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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. 2 What is the Brilliance You Share Rev

    • 3. Ways to Share Tips About Your Book

    • 4. A Collection of Book Marketing Activities

    • 5. Market Your Book with These Tools & Resources and Tools

    • 6. Transform Your Book into a Variety of Products and Programs

    • 7. Keep Your Momentum Going

    • 8. Your Class Project

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About This Class

Enjoy these simple yet powerful book marketing strategies to help you reach more readers and sell more books.

What is the brilliance that you share with the world?

  • You wrote your book for a reason. Think about that for a minute.
  • How was it that you came to write your book?
  • Was it an experience you went through?

Is it that you have expertise on a topic and know that sharing your knowledge can help others?

Here are the six strategies we'll explore:

  1. The Brilliance You Share with the World
  2. Share Tips From Your Book
  3. A Collection of Book Marketing Activities
  4. Fun, Online Resources to Help You Promote Your Book
  5. Ways to Transform Your Book into a Variety of Products
  6. Take Steps to Keep Your Momentum Going

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dvorah Lansky

Author & Course Creation Specialist


Greetings! My name is D'vorah Lansky. I have a Master's Degree in Education and am the bestselling author of many books including; the Action Guides for Authors series of workbooks and journals and the Health and Happiness Journal series.

Since 2007 I've created 40+ online training program and have taught online marketing and course creation to thousands of authors, entrepreneurs and creatives, across the globe.

One of my passions is to help people share their brilliance with the world.

I look forward to connecting with you here on Skillshare and welcome you to explore my courses on Creative Course Creation Tips, Tools and Strategies.

