#7 How To Use the Pencil Tool in Adobe Illustrator

Dawid Tuminski, www.dawidtuminski.com

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6 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. #7 How To Use the Penciil Tool in Adobe Illustrator

    • 2. 1How To Use the Pencil Tool - the Basics

    • 3. 2Creating More Paths with the Pencil Tool

    • 4. 3The Pencil Tool Settings

    • 5. 4The Pencil Tools Sidekicks The Smooth Path Eraser and Join Tools

    • 6. The Pencil tool class project


Project Description

How To Use the Pencil Tool Class Project

For the class project I want you to create the icing and the strawberries for the birthday cake. Of course I want you to use the pencil tool and all the info you learnt inside this class.

I've attached a reference Illustrator file to the class project to make things easier for you.

It would be great if you wanted to create the whole cake, but if you just want to create the icing and the strawberries, just use the template attached to this class project.

When you are done, save it as a jpg or png and share it with the community!




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