7 Easy Steps to Construct Quality Function Deployment (QFD)

PG Iyer, MBB | PMP | MBA | CSSBB (ASQ) | Lean | ISO

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24 Videos (36m)
    • Lecture 00 Introduction

    • Lecture 01 QFD Introduction

    • Lecture 02 QFD Introduction

    • Lecture 03 QFD Introduction

    • Lecture 04 History of QFD Part 01

    • Lecture 05 History of QFD Part 02

    • Lecture 06 History of QFD Part 03

    • Lecture 07 How did QFD Gain Prominence Part 01

    • Lecture 08 How did QFD Gain Prominence Part 02

    • Lecture 09 The Four Houses of Quality

    • Lecture 10 Seven Easy Steps to Construct QFD Part 01

    • Lecture 11 Seven Easy Steps to Construct QFD Part 02

    • Lecture 12 Seven Easy Steps to Construct QFD Part 03

    • Lecture 13 Seven Easy Steps to Construct QFD Part 04

    • Lecture 14 QFD Example Part 01

    • Lecture 15 QFD Example Part 02

    • Lecture 16 QFD Example Part 03

    • Lecture 17 QFD Example Part 04

    • Lecture 18 QFD Example Part 05

    • Lecture 19 QFD Example Part 06

    • Lecture 20 QFD Example Part 07

    • Lecture 21 QFD Example Part 08

    • Lecture 22 Key Points to Facilitate QFD Discussions Part 01

    • Lecture 23 Key Points to Facilitate QFD Discussions Part 02


About This Class

Customer requirements are always hazy. QFD is a unique tool that has a structured approach of translating these hazy customer requirements into detailed technical requirements which are useful for the business. The uniqueness of this tool is overshadowed by the complexity of using it. There is limited material available on the internet that can explain this tool in a simple, easy to understand and an engaging way. By virtue of this training, we have simplified the usage of this tool into 7 Easy Steps. This training will help you to effectively construct the QFD in these 7 steps.

Learn Everything About Quality Function Deployment and Master the Art of Facilitating the QFD Discussions.

Most important benefits of this course:

  • Learn the technique to convert customer requirements into technical requirements critical for your business process using QFD.
  • Enhance your profile by becoming a bridge between your customers and the business processes.
  • Construct QFD in 7 easy steps.

QFD is a method to help transform customer needs and wants into engineering characteristics for your product or service. It provides a process for planning new or redesigned products or services.

Almost 60% of Lean Six Sigma and Quality professionals DO NOT have a thorough understanding of QFD. Most newbies seek a theoretical overview of the functioning of the tool. Project managers want to use this tool; they see tremendous benefit but don’t know where to start. Using this tool has a positive impact on an individual’s career because it helps connect each department involved in planning and the design process. By learning QFD, you can be the catalyst to transform your organization’s products and services and bring lasting changes in your business process.

We begin this course by learning that our customer’s lack the ability to provide us the technical requirements. We then seek an overview of QFD and its history. The 7 Easy Steps to Construct QFD are then discussed. These 7 steps are topped up by an example. We end the course by learning the tips to facilitate a QFD session.






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PG Iyer

MBB | PMP | MBA | CSSBB (ASQ) | Lean | ISO

A change leader with specially enhanced skills in process improvements, transformation, process simplification and portfolio management. 15+ years of experience. Conducted 6000+ hours of training on Lean Six Sigma and Project Management respectively.

Credentials include:

  • Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt (Indian Statistical Institute)
  • Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (ASQ)
  • Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (SSMI)
  • Lean Specialist
  • Certified ISO 9001:2008 Lead Auditor
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)

Have saved over $15 million of bottomline for clients across the globe. Winner of ASQ's International Team Excellence Award for best project. Most sought after management consultant delivering guest lectures in major international quality events.