They're also making $7000 or more per month. Right? It depend if they're relatively new. 3000. I kind of have been general if they're making $4000 or more, right? So if you see okay, and this is key, this is very important. I'm sorry. I'm kind. I know. I'm probably stating a lot, but I appreciate you bearing with me several sellers that have less than 100 reviews. You know, you may see that. Oh, great. Some percent. That that was a good criteria. And that's great. But then you look and they're not making any money. Well, guess what that shows and it kind of goes back up to here. There. Only a few sellers. Where's Yeah, that only a few sellers are making money in this category. Right? You want to make sure that the that those sellers that have less reviews are also making money, along with the sellers that are making that have high reviews, are also making money. You want to make sure that both high reviews and low reviews are both making money, because that shows you that when you enter in that there's opportunity and chance for you with five reviews or 10 reviews to start generating some real sales and some real revenue and profit. Okay, so so that's here. Very, very, very important here and then finally promises over after this 1 30% minimum profit margin before advertising costs. Okay, so I'll show you how to properly. If you have no idea what profit margin even is or you've never calculated it before. It's It's honestly very simple, straightforward. You have your revenue. OK, so that's like how much you make okay, like, you know, I sold I. My product is I sell it for $20 per unit and I sold 10 so I made $200. I sold 10 units for $20. I made $200 in revenue. Now how much of that do I can I put into my pocket. Can I go buy a Lamborghini with? I'm just kidding. But like, really, how much kind of reinvest in my business. How much can I, you know, whatever. But so there's the revenue. I made $200. So then, from that, you subtract your costs. So how much would it take for you to produce? How much would it take for you to ship from your supplier to Amazon? How much are the Amazon FDA fees? How much are the Amazon storage fees and then any software subscriptions, any product photography, things like that. And then after at that point, okay, before you can't fit advertising costs at that point, um, I want to see at least 30% margin or more. Okay, when it's when your margin is 20% or 10% before advertising coughs and 10% super low, I would not. I would never, ever, ever go the product like that. You need some reversible. It's better for you because more margin is definitely better for you in terms of making money. But also you have more to work with to where, potentially if you need to advertise. If you need, Teoh. One advertiser need to advertise your product. You have more room or more cushion to be able to do that right? Where If you're barely your profit margins already like this and you advertise when you advertise you actually losing money so it wouldn't work out for you. And so that's the reason. So that's just kind of my criteria. There are a lot of other big time sellers that have at least here with the 30% profit margin, the exact same criteria, so and all my price have more than 30%. Um, sorry about that. They have more than 30% before advertising costs. So and again, I have a video specifically on calculating the Amazon specific profit margin. All of the costs broken out. Okay, so, you know, and again costs the cost started. Amazon is definitely gonna depend on your on a few different factors. So for me to say all this, how much take for you to start selling on Amazon? Well, just not be true. It really, really depends. So I'm gonna have a video on that specifically, but hopefully this is helpful. This help me time again and put a ton of thought into this. If things change in the future, if I can't decide to add or subtract, I will definitely let you guys know if you have any questions. Of course, let me know and let's go ahead and get into the next video. 7. Avoid These 6 DEADLY Product Categories : So I've already covered, you know, ideal product criteria early, some general guidelines. And you may be wondering, Well, something Are there any products? Is a new seller that should be avoiding anything that would be bad for me to sell. And the answer is absolutely Yes. There are certain products that I highly recommend that you avoid these air all by the way , products that I have and will continue to avoid. If you're selling your first time on Amazon, so so that's number one, number two. What I want to mention is that there are sellers who are kind of breaking each of these rules that I have okay, that are generating solid or very, very good monthly revenue in profit. Okay, so maybe things will summer. If there people who are succeeding with this, why would you tell us to recommend recommend staying away? I'll go into more detail about each of these in just a second, but basically the overall premises. If your new cellar and you source products any of the products here on this list, you reduce your chances of success. If you stay away from these products, you increase your chances of success it's really that simple. That's all it is. But again, the decision is all completely up to you. But again, I have avoided and will continue to avoid all of these products there, some that maybe in the future all think about. But if your new seller definitely stay away from, and I'll go ahead and get into details now. So number one anything breakable, So fragile glass ceramic mugs, You know, anything like that, anything that could be potentially a very, very fragile again and stay away from this could also later when you get more experience to be a great opportunity. Because, as you'll see, if you look at any kind of breakable type of product on Amazon, is this something that I've noticed consistently? There are consistently No four star 3.5 star 2.5 star. Even reviews or three star reviews left because the item are arrives broken. Okay, that's what you want. Avoid breakable products. So what happens is, you know when you have more fragile, breakable products, the chances of when you when you source from your suppliers in China, let's just say which which all mine are. If you source a product from China to the U. S and U S Amazon than Amazon goes out to the customer right that whole way, the more breakable are fragile. Your product is, the more likely it's going to break and arrived to the customer in not good conditions. What they're gonna do is write about a review and refund it. So you have to pay. You know, Amazon for the refund, and you have Teoh and you got a negative and potentially negative review, so just kind of basically it's kind of more of a headache. But with that being said, because there's so many sellers that just don't properly package and ship products, you know, fragile products and breakable products correctly, this could be opportunity for you, and I'd recommend maybe we have some more experience. So launch a more fragile product and take a lot of care and attention to the packaging to make sure that when it arrives that it it arrives intact as as expected. Okay, so it could actually be an opportunity, and any of these could actually be an opportunity if you turn around that way. But again, it is your first time. It just more of a headache to deal with them. You need to, and there's there are literally guys and something else. I want a guys and gals ask me Want point out is that there are infinite infinite, not 1000 and a 1,000,000 not trillion. Their infinite products. Okay, that that you can sell and that will generate profit they can generate income for Okay, that that that do not break any of these rules. Okay. Like infinite. There are thousands millions. Okay. And obviously some are better than many are better than others, right? But I just want to keep that in mind too, that, you know, just keep that mind. Okay? Said breakable. Number two Seasonal. Here's what I mean my season. Okay. Two things. Trendy products or products of Onley sell well for a few months out of the year. Okay, When you have more experience, this could be a good opportunity to look into. And there are some Amazon sellers that Onley cell and want to sell seasonal products or training products. For example. This is a common example, but fidget spinners write something that we all know. The dispute is an example of a trending product or trended product is it's over. But it just all of a sudden, like fidget. Spinners went crazy. People are buying them all these different options, and then the demand is went back down. Done. What I like to do when I find products is I like to find a product that's going to sell well all year round for multiple years to come. Good. That's my strategy, and that's what I teach. That's why I recommend for you. Don't you want investing in a product that will generate profit and income for months and months and months and months and years from now, right versus just a few months, even if it's a lot of money in a few months, that's it, and they have to find something else. So it's really up to you. But also with that being said, it's up to you. Um, it's a little bit more in terms of forecasting, because you have to kind of like, you know how much toe order and to reorder things like that. And when a product is very seasonal or trendy, right just goes up and down. It's very hard to forecast demand, and it takes some experience to kind of learn how to do. And it takes time, you know, selling to learn how to do that. So that's why I kind of recommend staying away. Even there's definitely opportunity in seasonal products, absolutely, and want to get more experience. You should definitely recommend looking into it. But there's a product that only sells well. For example, camping gear camping gear only sells well generally during the warmer months during the summer months. Okay, so forecasting for that could be a little bit more difficult for first time seller and then also the same thing with trending products. It would be very difficult to forecast, and then also after the trends over you, get into late and then just lose all your money. So I definitely recommend especially first time staying away from training products BS of the first to next, anything heavy or big. The reason for this is if you first I'm selling. You probably don't want to invest a ton of money in your first product, meaning you tens of thousands of dollars in your first product, I would assume, and that's this little bit of an exaggeration. No one really has to, but the heavier and the bigger so that heavier you know, the weight and the big. How large your product is, the more expensive it is did ship the product potentially to produce the product and then to store the product in Amazon's warehouse. It takes up more space. It's heavier, right? So it's gonna be more The shipping and storage is gonna be more expensive. Okay, so that's that's the only reason if you have more capital to start out with and again, I'm gonna show you break down all of the Amazon, uh, costs in potential product costs in a in my other video. But for for this right now, right in general, recommend staying away from things that are like, you know, several pounds. You know, anything over £2 calculated sound kind of see for yourself. But anything really have you really big. It's just going to be more expensive to ship in store. That's it. Okay, just something to keep in mind. But again, because of that, this is something I'm literally thinking about right now. Is that because of that, so many new sellers will never, ever do those kind of products. And actually a lot of sellers don't because it's so expensive. Toe like Teoh ship in order and to reorder and all that, you have to have a big budget for that, right? A lot of a lot of capital for that or decent amount, and it leaves a lot of opportunity because they're less. It's like above the clouds. It's kind of like this, like this. There's this barrier to entry and then there's this this area above that's just a lot less competitive. Easier to differentiate, right? There's still high demand, right, because there's only a few sellers selling this product, So this could actually this and kind of a seasonal, but especially this. There's actually a lot of really great opportunity. But again, there's a new seller. Stay away. You experienced something kind of consider and think about number four Elektronik. Electronic products are generally even smaller. Tronics do very complex or have a lot of parts and a lot of functioning aspects to them. If one of those parts goes wrong, similar kind with breakable right? If one little thing goes wrong, it was a little bit too humid. The package gets a little bit too hot. It's a are one, you know, thing was missing or, you know, whatever happens, it could result in more refunds in more negative reviews and just more complex of a product that maybe if you have a background and experience in electron ICS, you build your own speakers and computers and stuff. This could be, you know, this could potentially be a good option or idea for you. But if you don't and even if you do like if you're a new seller, just generally stay away. It's very complex there. Certain regulations and rules with certain types of electron ICS. It can just be again more of a headache. And there are plenty of other great great great products out there that are not electronic . So there's no reason to unless you really want to have experience t do that. Okay, Number five. I'm gonna cover these two together. Let's try to speed things up for you. Uh, you know, these together, the consumable on harmful. Okay, so why not? Why not do anything consumable? Two reasons. So one most consumed. And this is changing with whole foods. Since Amazon is purchase, Whole foods, which had been some time now. This is kind of changing. But the supplement, if you're friendlier of stuff, supplements basically pills that help you do whatever help your brain help your immune system, your colon. Whatever, right, there's always supplements. There's not for that. Well, there's a supplement for that, you know, like supplements industry specifically on Amazon. First of all, it's very high demand. There's very high demand and big margins and all that. More importantly, it's extremely competitive. So the consumers, specifically with supplements, the consumables market on Amazon. It's highly ready there as well. There is a lot of regulation that you have to go through in order to be able to sell supplements and things like that and consumable goods. So the regulations. Some of these products actually restricted Amazon products, which we'll talk about later, But it's also super competitive, and there's a lot of supplement sellers, and I know of I don't know them personally. But I know of some sellers that have done some pretty shady things in terms of, you know, unethical review manipulation and some other things, too, that I won't get into too much detail. But it's just it's just a market you wanna stay away from? Especially supplements There. Seven. You sellers like, Oh, I want to sell a supplement. Don't. I would not recommend that selling, especially for Amazon, Um, along with all the other regulations and things like that, just to kind of keep in mind. Okay, so that's for that, Specifically that also, you do not want to get sued. Okay, I'm assuming you not want to get sued by having a product that's consumable, so that means goes into your mouth or into a dog or cat or a pets mouth or when I mean consumable. I also mean topical to So, for example, there is a product I was looking at it. It was a while ago called It was Ah, it was like a silicone is basically a piece of silicone for for your chest to remove. It was like an anti wrinkle chest pad. That's what is called to remove wrinkles from your chest on. And I was reading through these reviews, and there are a lot of people. They're having allergic reactions. That's not good. So you do know your you do not want to make a product to where the person could potentially because you'll do your due diligence and your work to make sure everything's, you know, up to standard and all that. But if something goes wrong and things can go wrong, you don't want to end up like poisoning somebody or hurting somebody. Okay, so that's that's why I recommend, especially for I Definitely. There's no reason there's so many other products. There's no reason like there plenty of other opportunities out there, no reason to source something consumable. They e and even think about things that go on the skin. Just be careful of it. Doesn't mean it touches a human being. Then I can't source it not not that at all. But just be mindful. Be careful. Read through the reviews your product. You do not want to cause poisoning an allergic reaction or, you know, obviously death. Oh, my gosh. Which is not to scare you. And I want to say it likely won't. But just to stay away from consumables, that's it. So there is that and then harmful. Anything sharp, anything, you know, maybe even for, like, little babies or little little kids, right? Just think about like, could your product really end up hurting the end consumer. You know everything about freak accidents like, Oh, my gosh, Could my silicone ring could the kid, like, you know, inhale it and then choke on it, right? But it could be good to think about that, but again, you don't have to go to super extreme examples of, actually, maybe wasn't a super extreme example. But anyway, just something to think about, okay, Could my product really do harm to the end user? Because again, with any practical you want to get, you know, proper protect yourself, right? But this is a way to kind of really protect yourself. And, you know, even if you get insurance for this for certain times of harmful or consumable products, it's gonna be very expensive. And by the way, just a little tip. Baby products are very expensive to ensure because the product, you know, even regardless if it's dangerous or not like like I know sellers who have certain times approx it. I could not see them harming the baby whatsoever unless it's a freak accident. And insurance is still very high for them. So So if you just think, could it harm for a little Children? is it for really may be really, really old people, and, you know, whatever you could, it could likely do harm a sharp, dangerous, flammable, dangerous in some way consider avoiding that kind of type of product. It kind of depends or something to keep in mind. All right, moving along anything under $12 generally want to avoid that. I've been a lot of research into this gone back and forth on launching certain products that were under $12 I never ended up doing that. The reason Because it is very hard to make any money on Amazon with products that are under $12 because there's a certain Amazon FB a fee, that's that's basically 15% of your sale of your sale. Well, actually, sorry. It's 15% your sale price. There's a certain point where it doesn't go any lower. For example, if you charge something for a dollar your Amazon FDA, it fears in 15 tents, it's like a dollar, you know, I'm saying eso So anyway, long story short, and I when I talk about product cost breakdown and Amazon fees and Amazon cost breakdown, this will make more sense. But yeah, generally you can do, you do the research for yourself. You'll find the same thing that I found multiple times over. Products that are under $12 tend to be very hard to generate profit off of. Okay, that's a general rule of thumb. But again, there could be opportunity in here. There could be a good opportunity to generate profit depending on the product. So just general rule of thumb. Do your own research, though, when in this category that there could be other opportunities. Finally, I know long awaited end restricted products. Here's what I mean by restricted products. Okay, anything. So if you have a product that would that is okay, let me describe, Describe, Okay. Anything that's patented anything, its trademark or anything that's on the Amazon restrictive product list you want to avoid. So I'm gonna show you how to avoid this practice. Don't worry. Don't have summer. How do I do that? I'm gonna show you how to do that later. Not in this video, but so obviously there certain utility and design patents. So if someone has a patent and you infringe on the patent, they could sue you so you don't want to get suits you want. Avoid those types of products or, you know, the lowest kind of worst case scenario. They just remove your listing or even your Amazon seller account, get shut down. So you want what anything that's patented infringing on patents. I'll show you how to do that number to anything trademarked. So your brand your product name your company. Name your brand name. You know you want to make sure that you're not infringing on an existing trademark that exists, and that's live and it's registered. Okay, because again, you could get sued or your counter done all that. All that and finally, you know, literally the Amazon restricted product list. So Amazon has a list of products that you cannot sell on the platform. It's you're not allowed. If you try, you'll get shut down. It's it's that simple, and they have an entire list again. I'll share that with you in the video, where I talk about patents and trademarks, all that but every list of products and a little go step by step. You cannot tell this this this, you know they have a list, and I'll make sense. It's a lot of flammable, dangerous. Think maybe certain gambling products. Alcohol, right? A lot of it straight forward. However, there are a good amount of products that you wouldn't intuitively think about. So it's very good to make sure that you go through the Amazon restricted product list and make sure that the product that you're selling is not prohibited or restricted. Now, with that being said, the Amazon in the sense of Amazon restricted products, specifically there's actually opportunity because there are certain products that are restricted and unrestricted. Aurand gated. You need to provide some sort. You need to get some certifications, go through certain processes, etcetera. So there's certain products that you can there certain products that you can sell. But there's a process you to go through first, and that could actually be an opportunity, even as the first I'm selling. It could be a good opportunity, but make sure that it's not prohibited. Okay, if the product is prohibited on Amazon, it doesn't matter who you are, what you do, you can't sell that its patented. You can sell that, but you get sued. What you could do is actually approach the company, work out a licensing deal where you can actually sell their product and their or use their patent. In some ways, you can work out of negotiation with them. But if your first time selling, there's no reason to do that. Unless you really want to Our fuel there's a need to You can definitely do that on the trade market. Don't want French. Any trademarks? Really straightforward. You don't want to get sued. You don't want You want it Basically, you want to make money safely, right? That's what you want to dio. Then follow the these criteria and, um and yet it will really, you know, reduce your chances of harm and increase your likelihood of success. Um and yeah, If you have any questions, let me know. Let's go ahead and get into the next video. 