60 Minutes To Self Esteem: The Confidence Crash Course

Justin Quinton, Author & Coach

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23 Lessons (1h 27m)
    • 1. What 60 Minutes To Self Esteem The Confidence Crash Course is all about

    • 2. Principle 1: The Secret Of People With High Confidence & Self Esteem

    • 3. Principle 2: The Nature Of Confidence & Self Esteem

    • 4. Principle 3: The Truth About How To Actually Grow Confidence & Self Esteem

    • 5. Principle 4: The Most Important Thing To Know When Building Confidence & Self Esteem

    • 6. Principle 5: The Simple Pattern That Unlocks Confidence & Self Esteem In You

    • 7. Problem How To Build A Social Life Even If You Dont Like The Bar Or Nightclub Scene

    • 8. How To Handle Anxiety In Any Moment, Just Remember These 3 Things

    • 9. Problem How To Break Down Negative Self Talk To Unleash Our Confidence & Self Esteem

    • 10. Problem How To Be Comfortable Being Yourself Around New People & Being The Life Of The Party With

    • 11. How To Handle "Haters", Negative Opinions And Bullies While Maintaining Confidence & Self Esteem

    • 12. How To Have Confidence Asking For A Raise Or For The Sale

    • 13. How To Not Run Out Of Things To Say & Build A Connection When With Someone New

    • 14. Problem How To Demonstrate Confidence, Enhance Persuasion, Attraction & Respect When Talking With

    • 15. Problem How To Ask Someone Out On A Date Without Feeling Creepy

    • 16. How To Increase Attraction, Be Unforgettable and Calm Your Nerves Before A Date

    • 17. How To Handle Rejection Or Failure With Confidence & Self Esteem

    • 18. The Practice requires action, introduction of the State Audios

    • 19. Practice From This Point Forward You Want To Start Doing This (before Social)

    • 20. Practice Doing It For The Grandkids Action Strategy

    • 21. Practice Changing The Way You Use Social Media To Really Shift Your Social Life And Communication

    • 22. Practice A Simple But Effective Trick To Start Changing Yourself Into A Person With More Confidenc

    • 23. The Self Esteem Mind Programming Audio

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Project Description

The last lecture is your final class project. It is a guided audio exercise, designed to give you a transformative experience. It gets you away from over thinking, improves your self-esteem, and leaves you feeling confident and relaxed to handle whatever comes your way. 

Headphones are required as the audio takes advantage of stereo sound (left & right audio) with binaural frequencies to help intensify the effectiveness of the programming. 

This experience can be quite intense and requires your full participation, please complete this when you have the time to complete the entire thing without being disturbed. 

If for some reason you are not comfortable with the following, please do not attempt the exercise: 

  • Meditation & Deep Breathing Practice
  • Hypnotic Suggestion & Langauge
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming 
  • Binaural Audio Frequency 
  • Offensive and Shock Provoking Language and Ideas 
  • Emotional Flooding Psychotherapy 

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