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7 Places To Find Hot Topics For Your Skillshare Courses

teacher avatar Raj Kumar Reddy, Founder at ownstartup.com | Digital Marketer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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9 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Why Enroll Now?

    • 2. Source 1

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About This Class


Are you planning to make money by teaching online?And your search ended at Skillshare.That's great.

Skillshare is the hottest online learning platform. It's growing rapidly with more than 1.8 million students.

I started teaching on Skillshare three months back. I make few hundred dollars every month. Based on my experience I learned that success on Skillshare hugely depends on how  frequently you teach. The more classes you the more will be your earnings.To teach frequently you need to have a lot of hot course ideas at your disposal.So I Developed A System To Come Up With Killer Skillshare Course Ideas .

 And that's what this course is all about.In this course you will learn:

  • How To Find Unlimited Stream Of Topic Ideas For Your Courses.
  • The Topics Used By Influencers And Authorities In Your Niche To Create Millions Of Followers
  • The Course Ideas that are Trending, Evergreen and Bring You Hundreds of Enrollments 

I can't wait for you to teach the system that will help you to come with hundreds of Skillshare course ideas within minutes.

Take Action & Enroll Now. See You Inside

Meet Your Teacher

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Raj Kumar Reddy

Founder at ownstartup.com | Digital Marketer


I am Raj Kumar Reddy. I founded Ownstartup to teach budding entrepreneurs all the skills they need to own a startup. It reached more than 7000+ followers within one month of its launch.

I am enthusiastic about startups and entrepreneurship. I am constantly striving to learn everything there is know about building the successful business and create change.I love sharing my knowledge and help future entrepreneurs to reach their goals. I like talking to new people be sure to reach me if you want to connect.