8. FREE Helium 10 Chrome Extension Walkthrough: in this video, I'm going to show you how to use the free helium 10 chrome extension. Why it's valuable, how it works, right? And in order to get started right before we kind of actually get started. You'll need the tool first. So in order to access the tool, you click the link that I provided below. This will take you to the Google Chrome Store and make sure you're using Google Chrome as your search engine or your your browser because this will because it worked with Google Chrome. And if you don't have it, won't work so pretty straightforward. I will take you to the crumb store. You'll simply add it. Took a couple buttons toe, add it to your chrome browser, and then the last step would be that you would need to kind of create a free account with helium 10. So it's for you. Do no credit card. Nothing like that. Create the account. Once you do that, then you have access and be able to start actually using it. So it should take a few minutes very self explanatory and get started with the link below. And, um, yeah, so when ready, get started. Go head over to Amazon and type in a particular whatever. Keyword whatever product that you are looking for that you're interested in analysing. Okay, so this case were in these jade face roller as the example. So, Jade face roller, I scroll down and let's say I want to look at the top seller and I want to get some data. I want to learn some more data about the top seller and I'll show you what data we can collect. So go ahead and click on their listing. I'm now on their product page, so I talk about product page. This is what I'm referring to. It's the page about their product, right? So pretty self explanatory. But the product page were to scroll down. OK, so they have the bullet points here we're scroll down past that. And then here we go is the helium tank chrome extension. Now, human 10 actually has a couple different parts there. Chrome extension. There's this box here that's below the bullet points in automatically loads, and you may have to reload the page. Or you may have to sign into your helium 10 account in order to access this data, but, you know, it'll load should look automatically. And then there's this section here. And then also, if you see this logo here, the kind of blue blue circle with the black, um uh, arrow. So you'll see this up at the top. I haven't blocked out right now, but here at the top, right of your browser. So you can kind of see a little bit of that. Um, you can also click on that and that will give you some other information, and I'll share that. Another video. But what I want to focus on is this right here, because when you use a the Hume 10 free account or when you have a free account. So this right here, this box, this data here, which is what we're gonna focus on this free. You also have a certain number of uses for these other tools, like x ray, which gives you revenue and sales data and some other data. Um, you know, Serie, bro, and magnet for keywords listening optimizer profitability calculator. Which I think I have to check. I think this may be unlimited. I have a double check. Anyway, you can you can check for yourself. It may change over time anyway, So this is what I like to focus in. So that's we're gonna focus on now, and I'll show you some of the other tools and other videos. But for this, there are two things I want you to focus on. Okay, Number one is this kind of pink line that's going up and down here. It's called sales rank. And then the second is the blue line that says new price. Okay, your prime looking like What the heck does this mean? Why is this important? So sales rank. Okay, So when you launch a product on Amazon when you list the product for sale on Amazon, it was asks you what category is this product selling in? Okay, so you have to say, Hey, Amazon, buy this product. Here's the categories in. Okay, Great. Then Amazon automatically gives you a rank and every cellar, A rank. So you know how well is your product selling in this particular category? Competitor? Other sellers, right? If you're the number one seller, right, your sales rank would be one. Okay, if you're the 500 1000 seller than that's what your rank would be okay. So the better you sell in, general, you know, the better you're selling, the higher their lower your rank is gonna be the lower. Okay, one is less than 100 or 1000 right? One is less than 1000 1 is better than 1000. Okay, So when you see this go down. Usually when you see graphs and they go down, you think it's a negative thing. When you see this graph go down, the lower it is the better. So the lower the pink is, the better it is for the seller. And in general, what sales rank tells us is how well a A product has been performing overtime or general. There's a significant relation with with how well this product has been selling over time, where they've done a little bit worse, where they've been doing a little bit better and things like that. Okay, so that's that's that's the purpose. That's why we and how we kind of interpret this graph is I'm kind of see how well this product has been performing over time. Based on its sales rank, the higher is the worst. The lower is the better. Okay, obviously if you're number one, that's phenomenal. That's incredible. So you because you're the number one seller, right? You're selling the most. So there's the pink, the blue eyes actually trying. This is really great to the Blue Line tracks this particular products price point over time so we can see when the prices change. It's gone up, it's gone down and then we can also be. And that's why they're shown together is we can see if there's a significant correlation. For example, look at this. So the price point was $16.98 and then they lowered their price to $14. 99 cents. And look what happened kind of when they start. When they lowered their price, their sales rank start to go down, right and kind of stay down. So this is again correlation, not causation. And what I mean by that is it doesn't It doesn't necessarily mean that because they lowered their price look, they lowered their price here that that made their sales right go down, which is good, so it improved their sales. It doesn't necessarily mean that however, there is a strong correlation between the two and you can look at the correlation. So so it could be, perhaps because they lowered their price. They're making more sales in there performing better, but not it's not guaranteed, but it helps paint a picture, Okay? And it helps us. It's a great source of data for us that will use in combination with other sources of data . And it will help us. Kind of like literally paint a very clear picture. Um, and this will make more sense. As we go on, you'll see how it integrates with other product research techniques or other other data points. So So, yeah, those are the two graphs and was really great to is Look, we can actually selected time range, so anywhere from 24 hours to a week to 30 you know, a full month Teoh. Three months or 90 days toe all time. Okay, so we'll see how they were performing and kind of look at it over time and get a really full picture and was really great. Is when you select all time. You can actually see when the seller began selling on Amazon. So it looks like it. Waas, Jola, This cellar begin selling on Amazon in July 17th 2018. OK, so this is really great to see. You know how long a seller's been selling if their particular product has only been telling for like like less than two months, then maybe like it's been telling us in two months and environment you're saying or peeling . 10. Tells you. Hey, this cellar, we estimate the sellers generating $1000. Well, it might be mortgage because there are newer seller. But this is obviously a pretty well stacked, very well established seller, pretty well established seller on, And we could see over time how they've been performing. You know, they this is when they kind of launched on Amazon. There, on Pride page 1000 or 500 or 30 or whatever it was, they weren't on page one for their keywords on, and then they, you know, ultimately got down and pretty much stayed down. If we look at the past 90 days well, over the past 90 days, what's interesting here, and I'm you know, bear with me. I'm doing this for a reason. But you know, their sales. Rick was pretty low, which is good 304 100 very good, right? Little spikes here and there, which is always gonna happen. But then lately, right in the past 90 day, especially recently, they've been kind of losing sales rank. Right, So it looks like So this is the story this is kind of telling me is that they were Yeah, they're doing fairly well, overall, fairly well, overall. And then something happened. Maybe more competition. And maybe there could be a variety of factors. They started not doing so well performing as well started losing their sales rank, right. And they kept losing, kept losing. Kept losing the right. Okay, you know, maybe their arm. Or maybe they didn't properly differentiate and other other sellers came in with really low price points. So they thought, all right. In order to compete, I need to lower my price point on. And then they lowered their price point so their sales rank kind of go back, and that's again that guys. That's why I talk about it so important to differentiate. If we look at the results of jade rollers, there's not a lot of differentiation going on. I mean, look at this. There's a There's this, uh oh, what's called a stick. A roller for your face. Okay? I don't know what this is for. Something with scraping or something like that on. And then maybe something else but look like the scraper, the roller, the roller, the scraper, the roller, the scraper, the roller of the scraper and so on and so on and so on, Right? Not a lot of differentiation. Oh, there's a pink one. Others agreed. Right there. All green. They're all so a lot. Not a lot of differentiation in this category. I would not recommend going into this. This is died. For multiple reasons. I'm not even get into it. But that's one of the big reasons is so and because that so look, they didn't really differentiate. Maybe they're, like, over me and USA. So we're better quality, but they still because they're not highly differentiated. They are. You know, they had a lower keep lowering, lowering, lowering their price and making less and less and less money just to be able to compete. Okay. And again, this is just kind of I'm interpreting from the data. You can interpret it in different ways, but that is that is a very, very powerful and free way to use the helium 10 chrome extension. I'll be using the chrome extension and all of my other kind of product research videos, so hopefully it'll make sense when you see those videos on and you won't be shocked or surprised by it. You have any questions, let me know and, uh, look forward to seeing you in the next video. 9. How To Find Products You LOVE: so I know we've been talking a lot about product research, but now we're actually going to get into the first step to the first step is super simple. And it actually could be a little bit of fun to Dio. So what you're gonna do is open up in excel sheet. It could be on a piece of paper or Google sheep and write down in list of words that describe you. These can be things that describe you, you know, even like physically things that you like to do. Ethnicity, religion, you know, whatever. It may be everything right? Hobbies that you have activities that you do all that kind of stuff. Go ahead and write down this huge list. Don't even think about it. Just think like what described me. What do I like? What are you know, just boom, Write those down. Okay, this is big list. Don't even think about it. And the reason for this? Okay, the reason you're doing this and how this ties in the product research because it seems kind unrelated, is that I find a lot of new sellers. One of the biggest problems is they cast a wide net and it's too wide. So there's this things like college, this idea or theory and psychology called like freedom paralysis toe where too much freedom actually paralyzes you. For example, there is, Ah, a school in Norway where they basically there's a playground and then or the school removed the fencing around the playground. And you know what the kids did that so much more freedom. They had so many, many more places to go and play you what they did. They huddled in the middle of the playground and they didn't do anything. They're terrified, their paralyzed. They're like, not paralyzed, like they were huddled in the middle of the playground when they had more freedom. Something happens when you go to the supermarket like, Oh, I want to get like a strawberry. You know, I want to get a strawberry jelly, and there's like, all these different options. You're like, uh, which one's the best one? Oh, my gosh, it paralyzes you. The same thing happens with product research, and nobody else talks about this and it's happened to me, and it's so, so important. So what this will do? This list is going to give you direction and this will make more sense. We is a talk and actually go through in detail on my product research Might specific product research techniques. This is gonna help you find products that do two things. Okay, so things that describe you or that you're interested in one your If you build a product around that one, you're gonna likely be more passionate and enjoy it more. And, of course, I want you to enjoy life and enjoy what you do. So there's more likelihood you can. You'll enjoy it. Although you definitely don't have toe. Be knowledgeable about the product, Teoh. Ultimately enjoy it. That's number one. Number two is that you will likely. And this is even more important that you will likely have better insight into this category into this industry into this market than other sellers. For example, if you are a if you are a mother right of a newborn, you know a lot more about newborns than I do of someone who has never had a newborn. You never had a child. Okay, so that gives you an advantage over me. Okay? And the same thing goes with you know, all these other activities So if you're if you're going to find a product around one of these ideas, one of these words, you're likely to be more passionate and be more knowledgeable. So when he looked a differential, you are so imagine you being the consumer on with that being said, you don't have to do this. Um, this is something I found really helpful. And a lot of people actually messaged me and said something. This is a super helpful that gave me a lot more clarity. It's given me more clarity and ultimately lead to better results. So So, yeah, that's the reason for this. It'll make more sense as we go on. But just write it down this list and what you want to do, or what I recommend doing is go back through this list and highlight terms that are very, very unique to you. Okay, so, for example, mothers that's not really uncommon. It could still be relatively, but it's not super uncommon. There's a lot of moms in the world, and that's pretty. For example, For me, I'm a man that's very common half the world or men, so it's not really uncommon. But for example, paintball paintball is very unique. There's there's still a good there's a good amount of people that play paintball, but it's very, very kind of unique. So you want to go on highlight things that differentiate you as a human being, right? You as an individual from other human beings, right? What makes you different or unique? And as you'll see right, millennial, that's pretty common. There's a lot of millennials, right? Gardner there a lot of people who like gardening but millennial Gardner and I combine the two that's very unique. So think about even combining two broad things to make it a little bit more unique. And then, uh, yes. So you kind of do that you can even do is start writing out some different like, um, you know, even even Yeah, you just kind of do that. Combine the two. Just find things that make you unique, and I'll kind of show you how this ties and later. But basically we're gonna look for keywords surrounding these interests, and it may not be the exactly the skewers like we won't type in millennial Gardner. Let's see, like what shows up but might do like like garden like you know, urban gardening. Maybe then Oh, that could be some urban gardening tools. That's interesting. So we might take that into Amazon, See what the results are typing into some of these other Amazon and Google keyword research tools to see what are people typing in where some keywords or some products that relate to this market and so on. And then highlight those products and look more into those and so on and so on. Okay, so ultimately, you know, kind of starts here, it kind of flows out. And the ultimate result that we get will be something that we're going to passionate and knowledgeable about. So eyes will give you more clarity, more direct focus, which is actually better. When you narrow your focus more, you actually have more opportunity. When you open up your focus more, you have less opportunity. It sounds it sounds like an oxymoron. It doesn't sound correct. It absolutely is especially product research. Um, you know, trust me on that. I I've done my dio. I've spent several hours, many, many, many, many hours product in product research. Eso so yeah, So go ahead and do that. Now go ahead and do that again. It could be kind of fun. Do that and we'll go ahead and get into the next step of the product research process. 