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7 Minute Video Review Ranking Formula

John Woods, Entrepreneur

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10 Videos (52m)
    • Introvideo - 7 Minute Video Review Ranking Formula

    • Rank Your Video Review before You Create it Part 1

    • Rank Your Video Review before You Create it Part 2

    • Creating Video Title for Ranking

    • Using Google Hangouts to Rank Videos

    • Google Hangouts part 2

    • Example Video Review

    • Ranking Results...Exciting

    • Editing Your You Tube Video

    • Endless Promo Opportunities


About This Class

Thank you for checking out my new course. Today I will be sharing with you a method of creating and ranking simple You Tube Video Reviews and how to rank them on Page 1 of Google so that you can increase your chance of earning online affiliate commissions...

  • Learn how to Rank a Video Review on Page 1 of Google (before you even create it!)
  • Learn how to create simple Video Reviews for new Information Product Launches
  • Learn how this method will help you send free You Tube and Google Traffic to your Affiliate Links and potentially earn you commissions
  • Learn how this method works in all niches and Yes, even physical products using Amazon
  • Discover current Marketing Platforms for endless products to promote for affiliate commissions
  • This Course if for anyone wanting to promote products online using simple videos
  • This Course is for Newbies as well as seasoned Marketers who want another weapon within their marketing toolbox





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John Woods


Feel Free to Contact Me with a PM here on Skillshare.

Hello everyone and welcome! I am an Internet Marketer

and my focus has been traffic generation using video and video marketing

techniques. I enjoy teaching others the concepts and strategies that I

have Learned and used myself.

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