7 Graphic Design Terms New Designers Get Wrong | Jestoni Esteban | Skillshare

7 Graphic Design Terms New Designers Get Wrong

Jestoni Esteban, Graphic Designer • Online Instructor

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    • Introduction

    • Terms New Designers Always Get Wrong


About This Class

There are hundreds or thousands of graphic design terms. Unfortunately, some of them are really confusing. You may not be a designer but I'm sure you are familiar with common design terms and probably using it in a wrong way.

In this class, you are going to learn the most confusing terms and its real meaning. Even if you are not a graphic designer, I'm sure you will learn something in this class that might help you in communicating with your designer friend or employee.





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Jestoni Esteban

Graphic Designer • Online Instructor

Hi. My name is Jestoni. I'm a graphic designer and online instructor. I've been in the designing industry for seven years.

I make a living by doing graphic designs on the internet and love to communicate with different clients around the globe. I also love to teach and share my knowledge and experience to everybody. Here in Skillshare, I make project-based design classes, meaning you will learn a lot in a single class and able to create your own design after taking it.

With grea...

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