10. FREE Amazon Product Research Template: Hello and welcome to the video. You can access this exact Google sheet that I'm about to cover in the resources section, simply go to File and then you'll make your own copy similar with any other Google Docs or Google Sheets Data Share here in the course. And basically what I've done, I have to spend a lot of time and effort working on this. So I hope you find it valuable is I wanted to create one place, one Google sheet, where I could basically take all of my product research ideas or my product ideas through my product research process, keep all of the data and all the information organized in one single place that I could compare my product ideas and see which one is the best compared to all the rest that I had. Okay, and that's exactly what this glue she's gonna do. Now, keep in mind some things that I'm going to cover here in this video are going to be covered later in the course. So you might have questions about, you know, what I'm talking about when I mentioned certain tools were or why I'm talking about keyword data or whatever it might be. We go into more detail about this in future videos. But you can just download this and just kinda have an idea and have your mind primed for these different topics that we're gonna be discussing later. But basically the, at the end of the day, what you wanna do is once you are going through some of these product research tactics and you come across products that seem like they could be good opportunities. What you wanna do is start entering it in those opportunities here into this worksheet and in filling out all the data associated with each of these, these ideas. And then you can fill up 510 or 20 or so. And once you have a pretty solid list, you can compare all of them together, all in one place. And I can almost guarantee that there's going to be certain ideas that are going to really stand out compared to the others. So it's a really good place for everything to be concise. And make sure that you're collecting all the data that you need to make an informed decision and reduce risk as much as possible. Which is kinda the whole point, right? So I'll go ahead and just kind of briefly touch on it, but like I said, we'll cover this in more detail later. So let's say we came across the idea sushi boat. We're thinking about selling a sushi boat on Amazon. So we go ahead and enter our main product keywords, which in this case would be sushi boat into column a. Next, we're gonna go to Amazon.com type in sushi boat. And we're going to take the average of that review rating of the top ten, or sorry, the average number of reviews of the top ten sellers. Ok, so where's whatever the top ten searches there are on Amazon? Let's take your average reviews and enter them in here. Because again, the higher the average review rating, the more difficult it is going to be to compete. The lower the average review rating, the easier it's going to be to compete with a brand new product. So generally, the lower the better for this metric here. And if you want to take it a step further, you can also look at the median. If you're someone like, Wait, what's the median? The median is basically the middle number. So what's the middle of those kinda Top Ten to top 11 reviews? And if you're confused by that, leave it blank. It's fine. And you can fill this out as much or as little as possible. This is just for you. This isn't a requirement, but it's helped me. This is the exact template that I use for all mining product research. And specifically what we use for the, for the five, the last five listings that we launched, we specifically use this and by the way, they've all been successful and I'll be making videos about that on my youtube channel. So we have media and average here. Next you're going to use the helium Ted and magnet tool. Get a free trial. Don't pay for anything. Get a free trial. And you're gonna put this keyword into the healing Ted magnet tool. We have videos about that later and get the estimated Amazon keyword volume because generally seem to be kind of with reviews, but The higher the estimated search volume for a keyword is basically how many times it's searched on Amazon every month. The higher that number is, generally the more sales that product is making. I don't just want to look at estimated sales numbers. I want to look at keyword numbers and other data because basically it's kinda like getting a, getting a opinion from multiple doctors instead of one. It's going to become much more accurate. You want to use multiple data points to influence your decision is going to reduce risk. And I can almost guarantee you no one else can talk about this. So very, very important. So go ahead and enter. And if you're using another tool like viral launch or Jungle Scout or something else, then you would, this is where you would enter, you'd use that tool and entering the estimate search volume here. So that's on Amazon. Next, here in column E, we're going to find Google keyword volume or estimated Google keyword volume for our term, because almost half of all product purchases online begin on Google. So Google, a lot of people go to Google to buy just like Amazon does. Very, very important that we also see the volume on Google. Because again, the higher the search volume, generally the higher the sales. So, so for these two, the lower the number or good, okay? For these here, the higher the number generally the better and not necessarily better, but it just means there's likely also more purchases as well. So I have a video about this, but I recommend using the Uber suggest, because Uber suggests Keyword Tool and by the way, all tools that are referenced here in this Google sheet, you can find also in the Google Sheet right here. Okay. And a lot of these are, they're paid tools. They have free trials. Or in this case, if we were suggests it's a free tool, okay, there's a free version and you can do a lot with the free version. And I've never paid and there's no reason for you to pay either. So that's uber suggest. And the reason for using that is you're going to find Google keyword volume. Okay? Next you're gonna go to eBay.com or Walmart.com or go to Etsy.com, whatever kinda makes most sense for this product type. And in this case it was Ebay. Type in your product keywords in eBay. Take the top selling Ebay. It could be, you know, whenever the kinda top search result is, or what you can do as well is with eBay specifically, there's actually sometimes on the listing it will show you how many sales this particular product has made. Sometimes it doesn't, so just keep that in mind. And if it in, it's one of the reasons I like using eBay for product research. So if it does go ahead and write it into Ebay sales here and then whichever it kinda products are listening has the most sales. You just copy and paste the link here for reference. Again, fill it out as much or as little as you would like. And again, generally if there's higher sales on eBay, right, there's, there's more likelihood that there will be higher sales on Amazon, okay, especially the key here is we're not just looking at the one row, we're going to fill out multiple rows as time goes on, right, with different product ideas. And then we're going to compare. So for example, if we see OK, this product has 49 Ebay sales. This one has 29 as 12 thousand Google searches. This one has 5 thousand. This one has like 6000. This one has 500, you know, the, you know, the average review rate or the average number of reviews is 6.3. This one is a 100, right? If we start seeing that were like wait a second, wow, this is just a, seems like a better product options in every category. And that's going to help you influence your decision and just know whether or not a product is a good option or not. Ok, so that's the, that's the goal at the end of the day. And don't worry, we're almost done. There's not too much left. I know it is pretty comprehensive. Next we're gonna go to Amazon, whichever product has the most reviews, go ahead and copy that link, paste it in here for reference just so we know. And then we're going to look at the estimated revenue from helium ten x-ray tool. As well as the estimated revenue from viral launch. Both of these tools are the most accurate Amazon product research tools that I have found yet based on my own data. And they both have free trials. So it's the best of both worlds have definitely utilize these tools for free videos about this. And yeah, so you want to kind of basically type in, you know, go to Amazon, use a Chrome extension for the healing ten x-ray tool, as well as the viral launched Chrome extension. You'll just kinda Click on the Chrome extension. You'll analyze the Estimator review for this bestseller and then just write in here. So X-ray estimated this to be 3,800 where viral launched 2500. The reason we're using two tools instead of one is because when we take the average of both, its going to be more accurate or closer to the reality that if we'd use these one or the other. So then we take the average automatically updated here. Okay. So it's the average of X-ray and buyer launch. We can write any notes that we want here. If any arrives, you can just do that here next. And again, like I said, almost unbearable close. We have the trademark or patent search. I have a P for passer or F for fail. We wanna make sure that any of the products that we're selling or plan to sell do not infringe on any patents or trademarks. And I have a full video about this step-by-step later on in the course. So be sure to watch that. Go through that video if it passes, put a PDF, it fails PNF. In this case, let's just say it passes. Sushi. Both do not infringe on any trademarks or patents. Next, you're gonna put in the estimated monthly sales. So we already put it in the revenue at the same time. You could do this at the same point. Also put in the estimated monthly sales from the helium ten x-ray tool here. So that's 22 estimated sales which generate an average of or an estimate of $3,821 in revenue. Do the same thing for viral lunch. What's the estimated monthly sales for this product? The revenue is 2456, the number of sales is 19. And then we take the average again, okay, so which is 21 in this case. And these were actually very, very, very similar. So we see that that's probably a fairly accurate number. And then from here on, what price point realistically do you think you can charge for your product? You would enter in here, and then later on, you can go ahead and once you kind of have, you start partnering with suppliers, communicating with them and say, hey, what's our, what would the manufacturing cost me, what does the shipping cost? What's the product way was the fulfillment fee on Amazon, all of these other metrics here you can actually get an estimate for profit, and that's a whole other section, so you don't need to worry about it. I know it's super long. But basically you can really kinda estimate your profit as well. But just to start, no worries, just go up to this point right here. We're kind of column P is where I would end. Just make sure that this is all filled out as much as possible. And just it seems like a lot at first, but once you do it, it'll become much, much faster, especially when you start doing this in bulk. It doesn't need to take that long at all, especially just for a few products. And then once you fill out the sheet, you now have multiple data points of estimated monthly sales, estimated revenue, keyword volume on Amazon, keyword volume on Google. We're seeing what's selling well, and maybe at eBay or Walmart or Etsy. How competitive is this on Amazon? We're seeing all of this data. And in the end, what you're really looking for is, okay, out of my list, which product has the lowest average? Amazon reviews and median and usually about the same, but which one? It has the lowest estimated reviews, basically the least competitive. And it has the highest of all these other numbers. So Amazon keyword volume has the highest Google keyword volume, the highest estimated revenue. And it may not be exactly perfect throughout, but you will see consistencies. So whichever products or are two or three products that have the highest search volume and estimated revenue with the lowest average review rating, or, sorry, average review_count on Amazon, right, the least competitive with the most demand. Those are gonna be your best opportunities. And if none of them really look good with the keep adding and keep doing a little bit more research. But again, we'll cover this, each of these kind of topics in more detail as the course continues, this is just free to have for reference and to get your brain prime because it won't make sense now, but things will start clicking now that you know what to look for as time goes on. And of course, if you have any questions about this, let me know in the Q and a section, but please feel free. This this sheet is built here for you for free. So the exact sheet that I used for my product research, and it's literally helped me make for tens of thousands of dollars. So I hope it does the exact same for you. And with that being said, let's go ahead and get into the next video. 11. 100% FREE Amazon Product Research With ZERO Paid Tools!: I'm very excited to share this video with you today, because in this video I'm gonna show you how to find products on Amazon without any paid research tool whatsoever. Now, with that being said, this process is gonna take you a lot more time than if you were to use a paid tool on. However, I want to kind of be as budget friendly as possible and give you all the options and you decide what's best for you, okay? And I'm not really sure we're going to put this video. So certain things that I say may not make sense. So be sure to watch them the other or all of the other product research videos in this module before you. If you have any questions first and if you self questions that ask me. OK, so first thing we're gonna do is create this chart and I'll explain it in a second. So you call it, you know, product research, or entitle it however you like. But you want to make sure you have these columns so this could be in Excel or Google sheets like I have it here column A what? Product column B will have brand. See price d B s ar e will be sales F revenue and G reviews. Okay, so we're basically gonna build and fill out this chart using a free tool. Ah, and our own eyeballs. Okay, So first, what we're gonna do is go to Amazon, and you're gonna type in a product that you're interested in. Now, again, I don't know where it replaces video, So I have videos, tutorials, talking about free ways of doing this. One example could be, for example, let's say we're insurance, something silicone on. Then you type in every letter of the alphabet, right? Just like this. And it'll show you different options right here. Right? So just just to get started, right, there's other ways of doing a lot of different ways of doing product research. You can use any of those race two ways to start off, and then once you find a product of this product, sounds interesting, or if you have one on your mind right now, you go ahead and do that. Actually, absolutely. In my mind, I'm really curious to type in paintball accessories. Okay, Someone it I'm gonna personally taken paintball accessories because I do like paintball every now and then and we'll see some ideas. Scroll down. It's too like paintball Do paintball. Tactical all the only paintball belt. How about that? That's gonna be example. Paintball belt Enter. There we go. Yeah, this what I'm looking for? So overall, and again, I have I have, uh, videos on my specific product criteria. This papal, maybe a little bit seasonal, more seasonal and seasonal products. You want to stay away from your brand new selling on Amazon? However, there are many people just like I'm sure some of these sellers making good revenue and profit selling seasonal products start off with. It's not really the best option, but other than that, we're gonna kind of look through the category. So it's a paintball. Accessories is one of our largest. That's our. That's kind of the thing about the most narrow keyword that you can type into Amazon to get the most similar related results, right? So instead of typing and paintball tactical belt, I talked in paintball belt because PayPal tactical belt wouldn't show me as many results because what's called a longer tail keyword ITT's not as common people and type it in as common, right? So the shorter the more competitors there is gonna be. So we want to really make sure that we're including all of our competitors in our analysis . So we quickly looked through just the initial glance. I want to make sure I'm selling something that's definitely over $13.12 or $13 that several sellers have less than 100 reviews. There's just general things I'm gonna look out for at least right now. And by the way, as we're scrolling through this, you notice that there is this shows up on my screen. It may not be showing up in yours. That's cause I've downloaded the hell air. I'm using the healing 10 chrome extension. So if you use the human take from extension, and actually I think you may be able to get this in a free account with them. But the chrome extension is completely free, so I recommend getting that again. You have to pay ever. It's not even like a 30 day trial, just free forever on. This is one of things that you include with, and this actually makes things a lot easier. But I'll show you also if you don't have this house. Also, the tactic or this method works just perfectly without it as well. So scrolling through, we have 60 to 81 24 reviews. And when I really like, is there looks like there's a lot of three and four star reviews. So this actually looks like it could be a potentially decent product. 27. So Okay, so there are a lot of sellers with under 100 reviews. Price point overall, there's a few with, you know, like this just that have the, you know, the two pod. But these three pot for pot are definitely selling for more, So price points. Good. That's good. So this was an incident category. So once you get into a category that looks interesting, this is when I'd recommend you kind of implement the tactic I'm about to share with you. Okay, So what we're gonna do is go one by one, um, and fill out this list. Okay. Here. Right. And you can fill out as a zoo much detail as possible. I like to do personally the when I'm using this method. The top 10 by based on kind of organic organic rank but you can do more. And actually, the more the better. But that's part of the reason this it takes a little bit more time. So, product what? This was a paintball was gonna put paintball belt is our products. So paintball belt. Okay, so this is the product. We're gonna go ahead and scroll down all the way here because the first time that we're gonna put in are all gonna be paintball belts, Right? Brand looks like this one. You can click him and see more, but I can see right if you think mad dog eyes the brand so mad, it's a mad dog. Price point is 15. 41 at least. Right now it is 15. 41 Pepsi we have the bs are bs are, by the way, stands for best sellers rank. And you're going to see that, um right here. So it's ranked 7th 73,000 293 okay. In sports and outdoors, and I'll show you where you can find this as well. So I'm just gonna copy that and paste in here, actually. Sorry. I'm gonna add one more category and just double check to make sure They're all the same. Like sports and outdoor. These all look like they're in sports and outdoor. So that's good. So we're actually I was my apologies. I was going with wrong one. Should be this one right here to this number. 