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7 Hacks To Take Your Headlines From Good To Great

teacher avatar Raj Kumar Reddy, Founder at ownstartup.com | Digital Marketer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Why Enroll? Now

    • 2. 7 Hacks To Take Your Headlines From Good To Great -Part-1

    • 3. 7 Hacks To Take Your Headlines From Good To Great

    • 4. Thank You

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About This Class


Let me ask you a question.Are Your Headlines Not Converting?

You’re Following Every Rule in Headline Rulebook to Write Your Headlines

Still, You’re Seeing No Results.Something Is Definitely Missing.

What If It Became Lot Easier to Write Great Headlines?

Imagine the Amount of the Traffic You Can Get and the Amount of Money You Can Make if All Your Headlines Convert

Creating Good Content Is Tough and It’s Really Annoying That your Content Don’t Convert Because of Bad Headlines

And That’s Why I Created This Course.In This Course, You Will Learn:

  •  7 Hacks to Take Your Headlines from Good to Great
  • How to Use Emotions in Your Headlines
  • Grammar Rules of Great Headlines
  • What are the Power Words?
  • Ideal Length Your Headlines Should Have?
  • And Many Other Small Tweaks That Will Skyrocket Your Headline Success

So Stop Writing Headlines That Don’t Convert

Learn These Seven Hacks Those Make Your Headlines Great

Let’s Get Started Know

Take Action and Enroll Now.

There’s Amazing Information Ahead Can’t Wait to See You in the Course

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Raj Kumar Reddy

Founder at ownstartup.com | Digital Marketer


I am Raj Kumar Reddy. I founded Ownstartup to teach budding entrepreneurs all the skills they need to own a startup. It reached more than 7000+ followers within one month of its launch.

I am enthusiastic about startups and entrepreneurship. I am constantly striving to learn everything there is know about building the successful business and create change.I love sharing my knowledge and help future entrepreneurs to reach their goals. I like talking to new people be sure to reach me if you want to connect.

