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7 Keys to Succeed as a Freelancer

teacher avatar David Rodriguez, Freelancer / Author / Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (54m)
    • 1. Class Intro

    • 2. Is Freelancing for Everyone?

    • 3. Key #1: Play the Long Term Game

    • 4. Key #2: Develop Long Term Relationships

    • 5. Key #3: Always Provide Value

    • 6. Key #4: Be Visible

    • 7. Key #5: Manage your Time Wisely (Intro)

    • 8. Key #5: Manage your Time Wisely (Activity Logs)

    • 9. Key #5: Manage your Time Wisely (Paired Comparison Analysis)

    • 10. Key #6: Be Disciplined

    • 11. Key #7: Be Resilient

    • 12. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Well, you have taken the leap of faith, and right now you are either a full time or a part-time freelancer; you have already chosen a product or service to offer, and you are most likely doing all you can to get your business rolling, but are you getting any results?

Back when I started freelancing besides an inherent desire for success, I didn't have much else, and this meant that my business dragged for a long time before I realized that I wasn't taking the right action. And don't get me wrong, this realization didn't come overnight; It took several years of consistent learning and lots of trial and error.

This course compiles the 7 key strategies that over my 7 years of experience as a freelancer I've found most helpful and efficient in regards to achieving results. These keys will help you with:

  • Getting new clients.
  • Having a steady stream of work.
  • Managing your time wisely.
  • Problem-solving.
  • Being more productive overall. 

Welcome to the class!.