8000 in sports outdoors for the Mad Dog one here. So anyway, there we go. All right. For revenue put equal sign price Times. So that little kind of a strict sales, right price time sales, that's that's gonna be a revenue. I'll show you where that is in just a second. And then lastly, we'll almost lastly, we have the reviews. So again, looking at this product here, I apologize. I was looking down here at the other product, but we're looking at this one here. 62 reviews. And if you want it, really, since customizes you want, I can also put like, Well, I'm gonna just extend this out and then put rating. I acted really in depth. My sheets soon become very, very long. And that's actually really good. Sign 3.9. Look, that shows me that there's room for improvement. OK, so we have all this. I'm just gonna go and kind of straighten this out a little bit more. All right, So if sales, this is a big question, we want to know how much eso we know. That's pretty low competition. But we want to know how much demand is there or how much you know, revenue potential is there. So what, you can dio And this is really great again. It's a free tool. Eyes the Jungle Scout estimator or sales estimate. OK, so you go to jungle scott dot com forged last estimator. I'll try toe include this a swell in the Facebook group and in the kind of, um, in each module, right, I'll have of all the links also include that as well. Yeah. Journal scout dot com four slash estimator. So you're going. What you're gonna do is we're gonna go back to our sheet. We were going to copy the best sellers rank, right? And by the way, best sellers rank is basically so in sports outdoors. Um, you know, whatever is selling the best that Z B s are of number of number one because they're the number one best seller. The second best seller. That's number two and so on and so on. So this product right here is the 80th 80,000 162nd best seller in the sports and outdoors category. Okay, so that's that's how we interpret this. But honestly, you don't really need to know that right now. All you need to know is you just need to enter that in right here are marketplace, in this case is United States of America. But there are other options here as well that you can enter and product category that would be sports. So it's do sports and outdoors, go ahead and calculate sales. And what is going to do for free, by the way, it's going toe estimate sales based on the category and, um, category and the B S. R and is shaking just a second to Lo. There we go. OK, so that's 60 sales per month is what it's estimating again. That's why it's good to go right in here. Actually, there we go 60. Okay, well, anyway, it's fine. I can I can reform at this. Um, there we go. So 60 sales on because we already filled this end right revenue. So 60 sales times $15.41. That's for this product just right around $1000 in revenue and in this case, right, And this is a good example you to make sure, like right now we're looking. And it is, um July, which I feel like e think PayPal tends to be the most popular during the fall was a little bit cooler. It's not super hot outside, so you need to take that into account with your product. When you're analyzing a product, what season is it in? Every product has some seasonality to it, no matter what it is. That's what that's what I personally found there. It's very, very rare. I don't even know if it exists. There's a product that purely sells well all year round. There's always something. Some have more seasonality than others. I'm like Christmas items or paintball is very seasonal. Other products aren't as seasonal. However, there is something to keep in mind. At what point is it in the high point or the low point that your research in your product okay, so in, Um, just keep that in mind, and then what we would do? I'm not gonna since already kind of know how to do it. You just go through and kind of fill out this list for the top 10 or 15 or even 20 on products in this category. And this is I would call this. This would be the paintball belt. Um, paper belts. So it's a paintball about category. Maybe I'm interested in another product sold looking here. And then later, as you feel it, this list you'll have this entire each sheet will represent a different market on Amazon or a different category. So you can kind of cross comparing. See? OK, this categories really low competition. Look at all the top 10 sellers over here. Top 20 sellers. Here's the revenue reviews owned, by the way, Might also one last thing again. This is all this always happens to be out of this happens to you. Um, when you're creating like a Google sheet, I always add INM or more and more rose. But this is completely up to you to customize in this case, pay drank because I may later sort the sheet from, like, you know, top sales or top revenue. Right? Or top bs are things like that on That's gonna change, But I still want to see where ranks organically. So this is gonna give me a much data as as I want, but you can make it a shorter as long as you as you choose, and then you can easily a t end of this. When you feel all of this out, toggle between different categories and compare each other, you can also see overall, it's really good to get the overall data. So then you can kind of see, you know, multiple sellers in each category. So instead of just like no one sellers making 1000 this is to, you know, there's not enough revenue. Well, look at number two, number three, number six, even number nine, right. There could be sellers that are doing much better or even lower. Right, So you need to kind of pay the full picture first. You can't just do one product, but what some people do Is this just another strategy, if you choose to is as I've organized it, each kind of different tab here is a different product category. What some people do is there's like, all right, I just want to look, I was gonna look at like uh, one product. So you know this rover here? Run number two. This would be one product, right? Number three. This would be another product. Let's say it's like a silicone soap mold. Number four is another product. Let's say it's like, um, I don't know, paintball mask and so on and so on, Right. But I like to structure it this way, but again, it's completely up to you. It's very highly customized. As you can see, it will take some more time. But all these the only tools that you need right the Google sheets and then using Amazon Google sheets and the Jungle Scout estimator are completely free. And one last thing is that as you start, you'll start to get a sense, and this is just This is why I want a structure this way instead of you. Just looking at BS are as you get the hang of things and start doing this more, you'll start to realize that a certain Bs are will always tend to have a certain number of revenue, right. You'll start to get a sense of the bigger the number here, the lower the revenue right, because if you're in the number one, you have the number one B s. Our best seller rank, right you're reading is going to be really high because your number one bestseller versus 80,000. All right, you're gonna have lower revenue. You're going to start seeing that on your own, especially you spend a lot of time in one category and, um, yeah, so this will make You can kind of build this out. It will really help you compare different categories, different products. It's completely free to use. It does take more time. But again, I want to, you know, make this is diverse and budget friendly for for everyone's budgets. I guess so. If you have any questions about this, let me know hope this helps, and let's go ahead and get into the next video. 12. Find Product Ideas NOBODY Else Is Looking At Using Helium 10: All right, guys, in this video, I'm gonna show you how to use the helium. 10 black box method for product research is one of the most powerful. And in order to do this, you will need the helium 10 tool, and I'll go ahead and head over here to pricing. Just kind of show you guys what's included in all that. So we will be using healing tens. Black box tool. He limb 10 is a set of tools for Amazon sellers specifically, and they have a lot of different options. Okay, for us, for this example, we're gonna like I said, use the black box tool that they have. And if you sign up for a free account, right, you actually get 20 uses of the black box. And by the way, also in later videos, we're going to using the magnet tool in Serie bro. Tool Okay, for product research as well for keyword based product research, which are also very, very powerful tool. Especially like magnet. Definitely touch on this, and you get a certain number of uses, right? So what you can do is follow along right, as I'm kind of showing you how to do this. There's no need to kind of pay for the for the tool yet on. And if you find that the free version is enough for you, by all means, please do that. There's no reason to spend money where you don't need to. For me. Personally, I find that it's really not enough. 20 years is really not enough for me. For product research, although definitely will help give you some experience and help you understand how to use the tool. But yeah, if the free plant works for you, use that. If not, you will need the $97 a month plan. That doesn't mean you need several months of this. Honestly, you can. You know, after you kind of really learn and understand product research. Go ahead and start conducting your own product research and go hard. You know you do. Do your do, you know, do some work within a month and then cancel after the month is over. That's why I recommend just kind of save some money. I do know this is I'm not recommending this because it's not technically ethical per se. But I do know if some sellers who you know one seller gets a healing 10 subscription. Somebody else gets a viral on subscription, and they trade log in information. So one pays for one the other pace for the other, and then they again not recommending it. I just know some other sellers have done that to save some money. So that's it. And by the way, with this right, you'll see why this is so valuable. I pay for this on a monthly basis. I still have access very, very, very worth it. It's it's extremely worth, in my opinion, even just using a few of the few of their tools in the way that I'll show you is very, very powerful. But I also have a promo code below, so you can get access to kill him. 10 with the like that below its affiliate links. So by using it and really help me out, um, then helps you out because you get 10% off of any plan. So the $97 a month to get 10% off that you can use it for a month. Find that find your you know, your first product cancel on, and it really works out. Okay, so I just kind of want toe cover that first. That's what you'll need to do first. But go ahead and watch this video before you make any kind of purchase decision. I don't want you to purchase things that you don't need. Okay? So once you do that, you create account and you can start by creating your free account, get 23 uses of black box. It will look something like this. It looks kind of messy. It looks kind of like, You know, I know that I'm a very aesthetic kind of person. I'm very drawn and very turned off by non aesthetic things. But the power of these tools will definitely make up, for it is very, very powerful. So we'll head over here to black box. Okay, So here's all the list of different tools you can use is what we're gonna be using today. Magnet on cerebral, cerebral, basically type in a basin. And if you don't know what a nation is, basically a nascent is like is like a kind of like, in my opinion, a social security number for a product. It's a way of identifying a specific product. One product has won a scent. It's a string of letters and numbers that is only attributed that products was basically like the name of the product. It's a way to uniquely identify products. You take the ace and put it in summary, bro. It's going to show you basically the keywords that particular a sin is ranking for Okay, Magnet is going to show you other related keywords with relatively high demand low competition, very powerful. One of my favorites on and then black box. So let me show you what Black box does. So go ahead and click in. And here what we're gonna do, OK is we're gonna enter in information, right? Like our product criteria. And and then he'll in town is gonna show us products on Amazon that meet that criteria. Okay, so here's how it works, and I'll do this 40. Okay, So first were to select a category. What I'm gonna do is select all, and I'll show you why. So select all But there's certain categories that you can select to find specific products . You on the only one looking the baby needs the automotive niche, the electron ICS, etcetera. That's what you can dio you can set a minimum on maximum monthly revenue. I'm going to set this for now is 3000 minimum maximum price for price. I'm gonna do 99 review count. I'm just gonna put 99. That's the number of reviews. Um, review rating on it really cares much about. And then we have the advanced filters. This is really key. Okay, so there's a couple of ways that I recommend using the tool number one is, uh, how I use it as I select all I still like all of the categories just off the bat. And then what I do is I enter in a specific keyword here. Okay? This is key. So this is how most people use the tour. This how you shouldn't use the tool they go over here. And this is with all practice your stools. By the way, Jungle Scout viral launch e. I think you grow. That's another one. AMC scout. So there are. There are similar types of tools to heal him. 10. This is different in the sense that you can specifically search for products that have a specific title in the specific keyword in the title. That's very powerful, but there are other similar kind of services. And basically, what people do is they go here, okay? And this is what they select. I'm gonna You can take note of this. This is what most sellers do. They go here and they select baby beauty and personal care. Uh, clothing, shoes and jewelry. That's one, uh, t health and household for sure. Home in kitchen, industrial scientific. I think that's, I think, a good amount. People. Industrial scientific. Although I do like this one kitchen and dining for sure. Um, pet supplies, sports and outdoors toys and games, right. That's what I found. Many, many, many sellers will use, and they'll select those categories specifically. And guess what happens if you and thousands of other new sellers or sellers are in putting the same criteria. You're gonna be looking at the same products. I'm gonna show you how to not have to find different products using this tool. I was almost at one point completely against what are called this is called the Web app, right. The black boxes is violent, urges healing tens web app for finding products. And I was almost completely against it because I've seen. I've seen that so many new sellers were looking at the same products. Then I realized, Oh, wait, using to use the tool differently in order to find different products. Okay, so I don't recommend doing so. What I recommend doing is doing what everyone else isn't. Okay. Otherwise, if you use this tool, you can look at the same products and guess what. If a bunch of people are looking the same product and you're all launching at the same time , something that wasn't competitive before is gonna become extremely competitive. And that's happened a lot. Okay, So to avoid that, you wanted two things. One is you can select categories that nobody else is selecting or very few other sellers or selecting. And here's some. If you're gonna do that, here's some categories I recommend. Let's just go through this really quickly. Automotive, definitely like that. A lot of opportunity there, and by the way, the categories I'm gonna recommend you are very boring. And that's part of the reason nobody wants to launch products. They're very like simple, mechanical, industrial like and a lot of people, a lot of sellers stay away because they're not. They're not sexy right there. Not cool. They're very boring. But they could be very profitable. And guess what? I really don't care how boring a product is if it's profitable. I'm not. I'm serious, right? And that's the whole kind of point of this. So it's up to you. But automotive, I would select that. Um, not this. Maybe I would start computers and accessories just to see maybe, um, industrial Scientific. I would select that one Still office products. Definitely. Like that patty alone garden. I would select that sports now, Doors. I was like this. And tools and home improvement. That's what I would select because there are other sellers were looking to those categories . But if you like those kind of you're C products that most other sellers are not even looking at. So So if you're gonna do use that method of just filtering by categories, you can do that. That's all we recommend doing it. If not, go ahead and select all. And what we're gonna do is refined based on the title. Okay, so what you want to do is think about keyword that not a lot of other people are typing in for example, I said this before, But cat, baby, you know, I don't know mothers. I don't know. What else are very common keywords. Okay, so you want to think of keywords that not a lot of other people are using? What are some very, very weird niece? Unique keywords. So one example would be painful paintballs popular. But I know I don't believe that there's a lot of other sellers looking at paintball related products because it's seasonal. Right? So this is just and I'm passionate about paintball, so I'm gonna type that in, uh, also something else I'm gonna dio. And this is So this is part one part of the only in order I'm gonna exclude ball balls because I don't want I already know about paintballs. I don't want to look a paintballs or sell people's do marker gun soap. A ball marker is just kind of another word for, like, the paintball gun gun. So I don't want to look at those process. I want the other kind of accessories and things like that. Maybe even like helmet. I don't want helmet on. May believe that. Okay, So So you can exclude certain keywords include certain keywords and a couple other things, right? There's a bunch of options and bunch of ways chicken, and it's really up to you can do kind of whatever you'd like when I like to do is so this is one thing that's that I recently learned. That's really neat. So sales to reviews. Okay, I like to put this at either two or three, right? So I want to find products that have a very low sales to review ratio. It shows me that they're not really doing much to in other ways to really generate reviews again. I'm gonna show you videos and strategies for really skyrocketing your reviews, getting more reviews and every other new seller out there in an ethical and very powerful, effective way. And most sellers, you know, if they're getting you know, a lot of if they're getting you know they sell 100 units, they're getting 567 reviews for every 100 unit they sell. That shows that they know that their prime or experience seller or no, some different strategies and tactics that make them a little bit more competitive. So this is gonna help us find last potentially competitive products In my opinion, that's how I use it. Also, another thing we could do is number of images. We can kind of play around with this. 34 right? If a seller has less than than seven to not has less than seven images, especially less than five images, they definitely are not utilising the full. They're not really optimizing their listing to the fullest potential. So that's another opportunity kind of find products that are being sold by by by people or by businesses or by individuals who really aren't don't have a full understanding of how to sell on Amazon. Okay, And this is gonna allow, and this is going to give you an opportunity, kind of beat them. You can use that. You can play around with some other things as well for monthly revenue, I said, That's a 3000 price at 99. This 99 do do things differently than even what I'm doing. Every time I search for products, I put in different criteria. It's relatively around the same point, and you gotta go around this similar type of point. But, you know, maybe another time will do 200 right for like 80 just typing in different random things, right? Different criteria will help me find different products. Okay, So you want to kind of do things differently that what everyone else is doing? That's the kind of theme of the whole theme of this video. Right? So if you're using title keyword search, you know, here you can select all the categories. If you're not, then I highly recommend selecting the categories that I that I recommended to you. Okay, so and yet this is just This is pretty good over here. This looks good. Okay, Things look pretty good. Let's get started. Right. So we're gonna scroll down, and we're gonna go ahead and hit search. So once we search, helium 10 is going to search through the entire Amazon catalog for products that meet this criteria that we just put in. Okay, so what we're gonna do is we're just scroll down here, and it's just gonna show us product after product after product and what we're gonna do a scroll through and we're gonna, um either we can write this down on a piece of paper. We can We can open this and Amazon, but we're gonna keep scrolling down here just to show you right there Seven pages of results. So we're gonna go through these results and just look for products that could be potentially interesting, right? We want to look for products that meet the criteria, right? That ideal product right here that I laid out in the previous video. So that's just some ideas. And again, we're not going to know until we really see it. So when you're starting off, you may be kind of selecting every single option. And as time goes on and as you get more experience, you're gonna start realizing, Okay, this probably isn't the best product. It's privately competitive. That's right. Hard to differentiate and you'll start to learn. But it just kind of comes with experience. So for this, let's see, What is this? A hopper speed feed that could be interesting. So I'm gonna do is go over here, over here, and we're gonna go to the product page on Amazon. So I opened that separately, and we're gonna open a couple up here just just to show you paintball pro gloves. That is interesting. I have a feeling this I feel like this will be competitive, but let's see. Right, let's see, this is competitive paintballs and interested in, um, people harness. That could be interesting. Let's just let's do these three results, okay? You too many results. My computer's gonna, like, hate me, So take just a second to load. But what we're gonna do, we open this out, okay? And I wish this would just open up the keyword on Amazon, and it doesn't. And that's okay. We're gonna do is look at the title. So this says people. Spire, Hopper, Hopper, speed feeder. Maybe So, let's go to again. See sports outdoors, right? Like I recommended. So we're gonna go to all