I've you'd like, check out my website at: http://www.ShareYourBrilliance.com

And you can view my books, workboo... See full profile

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1. Class Introduction: hello and welcome to six book marketing success strategies to help you reach more readers and sell more books. I'm devore Lasky, and I will be your presenter today. So here's what we're going to talk about in this training. First of all, the first way is to share your brilliance with the world. So we're gonna talk about that and have a tap into that. And then we're gonna talk about sharing tips from your book, and I'm going to share ah, selection a collection of ideas and how you can share them and how you can pull them from your thoughts and get them onto paper. Next, I have a collection of book marketing activities that you can primarily use online, though there are a few that you can also use offline. So I have a list for you will go through those, and then I have some fun. Online resource is to help you promote your book. And I'll tell you about this because I started with a list of about 40. Resource is, and I narrowed it down to four. And I'll tell you about that. Why I narrowed it down and how I picked these four when we get to that section, and then we're going to talk about how to transform your book into a variety of products because you can take your idea, turn it into a book and then take that book and turn it into. I think I have at least 10 ideas. If I'm not mistaken, that I'll share with you that you can transform your book into some of the content will be content that you use for marketing. Some of it will be for your blog's. Some of it will be for products you sell or you give away toe grow your list so we'll dive into that in strategy number five. And in strategy number six, we're gonna talk about how to take all these ideas and keep your mo mentum going. And if you've taken a class for me everybody ever before, you know I am a big fan of scheduling time in your calendar. So in this strategy, I'm gonna help you identify that time and then give you a little exercise because we're gonna have some action steps and to help you really harness the momentum of what we're going to glean here today. so I'm gonna plant the seed. I'm and encourage you to have pencil and paper. And I'm going to encourage you to just jot down your favorite self so you may end up having several favorites. But as we go through the strategies, if you find yourself thinking, Oh, that's a great idea Shot down the idea because that's going to be part of your homework. Later, I'm gonna have you recall, like your top tip or your favorite ways to market or the things that intrigue you the most . So capture them as we go along. All right, so here we go. 2. 2 What is the Brilliance You Share Rev: What is the brilliance that you share with the world so many times? We take it for granted. We don't think it's a big deal. What we have expertise in. Well, if you think about it, how many years or decades did it take you to gain expertise in the area that you write about or that you want to write about? What if there was a book on the topic? What if your book was there for you when you were trying to learn what you are teaching in your book? Well, that's the gift that you can give to others so you can share your brilliance in a variety of ways, and we're gonna talk first about how you tap into that. So you wrote the book for a reason. Think about that for a minute. How was it that you came to write your book? Was it that you had a passion for the topic with something that you were wanting to learn, and so you learned it and then you wanted to teach you and or write about? It wasn't an experience that you went through, and by going through that experience, you realize that you could create you could be a tour guide for others going through that experience to help other people. And a lot of people that they end up doing is building a business around their book, falling into It by accident. That's what happened to me. I was writing books on social networking and an in person networking, and then people were approaching me and asking me how I was marketing my book. And so I figured, I'll write a book on book marketing and I wrote the book on book marketing for a book on book marketing, and people started coming to me and asking me if I would teach them what was in the book. And that was a light bulb moment that was about 2000 and nine. There's a light bulb moment, and I built in my entire business, shifted and that became my full time business, was teaching book marketing, and I just fell into it by accident. Now how I came just backing up for a moment how it came to write how I came to write that book was I sat down, had a business coach of the time, and I was teaching marketing toe entrepreneurs, and I wasn't really making a lot of money, and she told me I needed to narrow it down. Entrepreneurs is a pretty broad audience, she said. Who do you love working with most and without even stopping to take a breath? I knew. I said Authors, I love working with authors. They're smart, they're kind. They're giving their determined. They're thirsty learners. I love working with authors and that was it. From that day forward, my focus became authors, and here we are at this time 10 years later. And so how is it that you came to write your book within an experience you went through? Is it that you have expertise on the topic and you know that sharing your knowledge can help others? Well, here's an exercise for you. Take a moment to answer this question. How I came to write my book or what inspired me to write my book, and if you have the slides in front of you can write it right on the slide. Otherwise, just grab a sticky note or a piece of paper and capture this while it's in your mind. The next thing to give thought to is who did you write the book for? Sometimes we really feel shy or we think it's egotistical to promote the book. However, if you think about the person who could benefit from your brilliance and your expertise, it becomes less about us and more about the person who is eager toe learn or know what we have to share. So you're being helpful. If someone came to you and said, I need help with and it happened to be on the topic of your book, most likely you would help them. You would do what you could for no fee, and if it was part of your business, you