Meet Your Teacher

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David Rodriguez

Freelancer / Author / Teacher


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1. Class Intro: Hello, everyone, and welcome to the seventies that will boost your freelance and career. This is David Rodriguez here and he scores will go over actions, additives and behaviors that over my seven years of experience is, freelancers have found, are the most helpful and efficient in regards of achieving results. Just like in the previous course will not only be discussing what each point is about, but we will be taking a look at specific actions you can take towards achieving the results . You're looking for the purpose of discourses to service a guy for all those new freelancers that want to grow the business but aren't sure how to do it. Discourses that goes through all those people that happier, warm their career and feel that their stock. This also happened to me at some point there is in awards feeling in the world than being stuck because you think it failed. But being aware that some of the attitudes and actions I was taking at the time were dragging me down what was truly changed the game for me, more importantly, is not just being where, but taking action, what will truly boost your career But third things first. What does it mean to be a successful freelancer? For me, successful freelancers are people that do something they enjoy for living. They have a steady stream of work that allowed them to have a comfortable laxed out. And they have a balanced schedule where data on Onley work. But they also have time to enjoy what they have worked for. Based on these parameters for success and assuming that you're already doing something you love, the seven keys containing this course will help you towards getting new clients, having a steady stream of work, managing your time wisely and problem solving. So once again, I welcome you to this course. I hope you guys are eager and excited to see the information contained here. But before we start, there's a very important question we have to answer. 2. Is Freelancing for Everyone?: it's freelancing truly for everyone. My answer to this is a big note, at least not as a full time activity. Just like any other job. Freelancing requires some specific traits and behaviours that suits some people better than others. Let me illustrate this point with a quick story. My brother is a lawyer, and he used to work for an international insurance company. He didn't move to a local insurance adjuster, Crume, from the money where he switched from being a full time employee to become an independent contractor or freelancer. The switch meant that he was not required at the office on a regular basis, nor he had a schedule. This might seem good on paper for a lot of people, but for him it was a bit of a nightmare, mostly because he felt it was very boring when he decided to become a lawyer. Be dreaming about wearing suit, going to meetings, having launch Rick clients and colleagues, and he didn't have any of that anymore. So what do you think he did? Well, he remained this an independent contractor, but he's not a full time freelancer anymore. He's more like a partial freelancer. What he did is that he arranged to work from the company's office for a couple of days a week, and he now attends all the meetings and business lunch to like. The whole point with this is that you have not to feel bad. It's full time. Financing is not truly for you. You can still do some freelancing on the side, just like he's big. To help with. This perhaps created the base introductory course called The 10 Things I Wish I knew before I started freelancing, where you'll get an idea off the rial implications off becoming a freelancer so that you can take a conscious and informed decision on whether this is the right pat for you or not . So let's begin. 3. Key #1: Play the Long Term Game: number one played the long term game does his hands down the main keep to succeed as a freelancer. Actually, most of the other teas mentioned this course are related to this one, but let's begin explaining how it works with a quick analogy. Those who know know that I'm a huge form, the one and over one more experts fan. In the world of racing, there are a few gems which are races that are so hard, so difficult, so demanding, that winning one of them will give you worldwide bang. And it's even considered more important than winning a championship. One of those gems is the 24 hours over the month. Just think of it for a moment. This is a 24 hour long race where hundreds of drivers competed full speed, avoiding accidents and mechanical failures in full coordination with their respective teams on. Only one car per category will be crowned winner at the race. The efforting bolt on the finishing The race is massive even more if you consider that a standard international race really lasts over two hours. But how does this relate to my business or being a freelancer? Well, first of all, it means that you have to have a clear and realistic goal inside. If you know what you want to achieve, you put action plans in place to reach it. For racing teams, the goal is usually winning the race. So they'll gather the best team of engineers the best card this drivers, and put together a coherent raising strategy to win the race. In the case of entrepreneurs whose main goal is to make a living out of the things they love doing either by creating a company or simply by providing friend services, they need to ask themselves which resources they need to gather to make this plan of reality. How much money they what sort of equipment they they need to hire somebody else who are declines on Where are they located? As you probably noted, these are the questions that you have to usually answer in a standard business plan. And yes, my advice is that either if you're just going to pride Freeland Services, you need to have a business plan. A business plan will give you clarity over the resources that you have together and the actions you have to take over time to reach your main gold. There are lots off great curses about business plan in this platform, so I invite you to take a look at them on craft your own second, you cannot win at 24 hour race in the first left. This is a common behavior among new drivers as much as it is among new freelancers. They're very energetic, and they feel the urge of breaching first place. That's passes they can on. By doing so, they miscalculate. Race can end up either crashing and out of the race or damaging the car and compromising their possibilities for the rest of the race. In the case of the freelancers, they usually start that very enthusiastic and full of energy. But when the