departments, so select all departments, and we're gonna take the essence of the title. What is this product like? How would we describe this product? It looks like a hopper speed feeder or hop listens to Hopper feeder. We'll see if that is going to give us. I may have to do paintball. Hopper feeder. Okay, maybe Hopper feeder people. Right. This one's a little bit tough. This one's a little bit tough to figure out what this is. There we go. Hopper. Feeder paintball. Um, and what you want to do is try to think about the most broad keyword. Um, that is that is specifically related your product. Okay, So for example, I'm not gonna type in Hopper. Let's see, like fan Hopper feeder for paintball accessory. I'm not gonna take that in because that's gonna give me very specific narrow results. I want to see the whole market, the whole category. So it's good a kind of type in a few different keywords until you find, you know, which gives you the most options. Because what you don't want to do is type in a really, really long keyword and going to show you like a few results, and you'll go And maybe all those few results are making, you know, generating good revenue. And it looks like it's relatively low competition. But what you did is you're not looking at all the products. Maybe when you look at all the products you realize, Oh, wow, it's a lot more competitive than I thought. Okay? And you're only looking at a few options because you had a really, really specific long keyword the short of your keyword you want. So far in this case, it may be paintball hopper feeder might be the shortest. Um, keyword. I might type that instead. So you may have to kind of play around a little bit, But you ultimately want to look at all the results on Amazon, so we type it in, we're gonna look at the results. It was gonna kind of go through and see if this would be a potentially good product. Um, and in my opinion, I mean, it's electric. Uh, I wouldn't really do this. I was kind of curious to see this right here. Whatever this is, this is what I'm interested in. And I might take some time to figure out what that product is exactly. Maybe maybe the speed feed rotator. Let me look that up. So, speed, hot hop groups Hopper, speed, feed, road teacher. And I want to give you guys an example of how my product research phase kind of goes. Okay. It may look like it's kind of customised for specific products. Um, but yeah, I'm just I'm kind of done with this product. I'm not really interested. It's kind of taking more time than I'd like, but I could do some more research to really figure out what the keyword is. But this is just a very unique kind of product. Doesn't really. It doesn't look interesting enough for me to pursue, so I'm just gonna kind of ignore it for now. Maybe I'll come back to it later, but let's go ahead and look at Let's look at paintball gloves. That could be interesting. So we're gonna get all departments. We're looking at paint ball gloves. We're gonna look 81 93 85 18 300 2000. Okay, those air tactical gloves, some. So there could be some good. There could be some good opportunity here, but I would really need to find a way to differentiate. But it looks like there's some. There's some opportunity. There's a relatively low low reviews right there, several sellers with under 100 reviews. Um, and it looks like four star. I like to see that. That shows me that there's definitely a pain point that's not being solved. There's a problem, and people want a solution to it, you know, one star, five. Starting there on the first page, you know, decent price 50.35 bucks. I bet I could produce that. So this. This could be interesting. It's definitely probably seasonal, but let's take a look at it. So this is a good potential product, right? So what we're gonna do is we're gonna go up here and you can't really say, because I have it blocked out just to have some other data I don't want to share to the public, but you're gonna click on the helium 10 icon in the chrome in the, um, you're at the top right corner. There's there's a logo, the healing 10 logo. You're gonna go and click on that gets the best way. Describe it. Click on that. It's going to give you this. These options here, you to click on X ray. Okay, X ray is going to show us revenue numbers on some other data Really important data about the seller. So I want to kind of see how much revenue are these products generating. Okay. So I just kind of look, takes a second to load, but now it looks like it's all loaded up, and what it looks like for me is to me, um, a couple things stand out. First of all, in general, not a lot of really great revenue. This looks like a lot of products are generating a lot of revenue. So looks like demand is a little bit on the low side. Not completely dead, but a little bit lower demand. And more importantly, it looks like look at the cellar. Right Free to here on this. Is that this is an ad. So these to these 1st 2 results are ads. So this is like, the organic results. These were the same product, by the way. This one here, it just it just This is an ad, and then this is just the organic listing. Um, so that's why they're the same, but they're the same. But anyway, it looks like this. Um, this cellar right here is dominating, and it looks like it's not even necessarily PayPal. It looks like these are tactical army military police, rubber knuckle outdoor gloves. Yeah, it looks like these aren't even necessary. Paintball specific gloves. All these other products air paintball specific. That's paintball specific. That's paintball specific. You know, 3000 isn't bad, but like 1000 1 you basically 12 $3000. It's a little bit on the low side for me. But you know what you wanna do? I'm gonna x out of this and I'm invalidate the results with viral launch. So you're basically going to go up to the same thing with viral on to go up to the top right corner of your browser? Cook on the viral launch chrome extension If you have viral lunch. If you don't, don't worry about this right now, it'll just show you how to use it. But we're gonna basically validate and see OK healing. Here's what he'll in 10 says, What is viral launch say And we're gonna take the average of both. You kind of get a better picture of of demand, but right now it's looking like because it's not super high competition looks like relatively low competition. Now he's have that see if it's high demand or not. Okay, so first we've seen it's low competition. Second, I I definitely think if I really did my research and looked into it, I think there could be potential for differentiating for solving and for solving an unmet need. And we're gonna get viral launch second to load. It does take a little bit of time. OK, there we go starting to load. And excuse me. Excuse me. We're going to kind of take a look here. Okay, So we have 4000 over here, and I believe these air for the tactical military hard knuckle. So this isn't specifically for, um, paintball? What is this one here? 4000. That's not bad. One thousands a little bit low military hard knuckles. Those aren't specifically for paintball. Thermal lens, paintball. Got those paintball goggles? They're not. And that could give you an idea. Paintball goggles. Maybe I'll use that for a different. I'll look that up separately. Right. So you may look up paintball goggles because you saw that there is some good demand for that for this specific product. You want to see the category, So go ahead and take that in later. Um, football protective gear. Yeah, I just not a lot of, um paintball. Death. Just from what I'm seeing when I look at the result there specifically, like paintball gloves, paintball, guns, payment. They're making, like, 123 or maybe $4000 a month, and it doesn't interest. It seems like there's a lot of demand if we look at market trends, so If you click on market trends, it looks you can't show you the best selling period for a specific product, and it looks like October that makes ends. There is a lot of painful in October, so you have kind of peaks in October. So you know, demand and sales may go up and you could sell this product. It could be, especially if you already have. By the way, if you are to have a paintball business, a paint ball, you know, whatever you already in the people seen and maybe your table influencer, then potentially. Yeah, I could, because you can create your own demand. But what it looks like is there's not a ton of demand already on Amazon. But you know, you could make money selling this product. Have you differentiated and create this product? You could potentially potentially make money, although they're definitely better options out there. I personally would not going to this just not enough demand for me. There are products I found that have hired a lot higher demand and less reviews, so I'd rather just spend my money in my time going after that. So so that's my reason for that and then finally, just kind of make sure keep the video a little bit more concise or try to We're going to look at this. So we're gonna look at paintball harness. That will be our last one. And I'm doing this, Guys, Hopefully guys, uh, like this, I'm trying to just give you just kind of walking through my thought process. I know it's a little bit disorganized, but I really want to help you guys, um, you know, understand how the product research process happens and take, you know, what's on paper and really see. Oh, this is what this is what you know. This is how I applied to the real world to the actual kind of Amazon marketplace. Okay, 17 reviews. And it's on the first page. That's pretty good. Four star. I like seeing four stars because it shows that there's opportunity for improvement. So that's that's a good sign. Okay, 78. Not bad. 27. Okay, so it looks like relatively low competition. That's what I'm seeing right here. Three. I love that three stars. Four stars look relatively well, competition. And, um and I think there will be opportunity, differentiate, make maybe make a better quality. I'm seeing a lot of black, black, black, black, black. Look, all these black options, different colors, you know. I know there's one camera over here, so I So at first glance, low competition, there's an ability to differentiate. Now let's look at demand. So let's see what the demand would be. So we're gonna go here to X ray helium 10 x ray tool. That's what I just clicked on, similar to the other. And we're gonna look at revenue numbers and to be expected. Okay, so revenue again is pretty low. I like to see, at least consistently, 3000 to 4000 more. So demand is on the lower side, and it may be just in general for paintball gear in general, on Amazon just could be a lower demand. Just not. There's not enough of a paintball market that's, you know are people community. That's that's purchasing. So you have a little bit on the lower end, but not terrible, terrible, but like, you know, you could launch a product and you could make money with this. But again, I think they're definitely better options out there. Similar story to the other um, to the to the previous example. And then we're going. I just clicked on viral lunch. We're also going to see what viral lunch says about about paintball accessories as well. I'm just kind of curious to see what, What? How it compares and contrasts. So I'm gonna give it a second to load. Yeah, And by the way, guys fire a launch does take a couple seconds more to load. Especially when I find when I'm running videos, things like that, it takes a little bit longer. So just keep that in mind. Tryto have fewer browsers opened and things like that, because violence is collecting a lot of a lot of data. Well, Anderson, that's why it's taking some time. Okay, we're gonna scroll over and we're gonna go to the monthly revenue section, and at first glance, all right, it looks like viral launch. It looks pretty similar. I mean, again, the feeling tennis showing us consistently about 1 to 3000. This is showing us pretty much the same thing we have this year. So ones making 6000. But overall, I want to see consistently. You know, several sellers making 15,000, 18,000. Right and see that kind of sales distribution like I talked about this doesn't really have that sales distribution. It shows that a few sellers are doing okay or doing doing pretty well or doing OK. But a lot of sellers, I mean, look, there's some sellers and maybe making less than $100 in revenue. So the prophet is what you know. Their profit could be $20.30 dollars a month. That's not that's not really great. That's not really what we're looking for. But you know that you're if that's what you want to do, that's that's completely up to you. But I'm just lower demanding what I would like. Eso. Therefore, I wouldn't go with this product. And the reality is guys, and I just want to, you know, make things very clear. Your product research will take you some time. You're not gonna find it in five minutes, like some other gurus will tell you. It's It's not necessary that it's pretty easy or simple. It just takes some time, okay? And what benefit did something to think about? The longer it takes you longer and harder is gonna be for somebody else. Okay, so that's actually a good thing. And just for perspective, for me personally. Okay. This is with my experience and all that. So keep that in mind. It takes me about 5 to 8 hours of product research of entire kind of product research to identify potential opportunities. That includes the finding the product, vetting the product with with keyword data with, um with tools like healing 10 viral launch with making sure it's not patented, not trademark etcetera. OK, it takes me about 58 hours total time, and that's for me. Personally, I'm trying to find ways of constantly reducing and making it more efficient. I've tested a lot of different product research methods. This is absolutely, absolutely one of the best. As you could already see, we already saw some approx. It could potentially be good in terms of they could generate at least a few $100 a month in profit. It was relatively little competition, but like I said, there's probably other products out there, and I'm not gonna spend 58 hours here until I find the product with you guys, cause I would just kind of you waste your time, but I will have examples of both good and bad products in other videos, so be sure to check out that. And if you have any questions about this, let me know and let's go ahead and get into the next method. 13. Find EVEN MORE Product Ideas NOBODY Else Is Looking At Using Viral Launch (Pt. 1): very excited for this video. Because today I'm going to show you how to use the viral launch product research tool to find your first Amazon FDA product. And not only that, I'm also going to show you an extremely underserved market on that everyone forgets about her. Seems to forget about on Amazon and how to find products in those market. A swell as fine products that very few to no other Amazon seller is looking at and how to avoid looking at the exact same products. A zoo, other sellers. Okay, so very, very powerful. Very exciting stuff. First, obviously, we're gonna be using the buyer launch tool. So you will need access to violence in order to do this. You know, let me just run through and show you how to do it first before you make a purchase decision . But if you do want to purchase the tool and find value in it, number one, I have a coupon code for 15% off, so I have a link below you just click the link. You get 15% off where you can use the code I'll have both in below. So that's one number two is violence has a few different pricing options. When I'd recommend doing so, they have both annual and monthly, and they have different kind of tears. So you only need the least expensive option on. And I'd recommend going monthly not annually, because what I'd recommend doing is using the tool for a month or two months, right until you find your first product. Okay, then you can cancel the subscription, and it kind of saves you money. It's the most efficient and effective way. And of course I don't want you guys to spend more money than you need to. But again, it's all up to you. You if you don't find value in the tool, don't use it. But I have an annual subscription to Viral Launch, and I also have a monthly subscription for healing 10 because I use them so often and they're so powerful. So that's just me, and that's that's why I recommend them. So let's go ahead and get into it now, so okay, viral launch. Let me get rid of this fire lunch. So if you haven't noticed already, there are multiple product research tools for Amazon sellers. There's viral launch helium 10 Jungle Scout Negro, AMC Scout. Right. There are multiple multiple tools that you can use and that are available to you. Here's something that I like about viral launchers. Two things. Well, one is one specifically don't like about viral launching the number two. I'm gonna show you how toe find products, what else is looking at. But so so how the Web app works, okay. Or how all these tools work is you put in criteria here. Okay, so category monthly sales, revenue review count price, etcetera. Right. So you input criteria, and then these tools will show you results based on your criteria. But guess what happens. Guess what happens when most new sellers all and put the same criteria. And that's what they do, right? Bill, I've seen this time and time again, many new sellers will input almost the exact category the exact monthly sales, revenue review count price, etcetera. And what happens is all these new sellers are looking at the exact same products. Okay, so I don't want you to find the same product as everybody else. And this is a completely different method from what everyone else is teaching. Because if you want to find products nobody else is looking at. You have techniques and strategies that nobody else is using. So that's why my share with you, your that you are the only group that I'm sharing this with. So you had a few others and it really tight about that. So how s so? That's number one. Number two. What's great about viral launch and I'll show you how this works. But viral lunch will tell you if the result is popular. So a bunch of people are viewing a certain type of result of certain product or keyword or whatever. Barlett, you're gonna tell you and give you a warning and say, Hey, a lot of people are looking at this product may be good to kind of stay away or avoid this because even if the category, the market isn't really competitive now, it likely will be or could be in the next two months. So that's really helpful. I like that about buyer launch. I also just like the options, the functionality. It's a very, very powerful, powerful tool. And and if you know, many other scholars agree with me that this may be the most powerful product research tool for Amazon sellers. So I really, really like a tool. And yeah, I'll go ahead and actually get in to show you how it's how it works. So here's what most people do, and I'll briefly run through this. You can kind of take note of this if you want. Most people select the following categories. OK, they select, but baby health and household kitchen and dining. Pet supplies twice in games, beauty and personal care, home and kitchen. Maybe some patio lawn. And yeah, so those are the I've seen that so many times Many, many new sellers will choose those as their categories. So if you choose those categories, you're gonna be looking at a lot of the same products and other sellers. Okay, not 100% overlap, but there's gonna be a lot of overlap. Okay, so what I recommend doing on and I'll give you my reasoning wise is to select the following categories. This is my personal strategy. If anything changes all making update. But so far this is This is, in my opinion, the best way to use any Web app tool. Specifically, the viral launch Web app for the viral lunch product research tool. Okay, so Oh, and by the way, sorry if I did already mention this. If you're Environ lunch, you let's go over here to the left hand side. It'll say It's not letting me. There we go. Product Discovery hit, Click Search And then I think it should default. Lee show on product. You go ahead. If it's on keyword or one of these others, just go ahead and click product, and that will take you to where I am now. So sorry about that. But yeah, what's were in here? What I recommend doing is selecting industrial, scientific office products, sports and outdoors, automotive handmade products, patio, lawn and garden and then tools and home improvement. Now, if you haven't noticed, these are kind of boring categories like, it sounds like the products in these in these categories to be pretty boring exactly. And I don't know what it is about this, but so many new sellers want to sell something cool and sexy and new, and you know they want to sell consumer goods. Okay, here's the thing. The so a lot of times people, your individuals like like us when we want to go sell on Amazon. We always think about consumer goods. Like, what would my mom use with my friend used? What would I use? Right? What? You But you never think about what would have business use. Okay. And that's key. Ah, lot of these will help you find First of all, there, some of them will be consumer goods, you know, products meant for consumers, not businesses. But a lot of these, like industrial scientific office products. Obviously, tools and home improvement could be. These are a mix of just consumer goods that other people, just a lot of other sellers or new sellers aren't even looking at are acknowledging. And it also products for businesses specifically Okay. The business to business market is 2.5 times larger than the business to consumer market. Let me say that again. So selling products to businesses there's more opportunity than selling products to consumers. It's That's number one number two. OK, think about this. Who has more money? Me or a business? The business does. The business has more money to spend right than me. Likely, they likely do write me as an individual. My personal income versus the income of the prophet of a business in the revenue of a business right? Usually they'll have bigger budgets. Okay, so that's number one. Businesses. 