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1. Why Enroll Now?: very digital skills. You Skills is a global learning community with more than 1.8 million students. Skill tip has void range off categories to learn from Ivory's royalties on sculpture is more than any other black phone but enrollment. You get voto dollars and the bass part. Anybody can beat anybody with skill on desire to say that skill can teach on skill shoe. But to create based courses and earn money on skill share, you need to find hot topics. You can teach a boat. You need to find topics that are trailing topics, which makes people to take over their wallets and enroll topics that are over green. I'm that's what discourses all able in this goes, you learn ho defined, unlimited shame off top ideas for your casus. You also lend the topics used by a influences and authorities. New lease to create millions off follows. So let's get started. This amazing information head and rolling This goes no 2. Source 1: thank you so much for enrolling in the coast case again and do that. But in love, this course, you will be a rock star at creating sculpture courses. You'll have unlimited shame off topics at your disposal, so let's generate into the course first. Source to find amazing topics is Amazon. Amazon is the biggest marketplace to buy stuff, but it is also one of the best market research tools You can find amazing topics for your course here. Goto amazon dot com Cilic books Go to the category you're repeatable. Are you're interested in? Let's say I want to visible self help, so I'm going to choose the category. Self help. No, select the subcategory you're interested in. I'm going with personal transformation. See, these are all the best sellers in personal transformation. I can even go deeper into my selection off topics so I can district the topics that are walking on and see the reviews. Let's can I make goods on anyone off them? I can also read reviews. Don't know what readers are saying about this book so that I can learn what all I can, including my ghost orders. You can definitely search in the search box aboard the topics You want to teach a boat? Let's say I want to teach about productivity. I'll step in productivity on order. Do is isolate religions by the average customer review so that I get to see only the business books that are working, reliving, see what I can replicate or get inspiration from and get ideas. So the advantages off using Amazon as a source off looking for topics is that you know what other topics that the real evil noon ish but it's failing. Only the basal issue will no order the topics that are working holder from great titles that vote. You can also get ideas about descriptions and go images. So go gays find amazing topics and Amazon. See, in the next video, we'll talk about the source to thank you. 3. Source 2: Welcome to the second source case. The second source is other course platforms, but let's start with your enemy. Your enemy is full of the biggest online learning platforms. It more than 12 million learners on 20,000 instructors. This is a place for you can find unlimited shame off topic ideas seem as Amazon. You'll also be able to find what's working, so let's see how it works. Go do your me dot com. Select the category you also teach able. There's so many categories you can choose from, from marketing to productivity, toe design, health and fitness. Everything is in you. Let's say you're ultra teachable marketing on the marketing. I won't noticeable this telemarketing. See, These are the courses that are doing real level in digital marketing. This is a tacos. You can browse more based on the reviews by going toe all courses, click on all courses and make sure you sort by popularity. So these are the most popular courses on your me. You can take each of the courses which you're interested in and see. Vote learners are saying ever discourses. I. You can also use insights from these reviews. Well, creating your courses to make them better. Because Indus reviews, people will talk about what part of the course they load and what part of the course there didn't I break messages Taken note. Ban on, Write down all the topics you're interested in. I've earned days off using your me as a source. Defined course ideas is that you know what other courses people are buying. That's the best part rate. You'll get more and more enrollments a few years. The same Coast ideas on skills. Here, too. You can check ratings to know what courses are trailing, as I said, sort by popularity. Don't know about the training courses. Sick reviews don't know what people are liking and what they're asking for here is this more tip? Always three reviews off Arista and forced on, they contain more insights. Come petal Feist out. I'm just are all one star ratings because mostly fi star ratings are given by family or friends, and we'll start from the people who really hated the course. So there's nothing much to live from those reviews. But if you check Trista and four star reviews, these are the genuine people who will provide insights on how to improve this course to make it a five star cause from Teesta off. First up, those are the insights we are looking for. So whether it's amazing with the eggs, you're a me or any other ghost platform. Always look for the reviews that Christa and first up here this morning case. But it will definitely work wonders, As I said, the sources literally Jeremy. But any other coast platforms all day, So take some other course platforms like Linda Headaches cause era creatively. Machlas dot com No, you have at your disposal coast black forms where you can find topics. Thank you guys sooner. Next video. Very likable. So three. 4. Source 3: Welcome back case. The sorcery is blocks. The best part about skills here is that the courses on skills can be minimum off 12 minutes late, so he is a secret. Any off the block pose can be taught as a course, because off this minimum Tambling limit, you need to find no blocks in your niece so you can take the topics that are working. So goto google dot com taping Lee Blog's Coleman. So enter here the lease. You'll do these courses able. Let's say again, I won't release about productivity. So see, these are the results. No open the first release since see Know how the list off, though Blocks in productivity Nish lifehacker 43 folders So so see here. I hope list off more blocks. I can go toe each blow and take. So let's say I want to talk about the first result Lifehacker I can go to life Akko on Goto Productivity, Celtic Order the topics that evoking and see here the list of topics that are truly so no again, get topic ideas for my causes too. So again taking note and start Jordan on all the topics you like. See here there's a lived A list off blocks you can take on and further. In Israel, there are many topics, so your topic ideas is only multi playing. Further and further more. Your isa's more. You'll find great topics, so don't stop. Keep looking for topic ideas in the blocks. So what are the advantages to look for? Topics in blocks blow, pose, help, trick hacks and tips. Data can be easily tarred as courses. Most of the blokes have shortcuts, toe sold problems, so you can also get inspired from them and create shortcuts on these them. As a course, you can find real researchers country. Most of the toe blocks are returned by authorities in your