results again are not what they expected, they get discouraged and end up quitting. In fact, this is probably the main reason why people quick freelancing they don't have a long term plan on when the results that come quickly they think that is the same. Worse it, I mean abandoning third. Having a consistent resume is better than raw speed. When engineers are preparing the car for race, they take into account the following principle. If the set up off the car prioritizes its top speed, the car will most likely go very fast during the straits but will be very slow around the corners. And if the set up of the car prioritizing it's cornering, it will be fast in the corners. But it will be very slow in the straits. The engineers have to find the perfect balance between corner speed and top speed. But if you ask any of them in regard, so the optimum set up for a course for Deluxe of Lamont, they will all tell you that the rather half faster cornering and consistent tourism over top speed same principle applies for business. Instead of focusing on quick results, you should better focus your efforts on long term results as this will ensure the viability of the business in a longer span of time. I can't recall how many times have seen freelancers taking on too many projects at the same time for the sake of selling quickly that they don't realize that they're unable to comply . Result of them and what do you think is the logical outcome off the situation? Well, some clients will not be happy are most likely will never work with those freelancers ever again. Now this also has to do with your ability to identify limits and not committing to do more than you really can. But we'll discuss this in a later chapter. Think of freelancing like a consistent exercise off planting seats. You will be able to collect the fruits the next day, but you eventually will and force and last. It doesn't matter how good the Koreas good is a strategy, or how fast and careful the drivers are. Accidents happen on. Teams have to be prepared for them if they want to have a chance of winning. Now the same thing will happen with any business. Nobody wants to run into any trouble, but chances hard that something will eventually come up on your ability to proactively deal with it will determine ate the rise for fall of your business. But just like with the previous point, who will die deeper into this topic later? So let's recap. Playing the long term game is the main key to succeed as a freelancer. To play the long term game, you have to set long term goals and with a specific goal inside, you can craft a business plan or an action plan towards it. Playing the long term game means not rushing for results. If you rush, it will most likely fail. Angus discouraged. Instead, you should take consistent action to build a business progressively and finally you have to be prepared for trouble because something will eventually happen and you have to be able to solve it. 4. Key #2: Develop Long Term Relationships: number two develop long term relationships. I would like to start this point by stating that also, I considered that playing the long term gain is the most relevant factor for any freelancer business person sitting for success on it. It's obviously related to this one. In my personal case, developing long term relationships has been the stepping stone of my success. You know what they say? It's not what you know, but who you know. And I don't want you to think I'm superficial. But when it comes to business, we tend to forget that we're dealing with human beings and humans based most of the decisions on feelings. Just think of this for a moment, but suppose your car broke down and you need a mechanic to fix it. You're right to the shop, and the mechanic shows up, contrary to what you were expecting. This mechanic looks fairly clean after it is you very politely. Now, when it comes to fiction, Ricard, the guy does it in no time on churches. You are very share for the work you did. I had assumed that all of you will be very happy with such situation to the point that if you ever needed someone to work on your car again, you probably go back to the guys shop, but it doesn't stop there. I'm sure that if somebody ever ask you for a mechanic, you be referring it to the guys shot. Now imagine the opposite situation. You go to the mechanic on a filthy guy shows up. Not only he's covered from head to toe morally, but he's also a bit rude to you now when it comes to fixing your car, he does it. But he then tells you that the car had Maurin seem problems to fix and ends up charging you way more than you anticipated. How would you feel then? If you're like me, I'd be thinking that the guy was trying to rip me off. If I ever needed a mechanic again, I wouldn't be going back to that guy's shop, nor I will be recommending it to anybody else. Do you see the difference? The first guy made me feel great on the outcome. Off those failings is that you will become a regular client off his shop, which is the total opposite of the second guys shop as you can see developing positive long term relationships is a key factor on ensuring the sustainability of your business on the long run. Like I told you at the beginning, it has been a game changer for me. In fact, 80% of the business I currently do come from recurring clients. Some of them have been working with me for over five years. This means five years of consistent work supported on the shoulders off a strong relationship based on trust and respect. And just like in the previous example, the benefit of this is not only the fact of getting repeating clients, but also that those clients have referred more clients, and this has pushed my business forward. But you will be asking me, What does it take to develop a strong, long term relationship, trust most in anything else? If a client feels that he cannot trust you with these projects or his money, he won't come back. As for developing trust, there are a couple of things you can do first. Always protect a professional image of yourself. The more professional you look, the easier it is going to be for a new client to hire you and eventually come back. This is not only related to personal appearance and how your dress, but also on how you behave in front of the client being polite. It's always a must, but just be aware than nothing. The bolus more trust than showing that you're truly knowledgeable on whatever service you are required to provide to having great communication. This is particularly useful when dealing with an insecure climb the more you communicate with them to keep them enacted. Eight. Status off your product or service, they said. It is going to be for them to trust you. I know what you might be thinking