would maybe give them a resource or or answer their question and let them know if they wanted to dive deeper. That you have a book on the topic or a course on the topic because we are in business so we can't spend hours with each, You know, with people who reach out and send e mails that we don't necessarily know aren't necessarily working with, and that's not selfish. It's just being wise and smart with your time. You wouldn't write your doctor and ask for medical advice right. Well, your they're giving, they're asking. People are asking us questions and we want to give advice. We want to help. So you want to find ways that you can do that and still grow your business. So one way to do that is to send them a link to a block post or invite them to, ah, open community Facebook Group or a Facebook page, or recommend a book or your book, or maybe some some kind of little gift or a a little tip to get them started because we want to be kind. But we also are. We all have busy lives, and you can also just easily say it's like, I'm so glad you asked that I actually wrote the book on the topic, and I've gotten a lot of feedback. If I can humbly say, you might want to check out the reviews and how this book has helped others. So if you're interested, here is the link. Don't feel obligated if you're interested. I want to make sure you know about it. And based on your question, um, here's my thought, and you're giving them, you know, not just go by my stuff you're giving them a little ah gift to take with them, if you will. So who did you write your book for? So think about your ideal reader. How would they benefit by reading your book? How would your ideal reader benefit by reading your book? So either now, while it's on your mind or when you have a chance? Because I'm gonna encourage you to schedule time to work on these activities, I'm going to really encourage you to give this serious thought, because again, this is helping to pave that foundation for your book marketing journey. 3. Ways to Share Tips About Your Book: and this thing I want to talk about is how you can share tips from your book, because in your book you have a wealth of knowledge, so you could sum sum up your book, probably in one or two sentences. If you listed all the chapters or sections in your book, you probably have between five and 20 bullet points. Well, what if you took each chapter title or each section title? Put it on its own page, and I'll show you an example in just a moment. Or you made a piece of took a piece of paper and you made nine or 12 boxes, and each of those titles or section titles was in its own box. And then you can add bullet points to each of those boxes so you could end up with a year's worth of blogged topics through this exercise. So let's talk about this a little bit more than I haven't exercise toe walk you through. So you what you want to dio and you could do this. You can do this later on. Go to your favorite writing place and take your book and a note pad and create a list of topics that you can speak or write about related to your book and your topic. One way to begin is to jot down chapter or section titles, and from there I recommend five. It might be three. It might be seven. So just as a suggested number, create a list of five bullet points five things that you can speak on or write about on each topic. You can build your entire marketing plan on this exercise, so I know we're sharing a lot of content here. If you're checking Facebook, close it. Put your phone on vibrate. Come back. Let me say that again. You can build your entire marketing plan on this exercise. It's going to give you content to write about for your blawg. It's gonna give you content to write a hot tips or top tips. Siri's that you share, maybe via email. Or maybe you make an audio post. You pick up your phone once a week and you just press the record button, and for three minutes you talk about that tip and boom. You have an audio tip, and you can either read from what you've written or have that transcribed and So you have content that you could eventually turn into a book. Each of those types could be on its own page with room for a journal. So there I just shared about three things that you could transform your book into, which will get into a little bit later. But I just want to show you how powerful this this this is. This is also going to give you content that you could talk about on podcast or on interviews and tele seminars or tele summits. So this is really powerful. So how you want to capture this is either dedicate a full page or half paged each topic. So you're not making this big, big long list. Each chapter title is at the top of the page or the top half of a page, and then you put your five bullet points, and if you're gonna do it, half the page draw line and then you go to the bottom half of the page and you do the next section, the next chapter title or section title. Or, as I said, you take a piece of paper and you make 12 boxes or nine boxes. Three rows, three columns, and you have nine boxes in each. And if you need to make more than use more than one page, use more than one page. But each box has its own title, and the bullet points just for that topic go in each box. So let me show you a visual. So this is an example. You can either print off this slide several times, or copy this light over, or put these on sticky notes, or put them on a big piece of printer paper where you have nine boxes on the page and so on . The Left Thesiger Gestion is is to capture the chapter or section title in this room right there for you to write the title or write the section right the chapter title or write the section title and then don't go anywhere. Stay right there and list topics that you can discuss. If there's more than five, maybe you want to go down the page or flip the page over or put more than five bullet points. Just really focus on one section at a time. You're going to be amazed. Now check this out before we go on to the other side of the page. We're looking at the five bullet points on the on the left camp side of the page Topics Aikins discuss. So you list the five topics and then you realized on topic one there really are three things. Three sub topics. So list the sub topics. Maybe you take a bullet point number one and give it. Give it its own box, maybe another page or on the same page in one of those boxes that you've created. So can you