7 Day Career Challenge: Refresh & Reboot | Cheryl B. Engelhardt | Skillshare

7 Day Career Challenge: Refresh & Reboot

Cheryl B. Engelhardt, Music Business, Creation & Branding

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10 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. 7 Day Challenge Promo

    • 2. 7 Day Challenge Setup

    • 3. 7 Day Challenge Day 1 Goals

    • 4. 7 Day Challenge Day 2 Branding

    • 5. 7 Day Challenge Day 3 Clean

    • 6. 7 Day Challenge Day 4 Pitch

    • 7. 7 Day Challenge Day 5 Create

    • 8. 7 Day Challenge Day 6 Money

    • 9. 7 Day Challenge Day 7 Scheduling

    • 10. 7 Day Challenge Congratulations


About This Class

Taking only a half-hour a day, develop a complete set of positive habits for how you work at your career, from goal-setting to finances to branding!

The top 3 reasons you're not seeing the results you want:

1) You're not sure what you really want.

2) You're not sure where to start or how to be the most effective.

3) You don't have enough time to really do the work.

NO PROBLEM! This 7-day challenge will get you to DO the work but not by adding hours to your day. Simply follow each step and in 7 days you'll have spruced up your website and social media branding, you'll have done some quality decluttering, pitching, and discovering of what your true goals really are. That plus some social media management and money-making actions to get you what you're looking for. Build great habits that will last your career!

During This Challenge, You Will...

Refresh your Branding

What does that even mean? It means you’ll gather and/or create the message and graphics you need to attract the right fans and customers. Hells yeah!

Research and Pitch

You’re going to strategically target the right people and empower them to help get you where you know you can go!

Create Valuable Content

You don’t need to spend hours a day blogging to have great content. You’ll get in the habit of creating without judgement. Good stuff!

And so much more!

We’ll also tackle money, decluttering, and setting goals all in one week! Hop to it!