that this is an annoying task, that you don't have time for that. But they leave me when I tell you that Doing so actually works, in fact, has happened to me before. And though it was a bit annoying at the beginning, once I render trust, I didn't have to do it as frequently anymore. Now, in regards of communication is not only about the way you direct a client but also having different communication channels like the phone WhatsApp, Skype, email, etcetera and being responsive, let me tell you a quick story about this. I have a client that is from Guatemala and after the disaster caused that explosion of the will Kanda Frago, where lots of people lost their lives under homes. His company wanted to help those people by providing them with a temporary home. The cheapest and the fastest option he could think off was by getting houses created out of recycled plastic. Under was a company here in my home country, which was providing such product. The thing is that he was unable to contact them from Guatemala, so he asked me if I was able to contact them here. The thing is that I tried to reach the people through the Internet through the phone, and it was really hard. Finally, after trying many different methods, I was able to reach them. Unluckily, the opportunity was not lost, but it got almost lost because they were unable to provide an easy way to communicate with them. Three. Provide an amazing customer service, being polite and having a strong communication and strong communication. Channels are buying a part of any customer service, but it's not all. You also have to make sure that that product or service you provide fulfilled your client's expectations. And if they don't you have to be eager m proactive on making it right for them. Four. Be human. Like I said at the beginning, When it comes to business, we tend to forget that we're dealing with human beings, so be tolerant and respectful. Some people will definitely get on your nerves, but in most cases, being human will absolutely payoff. 5. Key #3: Always Provide Value: number three always provide value. Let's start by the bunker. Common misconception. Providing value doesn't mean selling for cheap. Providing value means that the benefit percent by your client overshadows the price they paid. Since it is a matter of perception, this wander a few doble principles that will ensure your success in this aspect. Do not over promise and always over deliver. I cannot put a number of them. One of times I've seen these, especially among new freelancers. Just to capture declined the over promise, and later on they realized that what they said was sort of the scope off their own abilities and probably out with the scope of the project. But it does. There are unable to fulfill the expectations, their rice. This is hands down. They ease his way to lose a client. Now, when it comes to dealing with client expectations, you have to be grounded. You need to know your strong points on your flaws. And based on that, our rights, realistic expectations that would make this point clear with a couple of examples. Those of you who have seen my previous course know that I started to become a digital animator and special effects artists for film on TV. A support of my studies program. I learned how to make three D models to the and three D animation official effects compositing, among many other things. But my specialty is in the making off corporate animated medias. Now I'm aware that although I have the technical knowledge to create a three D model, if I'm ever required to do so, I'm not very proficient at it. Darcy Fight every Take a three D modeling gig. I make sure that the model required is not very complex. Under the time available is long enough for me to do it, though, have to be completely honest with you. I try to avoid this sort of work overall. In the other hand, I'm very confident about my ability to craft an animated corporate video from beginning to end, especially those involving motion graphics or white bird animation. The only I'm sure it can craft a flawless video, but I know I can do it faster than the competition, and I use that in my favor when it comes to keep clients expectations. So, for instance, if I tell a client, does he speed? Eo will be ready in 10 days is because I'm sure I can do it faster than that. So when they get their video a couple of days before schedule, they will tend to feel that they got a next or benefit from the same money they paid. Now, in regards of pricing any prices, right, as long as the client feels that he's getting more in return on, this is not only related to the product or service itself, but also on your ability to provide an excellent customer service. There's one more important thing you need to know before the end of this chapter, providing values not limited to a transaction between you and your client. Providing value should be a behavioral trait, regardless of often baldwin of money, as it implies, putting your specific knowledge to the service of those in need. I invite you to take part in forums, create tutorials or simply answer people's questions. Not only you'll be helping somebody else, but you also be consolidating your status as a knowledgeable person. Feel 6. Key #4: Be Visible: number four be visible. Acquiring new client is probably the hardest topic in regards of freelancing on. Unfortunately, one of those things were just not a magic formula that will simply make it happen. The only thing that I know from my own experience that actually works is being visible. But what exactly means being visible? I define it as the ability to put together resources, strategies and actions towards being discovered by potential client. In order to buy from you, the kind must first know that you exist and what you're capable off on us. Obvious as it sounds, we tend to ignore it. This happened to me when I was in school to become an animator. I was at the top of the class and I was very confident of my abilities. In fact, I was so good that my teachers referred me to my first job. But when I had to go back to my home country to start from scratch, I failed miserably. I remember that I crafted my de Meriel. I'm posted it on YouTube a week later. My really only had like, five use, and I'm sure that at least four of them were mine. The situation didn't change much in the following months on I remember questioning myself. How come nobody sees me if I'm That good problem was that I thought that posting a good real on YouTube was enough that there was someone out there actively looking for me when in reality, I should be one actively chasing after them now, this should be your very own reality. Check. Nobody out there is actively looking for you, so you have to step in front