10 had bigger budgets. Then, if they spend more number two often when you find office products or business related products, these products that businesses need to reorder time and time again. So once someone buys from you, there's a high likelihood to buy from you again and again and again and again. And the same holds true with certain consumer goods. For example, a very common would be like vitamins, right. You buy a bottle of vitamins, you eat all the vitamins or consumed them, then you buy them again and so on. Right? So it's not just business business products, obviously. But I found personally that there are many business products that are constantly reordered , right? It depends, but there's a lot of that so more opportunity. This is bigger. 10 have bigger budgets than consumers will spend more money. It's less competitive because so many Amazon sellers are new. Sellers aren't even thinking about this, so it tends to be less competitive. And because of that right, there could be a lot of really great opportunity in terms of high demand, relatively high demand and low competition because people just don't think about it. So that's why. And that's my reason for recommending That's my strategy. That's why I recommend you do as well. And I've had great success with this. I've actually found a few potential business products. I'm still currently working on building my existing brands. So I haven't really had a need a real strong desire to launch these yet. I'm still kind of work out some details, but on their deafness, um, opportunity. Okay, so hopefully explain that. Well, so go ahead and select the categories and then went Put some criteria here. Now, the criteria that I wanna share with you This is similar to what? Um, you know, if you choose, even if used the exact same criteria over here is every single other seller because you're choosing categories that very few other sellers, if you know very, very few other sellers even thinking about her choosing, they don't still show you different products. Okay, so So we're gonna go ahead and for monthly sales, let's do what's just 3000. That's just what I'm just gonna put that in? Um, there. Sorry. Sorry. Monthly sales monthly revenue. We're gonna put in 3000 review count. We're gonna do a max of 200 then price Point Max of Let's do 75. And then we're gonna show products you can kind of enter whatever criteria you'd like. And I would highly recommend doing is not just copying, so this you can kind of copy and paste. I'd still recommend may be looking at some other categories, but really, er, maybe if you want Teoh, but really, I definitely recommend changing up this criteria. You 100 You know, 75 over here for review count, you get 300 right? It's really whatever you'd like. Price point. You can really scale down to, like, $2030 price point, you know, just to kind of and by changing this criteria up here, it'll change the results down here. Okay? So just play around with this a little bit, especially in this section to just see some different product just to get some fresh ideas and some new product ideas. Okay. And once we enter this, we click show products, we scroll down and viral launch will show us a set of products based on the criteria that we put in. Okay, so we're just gonna kind of scroll down here and look at some option potential options. So it's going to school down. No clothing items. I don't think I selected clothing, did I? Let's see, I'm gonna get rid of sports outdoors for now. Although I have definitely found some very good outdoor products Not necessary sports related, but outdoors related. If you scroll down and you start seeing, like these are all you know, Adidas and Adidas, Adidas, Adidas. I don't want to see that, you know. So I'm gonna go go ahead and get rid of this for now. Although I might change this up later. Yeah, I'm gonna leave the other one so much, show products, we'll see what that does. It's kind of a test, you know, You kind of play with it a little bit. No kind name brand USPs. Obviously not. They kind of have a monopoly on that. I believe I could be wrong, but I believe so. I don't think you could just create your own stamps. So just scroll down here and you're gonna find a lot. What I've noticed is that with this, you're gonna find a lot of big items, heavy items, electronic items, um, right in some name brand items too. But there are a lot of when you find an opportunity that's not dominated by a big brand like that you're seeing here. It's there could be some great opportunities. Just gonna take me a second to kind of find a product, so just bear with me. 14. Find EVEN MORE Product Ideas NOBODY Else Is Looking At Using Viral Launch (Pt. 2): so literally within less than 10 minutes prior on five minutes of searching, I've already looked found three kind of interesting products, not necessary home run products. But very interesting. One of them is this. I no idea what this was. Summit responsible solutions. 555 I'm like, What the heck is this? So I open it and I find out there it's a It's a mosquito dunk right over here to mosquito Duncan. I'm like, What the heck is that? But apparently they are small, little like doughnuts, doughnut shaped things you put in water. They keep mosquitoes away or something like that to keep mosquitoes away from ponds and things like that or something like that, right? Just in my initial search. And so I went ahead and open up the product, figure out what it was. Then I went ahead back. It went back into Amazon types of mosquito dunks in the Amazon, obviously hit, enter and then saw something. Look at some of the results. And what's interesting is I mean 20 bucks. I'm sure this is super. It depends on how big they are and have to look. But they look from what I saw, like fairly light. Not super big. Um, you know, 11 reviews. So the review counts are fairly low, except for some of these. So this one is Obviously, I would assume, like a name brand, um, doing a really good job with marketing and things like that. But what's interesting or what I would be incident is looking for opportunities where there are. So maybe, you know, there's great. Like all the great There's a two pack. There's a, um what is this 12 2 packs of 12? Maybe I'm not really sure, but all these different sizes to where? Maybe there's a way to differentiate based on the size. Okay. And one thing I was really piqued. My interest. Let's go over to, says he five. Yeah, 5 20 counts. Okay, so that's what 100. So they sell in sets of 100. But look at this. So like two photos that are not really even that great. So two photos that aren't that great Three reviews It's so by mosquito. It's so by. That's the brand name that makes this. And then there's a few other sellers because it's just so poorly differentiated. Look at this I mean, really bad, really short, Not very persuasive and great sounding bullet points. And then we just want o kind of see how they're doing. So this was really interesting. So they I think I believe from first glance there the Onley brand selling 100 there, only there selling 100. So let's what they're doing in revenue. So what I did is I went ahead and clicked the viral launch chrome extension, and by the way, if I didn't mention is already the chrome extension and Web app are included together. They used to be separate, but they're now included together in one package. So if you buy the basic, uh, viral launch plan, both are included. OK, so so I went and clicked. It just kind of analyzed this product. Specifically, we'll look over so viral launch estimates that they make $4000 a month in revenue. Now I'm here is to kind of see Well, this may not give us too much data like its best selling period. I would assume this would be a normal Sure, I would assume this would be more during the summer months. This is more of a seasonal product. Still, that shocks me $4000 a month estimated again for this not so great listing. So we're gonna go ahead and validate. Look at, you know, we want to look at, uh, helium 10 as well and just kind of validate and see so healing 10 showing a 7000 month in revenue. So anywhere from 4 to 7, that's very good for this type of listing, right? And they may be they may be generating the sales because if we go back to mosquito dunks, they may be the only option for 100 packed like maybe there's a, um a land. I don't know. I'm just making this up, but maybe there's a landscaping company Business right, Business to business. There's a business that has this kind of full solution for taking care of landscapes and ponds and stuff like that. And they need, you know, mosquito dunks in bulk. And then just a figure obvious going Amazon Order it. And maybe this this right here and look at the title it doesn't even say are does say, mosquito dunks. Miss Guido dunks. It's not even it's like musk widow. It's not even mosquito It's, like, not even spell correctly. Oh, my gosh. It's crazy. Um, but they may be making the sales or what is this? This is the 20. Yeah, that is the 5 20 count. No, it's just 20 count. Oh, so this is 40. Okay, Never mind. So, yeah, maybe they're the only 40 pack available on Amazon. So? So someone who wants to buy in bulk this is the only option they have. So they buy from it. Even with three reviews. Not very good listing making 4 to $7000. Even if it's their highest month. It's crazy, right? So this is something that I would actually look more into potentially? I have to understand more of the market. I agree through the reviews to understand who is buying this. What are they buying at four. And then what do they like and dislike about it? So who's buying it? I look at the reviews to know who's buying it. What are they buying it for? And, um, you know what they like and dislike about the current options. But here it is again. I think it's the same. Yeah, The summit brand. Yeah. So this is 100 100 count for $101. I know it's a few. It's got to be a few cents per unit to produce this. I would imagine. Right. Imagine if it was a few cents to produce this per unit, and they're selling it pretty much for a dollar per unit. You know, there's 100 of them. They're selling it for basically 100 bucks. That's a dot They're selling it pretty much for a dollar per unit. Um, so let's take a look at this one too. So again, it looks like they may be the only bulk option. They're the only 40 pack, the only 100 pack potentially, and this just at first glance. So I'm gonna go ahead and quickly run this. I'll try not to keep this too long, guys, but hopefully this is helpful for you. If it's not, you know, let me know. I'll try toe. I know I can ramble on sometimes, but I want to be as helpful as possible. So looks like almost 4000 is still a little bit low. Um, but I mean jeez, like one customer review. Yeah. This is also saying 7000 So let me look at something to this is something important to do. So let's go to all time. Let's see, when they started selling So say they started selling this product, uh, relatively recently in 2019 in March of 2019 they started selling Lucy. That was their first sale. So they haven't actually been selling for two too long. A decent amount of time. But, I mean, the bullet points are a little bit better. The photos or a little bit better, they have a little video, so it's not terrible, Terrible, but still, I mean, she the packaging is awful. Yeah, you have Just make sure that there is you correctly. There's any certifications you would need or things like that, Um, that you do that it's not really necessary fun product, but, um, yeah, they look like to me. At first glance, it looks like this brand, the Summit brand is the only option. And again, you have to be careful just biologically don't want, um, you know, you want to make sure you would source this correctly and all that. Um, yeah, that just kind of first glance, businessman things that I noticed. That's kind of how I would look at how I look at products and things like that again takes me about five day, eight hours to find a product. This was with just within five minutes. I don't want to keep it too long and you already looked at. Maybe there's some potential this market. Let's go ahead and head over the next one. I have a couple of more examples. So this is another product that I found within the past five minutes on viral on fire glass . I don't know if you know this is I have no idea what this is. So yeah, what it looks like. I saw photo somewhere. It looks like it's like a decorative thing. So, like for like a now outdoor kind of fireplace, or maybe it's even into a fireplace for fire to kind of come through. It's kind of this aesthetic thing, but what would make me when I see this? What makes you think of is like rich people and then in high end restaurants, that's where I would like think that this would be again. I have to read through the reviews and maybe do some research online to kind of figure out . What is this product who uses this? Here's what interest is interests me about it. Okay, so let's go back to the top. Here's what interests me. So yeah, 172 5 star. That's a pretty 4.8 star. That's a very solid product. So I you know, you may look at that, you know, 500 reviews, right? You might kind of get intimidated by looking at some of that Well, scored in here past here. 1 76 82 But look, six reviews And there on the first page, um, you know, 32 14 reviews, right. 16 reviews. So I want to kind of see how some of these sellers are performing. And so that's one thing Is that to me? They're certain sellers with not a ton of reviews that are on page one. Now I want to see if they're actually generating revenue. Don't really care for on page one for this keyword. This is probably remain. Keep one of their main keywords. I don't care if they're on page one and not making any sales. I want to make sure that they're making sales that shows me the opportunity for me if I want to launch this product. One thing that kind of turns me off about this product is it looks like it's pretty heavy. So £10 for 28 I would have Teoh. I mean, that's I have to look more into it. Um, that seems pretty, pretty heavy. So in terms of shipping, um, and I I just have to check the FDA for you to make sure it's profitable. But, I mean, obviously, if they're doing it, they're making profit. But I have to figure out if it's profitable for me, that's it's ultimately important. So I want to go ahead and run viral on because I want to just kind of see the sales distribution. I want to see who's making money. Who's not. Yeah, I'm just gonna get a sense for the for the market environment. Just take a second to load and another thing really quickly that I like about this market. So when they it turns me off, is that it looks like really heavy, really, really happy. £10.20 pounds. But there could be a demand for even, you know, depending on different weights. It looks like there's very highly, you know, there's all different kind of color options and things like that. So it looks like there was a lot of blue, black and white. Maybe, you know, rad green. I didn't see any green at first glance, so that could be an opportunity, right? Different colors, different types. There's kind of broken, shattered glass look like we see over here. I was like crystals, but I don't really see too much of like, you know, I saw some that were like oval shaped, so there could be in terms of the design, the color, the style of them there could be maybe like there are people looking for whatever reason they want, like a small, smaller batch, and there's only 10 and £20. So maybe, like there's a demand for £5 just for example on, and we would know that I kind of reading through the review. So let's look at this. Okay, so, yeah, we have some pretty good sales distribution. I mean, again, this is all estimated, but it's very good. Estimate 62,000, 11,000, 11,000. Almost 9000. We have 2000 over here 11,000. 10,000. 6000 8000. So pretty good sales distribution there are few sellers are a little bit lower. Um, and I would just I would just basically click to look at, like, who are the ones making this in terms of, like, What do they do? The products look like Bill C. 8029 reviews making about 8000 if 32 reviews making 6000. So that's that's a good sign to me. Yeah, that makes it six reviews 2000 signatures a little bit lower. But I would also look at the listing and the listing may just be a not very good listing. And that's part of the reason why, or just not meeting a need. C 36 82 Yeah, so there are a few sellers with lower reviews that are generating good, but there are also some with lower that aren't aren't doing so well. But it also really depends on the product. I think it, you know, if they don't have a good product. Obviously I'm not gonna sell. Even if they had 100 reviews. It's kind of bluish green. Yeah, a lot of blue blue blue, you know, kind of this white, black, blue, white and black. I'm seeing a lot of constantly over and over again. There's one selling red. I'm actually here to see this. Looks like the only red seller. Let's see what they're doing right there. The only option for red Our ruby. It's dragon glass from a real dragon. All right, let's look. Yeah, that's interesting. So, you know, multiple kind of color designs, right? And if you know exactly if you're like oh, somewhere, I know what that is. I I use this for whatever you know. Then you have an advantage because you understand this, but even if you don't, so there is some more red. But there's no really green. At least maybe I pass it up. But I haven't seen any like green really deep like purple. There's kind of some purplish, so that for colors for design, there could be some opportunity here. The biggest thing again, that turns me off how heavy it is. I just don't know if it would be profitable for me just because of how heavy it is, but I I think there's it's the competition is it's kind of If you just is, so the products are also different. It's tough. Did you say straight out? Is this like You know, there's definitely demand for this product. There's definitely plenty of sellers making sales. There's definitely demand competitions. Private, medium to low is what my opinion would be. There's definitely room to differentiate, and I mean, there's definitely room to rank yet. One look at that one image. By the way, if you haven't got this already, you want multiple images, them or images the much higher likelihood of generating sales. It's like exponential. So high 10 and £25 options Or maybe people want a £5. Maybe people want a £50 option right to now. That would obviously be more expensive to source and a ship and all that. You kind of have to figure that out. But again, if it's profitable, you know, and you can you can finance it. Yes, I know it. Let's look at what they're doing, and this will actually give me an opportunity to show you something interesting about the viral launch chrome extension. So we're gonna load it, and so we're on the product page, so we're on the product page, and you're gonna start seeing multiple lines here at multiple rows. Why are there multiple rows when we're on the product page somewhere? Shouldn't there only be one? We're only looking at one product. Why is it showing up a bunch? Because this listing has what's called variations. Okay, so I kind of let's see if I could just kind of move this over a little bit. Okay? So as you can see over here. So I clicked on the product and took me to the product page. Right. The listing. And you see, the listing has multiple options. Okay, That black their blue. So I can actually So, um, so, yeah, you go to the one listing and has multiple options. So viral launches showing me kind of each of these options. But when you come across a listing where there's