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7 Day Yoga Challenge

teacher avatar Ruth Hulett

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (1h 24m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Day 1: Breathe

    • 3. Day 2: Breathe & Move

    • 4. Day 3: Release Neck & Shoulder Tension

    • 5. Day 4: Awaken the Spine

    • 6. Day 5: Hips & Legs

    • 7. Day 6: Core

    • 8. Day 7: Savasana

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About This Class

All you need is 15 minutes a day to begin a yoga practice! The videos are designed to inspire you to get to your mat each day. All levels are welcome. 

  • Day 1: Breathe
  • Day 2: Breathe & Move
  • Day 3: Release Neck & Shoulder Tension
  • Day 4: Awaken the Spine
  • Day 5: Hips & Legs
  • Day 6: Core
  • Day 7: Savasana

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ruth Hulett


I'm a yoga teacher and certified yoga therapist who thoroughly enjoys introducing beginners to yoga. I want to help you discover the tremendous benefits of a regular yoga practice! 

A few years ago, I closed my acupuncture practice in order to focus on teaching yoga full time. My teaching is still greatly influenced by both Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine. Through my continuing study with physical therapists and MD's, I have deepened my knowledge of anatomy and movement. In my teaching, I combine this knowledge and experience in order to tailor the practice to each individual student. 

I'm eternally grateful to have a career that I love & I'm looking forward to guiding you through your exploration of yoga. 