of them and show them who you are. How can you do that? I'm going to share with you a couple of strategies that have proven to be the most effective to me. First, whether you like it or not, you need to have some sort of phone line presence. This is not a luxury or differentiating factor anymore. This is a necessity for any sort of business. Not having a Nolan presence is like opening a store and not putting a sign outside. Nobody would know you're there now. What exactly implies having a normal in presence. First and foremost, you need to have a website and such website. Most contained samples of your work and easy way to contact you. You can craft a free website in places like Weeks Block Sport and we've Lee. But if you don't have the time nor the patience, and if you have ah, little budget available, he can easily hire a professional in places like up work and people per hour. The second thing in regards of having an online presence you have to consider is creating profiles on social networks. Their futures to do is you have to be aware that you have to be constantly engaging with your followers. Otherwise, it will be a wasted effort. On third and less. You have to be an active member off specialized forums or online group. No matter what you do for a living, there's a high probability that there already exists a forum or oil and group where you can take apart on this page is air great to meet people working on your same field on our places, often visited by potential clients looking to have a question sold and sometimes even for posting job opportunities. Second, although having an online presence is good for any business, you have to be aware that this is not enough According to the Daily Mail, that code of UK around 2014 each minute 70 new domains were registered on 571 new Web sites were created. This means that each day almost 800,000 new websites are created. As you can see, the Internet is a very crowded place where each website is competing to get as much attention as they can get. And as you can imagine, getting noticed in the middle of such a huge crowd is not an easy task and usually involves a lot of money on a lot of time. And that's why you have to shift your focus off line on basis. Wait to start. This is by making sure that your family and friends know exactly what you do for a living once again, is my sound pretty basic? But you'd be surprised by how little people know about their inner circle. Take a moment to sink. Well, you probably know what your parents and your brother sisters if you have any do for living . But what about your uncle, your aunt and even your cause? It's Now. Think of your friends. You only know what they work. But if you're like most people, there's a high chance that you don't know exactly what they do. If people your inner circle knew exactly what you do for a living, will be contacting you when they require the services you offer until baby referring you to some of the other friends. If the opportunity arises, so don't waste more time. Make sure your friends and family know what you do and that you are available if day or anyone else require what you have to offer. And third and last take part on events, gathering seminars or any sort of groups relevant to your industry. Knowing your peers, it's always a must. Some of them will be your competitors, but others will be lending job opportunities when they are overloaded. In fact, when I started almost 90% off, the work of his doing came from ad agencies that had an overflow of products under. Only way to solve it was by outsourcing some of those products to me. So let's Rekha Being visible means having the ability to put together resource is strategies and actions towards being discovered by potential clients, since nobody will be specifically looking for you. You have to step in front of them by using the following strategies. First, No matter what industry you're in, you need to have an online presence. This means having a website, some social network per files on taking part on blocks on forums. Second, make sure your family and friends know exactly what you do for a living on third, take part on events or gatherings relevant to your industry. 7. Key #5: Manage your Time Wisely (Intro): number five Manage your time wisely whenever you ask any freelancer or entrepreneur for the main reasons why they decided to leave regular job in favor. Their own thing. One of the first things that usually pops up is related to the possibility off being in control of their own time. But justice, most of you have probably experienced working on your own could be a double edged sword. Time wise. The fact that you're not obligated to me the schedule anymore means that any task could be completed at any time. On this tends to have some very predictable outcomes. First, the daily tasks, such as taking launch foreign groceries and paying your credit card, and when many others eat out a huge portion off the working day, two important tasks get postponed. Three. You end up working at very unusual times to compensate for the wasted time and forth. You end up being less productive over and don't get me wrong. One of the beautiful things of having autonomy over your time is precisely to be able to do much more things on site from just working. But there's a time for everything. That's why in this section will be taking a look at some of the strategies that will help you be aware of how we're spending your time. When are you at your most productive on how to prioritize tasks? Let's begin. 8. Key #5: Manage your Time Wisely (Activity Logs): the first step towards effectively managing your time. It's understanding. How are you currently spending? How much time are you dedicating to truly productive activities? How much standees paying daily? Checking her email on your social networks, how much time you spend taking launch and so on. To accurately track it, you need to start an activity locks document or you will recorded activity engaged during each day throughout a week for each activity should write down the estimated time turkey. If you want to be extremely accurate, you can also looking a start time on an intact, and you should also write down How are you feeling at each time? Keeping track on how you feel will help you identify. When are you other most productive? Or when are you at your most energetic? Let's check a quick sample based on my own activity. Looks for one day. Just so you know, this is a regular spreadsheet and it only has black columns. The 1st 1 is the starting. The 2nd 1 is the end time. The 3rd 1 is the description of the activity was doing at the time. The 4th 1 is how I was feeling at the time on defect. One is the amount of minutes I spend on such activity. Let's