7 Amazon Product Launch Secrets The Gurus Don't Want You To Know (Part 4) | Sumner Hobart | Skillshare

7 Amazon Product Launch Secrets The Gurus Don't Want You To Know (Part 4)

Sumner Hobart, E-Commerce Entrepreneur

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55 Lessons (9h 1m)
    • 1. 7 Amazon Product Launch Secrets Gurus Don't Want You To Know

    • 2. Welcome - Start Here!

    • 3. The Amazon Product Launch Formula

    • 4. How To Select THE RIGHT Keywords

    • 5. This FREE Tool Shows You How Many Sales You Need

    • 6. 2 Little-Known Hacks To Get Your First 10 Product Reviews

    • 7. Create FREE & POWERFUL Ranking URLs in 60 Seconds!

    • 8. Welcome To The Product Launch Secrets Vault!

    • 9. Amazon PPC - Low Hanging Fruit

    • 10. Amazon PPC Demystified

    • 11. PPC Terms FINALLY Defined & Simplified!

    • 12. Do This Before EVEN THINKING About Advertising On Amazon!

    • 13. THE MOST Powerful Amazon PPC Tool & How To Get It For FREE

    • 14. Campaign #1 - How Amazon Can Make You EVEN MORE Money While You Sleep

    • 15. Campaign #2 - Dominate NEW Listings For Cheap Sales With Amazon PPC

    • 16. Campaign #3 - Dominate POOR Listings For Cheap Sales With Amazon PPC

    • 17. Campaign #4 - Get Full-Price Sales For As Little as $0.15!

    • 18. Campaign #5 - Ethically Exploit Human Error To Your Advantage

    • 19. Campaign #6 - Get Paid From The Customers Your Competitors Forgot About

    • 20. Campaign #7 - The RIGHT Keywords You Should Be Targeting

    • 21. How To Find INSANELY Profitable Keyword To Bid On With Amazon PPC

    • 22. Campaign #8 - Kick Parasitic Competitors OFF of Your Listing For More Sales

    • 23. BONUS CAMPAIGN! - Crush Slow Competitors And (Ethically) Steal Their Sales

    • 24. Amazon Keyword Research For Amazon PPC

    • 25. Amazon PPC Campaign Structure

    • 26. Set Up Auto Campaigns (The Right Way)

    • 27. Find Profitable Products To Target With An ASIN Targeting Campaign

    • 28. Set Up HIGHLY Profitable ASIN Targeting Campaigns

    • 29. Amazon PPC Manual Keyword Campaigns

    • 30. Headline Search Ads - Most Overlooked Opportunity for Profit

    • 31. COMPLETE Amazon PPC Optimization Checklist!

    • 32. FREE TOOL That Can Save You HOURS Of Time Every PPC Expert Uses

    • 33. REAL, Step-by-Step Example of Optimizing Your Amazon PPC Campaigns

    • 34. Properly Scale Your PPC Campaigns For More Profit Using Search Terms

    • 35. Find Profitable Keywords You May Be Missing!

    • 36. Effortlessly Add High-Potential Keywords To Existing Campaigns In Just MINUTES

    • 37. Little-Known Hack To Drastically Improve Your Amazon PPC Efficiency

    • 38. Why Google Ads?

    • 39. Setting Up Your First Google Ads Campaign

    • 40. Extensions - Making Your Google Ads POP!

    • 41. Target HIGHLY Profitable Keywords With Google Ads

    • 42. Creating High-Converting Google Ads (LAST STEP)!

    • 43. Tracking Your Google Ads (And Other Advertising) Results

    • 44. Bing Ads - Even More Profitable Sales In Just Minutes!