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1. Welcome!: Hi. Welcome to the seven day you have a challenge. I'm going to make this welcome video brief because I know you're eager to get started on the first practice of the challenge. So the basics first set a time when you come to mad each day and really commit yourself to that time so that nothing gets in the way of your practice. If you're not feeling well or you have an injury and you can't do the practice that day, come to your man and you. Were you just lying? You're mad and agreed. So you're keeping that routine of a regular practice the things that you'll need for your practice. Yoga strap. If you don't have a yoga strap, you can use a scarf or balance a piece of fabric, a blanket or two that a firm blanket that's easy to fold. If you don't have blankets like that, you can use a towel. You know that it's really nice to have because it keeps you from slipping on the carpeted floor. That said, if you don't have that, you could do your practice on the carpet overflow. It's just not quite as comfortable there. Seven different practices that were going to do. If one of the practices doesn't really fit for your body, you don't like it. You prefer to go back to a previous practice. Feel free to do that. And if there's a particular pose in one of the practices that doesn't feel good for your body, feels painful or you have an injury that you're taking care of. Feel free to just sit like this and breathe. If Child's pose is comfortable for you, you could come into child's pose and breathe. You have to lie on your back with these that hands on her belly, breathing deeply. You don't have to do any of the poses because pain or discomfort. So no, that's always an option. You could just sit down, close your eyes and breathe during any part of the practice, and I'm so glad you decided to join the challenge. I hope that it helps you to establish regular yoga practice in your life 2. Day 1: Breathe: welcome to Day one of the seven day Over Challenge. Today we're going to start with the breath. Breathing is so important because it's the way that we slow our minds down. So when you're breathing quickly and you're ruling is chubby and rapid, your mind is unsettled. If you consider your breath down and have a nice deep even breaths, your mind starts to float on. That breath on your mind sends down, so today we'll start that we'll start lying down under. That's so what you blanket over your and then just lie back and you're, uh, for your hands to low bellies soles of feet underground about with part. Just take a few breaths. Normally do. Don't try to change your breath, started a lot of your body, settle into the ground and then begin to deter brats to you all the way down to the low belly so that your belly rises as he would. And as you exhale, rebellion just actually drops back down toward spy. Continue breathing that way, breathing it out through the nose if you can. If you're congested at all, you just softly open your mouth and breathe gently through the on your next exhale, Draw your knees in towards your chest by senior polls on me cats with the fingers facing forward. This is a post called pronostica. You keep your calm, Skloot. Two cats, they don't slide on and off. We'll stay glued to any cats as he did. Inhale your knees. Drop away from you until your arms are straight As you exhale, please come back in Moving with breath. Very slow, gentle movement That's your knees in Georgia just to keep them there Rather, if you like closer rock from side to side. If that feels good and roll yourself to one side, push yourself up to a comfortable seating position. You can sit on the edge of a folded blanket. Your life could be crossed or you can have him straight out in front of you. Hands on, guys, close your eyes. Come back to you. Exhale, open your eyes as you anyhow, flow your arms up and they will bring the polls together. Draw your hands down in front of your chest, inhale arms, float up as you exhale. Hands come together down in front of your chest. Continue with your breath at your own pace one more time and then keep your hands right in front of the chest. Continue breathing deeply and then from here, making way out your hands and needs help. Hands are rapidly Children's knees, hips started. A neutral position. Natural Carson slime. Take a deep breath in as you exhale. Drop your tailbone down toward the ground and spying rounds. One vertebrate time had come step sign your stand, your ground chest and head to the very end. Continue with your breasts and then on your next exhale. Bring your big toes together back to child's pose. - You want your heads. Shift your hips over to one side. Make your way out your back for sure. Lassana, you could stay in shape. Dossena's long life Just turn the video off if you want to stay here until you're ready to come out, and when you do, come out very slowly and gently so you can carry all of that calm and quiet. You just worked on into your daily life 3. Day 2: Breathe & Move: welcome today to the challenge. Today we'll continue focusing on the breath, but we'll add a little more movement. So that's not what you want you want? Repeat yesterday's video. Feel free to do that. Come to the seated position. You can have your less cross to straight out in front of you. You can sit on the edge like it if you like. Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths s hill that your eyes open as human. Just like you did yesterday s here. Over my hands and from the heart. Repeat that with your breath. Best time your hands, Aaron from your heart. Keep them there. Keep breathing deeply now. I mean teen that you keep it breath, Make your way out of your hands and knees for cat hell. You just move it off the side. Working with your breasts that you inhale us. This sign drops down toward the ground and that s here was the sign rounds Nessen together. He held that his knees took your shows s down and then you could have ultra better here These small Regina off the city down toward the ground. You knew this pose He inhaled to your hands in these loyalties with control, Exhale Child slows in Helen's needs as soon he has as him child's pose. Exhale in Hell has needs as Hail child's pose in her hands and knees. Exhale no, you rob yourself forward to plant. You may have to walk your feet that just slightly lower your knees. Rule yourself down. Radio Florence to the ground, forehead to ground. Separate your legs a comfortable distance of heart. So if you feel any compression a little lower back just wide on the left, we're gonna have a baby cobra. Inhale, lift the head just walking in sports so your upper arcs and he rolled down your head to inside your arms to your side and breathe. You hear major way on. Sure that dryer these explored your chest like it or block between your knees here if you like, It's a really nice waiting difference. Um, ease into the boats. Open your arms out to the side with palm facing up as you exhale. Lower released right, he's in. Turn towards your left hand. Look straight up toward this. Even whatever feels better for your back. Maintain that even breath. We've been working on inhale up to the center next year. He helped him back to the center. They like it off to decide if you blink junior knees in just under. Other shames rocked from side slightly stretcher turns and walks away from each other. Stay here as long as you like, whenever you're ready. 4. Day 3: Release Neck & Shoulder Tension: Welcome to Day Three of the Challenge. Today we're gonna focus on the neck and shoulders and releasing tension from those areas where so many of us hold quite a stress. So for this practice, you will need a strap, have your strapped right within reach. We'll start in a comfortable seating position. You can sit upon a little blanket if you like. Hands to guys. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, beginning to sell your mind and slow the breath down. And I don't any of float your arms up. Clasp your fingers. Turn your palms up towards the ceiling on the exhale, Release your hands class behind you and then gently reach up. Make sure that you're not letting your ribs forward. We should be doing this and come back. Then you want to keep the torso in one piece and just gently reached. You're just stretching through the shoulder joint and it's very gentle. Least bring your hands to guys. Rotate your shoulders reverse. Take your right fingertips to the ground till your head to the left. Keep your connection with your breath, so keep breathing deeply. Nice and slow back to the center bring your fingertips to the ground. Tilt your head to the right, - inhale through your head up to the center. Take your left hand back to take a deep breath there and then take your yoga strap or belt or piece of fabric. Have a nice wide grip on the strap, so if you're too close in, this can feel really uncomfortable in the shoulder. You don't want to do that. You want this to feel nice and easy through the joint. So if you feel and he's shaking or, you know, attention through that joint were trying to release tension not created. So if you feel any tension, have a wider grasp on strap Inhale. Bring your arms up, and as you exhale, they come behind you. I get the really mindful of your shoulder joint. Why did your grasp on strap if it hurts at all, and if it still creates pain in the shoulder joint with a wider grass, then just place the strap off to decide and do this without the strap. So without this drab, he'll just inhale the arms up. Any exhale, they won't goes far back just behind you, but it's a much more gentle stretch in hearing that's hearing back. Continue your breath. Moving at your own pace with the breath next to have your arms are up Keith in there and then exhale. Drop your right hand down so your left arm comes up and then you can reach back a little bit to get a deeper stretch. If you need one. Inhale coming back up s hail to the other side again. If you needed a deeper stretch, you can reach back just slightly. Most of us don't really need a deeper stretch that in and then exhale. Lower the strap. Thanks. You strap up to the side and then from here, we're gonna come down onto our backs. You're gonna put a folded blanket or full details very behind you, right at the top of your You're gonna like it. You're reach your arms over your head. He's thinking rest comfortably on your blanket. If you find there like this, your shoulders are tight and it doesn't feel very good. Grab another blanket or two or three or couch Christian, something higher you can put behind you so you can rest your arms there comfortably. Once you set up for your sector by your side. The sentence feet on the ground and we'll go back to moving with the breath in here, in the arms over until the rest of your life and sit back down by your side. Continue with your breath at your own pace. - Next time your arms over your head leap in there and spiritually less one leg time. His direction arms and flies away from each other and then reached right arm and right away from each other and then left her left leg. We'll be back and forth from side to side, making your way back to the center. Exhale. We're on your side. Very gently. Turn your head from side to side moly and generally head back to the center for sure can. You can stay as long as you like about whenever you're ready. 