7 Day Career Challenge: Refresh & Reboot | Cheryl B. Engelhardt | Skillshare

7 Day Career Challenge: Refresh & Reboot

Cheryl B. Engelhardt, Music Business, Creation & Branding

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10 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. 7 Day Challenge Promo

    • 2. 7 Day Challenge Setup

    • 3. 7 Day Challenge Day 1 Goals

    • 4. 7 Day Challenge Day 2 Branding

    • 5. 7 Day Challenge Day 3 Clean

    • 6. 7 Day Challenge Day 4 Pitch

    • 7. 7 Day Challenge Day 5 Create

    • 8. 7 Day Challenge Day 6 Money

    • 9. 7 Day Challenge Day 7 Scheduling

    • 10. 7 Day Challenge Congratulations


About This Class

Taking only a half-hour a day, develop a complete set of positive habits for how you work at your career, from goal-setting to finances to branding!

The top 3 reasons you're not seeing the results you want:

1) You're not sure what you really want.

2) You're not sure where to start or how to be the most effective.

3) You don't have enough time to really do the work.

NO PROBLEM! This 7-day challenge will get you to DO the work but not by adding hours to your day. Simply follow each step and in 7 days you'll have spruced up your website and social media branding, you'll have done some quality decluttering, pitching, and discovering of what your true goals really are. That plus some social media management and money-making actions to get you what you're looking for. Build great habits that will last your career!

During This Challenge, You Will...

Refresh your Branding

What does that even mean? It means you’ll gather and/or create the message and graphics you need to attract the right fans and customers. Hells yeah!

Research and Pitch

You’re going to strategically target the right people and empower them to help get you where you know you can go!

Create Valuable Content

You don’t need to spend hours a day blogging to have great content. You’ll get in the habit of creating without judgement. Good stuff!

And so much more!

We’ll also tackle money, decluttering, and setting goals all in one week! Hop to it!





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Cheryl B. Engelhardt

Music Business, Creation & Branding

Cheryl B. Engelhardt is passionate about supporting anyone developing a creative career. She spent over ten years writing, recording and producing pop records, touring around the world, and garnering dozens of TV and film placements of her songs all while developing a substantial career as a composer for commercials and films. She has given workshops and spoken at universities and music conferences including SXSW about how to develop a creative career, the importance of brand alignment, and h...

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