multiple options, what I found is that what is most accurate is that the biggest number here, So 8000. That's that's likely how much the sellers making for all their variations. Okay, that's just a conservative way to think about it. So, for example, you know, you know, purple isn't started making 4000. This isn't necessary. Making 8000. This isn't actually making 3000. It's not necessarily like that. It's Mawr. From when I experienced that, all of these options here are collectively making $8000.8000 monthly revenue. That's just what I've kind of seen. And I want to point that out, OK? And I'm also going to show you guys in future videos. This is great. Are depending on your product? This could be fantastic for a number of reasons. Okay, because when you have so many options, we have multiple offers that people want. I've done this with to my products and had great success with, um I'm sure you guys how did how to think about variations, And by the way, a lot of people think, Oh, I got a launch, a product. Find it successful, Then I'm gonna launch another a totally separate product. Instead of launching completely separate products, why not launch in the same listing? Because think about it. You have to do some work to get reviews, tow, launch your product research all of that when you launch variations. So basically you're launching a different type of product to the same group, right, And it goes to the same listing. So you get to use the same reviews because look at this. My chip. It's like this. I still have 77 reviews. Ice like this. I sell 77 reviews, so I don't need to do extra work to launch extra work to get reviews. It probably take me less time for product research. So is more efficient. And I have higher are why, when I invest in variation products, All right, that I saw in the same listing instead of completely separate does a side note, but just something to keep in mind. And, um, yeah, so uninterested category again. Maybe a little bit heavy man. 23 bucks for 10. I just I have to look more into that. It looks a little bit too heavy, but hopefully some of the other tips in in ideas were helpful. Last thing promise. Last product that I found in the past five minutes moving boxes actually used to work for a moving company in high school is my first job. A lot of hard work, a lot of hard physical work, but actually made me knowledgeable into the moving business There's a lot that I actually do know and have learned and what it piqued my interest and looking in here just briefly, right? This is a product that so many people wouldn't think about. It is a little bit tougher to differentiate, and there may be some kind of name brand, like U Haul has their own product line Bankers Box. I guess that might be, but I've never personally heard of them before. But to be honest with you, I have no idea where we at my moving company where we got our boxes from. I have no idea. And they're absolutely whether it's an individual who wants to move and there's like, a I'll just check on Amazon to see if they have any options, because I don't because a lot of times people when they're moving, they don't really know where to get boxes, like maybe I guess, because I love people I've talked to didn t know you haul sold boxes right, but so that could be, You know, it depends on who's buying this, but it could be individuals who are moving. It could be companies who are, you know, like they've run short and they need to day shipping on boxes or or, you know, whatever it may be. So they were on Amazon, right? I don't really know exactly. But I would find out by reading some of these reviews and figuring that out. What I can see is there's definitely opportunity to I mean, look, four star four star, you know, four star, right? A lot of pretty, um, not great quality. It looks like moving boxes. Okay, So pry a lot of cheap, maybe Chinese made or not Chinese made. But, um, some things could be like Chinese sellers that don't really pay attention to quality that something against Chinese people or anything like that at all. That's just it. Just you'll notice on Amazon, there are a lot of really crappy products. They're sold directly from China from Chinese manufacturers. Okay, so that is something I want to again. I'm not I'm not against Chinese whatsoever. It's just just a common thing that happens on Amazon specifically. But all my suppliers are Chinese, and they do a phenomenal job. Oh, my. All my products are top quality, and they're all made in China. So, you know, I want make that clear. So, yeah, some things that point out that stand out to me that I just kind of think of a month. Oh, 30 pack 20 packed, you know, eight Pac 10 pack like so you can differentiate with different types of packing, obviously, even differentiate being the quality. And I'd be the premium brand in this space. Absolutely. Look, there's no branding on the boxes whatsoever. Lower reviews, right? Maybe. You know they have 1000 reviews. But there's still opportunity, potentially to differentiate, especially if you have better quality, right? So I could differentiate based on quality based on the number of boxes. Potentially, you know, maybe there's There's an underserved market here, like people need, you know, big, big, big orders. Or maybe just like has, like, five boxes or something. You know, for example, the different sizes of boxes. If you didn't know this when you're moving, there are different sizes of boxes that you need. So for the more dense items, server, example, books or heavy, you know, desktop items and things like that need to go in really small boxes when they're too big. They're really heavy to carry, and it's more likely that they'll break through the bottom so that more dense. So for books, especially, you want really small boxes for blankets and pillows. You want really big boxes that actually called G cartons? So you want a G carton for bigger, lighter things and in a carton for small, dense things. Okay, so that's my insight. And what's great guys is to you could literally go to U Haul. Drive over to U Haul, take photos of the different options and they go to Amazon. See him there really missing out on this this this and this. Right? Um, and they're definitely, I believe, options. So sizing, maybe stuff for close, right? There is one here for hanging clothes, but maybe it's not. Maybe I could differentiate that hanging clothes for a big one. For, you know, you could pretty much build, like, brand around moving products potentially right. Just an idea. You know, I'm not super on fire like, Oh, I definitely want to do this. I'm gonna do this because there's some name brands, and here it is a little bit more commodity based. It may be kind of tougher to brand, but if you you don't really need to worry as much about brand. If you can find a way to really differentiate by the number of you know, you just finding basically a hole in the market like people are looking for a specific type of box and they're not finding it on Amazon right on. And then you're the only option. Okay, The new produce that option. So that's that's how I would go about thinking about it. And yeah, So, yeah, this is three again. Takes me a little bit more time to find products. These are just three I found, like, literally within five minutes. But if I did more research, I would find much better options in these three. It just takes some time. And of course, I don't want to spoil any good ideas that you might find by sharing it with the world and making automatically making a bad product or maybe making it a little bit more competitive . So, yeah, I hope you found this helpful. If you have any questions, let me know and let's go ahead and get into the next video 15. Discover Products In Categories Most Sellers Overlook: in this video, I'm gonna show you how to use the viral launch keyword research tool, which I actually like personally, like, better than the viral lunch product research tool. Okay, I'm gonna show you how to use it on and why. It's honestly so powerful. Why? I like it so much. So I'm seeing already. Uses tool. You'll need a viral launch, at least a monthly subscription. So you'll need a violent monthly subscription. And then once you kind of sign up, you'll go over here to the left hand side. Click on product Discovery, Click on search. So we'll go ahead and click that now and then you'll select keyword. Okay, so there's four options up here. Product keyword brand category. My two favorites are product and keywords. Specifically, he would I like this a lot. Okay, so go Handzlik, keyword. And here's what we're gonna do. All right, Go ahead on the left hand side and select. Oh, okay. So I'm gonna go ahead, select all categories and for sales revenue price reviews, you can really enter in what you like. I just went ahead and entered in this criteria, but don't just copy and paste what I've done play around a little bit, put a higher and lower, you know, consent men's. And Max is for all of these. It'll help you kind of find I'm different products that others aren't looking at, right. And, you know, they're gonna be 1% of people that is copying pace. What I've done here don't do that. You know, just it'll help you find other products as well. But you can copy if you want. It's all up to you. I just kind of entered in this in. This is in general, very general basic criteria. A lot of people kind of typing this criterias that. So when hen did that just, for example, sake and for the keyword. So let's say that you're really big into eco friendly, environmentally friendly, reusable type of things. So if that's something that interests you, or that you'd like to see products around, you know one product that I could think of that's reusable or type of product I could. That's reasonable, is silicone. So we're gonna have silicone jury spell that right. I type in the keyword and click show keywords. So what I like about this is that and This is the key. Okay, Um, I don't really care of the categories as much. Make sure when you're typing in a key where do something unique and silicone isn't the most unique. I'm just using this for an example, but be very unique. For example, cat is not unique. Baby is not unique, man. Woman that's not unique. Trying to be a little bit more in unique or specific. Um, and it could be broad like, don't worry about that. But just keep in mind that, you know, the more specific your keyword or the more different it is if it's just something that you don't think a lot of other people would be typing in, the more likely you're fine products and ideas that other people aren't looking at. So that's the only reasoning. But you can be as broad as you like. Don't get me wrong. You can be abroad. Look at the result and then look oh, this is really interesting. And then try to find Mawr products kind of like that, or drill down into that category. That makes sense. So I'm just kind of starting up a little bit broad. Although it is a unique keyword. I would I would consider this unique Heward. It's really subjective. There is no right or wrong. It's just kind of what your preferences, um, silicone, I think, is a pretty good keyword. Let's go ahead and look at some of the results, so we type in the criteria up here. We click show keywords instead of violent, showing US products. They're going to show us keywords, and it's basically the same thing, right? It's a keyword relates to a product, and what we have over here and how I haven't automatically is in descending order by idea score. So viral launch. If you have the annual plan, it will give you an idea. Score. It is not necessary. It's It's slightly helpful, but it is not necessary. If you want to get the annual plan, that's up to you. But the monthly just, you know, having the viral monthly playing for one or two months until you find your product is more than enough. But just keep in mind it won't come with the idea score like it does for me. Like I said, I have an annual plan just because, like I said, I use it so often. So don't worry about that. It'll just seeking sort by other. You just let it sort by default just to find ideas. It's really not that important or critical unless you really like it and basically just real quick. The idea score is just viral launches algorithm tries toe, basically identify high demand low competition keywords on Amazon and then show you see the results. But they're not always again. I have products that I have an idea scored like 35 other products with the idea scored. Five. I pry haven't practiced an idea score of one at this point, right? So it doesn't, um it can. It can help, but it's not necessary. That's it. Okay, so let's go and get into it. The reusable silicone food bags that looks interesting. Let's go through reusable silicone silicon food bags. Yep, a lot of the same. No, not that silicon wristband. Let's look at that. Responds are interesting because think about a wristband right is so small and so light it might be probable. Even if it's less than 10 bucks, you know there's a potential could be profitable. Some curious silicone animal toy. Maybe maybe one thing you want to be careful of. OK, this is something. Keep in mind if you are. I'm selling toys on Amazon, okay? Or you want to sell toys? Your plan to sell toys on Amazon. One thing there's a few things to keep in mind, but one that I just thought off of the top My head is because I know someone who is selling toys, and you want to make sure that there is not adult anywhere in your listing or deludes to adult anywhere in your listening. So on your back and keywords and we'll talk about this later in another video will make more sense. You don't have the word adult in your listing. Otherwise, Amazon's algorithm is gonna say, Oh, it's a toy. Oh, it's adult, an adult toy boom on that may restrict or put your product kind of like on hold or inactive or whatever it may be. So just be careful about that. Just be careful. Toys in general again, with kids using toys and eating and swallowing something some harmful chemical on it, something I would recommend to stay away from. But it will be interesting to kind of see the results. I don't really know what that will do, like one more. Maybe silicon molds for resin. That's interesting. Okay, again, look, just a few minutes, and there's already some kind of interesting ideas. Let's look at the results now. So silicon molds for resin. Interesting man. I think there's just this huge do it yourself community out there. People make their own like handcrafted products. I feel like that's ever since Etsy's come about that just really kind of grown like it's always been there, but it seems like it may be growing even more. But it looks like this is for like, cool like desktop or like I don't what to call him decor using, like resin infused with different things in the resin or something like that. Um, but, yeah, it's interesting. So it's a nine pack. Okay, that's interesting. 20 bucks. 20 bucks. It depends on how big these are. That's what I'm more curious about. But there's going kind of quickly look through first, to get an idea, we'll go past this. Just look more here. Okay, so good. No matter. Not super competitive. I'm just more curious about the demand, and this is something that I don't understand. I have to do some research to really understand this. If you've ever created stuff using resin, then this could definitely be a interesting opportunity. Kind of look more into yeah, so a little bit low competition. Now, I'm curious about the demand. So I go up and I click the viral Launch Market Intelligence chrome extension, which is included with the web app. So it should already be included. I'm gonna kind of try to drag this over a little bit. All right, So now the viral launches loaded. One thing environments will do is give you a product idea. Score. When you load the results again, don't just rely on this or don't even even it does. It's not always 100% accurate all the time. Like there could be certain price with three star that are great or five star that are great. Right? So So you take that into consideration. But I really rarely look at this. I just want to point that out to you. Then also, now that our lunch loaded, we can kind of look at the monthly revenue or the estimated monthly revenue across all the product So we have 10 16,007 11 Almost 84 10 4.5. 6000 right? Fairly good. This is so This is an example of good sales distribution, right? There are several sellers making good amount of revenue every month. I will say, for some of these the price points a little bit low for these. I'm actually curious to see to see what those are if I go back. Teoh three pack coaster resident molds. Okay, so you may need to do more research to really figure out. Okay, What type of resin molds. And then look at that specifically in that category. Is this just resident molds in general? Maybe there's like, coaster resin, mold or coaster molds or, you know, whatever it may be. So but still looking at first glance, I mean, so for a lot of these, you know, price point above $12. Overall, you know not every single place but pretty good good revenue. Let's look at let's look at the review quantity compared to revenue. So 19? Yeah, that's pretty low. But 29. That's not a lot of reviews making estimated making almost 11,040 run reviews, making almost 8000 84 a little bit higher but still not super high and making good 25 making 6000. Right, so good to meet good sales distribution. There are several sellers with us, and 100 reviews their self. Those sellers, with less than 100 reviews are doing well. That shows that maybe I could do well overall, a lot of sellers there. There's a lot of it seems like there's good amount of demand. This is an interesting product. This could be a good product to go with. Seriously, Um, again, I don't know too much about this. It doesn't really interest me or excite me. Um, in my opinion, I found better products. I mean this I just found this within literally, like, five minutes. But still, you know, it could definitely be a good potential product, right? What you obviously need to do is find a way to really differentiate. Maybe, you know, you can understand the community, maybe look at Etc and Pinterest and look at you know what type of resin molds are the most pinned on Pinterest or the most reviewed on on. Etsy looked through the reviews here and again. I have videos talking about differentiation as well, but I don't really cover in depth here, but I'll cover later to where, actually teach you how to do that. But there would be opportunity differentially there looks like there's a lot of custom ability. Um, people are making different types of resins, so there could be good potential here and still come in, General. Can be pretty light. It just It kind of depends. You would need to do your profit analysis, which again, I also have videos about that. So this could be a good opportunity? Um, yeah. Could be a pretty good opportunity. Uh, so, yeah, that's that's interesting. So that's one. I maybe would write that down on my list. Here's the second product idea that we opened. These are what were these again? Silicone animal toy silicone animal toys Review the competition. Always for a new seller. Maybe a little bit high. I mean, there's a couple with four and six. The biggest thing for me. I'm not really looking at this too much. The biggest thing that stands out to me is these air a little squishy toys that a kid could potentially bite off and because it looks like it's meant for kids, right? Obviously, I don't think a 50 year old man is playing with these. Hopefully, um, so Yeah, so anyway, these look like they could be harmful to Children. In my opinion, I'm not really interested in this. I'm just not really gonna look further. That's my reason for that. So and I do that with a lot of things. Most products I'll do that I was Look, boom, click Hit it to the next one. Right? But that's just kind of with the experience that I built up over time. All right. Next product. Trying to move here quick for you guys. Silicone wrist band, silicone wrist band. Um, this I clicked on this specifically because I was curious, so I I'm done my research, but I know just from experience, silicon response is going very, very, very inexpensive to produce. Okay, the really inexpensive to produce. And I've seen risk fans, quality wrist bands that you could be sold for a good amount of money. So I just kind of curious. I'm not really interested in the silicone wristband market cause it's very broad, but I want to look and see. Maybe silicone respond for athletes, for Christians, for, you know, for you get inspired. So for maybe for entrepreneurs, right? So different types of silicone wrist bands, maybe just different colors, Right? So we don't want to look through here. And what we can do is you kind of look at some different options just to generate some ideas. Um, yeah, I just kind of get some ideas. So we understand, You know, maybe for