begin. So there is a regular day food at 6:15 a.m. I usually woke up 15 6 15 and 6 45 I check my phone. I'm finally got out of Beth. I was feeling tired and I spent 30 minutes, some such activity. Then between 6 45 to 7 15 my people copy on drank it and then check my email. I was feeling still a little bit tired, but less time before. I also spent 30 minutes on such activities. Dan between 7 15 and 99 a. M. I started working a feel of Wisconsin frayed, and I spend 105 minutes and such duty. Then, between 9 a.m. And 9 20 I eat breakfast. I was energetic. I only spent 20 minutes there. Then, between 9 22 9 45 I made bad and got ready to take a shower. I was still feeling energetic, and it took me 25 minutes to complete such tasks. Following that between 9 45 110 30 a. M. I showered. Then I dressed up and got ready to work again. I was feeling relaxed and he took in 45 minutes to complete it. Then, between 10 30 10 45 check my email on my social networks again. I got a little bit lazy there and for luckily for me, took me only 15 minutes to complete it. Then, between 10:45:01:15 p.m. I worked again. I was concentrated. But notice energetic is the beginning. It took me 150 minutes to then between 1 15 Anyone 45 by ate lunch. I was hungry, of course, and it took me 30 minutes to eat my lunch. Then, between 1 45 to 10 I check my phone again. My mail, my social networks. I was a little bit tired off after the launch, and it took me 25 minutes to complete it. Then, between two and 10 minutes to 5 p.m. I worked again. I was just likely sleepy on. I work for 117 minutes. Then between five PM and 5:45 p.m. I papered and drank another cup of coffee. I was just like the sleeping That's the reason I needed the coffee. I took me 45 minutes to Then between 5 35 and 7 20 PM I worked again. I was really tired when I worked for 95 minutes. Then I stopped working between 7:29 p.m. I watched TV and a dinner. I guess I told you it was still tired. Those were 100 minutes. Then, between nine PM and 9 35 I was reading a book. I was a bit Cilipi while I was writing the book, so oh, I don't think there it was dug deep for me. Then that activity took me 45 minutes. Then, between 9 45 11 PM, I watched. Next Netflix. I was again a little bit sleepy. Andi, I spent 75 minutes watching Netflix. And then finally, at 11 PM, I went to bed. Well, this was my activity looks for one day on, and I made sure to do this for a complete week. Now, when you decide to do this, you have to take into account that it has to be a regular working week. If, for example, you start doing your activity logs and in one of those days where you're going to be writing down everything, it's your birthday is not going to be a regular working day. So make sure it's just a regular normal working week Free. Now, After you have finished logging in, you have to start drawing conclusions and, well, the results will most likely shocked us as much as it did to me here. The conclusions for my own activity Luck during one week. Well, for starters on a rich, I wake up at 6:15 a.m. and go to bed at 11 PM That means that a regular day for me is about 17 hours and 45 minutes long. Out of those 17 hours on 45 minutes, I spend eight hours and 40 minutes working daily. Also, it seems I spend one hour and 15 minutes daily preparing coffee, and I'm at my most energetic and concentrated between 7 15 and 9:45 a.m. On average, I check my phone, email and social networks four times a day, and I spend one hour 40 minutes at this daily. I do is mostly in the morning, also usually after lunch. I feel sleepy and tired. I tend to stop working at 7:20 p.m. On in my downtime. I mostly watch TV two hours on 55 minutes doing that on reading 45 minutes now. Based on this, I can modify my behavior to be more productive. It stay. The rules for days are very simple. First, I have to reduce this time spent on non productive activities. Second, harder tests should be tackled when your deal most productive. Time and third, I have to look for ways to recover energy when I'm very tired. According to this, I'll be implementing the following changes in my routine. First, I'll check my email and social networks on Lee two times a day, one in the morning and one of the afternoon making sure each time I do it that it doesn't last longer than 30 minutes. The second thing, I'll be doing that. The harder task will be tackled in the morning between 7 15 and I included Pipe A M because that's the time when I most concentrated on most energetic. The 13 I'll be doing is that I make sure that my coffee weeks don't last longer than 30 minutes each time. And the last thing I'll do is that I'll try to take a 20 minute and nap after months to recover a little bit of the energy. Now you have to do your own activity logs and implemented changes your requiring your routine. I buys you doing this at least two times each year. 9. Key #5: Manage your Time Wisely (Paired Comparison Analysis): okay now, then extracted you will be looking at will help you prioritize tasks according to relevance . One of the ways we tend to waste more time is by doing consequential tasks during our most productive time. I'm pushing the important ones for later when you're not as focused, this simple method is called The period compares and analysis on Here's How to do it first list all the tests that we have to work on an assignment letter to each of them. Second, like the options, has road on column headings on a worksheet. Third, cancel or block any cells on the table where the comparing options will be duplicating, or where the option will be compared with itself force for each of the remaining cells. He will decide which of the two options is more important on right down the letter of the most important one. You'll also assign a score indicating the difference in importance ranging from zero indicating that there's no difference to three where there's a big difference in importance and fifth, consolidate the results by adding up the total off all the values for each option that's uses methods. In a quick example Now Let's suppose you're a freelance photographer on a regular day. We're not working for a client but still have other tasks to complete in order to move your business forward. These are the options that you have listed. A watch Photoshopped tutorial, some premiere photo editing skills. We go out and take pictures to build up your portfolio, see work on your professional website, the actively client hunt on wedding websites and e work on your professional business cards . With this, we can now create our comparison graphic. Let's use each of the options that's wrong. Column headings broke our worksheet. Now that we have that, we can cancel or block the cells on the table where the compressing