1. 7 Day Challenge Promo: Hi there. My name is Cheryl, and I am a freelance composer, songwriter and brand consultants. In my free time, I start to spin my wheels and get into this funk of This would be so much easier if I had a real job, a day job, you know, whatever you wanna call it. So I've created the seven day career challenge for getting out of these slums to really refresh and reboot my career with things that I know to do. But it's just so hard to motivate myself unless I'm in some sort of structured process. So that's why I've created this challenge. We're going to go through everything from branding to finances, and really, it's meant to just take in half an hour of your day, and it's things that you should be doing anyway. But sometimes we just it's hard to get in the habit of doing absolutely everything in thinking about all the things that we need to think about. So this sort of breaks it down into seven different sections so that each day you can tackle one area of your career and come out at the end of the week in a much better place than you were in the beginning of the week. So if you haven't signed up yet, please do. This is free. I share a lot of different resource is that I've already created with you throughout the course. And if you stick to it to the end, there's an awesome special cheat sheet. The idea is that this is so easy. You can do it on vacation. So I'm actually filming each day in a different place while I am on vacation, and I'm doing this challenge with you. So on the branding. Damn, working on my branding on the cleaning Damn working on my cleaning. It's all sorts of different things that you can do even while you're away from society in your everyday life. Even if you just take 1/2 hour, you're gonna be in a better place than you were when you started. So I'm really excited about doing this with you. Come join my team. Let's do this together. Let's kick butt and I will see you on the other side of a week 2. 7 Day Challenge Setup: Hey, I'm so excited that you have signed up for the seven day Career Challenge. As you can see, I am sitting in a hammock. This is something so easy that you can do it on vacation, Which is exactly what I'm gonna do with you guys each day. I'm going to be in a different place. I'm vacationing with my husband, were visiting friends and family all around New England, and we're gonna start tomorrow, so get excited. I plan on taking 1/2 an hour a day for this challenge. You could do a little bit more a little bit less. Ideally, it's something that you would be doing anyway. But you're just focusing in on this one particular task each day to help refresh and reboot your career. If you're, you know, stuck in a plateau or if you're just kind of feeling the summer bummer, which is how I even got this idea. I just needed something that sort of give me a little lift. However, you decide to use this if it's just to develop some good habits and put it into practice every week. Fantastic. Um, feel free to email me inspire at TV music dot com and you have any questions, I'll be sharing. A bunch of my resource is that I've already created with you throughout the week. Definitely use those. And if you make it to the end of the week, there's a special cheat cheat surprise coming for you at the very end of this whole challenge. So thank you for joining me. We'll see you tomorrow. 3. 7 Day Challenge Day 1 Goals: Hi, everyone. And welcome to day one of the seven day career Challenge. So, like I spoke about in the intro video, I am doing this while I am on vacation. I'm doing this with you each day. I'm filming from a different spot, um, sort of driving around New England with my husband and were visiting friends and whatnot. So this is something that you can do anywhere. You can take a little bit of time every day and take actions that once you get in the habit , you're really going to start to shift your career and it doesn't take a ton of effort. I'm all about a minimal amount of effort and maximum amount of playtime. So today is all about goals. And if you know me, we're taking any my classes. You know that I don't love of the word goals, but we're just going to call it the Goals day, because that's what we're gonna we're gonna talk about. So really, we want toe. We want to take the tunnel vision off of the word goals and look at goals as more about setting some results that we want to have happen. So that were intentional. It's not like we're throwing spaghetti to the wall and seeing what hits. We really want to make sure that we are driving our own careers and not letting circumstances take the wheel for us. So choose some results today and it could be any number of results. 135 10 things that you'd like to see happen that once they're achieved, you're going to be in a new place in your career. So set some milestones. What's the next thing that you'd love to have happened in the next three months? The next big thing? What? Something that needs to get done for that to happen in the next month. What about in the next week? So you're gonna work backwards a little bit so that you can really see. Okay, I need to do X, y and Z to make that happen. Eventually, something manageable also something that will have an impact and make a big difference for your career. So getting 100 views on a new video like that's cool, but what is that gonna ultimately lead Teoh? So think about that. How about 100 new email sign ups or ah, 100 downloads of your new single or making $1000 in a week something tangible and something that's specific so that you can measure your progress up against that number. You can really see what's working, what's not working right. Ultimately, want to do more of what's working unless of what's not working. So make any number of these goals, put them on a little sticky note. Put them on on your calendar, make them exist in your reality so that you can be reminded of what you're up to and what you're working towards and what actions you need to take so that you're not wasting your time swimming around, doing other actions and just feeling busy but not actually being effective. So that being said, these can change. So this isn't set in stone. This is your game, your career and you want to make sure that you're in control, so don't freak out if you like. I started doing this for this one goal, and I don't think this is what I want to do That's OK. Reset, restart, Take new actions, set a new goal, set new results and stick to one. Achieve it, then stick to another thin stick to another and you're gonna start to see Oh, it's easy if I just get really clear on what I want ahead of time and then start taking the right actions. So I'm really excited to see what you guys come up to come up with. This is gonna be the source of your project setting a result that you want to see getting it, setting a new one and just keeping that going for me. I've got two goals that I personally am working on in the next three months. I'd love to have five of my songs for my last record placed on TV shows or film, and I would love to sell 100 copies of any one of my courses combined in the next three months. So that's my jumpstart e course, my branding course, my making money with music cores and my perfect pitch course. So that means that for these two goals, I need to take very specific actions need to develop some relationships. I need to do some advertising. So for the rest of this challenge this week, I'm gonna be working on those two things and I'll be talking mostly about the licensing, but that that's what I'm personally working on. So there's a very specific, measurable results. And once I hit both of those, I'll be in a new place in my career. So go take a 20 minutes, half an hour, maybe even only 10 minutes. Really figure out what you want and set those for the intention of this week, and then we'll get started tomorrow with date, too. 4. 