see how this can easily turn into 52 you have one, ah, week where you can write an article or a short tip or a short audio post 3 to 5 minutes could be a short audio post, and you have this great content on the right hand side. If you don't yet have your book or you don't want to be, you want to write, you know, beyond your book pull ideas for you'll see on the right hand side. The tot. The title says concepts or related ideas. So maybe in your book there were things that you wanted to cover or things that go beyond your book. Maybe you're working on a second book or a new additional book, however many books you have and it's in process, whether it's in the idea process or in the writing process, capture those ideas to Can you see how this is going to give you a lot of content to write about? This will give you content for your newsletter for your blog's post for online speaking for graphic images that you can create and post to the social networks, which we'll talk about a little bit later. So I'm serious when I say that you can build your entire book marketing plan on this exercise. Someone encourage you to embrace it, Maybe make yourself a little to do notes somewhere to complete this exercise and to really dive in. That's why I recommend taking your book and and some paper and going to your favorite bookstore or current or cafe or tree or chair wherever you do your best writing and just really dive in and just let the ideas flow and see what comes out. And I'm really excited for you for for this process. This is what I do when I go to create a new book or when I go to create a new course. To date, I think I'm at 45 courses or workshops since 2000 and seven, and I started with this exercise nine or 12 boxes on a page. I start off with the main topic area of what I want to cover. Then I think about the sub points that I want to cover and then what I want. You know the teaching points in each of those topic areas, and I use that same template over and over again. Not the content, but the blank fill in the blank page to create new content. So once you've done that, once, the ideas flow easier for future projects, I'm hoping this is going to be really helpful for you and that you take the time to really dive in. Let's talk now about ways that you can share your tips that you're coming up with, right, so you're coming up with all these ideas you could write about them for newsletters, email a tip of the week to your subscribers right about them in Blawg Post, speak about them on interviews or present them as part of a workshop, or webinar and you could end up building an entire program, a training program or a coaching program that started from those tips. So we have. Ah, we're talking today about six ways to mark your book. We have a new program called 60 Ways to Market Your book that came from this exercise from people. I sent out a survey and I asked people, What did they want to learn? What did they want to learn more about? And the ideas that came through spark my thinking and turned it into going through the exercise that I just went through with you to develop content for an entire program. So think about that. Think about having a companion program that goes along with your book or on the topic of your book and what the possibilities could be. 4. A Collection of Book Marketing Activities: So next I want to talk about a collection of book marketing activities and these air just for you. There are hundreds and thousands of activities that you can pull from. And if you're doing things that are working, keep doing those things. Most authors, If I could say and been my been my experience and from talking to other book marketing teachers and coaches that most authors, they want to go on and write the next book or they want to go and they want Teoh do something that's anything but marketing. Well, don't avoid. Don't avoid the marketing. Marketing is that's that is what's most essential to get your book out there because people are going to come and find your book. It's like you're in a town on a side street and it looks like houses, but you have a storefront and nobody knows you have a storefront, so you wanna hang out a flag and you want to put balloons and you want to put, you know, posters around the town, right? Well, we're going to talk about the online version of getting eyeballs on your book, so I have a collection of ideas for you. to draw from. So the first is to block about your book. And I recommend that you do that at least once a week. And when you do that, you could end up having a whole another book because each time you're at a block post, open up a word document or if you're using a book publishing software such as in design or affinity Publisher, create a journal page for each of your blood post. And at the end of the year you're gonna have or however many post you're gonna do, you're gonna have a whole new book. So let me just go back to the blogging about it. Once you post your article two year blob, you can then take the link toe where that blogged post is. So if you go, you're looking at the blogger on your site and you go up to the address bar. Copy that you Earl, and you paste that in over on Facebook. If you have an image on the page or an image on your block, it will pull in the image and people will click on it and come to your block, so we'll get you some great exposure. And of course, you can have your book being displayed in the sidebar or up in the header or in the article . You can share tips from your book, so use the previous exercise and you have mapped out content for many weeks. Many months, maybe even entire year that you can draw from is going to give you a lot of promotion about your book for your book, because at the end of each article, you could gently say from the book or from the best selling book has the title and you link it over to Amazon. You can end up selling books, and you can even post the picture small little image of your book right there at the bottom of each of your block post. How exciting is that? You can even create a template that you just copy and paste each time you write a block post that has the signature and the image in it, and you just add your tip, your content, the transfer, the transcript to the audio that you made. However you're creating that content, look for author groups online. Also, look for author groups in your geographical area. It's really fun to connect