5. Day 4: Awaken the Spine: welcome today for your challenge, your or halfway through. So I hope you're still with me. Hey, in there today, your focus on moving through the spine, creating a little more motion through this. So we start as we do, seated with their hands on their thighs. Just taking a few deep breaths. I feel that your eyes open as you help for your arms up to shoulder with part. Exhale down. Repeat that Fusion's with your own breath inhaling the arms up, and it s going down the next time your arms their up, keep them there. Keep breathing deeply and exhale. Twist to the right. Lower your arms to either side of that right leg. If your love's crossed, If your loved straight out from you will just take that left hand. Yeah, right. - And exhale to the other side. - You help to the center as you have failed. Bring your right hand to the ground, left arm over the top leading to the right side keeping that left, sit around it and then look right elbow bend so the shoulder could drop out. Years doesn't end up like this. Same thing with that left shoulder. Make sure that your draw, I mean any help, Come up as you exhale from the other side in hell. Make your as you exhale. Bring your hands in front of you Holding forward to your level of conference You might stay up on your fingertips. You might down in the palms of your hands Come a little further down to four. You want to keep that like your spies not collects in the chest in creating tension through the chest and changes to get down further. Just sliding forward with ease. Make your way back up then from here, come to your hands and knees working with your here. This is my style s human as you around. - And then they were about to mutual position It is facing so you could see better. Take a deep breath in as you exhale Drop your hips to the right Turn your head to look back toward your left foot back to the center and exhale. Teoh, you help to center exhales to the other side. You with your breath inhaling every time you come to dissension. Have you finished your next round that exhale to child's pose? - The hell you make your way. And then, just like we did yesterday, fold bland behind you to rest your arms up when you take them over your head or whatever it was that you ended up using yesterday heads that it's just below would like it. These are soles of feet. We'll start just like yesterday. Exhale your now the hits as you would help us your feet into the ground. It's Take your arms over head What you exhale. It's come down, arms down, trying to condemn in the same time Cajun you with you ever because they paying about to do this with sizing. You could go back to what we did yesterday and just do the arms. Next time you're down by your side, keeping their he's in towards your chest for the reclining twist. Now your blanket is right behind you. You want to just sort of that the exact inside Holmes up Do you breath in? That's feel, really. He's a virgin. - Inherent desire to censure you need such a center, your arms and abortions on your feet down to the ground. She staying songs like 6. Day 5: Hips & Legs: it's Day five of the Yoga Challenge, and today we're gonna work a little bit on legs, lower body hips and so you can put a blanket over your back if you like and have your stretch right asked you my back. These that sells feet on floor, hands on the value. Drop your knees in toward each other if you like. Let's take a few bucks. Keep reading. Do you agree? Take your strap. Bend your knees in Georgia chest and then struck right in the balls of both. Be so you're taking one is with straps on each hand. You're keeping your sacrum on the ground so your pelvis is granted. Don't roll back up to get Let's listen to you. Separate your feet about hip with you Go wire that if you want, he goes. Why does your Teoh ground like that? She struck with a straight right arm. We're trying to stretch to the back of the leg here so you shouldn't let straight. It's better to have a for away from you and straight an event in closer. Keep that shoulder on the ground so that you're not creating straight through the shoulder by reaching up this way. Looks like to strap lower right foot to the ground. Take a strap with straight arms. Children around it. We're just warming us. Don't you come at leading or pulled too hard? Just gently. Might be out here. That's just fine. It's a little harder to hold up because you have more weight pulling out on the hand that way, so you might wanna take with two hands once against 90 and everything's stacked on top of each other, it's a little easier to hold that me to the ground. The sole of the foot to the ground. Bring the soles of your feet together, knees out side. If you want, you can take your head dryer these together role to one side. Push yourself to see the position. No, when you come into a few seat opposes that are good stretches for the hand strings. If you find that you're sitting like this, take your hold it Ben, your soul foot against the left, by hands to your side of your leg. Flex that left foot in him and that might be enough. The structure there, if you need a deeper stretch, begin to tell for so notice. I'm just tilting the pelvis rather than dropping through the chest and bringing shoulders in. He's bringing them very just to the inside of that left leg, working with your breath so that every time you have you lengthen your son, you suffer more deeply into pose as he likes. Make sure straight right hands to either side of the right. Inhale, lengthen. If you're folding for disease, - help me. I like it, Peter. If lest you could either have your hands behind you helping you lived right up on top of your sit bones. Or if you could sit comfortably on top of your sit bones, just have your hands in front of you. Deep breath in. And then if you're tilting portal forward is you nice and slow. - You make your way up, reached video, your hands and knees. Yeah. Took your toes. Downward dog. Also