7 Day Challenge Day 2 Branding: welcome to Day two of the seven day Career Challenge. Today is all about branding today's the Brandy Day, which is my favorite topic. So now that you have your results clear the goals that you want to see happen does your website and all of your social media sites to those reflect what it is that you're up to, what it is that you want? If not, we're gonna change that. Today we're going to use a super free, super fun and quick graphic tool that I love. It's called Can Va go to see a envy a canvas dot com and check it out. You can select the exact size that you want. If it's a Facebook header, you want to redesign Twitter Header opposed all that jazz. I use it even for my website designs and to get good ideas for fonts and logos and all sorts of things. Um, colors. And there's tons of images that are free, and there's a new in others that are $1 so it's really great resource for you. So today's task is to take those goals and results that you want and make sure that your website clearly expresses what it is here up to, so that when someone lands there, they say, Oh, she just released a video or record or something. And this is what I'm supposed to do as a viewer, as as a visitor to this website. I'm supposed to buy this or I'm supposed to watch this or I'm supposed to share this. So make sure that whatever it is that you want to have happen when someone lands on your website is very clear, then we want to make sure that all of the graphics across online are consistent and aligned . So that means taking your fonts and your colors and all that jazz on your website and applying those to the headers that are your Twitter header, your Facebook profile page all that jazz. So take 1/2 an hour. Whip up some quick, awesome graphics using canvas dot com, get the alignment clear. Get your messaging clear so that you don't have to spend time talking about what it is you want to have happen. People are are seeing that automatically from your branding. That is what branding supposed to do for you. Make sure to check out my branding course It's called the Grand Brand Sandwich, and it's available on skill share. And it goes into all of this stuff super in depth, and it's a It's a walk through step by step. Here's how to create great graphics that are in line with your brand, so check that out. But for today, take 1/2 an hour. See what you can do to spruce up all of your social sites, including your website, to reflect what it is that you want, what those goals are for you. See you tomorrow. 5. 7 Day Challenge Day 3 Clean: Hello and welcome to Day three of the seven day Career Challenge. Today is the Clean and de Clutter Day. This is the part of the challenge where you get to take a second to look in order out our own messes and the impact that those messes have on our daily activity in our daily careers . So today we're gonna take 1/2 an hour, and we're gonna de clutter and clean. And this can be any area of your life. It can be putting away bills and receipts, dusting your cables, backing up your drives, importing photos from your phone, doing your laundry, cleaning your car if you're away, whatever it is that is hanging over your head, that is taking up space in your life energetically and keeping you from being 100% focused on the work that you want to be doing. We're going to clean that stuff up so that one pile in the corner that's just kind of pissing you off. Get it out of the way. Um, if you do this once a week and start to get in that habit, you're really creating a thana space to just be focused and be creative and be at peace with your surroundings that you've created. I like the challenge of finding an old box and trying to fill it with stuff that I want to donate, things that no longer support me and energetically things that I haven't worn or used in the past season or six months or a year, whatever it is that your standard is, and I put that box aside. So if you want to do that, that's a good way to sort of. If once you feel the box, then you're done right. That's a fun way to play this game. I would love for you to read my article about when I cleared out my studio with my friend Emma and I found out a lot more about how stuff and the energy of stuff can really affect my prosperity. So go be that are called because it's kind of fun Teoh to see the other side of being organized. Think what that means for you, energetically. So go ahead, take half an hour clean declutter, get rid of those black clouds hanging over your head and we'll see you tomorrow. 6. 7 Day Challenge Day 4 Pitch: Hello. Welcome today, four. So now that you have cleared some space in your life, you've gotten your branding aligned and you're pretty clear on what you're trying to achieve. In the short term, it's time to reach out to some people or companies that, you know you need to get in contact with people who you know will make a difference in your career. Are you looking for funding a job? Freelance work in introduction to someone else? A tour manager, a licensing agent? Make a list of at least 10 people or companies that you would love to reach out to and find their emails next to go do my perfect pitch course, you're really going to get powerful in figuring out what the opportunity is for them and then making a powerful request a yes or no question that will have them. That will compel them to answer in a positive way after you do that, then right thes e mails to these 10 people today and we for the responses to come in. If they don't, then we'll do some follow up next week, and that's not a problem. Usually, most of the answers I get are after I do at least one follow up email. So So hop to it and we will see you tomorrow. 7. 