See full profile

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1. Why Enroll? Now: Let me ask you a Christian. Are your headlines not converting? You're fooling every rule in headline Rule book to read your headlines. Still, you're seeing no results. Something is definitely missing. What if it beginning a whole lot easier to read? Great headlands? Imagine the amount of traffic you can get on amount of money. It can make all your headlines convert. Creating good content is stuff. Andi. It's really or knowing if your country don't convert because off by headlands. And that's why I created this course. In this course you learn seven hags today your headlines from Goto Great hope to use emotions in your headlines to get razors. Grandma rose off great headlines. You'll also learn water over words and how to use them. I d link You heard land should have and many of this more tweaks that will skyrocket your headlines. Success Cyst Operating the headlands that don't convert lonely seven hacks. Those make your headlines great. Let's get started. No, take action and enroll This amazing information hurt convert to see in the course 2. 7 Hacks To Take Your Headlines From Good To Great -Part-1: welcome case. Thank you so much for enrolling in this course. I promise you, by end of this course, you will be able to meet all your headlines. Great. So let's get started right away. The first act is to use numerals in your headlines whenever you can, according to Soviet and they static bring the human attention span is listen 8.25 seconds. It has dropped enormously in recent tents. People won't stay on your webpage off. What? Your video more than eight seconds. Eight seconds is all you go to get their attention. People don't really oppose this. Can on number least are the easiest to scan least boss Romans. Something specific, For example, several tips to increase your traffic When you really see this headline, they didn't impression that there is only seven tips that your priority and they can easily scan on Dido with so use numbers in your head lands as much as possible. So here are three tips to make your list headlines or number list to standard the first for use old numbers. Yes, use order numbers. Psychology suggests that people remember or numbers better than even numbers. All numbers catch realist attention on day stand? No, that's the reason why many bestselling books how data is starting or numbers, for example, the busily self help book titled Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. So try using or numbers rather than even numbers You specific numbers. So do Italy. Is your traffic by 200. Person I'm holding is your traffic by 20 cent person. So Lucy, which one souls more authentic? Unbelievable. The 2nd 1 Great. The number 3 27 creates an impression that this is not a maid of value on. A lot of wizards went into it to reach this value. Everyone uses humorous in her legs, but only great cooperators use ultra specific numbers. So remember next time when you're planning to use numbers, try using the address basic. Once so the third humanity always use numeral seven concert halls. Wards in Never use words to express humorous in your Redlands or issues the numeral forms because numeral form off numbers are easy to days ist on the effective in grabbing uses attention. So that's a little first headcase. Let's more onto the 2nd 1 The second Hank is Grandma, the first and most important grammar room is always use active voice. It's a basic rule, but every good, greater follows this delivered. Never use passive always okay, I used never trace because the adverse is that important. So the first thing you do is to have a clear understanding between I do is and passive boys . So what is active? Always it's a sending sexual. Were subject is doing an action. A simple example. John Lows. Apples massive. Always. So what's the basketballs? Subject is acted upon Babel. So if you convert the earlier example we used John Lows apples to passive ALS. It becomes apples are lowered by John. See already complicated things, so always use active voice. So the next step in grandma capital is orbs. All these capitalist divorce in your headline. This is the unsaid rule, but very important in achieving results. Because of the war, sir Capitalists the standard and can easily grab uses attention. See these two examples the boto seemed But the 2nd 1 looks great, right? And the reason is the words in that second headline our capitalist so know very rich the old hag emotions. This is a very important one if you want. Oh, no, mostly increase effectiveness off your headlines. You should definitely follow this via emotional beings. Emotions are in bigger bottles, every decision we make and many great marketers and corporate it us a bill do or emotions for selling their products. Jonah Bushe the order of the selling book Contagious 30 thousands off motion articles. He concluded that emotions both positive and negative You take a Rosell rates are said most . So here is a table given baking. The emotions that fallen toe a Rosell order are oh, exactement, amusement, humano, Anglo and de. These are the emotions you should be using new headlines. For example, statistics saw that in pregnancy drops off significantly off the age 23. That board green on your face. Right? And even you might have thought of sharing it if you give me across this article on the Web . This is because you used the Hay Rosa emotion humor. So Dee Gordon again for the I. A. Rosell Emotions and Trey using them. So that's all over the 1st 3 or the seven hacks case. See, in the next video, we will talk about the other four. This amazing information here convert to see you there 3. 7 Hacks To Take Your Headlines From Good To Great: Welcome back, guys. Great going. We're already made through 50% off the course, So the food tag is personalize your headlines. People are more David. Hundreds off blow pose and advertisements every day. This makes them feel annoyed because most of the content is a living. I must market it. And remember, one shoe says design for it all. So you need to personalize your country so hope to do it. One tactic is so qualified holy for your audience in headlines this ill graham addition off the relive intruders on keeps the every living audience Oh, which indeed helps you to decrease your bones. 32 examples High density entrepreneurs. If use this phrase in your headlines, this will definitely grab attention off the own cleverness and keeps others Hey, futile millennials. This is to qualify for the millions. Seven dips, fuckin ill authors. This headland shows that content distiller for only killing authors In the second acting hopefully look a deep connection with your readers. The answer is simple Radio headlands as you know your eels personally on how to do that, use evil to you and your in your headlands as much as possible rather than seeing hold. You lose free bones, say, so you can lose faith bones. So that's all about fourth that case. Always remember to personalize your headlines, qualified them or use you or you in your headlines. That's all. The fifth tack is to your sport awards. If you see these two headlands, the Gato cooperating on the ultimate goto cooperating. Which one are you going to click on if you find them on Internet off course? The 2nd 1 because it bore ultimate, adds over tow. This headline making it more appealing. Similarly, there hundreds of poor roads that will make your headlines good as property magician. These or words are so cooperators the create magic in your headlines, the rate effective it lets you need to get all of them as soon as possible. You can find them all over Internet. Just look for poor words in search engine, but one of my favorite over wordless is Devon, created by Costa Azul rope. Get this list for free goto this link shown on the screen. I also advise link in the notes section. You can access it by clicking on the North's burden on If you want to dig deeper and learn more about poor books. I strongly suggest you to read this bacile ing book words that sell basic Bane. It is one of the best source available to learn poor words. So the six hack How long should hear Headline be As we discussed earlier, people read only little on Internet, so it's really important. Do it The Right Lane link. Based on his research on highly colluding headlines from very associates on Internet, the only roadblock post is registered the ideal link for headlines and at the social media posts. So here is a list off peddling his suggested. The idea Link off headline, according to him, is about 55 characters. You can take it for other social media posts if you're interested. The website of amapola dot com also suggested the ideal heard lending for effective source is on display. It suggests that your headline should be about 70 characters, but we display probably on Google search engine for being on Yahoo. It should be it on 71 characters in the same block. Posts we discussed earlier give only also discussed the ideal number off words, he said. People will concentrate only on the 1st 3 worlds and last three words off your headline. So he said this the ideal number of words in the headlands should be six. So coming all the reasons this week sport off ideal character come for your head. Land should be between 50 to 70 characters, and the ideal would come for your head. Lynch is six. So all this make sure your headline hits this street sport. So that's seven hacked, right, Multiple headlines. This is the last hack, but very important one. All this three multiple headlines for same contain rate. Every headline you can think off this bringem for same topic off Talking to anyone you can write hold upto Uneven several dips to dock Ruin even a simple life to talk to anyone. One simple signal to talk to anyone soon. Alright, minimum off 10 to 15 headlines. Yes, don't do 15 headlines. No, start off the amazing them. Based on the factors we discuss the ideal headland link over roads, emotions and give its for a C o. Keep listing your deliveries. Your best headline if you keep on treating them. Never endure Glenn writing process. We thought analyzing them to make this process simple. You some great free hit Lean analyzes like Cochet. Dual Annalisa on Elizabeth Advancing Marketing Institute shares through her claim to these are all free on griddles. So use them. They're definitely in brew your headlines. I does the links for them in the notes section So click on the notes, Burton toe Get those things. So these are the seven necks. Take your headlines from good to great case I hope you like them Thank you so much. 4. Thank You: most of the people don't make it till here. You definitely deserve a pat on your back. You can know, make good headlines. Great. That's an invaluable skill. I want to wish you all the best for all your future and levels and all the amazing headlands you're gonna rate. So I want to thank you for taking this course on coming on this journey with me. And I'm really honored to be your instructor. See you soon in the next course.