super patriotic people for, you know, American Response or us USA responds. Right. So a few different options or ideas here, And you just kind of look in what I would do. I would kind of open up fire lunch one. By the way, I didn't do this on the last product, but I always like to use viral launch and feel intend to compare the results because, you know, the more basically data points that you have, the more and you average it, the more accurate your estimations are gonna be. It's kind of like getting a doctor's approval. You know why I get one doctor's recommendation When you get to write, don't you want to hear it? Both have to say so that's the way I think about it. It's definitely be more accurate. But for now, I was opening up viral launch. But you always want to kind of use both. And we're also later going to validate our results. Like if we see a product looks like it's making good revenue, it looks like it's relatively low competition. We want to make sure people aren't actually typing this in Amazon. So we're gonna look at Amazon keyword data, and we're gonna also look at Google keyword data as well, among other things, to really make sure that there is demand. Okay. All right, so now that viral launch has loaded, it will be interesting. Kind of see what some of the top seller saw. So I'm gonna look at some of the seller. So I see that there's one seller with an estimated 8400 um, revenue. So that's pretty good. Revenue 6000 down here. That's interesting. Someone opened that up here is well, you just click on the number, the number represent the pay drink, and then you go ahead and click and then open in a new tab. So there we go open that in a new tab. Just accept that. I don't know why my computer's being so slow and these were very high. But maybe this one, this will be the last one. Just kind of get a sense of we want to see, like, what may be all we don't like the best sellers are all those bestsellers a similar type of wristband, right where we know if they're all like, for example, motivational rest bands. Maybe that shows that there's really high demand for motive. All motivational respond specifically. And then we would look on Amazon for motivational wristband Kind of we start broad with risk bands or silicon response when we get kind of narrow, narrow, narrow assed time goes on. Right. So what is this? This is just a dozen blank, um, wrist bands in a variety of colors. Wow. I mean, this is a not a great listing. One photo for for this, at least not very good bullet points here, but it has 255 customer reviews. Pretty good reviews. So, you know, maybe a quality product, but just really poorly marketed. And you could absolutely, with better photos, better you know. Not that I recommend just copying and pasting, right? But if you could find a way to differentiate, and I, like Teoh, tend to have designs with my wristband. Your shirt just designs in general. Not just that. This is purely just kind of looking commodity. And, you know, if you basically so you could be successful potentially selling a product just like this on Amazon with better photos and bullet points and things like that. But I wouldn't recommend it because I could, cause, you know, like I said, a price war right where you're both reducing your prices down. And this is already pretty low price point. Although I don't know what the product cost of 12 count would be. But that's interesting. So that's just blank. So we're gonna look at some of the other product results as well. So here we have a green. What is this? Ah, 100 piece. Wow. So 100 pieces? Um, same kind of thing. Different colors. Okay, so some of the best sellers here, it looks like they're just blank. There's blank wrist bands for I'm not really sure for certain. Maybe types of events and things. We're gonna look at the last one. So this is the last cellar. So emoji and emoticon silicon respond for kids Birthday Party. Here's a base interesting now, and this is the way that I think I was reading through. I don't really care about This is much. What really struck me is a kid's birthday party supplies. That could be a good idea. So maybe I'll go back to viral launch and I'll typing birthday party supplies or kids birthday or something like that and see the results for that right? Or or kids respond, right? Maybe I'll do that instead. So that gives me idea. And that's part of the process. It just kind of it doesn't matter if the product leads to a dead end. It doesn't have to lead to a dead analyst. You wanted Teoh. It could kind of be the source of another, you know, another search and then another right and just kind of keep rinsing, repeating until you find the product. But I want to see these all have something in common. This is interesting that stands out to me that this is selling so well. I'd be curious to see how the, um the like, you know, kind of kids, wrist bands or or funny wrist bands or something like that they're selling. That's what I would do next. But since Amazon saying so long to load and it's you know I won't do that. But if you want to do that on your own, feel free. That'd be great. I'm experience for you. It could be a good opportunity. Okay, so what kind of finishes up? Try to keep this short as I should be. Maybe it's a little too long, but this is last option that we opened when we looked at the product. Product options. These are where they cilic reusable silicone food bags actually get rid of reusable, and I just want to silicone. I wanted to see silicon food food bags, and that's something you want to do is make sure you know, reusable, still reusable blue silicon food bags. If that's your key word, you want to reduce that to the the shortest possible that Onley relates to your product. So I say, If I type in silicone, you know that's not gonna lead to anything, or it's gonna lead to a bunch of different options, not gonna necessarily to silicon food bags. If I type of food bags, it won't just be silicon food bags. So Silicon Food Bags is the shortest keyword that I can type in the Amazon, where Onley this type of product shows up, right? I don't want blue silicon food bags. I don't want premium silicon food bags. I just want the shortest because then we're gonna see a zoo. Many options really kind of the best. Understanding the market is possible, but by all means, please. You can type in multiple different keywords to see the different results. But just make sure you're you're also typing in this keyword and seeing the results for that. So let's go through this really quickly. Okay, we have a 137 but four stars definitely wound up to differentiate their. So that's good. All right. 24 reviews. Pretty low Review count. Good review rating, but low review counts. That's good. That's a good sign. 52. Let's that's that's a good sign as well. For 105. Okay, you know, maybe a little bit competitive. 35. That's a good sign because, you know, there's definitely room to differentiate and they're not. They don't have that great of not a super high number of reviews. There still is some sellers on here with over 100. Um, for me, I don't really know how I differentiate right off the bat. However, I think there could be room to differentiate, especially if you've used these type of products. Or this is something that would appeal the union. Have some knowledge into this. This could be interesting. Let's go and look at revenue real quick. Let's let's look at revenue. I'm going to use healing 10 for this one. Eso when you see the intent, because again I use both together, right? And if you have, if you have a monthly subscription for healing 10 and viral on, you'll have access to both. So I just went and clicked on the killing 10 Icon Click on X ray. That's gonna do prints the same thing and human 10 loads faster than viral on part of the reason I'm doing that, but you always want to use kind of both together, so we're gonna scroll over here to revenue. Let's look at there were revenue. So these responsible. So we're just gonna ignore these two that these air SPS sponsored product those air ads. We don't really care about that. We only want to look at the organic results we're going to scroll down to kind of number three. I mean, this is saying $143,000 in revenue. Don't know if it's that high. It could be that seems a little bit high when you start seeing numbers like this. It could be any could be true, but it looks a little bit high but still indicates there is high demand. So So I will be using viral lunch for this. And there is. I mean, if this is true, there's high demand. But it looks like this is interesting. This is an interesting product. Okay, so what? It's showing me there's a There's a good number of sellers that are making a pretty good amount of money. There's also a few sellers that you know that's a little 2003 thousands. A little bit lower right to thousands, pretty low for my standards, right, for my for my criteria very low. Um, you know, 2000 here, but overall it looks like there's pretty good this is interesting. This is a little bit insuring that. So I'm kind of thinking out loud. It's There's a good number of sellers making good revenue, but there's enough that aren't making a good enough revenue. That kind of makes me think that maybe there's some big brands or kind of dominating, but it could also be just pour differentiating. Maybe people there's so many sellers or just go up and say, Oh, silicon bags or make and I'll just do this one talk So many sellers will say, Aw, silicon bags are selling really well. I'll go ahead and do it and then all sell really well to actually click that, you know? So you want to make sure you differentiate guys, that's that's that's the moral of my story. So we're gonna go ahead and click on viral Launch to kind of analyze this as well, to compare the results cause of kind of ridiculous kind of crazy. There is a seller generating 76,000 and again, these are estimates. So now that viral launchers loaded, we can definitely see that there is demand for this product. At least initially, we could definitely see that we have a seller making $97,000 a month again estimated but $250,000 a month even $9000 a month 7000 month. 16,000 month, right? So there's definitely good sales distribution. There's definitely good demand for this product, and it's killing 10 and violent or both, reporting that there is very good demand we would later look at you know, you still intends Magnet Tool and Google keyword planner to make sure that people are actually typing this end, that there is high search volume on Google and Amazon for this keyword. But I'm sure there is, and I would I would I would bet that there is so yeah, there's deadly high demand, relatively low competition, I would say, based on what I can see here. But the one thing the most important thing I would say about this is you would have to find a way to differentiate based on actual debt data. It looks like there are some pretty strong brands, right. The brains are making 250 or whatever, So that is one reason I my stay ways. There may be some arty, dominant brands What I would do is I would look at some of these top sellers. Look at there. Are they running Facebook ads? You could go their Facebook page, click on the info on ads section on the left hand side of their Facebook page and see if they're running ads. So Facebook ads look their instagram account. Look at their website. If it's highly professional, you know, they have all these reviews and bloggers talking about them in a solid INSTAGRAM account. Facebook on that, you know, and maybe have a variety of options. I may not want to go and try to compete with them. They may have kind of dominated the market, and so so, even though there's some other sellers here making making good money now, you know that is something I think about just for me. The biggest thing is differentiating. I don't know the space well enough. And but yeah, that's the key You would have to find a way to. Maybe it's with the number of bags, the color. There's a couple things, obviously, the quality. Although it looks like there's some quality options out there, you have to figure out who who's buying and there may be different types of people buying. But who's buying wire? They buying for what purposes or purpose? And then three. What do they like and dislike about the existing options? Okay, so if you did that, there is definitely opportunity here, Absolutely. But for me personally, I don't know why. I just don't feel it feels it feels to me I would go. This product is a little bit difficult to differentiate. It looks like there smarty established brands. But again, this is a product that I found within five minutes. A few seconds of us is going through on viral on. So you know, there's just shows how much opportunity there is on Amazon if they are making you know this brand is making. One of these brains, at least is making $100,000 or more a month in revenue from bags silicone bags. That's very impressive, right? And it's not uncommon. There's so much opportunity on Amazon, and this just shows it even in weird little products like this. So yeah, hopefully now you know how to use the viral launch keyword research tool and just how powerful and impactful it is. That's why It's one of my favorite tools. You have any questions, let me know and let's go get go ahead and get into the next method. 16. The 'Also Bought' Method: Now I'm going to show you what is called the also bought product research method again, it's very simple and were ultimately going to use Amazon's own algorithm of pairing similarly purchased items together to find our next or our first Amazon FB a private label product. So I've gone ahead and gone to Amazon, and I've typed in so old, just kind of a random product, and we're going to basically I'm gonna show you how this works. Very, very simple. This is a great I'm just kind of if you're kind of stuck with ideas or is need to kind of, you know, start moving. This is a great way to do that again. This integrates well with any other product research method. The all kind of meshing together, um, and you can get a little bit messy, but it can also use a really great results. So we're gonna do is click click here on the first results of the best seller. What we're gonna do is scroll down. So we're on the product page. Want to scroll down, down, down. Okay, So there's this here, which is very this is actually very interesting too, and just um, kind of a tip. This isn't the product research method. This is just kind of a side note. Is that the frequently bought together section? Uh, well, sometimes appear on certain product listings. This could be a great way, right? If you are, If you want to differentiate and you want a bundle different products together, let's say there are frequently purchased products, you know, on Amazon, and they're also individually Well, you could be the first seller to put them all into a certain certain sort of kind of like a pack or a package. Um, so there is something to think about this kind of side note, but for now, we're gonna scroll past that, okay, and scroll past this. This section here it's a sponsored products section. So if you're on Amazon auto PBC campaigns, if you're on Amazon Ace and targeting campaigns, which I'm going to talk about in future videos, this is where your ads will appear. Okay, And again, I won't get into much detail there, But these air ads OK, even though they don't look like ads, these air ads we want to grow past and get to hear So customers who view this item also viewed right or also known as you know, They also bought the also viewed section. So we want to see, you know, people were looking at this also looked at some other products. Okay, so this is gonna show us similar, similar, similarly related products. Okay, so maybe the soap mold wasn't really a home run product we don't really want, For whatever reason, didn't want to move forward with creating our own. So old brand than what we could do is kind of look at some of these other options down here , right? And just keep doing this kind of rinsing repeating the step. And to me, this actually looks really interesting. So I'm gonna go ahead and open that in a new tab soap wrappers for so that's interesting. So then go ahead here and what you can also do. Actually, I'm gonna open that in a separate tab. I'm gonna go back here to Amazon, and I'm gonna dio or type in soap wrappers because that's actually very interesting to me, right? So you may find another product already. That so that's interesting. And start looking into that. You can kind of look through the whole category here as a whole on start looking kind of that way. Maybe sopa labels that could be a separate one. Right? You could kind of provide your own type of labeling. We're gonna go back here to the product. And let's just say at this point, you'll either look at the soap wrapper kind of category and say, Yes, I want to pursue and move forward with the product or it still doesn't look that great. Let's keep looking right, and you just kind of keep rinsing and repeating. So we opened up the soap wrapper product in a separate tab like it did before. We're gonna scroll down just like we did before, because he also bought together sponsored and then what other items does the customer by after viewing this item? Right, So we have some more. So it's not gonna The section will always appear, but in general it will. And we still have this so we can look down here and see if there's anything that interests us. Um, if not, you just kind of click on one of these other products and kind of rinse and repeat that process. But it's really, really straightforward. Just a way to kind of get out of your own head If you just kind of start searching on die again. I've found products using this method. It's very, very powerful. It can really help him find results that other people really aren't looking at. And obviously there is somewhat of demand because people who are looking at one high demand products are also looking at another. So I'm just a little tip, just something. Everyone works differently. So some product research methods work better for others, so hopefully find this helpful. If you have any questions, let me know and let's go ahead and get into the next method. 17. Let Amazon Show You What Customers Want: in this lesson, I'm gonna show you how to find your first private label or EMS on FB a product using the triple A method the Amazon Alibaba auto complete method. It's very, very simple. And I like this a lot. A lot, A lot. Okay, so the first thing you want to do is go to amazon dot com and we're gonna do is you're gonna think of a keyword. OK, think of a keyword that relates to a product that not everyone else in their mom would be typing into Amazon. So, boy, girl, right? That's very common babies. Very common, you know, cat, and be very common. And actually these cat for this example. But try to think of something unique, the more unique of the key. Where do you think of the better the results you're going to get or what results that nobody else is gonna be looking at? Okay, so So in this case, I'm gonna do cat. So what you do is you type in the keyword, Okay? Whatever it is space. So the space bar, and then the letter a okay. And what you're going to see, right is all this list of all these different on top, right? So Amazon automatically auto completes your results with top selling or top searched. Other key words beginning with with that kind of second letter, right cat A. What you'll do is just kind of go through here initially, and I like to have, like, a pen and paper. Or you can use Google sheets Oh, our excel or whatever you like and just take note of of key words that sound interesting. For example, cat accessories. I might look more into that really drill into that. That looks interesting. No, not that cat apron. That looks funny. So maybe I'll try that can antibiotics? Of course not. Because I don't want to think ingested anything that could damage and medicine. I can't and will not do that. So cat A. So we write down a list, right? Next letter B. So cat, be cat bed. That could be interesting. Um, cat backpack. That's interesting. Maybe it's Is it a backpack of a cat design? Or is it like a backpack for cats? That's interesting. Cat box? Um, yes, that's cat birthday party supplies. Yes, please. Okay, so so and then So on and so on, right? I could do this. And it is actually very interesting. This is a really quick way to start finding potential products. And like I said, the more unique your key where it is. For example, I'm actually going to this for fun. Let's see what paintball. I'm a big paintball guy, so let's see. What? Paintball? A air tank? Exactly. Accessories, of course. Um armor. Yep. Be barrel cover people bag. That's good. Painful belt. That's interesting. A B C. Yeah, it's a bit people Caddy. Absolutely. So that it helps you really branch out and realize that there are products and ideas that you weren't even