7 Day Challenge Day 5 Create: Hi there. Welcome. Today five of the seven day Career Challenge Today is our creates day when we are working so hard on our branding and pitching and promoting whatever it is we have most recently created. Sometimes actually creating can get lost in the wayside. So we want to make sure that we spend a short amount time today just creating, reminding ourselves what it is that we love. So take it least 1/2 a now Ercan beam. Or it could be a little bit less and create anything it can be lyrics, a song, a blood post in s a a storyboard Produce it or don't It doesn't matter. It doesn't even need to be good. It just needs to be done. So that being said just set aside some time to remind yourself what you love to do and how easy it is to do it start from scratch is not something that you're already working on. Just let let it flow, have it be really natural. I don't really get into this flowy stuff. I like to be very intentional, but this is one time when it's really good, really healthy. Just start with a blank slate. So ultimately, this is the foundation of what we dio habitually creating, so we need to keep that habit alive. 8. 7 Day Challenge Day 6 Money: Hello and welcome to Day six. Today is our money day. So get excited. We're going to take just about half an hour to see any way that you can possibly generate income immediately. It's something I like to call the Hail Mary of money. So first you want to cash any checks that you have. You want to call up anyone that owes you money or invoices that haven't yet been paid or that are over? Do you want to politely ask for them to be paid? Next? We're gonna take a good look at any stuff that you may have cleaned out from the cleaning day. Any clothes, equipment, books, kitchenware, gear that you don't want that you could sell and post on Facebook. Craigslist. Any other websites specific to that niche of stuff that you want to sell like Sweetwater has a great classified, um, classified page. If you want to be selling your music year, Other ideas for Hail Mary is to play a game with any students that you may have if your teacher and offer them to free lessons. If they refer someone to you that day, that ends up signing up for a package. You want to make sure that you do make money, so make sure that this new student signs up for a few lessons so that it all balances out. Another thing that you can do is play game with your fans or clients or customers or your you know, the people that are following you on social media and see how many social shares you can get of your product or your CD your merchandise in one day, see what they can do for you. See if you guys can play a game together, setting a goal of getting 100 you know, T shirt sales or something that you come up with that you guys generate together. So think outside the box. Brainstorm at least five ways that you can make money today and implement at least one of them. If you're having a hard time coming up with different ways to generate income and you're a musician, then you definitely want to check out my course. How to make money with music. It's hosted on skill share. That's it for today. Good luck. I can't wait to hear how your money making day goes 9. 7 Day Challenge Day 7 Scheduling: Hey, welcome to the last day of the 70 Challenged. A seven today is all about scheduling. So today is the day that you're gonna take about 1/2 an hour and you're going to schedule the next week. We want to set you up so that your set for next week, the week after the week after week afternoons, consort building really great habits. What to schedule exactly is always the question. So first off, I want you to look at your to do list. I want you to take every item if you have it to do list and put it into your calendar so that it becomes an item in the calendar. If you have to move that thing around, that's totally fine. But guess how much time is gonna take and then schedule it in. That's the only way that to do list is going to start getting done. Then you can actually talk to do list and just live within your calendar. Second thing I want you to do is think about what you need to do this week that you're not psyched about. A friend of mine calls us her frog. The thing that you are least psyched about. But you know it will make the most difference for your career. Do that thing. Schedule it. When are you gonna do it? And when you get to that day, let's say whatever this thing is, maybe it's emailing some contact. You are nervous about emailing. Or maybe it's producing something or creating something or sitting down and writing that article. Finally, when you finally get to that point where you scheduled it, say it's Wednesday at 2 p.m. Wednesday two PM comes along. You look, I really don't want to do that thing. Trust yourself who scheduled it, however many days ago to do it? So know that the past self thought that this was valuable and develop that relationship with yourself and with your calendar, that relationship of integrity and trust, right? So it's kind of, you know, I always say it's like a love hate relationship with your calendar. But, um, it's a good way to start the week to know what you've got on your plate. And don't don't overcrowd your schedule. I used to schedule every hour of every day, and my calendar was like super intense, But you really just want to put the important stuff in there that you know needs to get done. So go ahead and do that. Also, the last thing that I want you to schedule or think about scheduling is social media posts , not just everyday stuff. You know, you get a cool photo on instagram, you post it right away, but really the photos and the posts in the articles and the videos, things that are going to engage with your fans and potential clients and customers. Those are the things that you want to schedule ahead of time. So in case you get stuck on a plane somewhere without WiFi or reception, you're still engaging. You still have conversations going. So take a look at all the things that you want to have happen this week and schedule it in . You might even want to include the seven day challenge again, half an hour a day to work on finances, de cluttering all of that stuff that we've done this week and really start building some good habits. If you love this workflow stuff, I dig into this hardcore in my MX four mastermind. Check out MX for course dot com. If you are a musician and want to totally transform your career and digging even deeper with me, 10. 7 Day Challenge Congratulations: All right. Congratulations. You completed the seven day career Challenge. But this is not the end. This is just the beginning. Start using all of these half an hour tools every single day for as many weeks as you possibly can, or you can just forget about it. It's all good. But either way, you have this set of tools and you can come back to it whenever you need a refresh and reboot. Also, all of the resource is that I told you about each day. I'm a resource for you. Make sure you check all this out. Thanks for spending the week with me, and I can't wait to hear how you're going.