options are duplicating or or where the same motion is compared with itself. And now we can start comparing our options. Keep in mind that your goal is to move your business forward, and it is going to be the main reason that you're using when comparing the available options. So let me what is more important to move your business forward, watching a tutorial or taking your portfolio picks? I think it's taking portfolio, Please. Then what is more important watching a corner shop tutorial or building your professional website years more important to build your website. Then again, what is more important watching a photo shop tutorial or client hunting here, I think the most important one is troll, reclined, hunt and finally complained dis options. What is more important, watching a photo shop tutorial or creating your professional business cards year? I don't think there's much difference. Let's compare the other. What is more important, taking your portfolio picks or creating your Web site? I think that taking your portfolio picks is a bit more important just for one reason. You need your portfolio pitch before building websites. So that's the reason I chose the portfolio piece better then, what is more important, taking the performing picks or client hunting it is probably more important to go climb. Then again, what is more important taking to your portfolio picture building your business cards? I don't think building the business cards is that done important, so I'll go with the portfolio picks. Let's comfort the next one. What is more important, building your website for Go client Humpty and this one was again. I think lined hunting is the most important option. What is more important? Building your website or creating your business cards? I think your website is probably more relevant to you than your business cards on the final option to compare what is more important, go client hunting or crafting your business cards year. Once again, inclined hunting is the most relevant option to move your photography reasons for now. With this, um graphic complete, we can now consolidate the results option A. Watching the forest dictatorial. Got two points option. Be taking the proposal. Pictures got four points Option C Building a website got four points Option. The client hunting 10 points and option E building your business cuts Got zero points now. Clearly hear the most relevant task to move your business forward is go climb hunting and after that there's a tightly to building website and take taking your portfolio pictures. But there's an easy way to soap it. For Dara ties, you simply give priority to task that you considered that was most important in the respective comparison. So in this case, you chose taking the pictures better. Damn building your website because you need your pictures first. As you can see this method is giving us a framework on what is truly more important. And what should we talk first so that you don't waste any time on irrelevant tasks to finish this chapter? I simply want to invite you to put the activity locks and impaired comparison analysis in practice and share your results with the class. See you in the next lesson. 10. Key #6: Be Disciplined: number six be disciplined. Being discipline implies having a controlled and consistent behaviour resulting from training on just like part of any training is having a consistent schedule. That's the reason why this point is strictly related to the previous one. But let's say it's also related to the others as well. But what exactly means being physically, I consider it as getting in the habit of doing what needs to be done when he needs to be alone, whether you feel like it or not. If you make a thorough analysis of the things you have to do to move your business forward , you'll find out that the most relevant and impactful tend to be those that are the hardest ones or the ones you feel more afraid to engage. Our natural reaction to such hard and uncomfortable tasks is to push them away, up, up until we have no other choice but to do it. In fact, if we find a way to completely skip me, we will skip them, no questions asked. For our brains, instant gratification is like a drug, and that's the reason why we all naturally tend to embrace the easy route. We all want to stay within our comfort zone now. Luckily for us, we are adaptable beings. On were proper set of attitudes and actions. We can modify our behavior in this chapter, all teaching with two methods that have worked best for me in regards of developing self discipline. Let's begin now. The first strategy is fairly simple. You have to be 100% aware of the consequences of your actions or your inactions. For example, you might be a bit of scared of getting in front of a client to teach for a project. But if you are aware of how doing so could positively impact your business, you'll do it even if you don't feel like. If you're aware that if you wake up one hour earlier you can complete more tasks, you'll do it even if you don't feel like it. If you're aware of the benefits off exercising, you'll do it any feudal Nike, it and so on. So whenever you hear the wall, you routine. Just calm down, take a break and start thinking on the outcome from doing or not doing the job at hand by being 100% aware of what will come, actor, you can decide what's better for you on push yourself to do it regardless of how you feel. The second method to develop self discipline comes in the form of developing habits through consistent and continuous improvements. As you already know, I'm a huge Formula One fan. And besides the technology and the competition, I've always admired the ability of the teams to constantly improve their machinery, whether they are at the top of the field or just a back market. Almost every race will bring new parts to the car, looking for the slightest advantage over their competitors. This word methodology call my attention at the lots of reading and learned that most of them implemented Japanese business. We lost. We called kaizen, which basically consists on performing activities that continuously improve all the functions off the production line. But how can you implement this in your Friedland's business? Let's say that in order to be more productive, you have decided that you're going to wake up one hour earlier. From now on, you set your alarm on our before the unusual under for the first couple of days. You can do it without much trouble, but As you continue doing it, you start to feel tired and eventually drop it, going back to your usual waking up. Our problem is that implementing big changes records, MAWR effort and resource is that implementing small, gradual changes are suggested by the kaizen philosophy. Now, according to this, if you want to wake up one hour earlier, what you should do is to start waking up a couple of minutes earlier, and as days go by, you increase the amount of minutes onto you. Reach your goal. The change in your routine will take more time, but it will definitely be easier to assimilate To wrap this up. In order to be more disciplined, you have to be aware off the outcome off. Doing one needs to be done when he needs to be done and start taking small steps towards it up until it turns into a habit. 