niece, so it will find valises contain to get inspired from. You can also get an idea about key votes that will like Hyo. If these block posts are trailing on the top results off Google, that means they definitely have a CEO de stirred devotes. So you can also get idea about the keyboards that of okay and that will help. You do also drank hyo in skills. Your search visual help you further get more enrollments. So that's all over the source case. Thank you. Seeing the source for convert to see you there 5. Source 4: welcome gays to the source, for you're already 50 person through the course. Great going. So the food source is slate you. Slater is the world's largest community for sharing presentations, with more than 80 million presentations in 40 categories. Best Party booked slideshow is that all the country is in the form off presentations so you can easily learn stuff on sculpture. Learning from presentations is easy because off the visually a billing nature and short and content. So let's go toe Slater and find great goes topics for or skill Chico's Goudeau Slater don't like in the search bar in the the Miss. You want a piece? A boat? Let's keep my niece the same productivity. See these other topics that are popular? They're almost real active in dear dozing results for my search that is unlimited Shimoff content ideas. So let's go to one of the presentations and see they're really visually a building so I can learn from them easier and faster. I can easily browse through them angered ideas. I can goto the other presentation on do the same. I can scan through this presentations faster than any of the block posts and other courses So I highly before sleigh chur to find great topic ideas. So borders advantages off choosing Slater toe. Find your goes ideas like blow pose sledges. Presentations can be converted into courses with smaller duration. You will know what's working on Slater. The popular presentations are shown it the dog, so you'll know what are the great presentations. You'll also get idea about Click What they titles. A deal's off presentation on Slater are really amazing, so you can easily get inspired from them. And as discussed earlier, learning on Slater is really easy. So go graze. Find great topics on Slater. There are many. God agrees on a number of presentations you can choose from. Thank you. 6. Source 5: welcome to the source fight case, so fight is bored. Guess focus on the radio tape, audio or video broadcasting on the Internet like blocks you can self scrape on. Get access toe. Amazing steam off Clinton. There are many amazing forecasts that are free. Visually. Help you learn and improve your skills. Let's see ho defend coast topics on Pork ass Goto Google. Look in here. A forecast colon, the least you own duties able like before productivity. See like a list of blows you get. List off forecasts to and good the 1st 3 desert. See these other topics from that poor guys. You can listen and learn from them easily, So go to the other broadcasts and you can find See the unnamed regime off topic ideas. You can find more than 200 topics on single Porky's. Imagine home any dogs you can friend or 10 different forecasts. You can also listen to them. If you have ideas app installed on your mobile or PC, I really suggest you to go and install guidance on your PC or up and start listening to this podcast. It's the best part. It's all free. The idea, ins and the poor Guess so. The advantages off using forecast to find ghost topics. This podcasts are mostly hosted by authorities on influences your nish. So you have differently valuable topics and content you can find and learn about different topics. There are many f sort in each port. Guests most of the podcasts How amazing Clinton and are free Verne. You main advantage is that it alone? Stuff on Go Because most of the podcasts are in MP three format, so you can just install them on your mobile on learn on Go. So that's a level source Fly. Guess sooner. So six. Thank you. 7. Source 6: Welcome back, gays. Good going your 80% through the ghosts. So six dummy's dot com dummies are the best reference cities with more than 1800 titles. You can find bestselling books from various mish goto. Them is Darko and go toe show ful books. Sell it on the niece you're interested in or quantities able as usual. I want obese about self l. So I'm going to just self help. No, I confined list off all the books that Commander Cell fell so I can go and take each of the books. And further, I can go in tow table of contents Strategic the contents Inside that book, many off this topics can be taught as skills courses You didn't go to other book on again. Go take the table of contents and find ideas for your courses. So take all the books you're interested in and go for the check their double of contents and save each of their contents. Catch your attention Advantages off choosing topics from the ms dot com. Don't miss sell meals off copies every year. Dummies editors do egregious errors before publishing their books, so the topic seldom will definitely look, don't Miss Books can look as great references. So that's a label. So six case sooner. So seven and the last source. Thank you. 8. Source 7: Vericom Bad case to the last and final source to find hope. Topics for your skills courses. Final source is magazines. Magazines are the periodical publications off articles in a particular knish, the famous even before Internet came into existence. Magazines are really common, but if you unlock their potential, they can be used as a great source off inspiration for your cause. Ideas. Let's see hope so good of magazines dot com and sell upon the old categories list Signal ish you're interested in Let's see, I want to create coast in about business and finance. I go and sell it that topic. These are all the magazines in that mish. I can go select the magazine so no, I can go sick Israel of the magazine, the Forbes magazine. I can go look for folks magazine online and sick topics from that magazine like that. There are many magazines in this nish. I can goto each off these magazine and look for topics. So what are the actual days? Is off choosing magazines. You find ghosts tropic For your skills here, magazines contain articles that are truly the topics in magazine are really based on the evils happening At that moment, you get updated and lead this country. That is a unique benefit off choosing topics from magazines dot com because because the topics from block sport, gas or other coast platforms might be oh, dated. But magazines help updated on lady sculpting unlimited on continuous stream off content. The limit off topic ideas is only Hominy magazines, your villain toe looking toe. So basically they are in number of topics you can choose from. So these are all the sources where you can find amazing topic ideas for your sculpture courses. Gays. I will keep on adding more sources as the course progresses. Thank you. 9. Thank You: Thank you so much for picking the school's case. You're no regular skills. Your instructor. You have a limp topic. Ideas at your disposal. You know, the topic caters that are hot. Ladies, I'm doing really well, so I won't do official all the best for all your features. Kitchen psychosis. Maybe get Azman enrollments as possible. And thank you. Once again keep beating amazing courses. There's no other noble cause than saving your skills.