    • 45. Pinterest - The Greatest Opportunity For Amazon Sellers On Earth Pt. 1

    • 46. Pinterest - The Greatest Opportunity For Amazon Sellers On Earth Pt. 2

    • 47. Instagram Influencers - Get In Front Of THOUSANDS For As Little As $14.00 (Part 1)

    • 48. Instagram Influencers - Get In Front Of THOUSANDS For As Little As $14.00 (Part 2)

    • 49. Manychat + Facebook Ads - Secret Ranking Strategy of the Pros

    • 50. Manychat + Facebook Ads Case Study (Part 1)

    • 51. Manychat + Facebook Ads Case Study (Part 2)

    • 52. Manychat + Facebook Ads Case Study (Part 3)

    • 53. Manychat + Facebook Ads Case Study (Part 4)

    • 54. 4 TRUSTED Done-For-Your Amazon Product Launch Services

    • 55. Final Step!

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About This Class

Do you want to effortlessly master 7 proven product launch methods to rank on page 1 of Amazon & generate organic sales FAST, WITHOUT spending a ton of time, money or effort?

(Oh, and did I mention these 7 methods work even if you have ZERO online marketing experience or have failed Amazon product launches in the past?)

Keep reading because 67% of Amazon Sellers make less than $100/month in profit!

This means that 2 out of every 3 Amazon Sellers deposit less than $100 into their bank account every month!

Why are so many Amazon Sellers making such little profit?

The problem is that most Amazon Sellers only know one or two product launch methods and are completely unaware of the strategies the top 1% of Amazon Sellers use to effortlessly launch their products fast with as little time, money and stress as possible. (HINT: they're not doing giveaways or 50%-90% discounts!)

Knowing only one or two product launch methods leaves your entire Amazon investment at the mercy of a service, agency, or platform that couldn't care less about your Amazon business and ultimately burn your entire investment alive and leave you bankrupt, crying in the corner of your room eating a gallon of off-brand ice cream.

Trust me...I've been there.

Not only that, but many of these so-called "product launch services" use black hat ranking tactics that can have your Amazon account shut down FOREVER!

Luckily for your there's a solution.

Let me introduce you to the Amazon Product Launch Secrets Course.

In this course you will learn...

  • The step-by-step guide to rank products & generate organic sales on Amazon faster, more profitably AND with less stress than ever before.

  • #1 Amazon product launch MYTH that can cause you to lose your entire investment (and mind) and how to spot & avoid it like a pro. (Lecture 4)

  • Uncover he mystery of Amazon's A9 ranking algorithm so you can stop putting yourself at the unforgiving mercy of bad product launch methods and gurus/services that don't care about your business. (Lecture 3)

  • Learn how to reach hundreds of THOUSANDS of potential buyers for only $14.00 by tapping into the power of influencer marketing. (Lecture 48)

  • Ethically steal MASSIVE amounts of traffic from the world's largest search engine and send it to your listing for a huge surge in keyword ranking AND SALES. (Lecture 41 - 43)

  • So much more!

You may be wondering why I (Sumner) have any credibility to teach this topic.

Well, I am an (actual) full-time Amazon Seller who generates a LOT more than $100 in profit per month and I've been burned many times before by trying to launch products on Amazon without any guidance OR relying on so-called "product launch services" that blew through my investment with absolutely ZERO results to show.

I've spent MONTHS interviewing & studying 7 and 8-figure Amazon Sellers to learn their secret ranking strategies as well as relentlessly testing different ranking methods of my own to find the absolute BEST ways to launch products on Amazon with as little time, money and stress as humanely possible.

Oh, and learning how to NOT put myself and my business at the mercy of one or two crap strategies.

If you've made it this far I know I can drastically help your Amazon business but don't take my word for it!

Take a look at the course reviews for yourself.

By the end of this course you will have every single thing that you need to profitably rank products on Amazon faster and with greater confidence & success than ever before.

TRY IT RISK FREE: The best part is if this course does not have a profound impact on every single product you launch on Amazon for the rest of your life the only thing you will “lose” is a few minutes of time.

BONUS: Along with everything listed above I will also teach you 3 little-known TOS-friendly hacks to generate your first 10 Amazon reviews FASTER than your competitors and other Amazon Sellers as well as a couple other tricks ;)

Enroll now and launch every single product on Amazon easier, faster and with greater confidence than ever before!

I look forward to seeing you inside :)