11. Key #7: Be Resilient: number seven Be resilient. One of the most praise qualities of small organizations is their ability to quickly react, then implement changes it required, probably organizations due to their size, complexity and bureaucracy, among many other things. They're slower to react and slower toe implement changes. Being resilient means being able to adapt to circumstances. It also means being able to spring back when facing difficulties. And here's a key word. Difficult. It doesn't matter how organized and prepare you are. There will always be problematic situations that you can not for see a shift in market declines doing you a change in technology any competitors, er and so on. Your ability to deal with these situations is what will define whether your business is solid or not. But is there a way to cultivate receive wings? Every challenge you're facing his unique on would probably require a specific set of qualities and actions to be sold. I've found a couple of keys toe come very handy when facing difficulties. First have a clear state of mind. When something inspected happens, our natural reactions did mutely act and try to solve it. Problem is that if we simply react without considering all the implications, we can make things much worse. My advice is to step back. Take a made it for yourself. You've been listened to favorite piece of music if you can focus on your breathing and clear your head. 10. React. This reminds being often almost tragic story. They don't want to share with you. Ever since I have memory, I remember my dad telling me and my brothers and sisters that we should always remain calm when facing any sort of problem. Worse, stressful situation. I can still hear him saying Remain calm. That was his motive back in the day and still is one of the cats Francis today. Well, by the time off dis events, we were living in a different city and usually around Christmas time. Most of her family traveled there to spend the holidays together. One night we decided to take a walk corner by part to eat an ice cream on to take a look at the city's Christmas decorations. We were all working together but split into three smaller groups in the first group was my grandmother when my younger brother on my younger, causing in the second group, was me on inside my two other crossings, which are almost this image is me. I need 1/3 group. Was my dad, my mother on my own? Everything was going okay until my grandmother decided to cross the street. I still remember every detail like he was yesterday. I remember seeing the motorcycle coming at full speed. Remember the screams and the noise propelled by the contact of the metal with the asphalt and all the sparks. So only all hell broke loose motorcycle run over my grandmother, my younger brother on my junker, costing in almost a natural reaction. My dad, my mom, my aunt jumping to the street and they almost got caught by a couple of cars passing by. I knew this was the kind of situation where you should truly apply with my father always told us on there I waas looking up on my father getting almost hit by a car because he couldn't keep his car. I know is a big comic, but that's how it waas. The fact that they couldn't keep their calm almost cost a bigger accident. As for myself, I remain calm alongside my two other costumes. We cross the street after a couple of cars pass by and then reached the phone and called an ambulance. Luckily, though, my grandmother on the biker Gotthard, my brother and my younger costing were OK. About a month later, she was full to recover. So the moral of the story is in the face of trouble. Remain calm, then think and finally take action. Second, develop your self confidence. Take a moment every day. I'd like to do it in the mornings to sink on all the things you have achieved us for. It doesn't matter how small they are or the fact that there were related to your business. All those successful and happy moments were only possible because of you, because of your abilities because of what you did to make them happen. Having a strong self confidence is one of the main keys when facing trouble. Third, never stop learned. Just remember knowledge East power. The more you know about your field, that easier would be for you to come up with solutions when a problem arises. So take a couple of hours a week to improve your skills, to learn more about your competitors and to inform yourself about the state of the industry and fourth and last embrace creativity. Think outside the box a creative mind will seek out solutions in the face of travel. 12. Final Thoughts: Well, this has been my seven keys to freeing and success. I sincerely hope that every read off information contained here will help you get through your day to day challenges. Better than that. I respect that. Each of this case will ultimately push you and your business to appoint. You always hope for now I want to close this course with a quick thought. I was recently reading the richest man in Babylon by George Salmon classes on I was in the part where are catalysis, causing with the other man about look. And this got me thinking we tend to play nor failures or misfortunes on luck when lucky simply a set of circumstances brought by chance rather than through one's own actions. But the through these that our actions fortune or look for good or for bad. So start taking appropriate action today. Start planning your business In the long term, they're developing trustful and respectful relationship to clients Today, sir, providing value this very first minute start putting together your media plan to be visible in your industry, start managing your time. Better to be more productive on start taking steps towards becoming a more wrestling professional. Don't forget that success will come to you when you make it happen. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me through the classes discussion forum. You think this glass was useful to you? Don't forget to rate it and to share it with whoever you think could possibly need it. I'm David Rodriguez on. All I have left to say is that it's been a real pleasure to me to share my knowledge and my experience with you, and I hope to see you all in the next course.