reaching, demonstrating boat pose series as chance those back down to back these souls a few days before you have the right like that X help then already bring me ankle about the left. Me You can increase the stretch. Taking that right for you could stay there or you can with the left foot off the ground. Classy behind. By joining that, I bored. You take your left leg straight up. Then that anybody left ankle over the right that left me for it. Like you take the right foot off the ground. Classy. Bringing that lunch. Working features. Separate your feet a little wider than your heads. Take a deep breath. Thanks You. He's right. Excuse me. - Dissension . Hug your knees and your chest rocking from side to side. Lower your if you to the ground staying as long as you like. 7. Day 6: Core: it's day six of the challenge, and today we're going to do a practice working to activate the core. So if you're not up for that, this is gonna be a little more intense, more intense than the other practices. Feel free to go back and repeat another practice from a different day. Remember to work this video as completed, so we're gonna start lying down and work on breathing in a different way. Your bath Start today, your breath and next inhale extend for the wrist so that they stand in front, side and back. Steeper more. Next, exhale. Take the insulation to the very end, and when you think you've exhaled out every last bit of breath possible, exhale even more feel. Have a lower body naturally dress in up at the end of that X elation. It's just a subtle contraction, not gripping. Keep that contractions You in here. Try and keep that subtle contraction of the practice today because that will help you activate your core. Us. We're going through these different poses to work with that area just rolled on one side. Make your way to your hands and knees. Let's do a cat house to warm up eating as you tiu with your make your way back to neutral position. Excuse down, Inhale. To play your position, you could lower unease of cheating. Teoh, if not, try to hold your head is in line with the son he was pressing back. Belly, Engage Marie. Immediately. Inhale light. Exhale down. Inhale plan s hail downward dog. Inhale plank. Exhale in. Have plans if you haven't you. He held slate. Lord, Ernie's child goes really deep. How about two years and is raise your right. You can see their challenge. Race star both down. Take a deep breath. Raise the left. Look, you can stay there. No more challenge You are. Bring her and down Four. Hence he does take a deep breath in and still everything out to Billy Poland. That contraction is you rock back until just your toes are touching Former magicians. So find a place where you work productively rather than going to D and was in your connection to the poor so loves we'll just stay here If you need a little bit more, Release your arms If you need more constraining the less however you find you start to lose this back. Come back to this version. Your feet down. Roll yourself back. Souls. A few together these apart you could have your arms out to decide. You can see your arms over your head, each other. You're just the blanket, right? Between me to decide as you exhale. But this center, the other side, - they seem to get out to decide you stay here. 8. Day 7: Savasana: congratulations. You made it to the very last day of the challenges. Day seven in today's practice is all about the Shigemasa. So it's just a very gentle, relaxing practice where the guided should Lawson and in the other practices I let you just stay in she Lawson as long as you like. But I will guide you through Shamus Annette in this practice, so enjoy. If you want to put a blanket over your Matt could do that. And if you're doing that, might be nice. I'm gonna put it all away over because it's cold today. If you're doing that, it might be nice to have an extra blanket hotel to put between your lease for the recline twists that we've been doing in a lot of videos. So let's start lying down. And then we could go back to the valley moving, breathing all the way down into the low belly leading rises you breathe in. I didn't actually dropped substantially this sign on the Exhale. Next, exhale dry reason to chest for all working with your breath so you inhale the city's drop away exhales they come back and keep your pulse clue journey. Cats and after your next exhale release any string soles of your feet that down to the ground sells a few together. Say about a passing these out to decide if you want to take your arms over your head, you could do that. Would put a blanket behind you to rest your son. Do that as well, or your arms can just have to side dry beans toward each other. Your head back down about 45 degrees out from the body stuck your feet out of the hits. Do you put Julie exhaling me? Some regenerate in an back to dissension on DAX sales. Either sigh to the center. A few breaths there. Chest. If you like, you're Do you censure ? That's the other side. - Exhale to center. You're going to decide your knees into your chest and rock from side to side. We're feature ground hold like under your knees. You could do that. Ever feel cold? Every information thinking more deeply into the ground. Control of the breath. What is your birth? Just returned to its natural breath, fingers and toes. Risks in your ankles. She had from side to side injury world. Once I take a few breaths there and put your hands into the ground to just push yourself your head. Bring your hands together and taking a few deep breaths. Did you feel that your eyes open? Bring your hands to your thighs. I know you've completed the seven day challenge. I hope that you will continue to come to your that every day and experience the tremendous benefits that yoga has to offer. Thank you.