7 Cool Ways You Can Get Paid For Writing | Mike DeVincent | Skillshare

7 Cool Ways You Can Get Paid For Writing

Mike DeVincent, IT Nerd And Experienced Marketer

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10 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Introduction To 7 Powerful Methods To Get Paid For Your Writing

    • 2. Prerequisites To Getting Paid As A Writer

    • 3. How To Publish Your Kindle Book By Early Next Week

    • 4. How I Became A Level 2 Seller On Fiverr.com Starting With Zero Reputation

    • 5. Sell This Type Of In Demand Content Over And Over Again To A Stream Of Hungry Buyers

    • 6. Write For These Websites That Blatantly Pay You

    • 7. The Best Way To Transform Your Written Content Into More Royalties

    • 8. Why Blogging Isn’t Dead, But Most People Get It Dead Wrong

    • 9. The King Of All Written Content, This Puts Everything Together

    • 10. How To Go Forward, And Claim Revenge Upon All Of Those Naysayers Who’ve Doubted You


About This Class

In this class you'll learn 7 awesome ways to monetize your writing!

So if you're a prospective, or struggling writer, then you'll probably benefit big time by enrolling in this course! :)