with authors in person. You may be surprised to ask around. Look around, ask and community centres. Ask at the library and see if you can find a local group. You might have to drive 1/2 on hour or an hour. However, they usually meet once a month, and sometimes they have multiple chapters, and it's a great way for you to get exposure. They let people talk about their books there, always looking for speakers. So in our local groups about a 45 minute drive for me. I've been a speaker during our monthly meetings three times, and I've been a speaker at the annual convention where people come from all over New England. I've been a speaker, I believe. I know it's been three times. It's possibly been four times, and they just let me speak on whatever topic I want. So my topic is book marketing. One time I talked about being a podcast guest and tied it into book marketing. One time I talked about well, I talked about all different things related to the areas off book marketing, so one was about blogging and one was a collection so it was whatever the theme of the convention was or the some the seminar Waas. And then I built my talk around that, and I had slides, and I spoke in the front of the room, and the first time I did it, I thought I was gonna faint. But it helped me get comfortable, more comfortable with speaking in front of people and made some great connections in some wonderful friendships. So look for author groups online and in your local area, become a guest speaker on Tele seminars in podcast. We're gonna also talk about podcast here for a moment and also tell a seminar. So podcast are really easy to get featured on, especially if you know your topic, your well organized and you have something to share that's related to the topic of the podcast. So all podcasters are looking for guests. Some of them are booking out three months or a year. Some of them are like looking and scrambling for someone for next week. So what you want to do is you want to search iTunes and you want to search it. Blawg Blog Talk ta lk radio dot com blog's talk radio dot com and search four topics that your audience would be interested in related to your topic area because all of those listeners would probably be interested in your book. And that speaker would be that host would be interested in having you as a speaker because they're looking for content for their audience. And so that's really, um, a great way to gain exposure. I will tell you that some of my best friends in the world are people that I are either interviewed or who interviewed me because you create this bond with people when you're talking at that level, and so what you can do is listen. And if you feel like oh, this is great, I would love to be featured on this podcast. Reach out and let them know that this is you might want to jot this down. I was listening to your podcast, and I really enjoyed the episode about blah, blah, blah and I realized we share a common audience. I realize we share, ah, common audience, and then this next line is a great one, and it makes you sound very professional. I'm currently lining up speaking engagements for the coming season, I'm currently lining up speaking engagements for the coming season. Are you looking for guest speakers? Right? You could have never, ever, ever spoken online before, but you're still lining up speaking engagements for the coming season. It's true, and you will learn and you'll gain expertise and you'll gain comfort in your gain exposure . Ah, lot of people who podcast they know about Telus seminars tell a seminar why podcast are typically weekly and they go on for months and years. Ah, Tele seminars. Maybe a 11 time event or ah, you know, four or 10 week event or a Tele Summit would be a, you know, maybe a one week or two week event where there's three speakers a day for 10 days. Those types of events are really helpful. And here is a golden nugget for you, a golden nugget. And that is when you attend tele seminars based on, and you can search for them on Google or search for them on people's websites that are on the topic related to your book. Not only do you want to connect with the host and potentially be a speaker for the following year, all of those guest speakers. Listen to them and the ones that you feel like you resonate with and that are approachable . Reach out and build a relationship with those people. If you if you want to interview people, they would be a great person to interview. If they they may have a blawg where they want someone to be a guest author and write a block post. Or they might have a podcast or they might have a tele seminar or Tele Summit. So you're seeing lots of connections here, right to go toe one tell seminar there's 12 speakers. Potentially, you can connect with four or eight people, and then if they have a tele seminar or they have a podcast, can you see how it can just really expand exponentially? So you want to keep good notes so that you can keep track of Who are the guests? Who are the blog's that Where are the blog's Who are the bloggers that you would love to connect with? Either have them posting article to your blob or you post an article to their blogged, or for you to interview them or for them to interview you. So if you're in your mind saying, but I don't know how to interview or I've never been on a podcast or I don't have a blawg stop right there. Take a deep breath and I encourage you to focus on what you do have what you can dio and then look at adding in one piece at a time off the other components and tell you over the course of years, maybe have all of these things in place. But start with where you are on or where you are. Let go of feeling like I don't just let that thought out of your minds. They cancel, cancel and think about what you do because you have great you wrote the book on the topic or you're writing the book on the topic or want to write the book on the topic. You're the expert in your area, and there are people. Is we just discovered in the previous exercise that are eager. They're thirsty. They are starving for what you our teaching. And so just know that you are have something of great value and share where you are and build from there, and I hope that was helpful. You can include testimonials or reviews in your newsletter. So if people post a review on Amazon or they send you a ah positive statement about your book or on Facebook, capture those and put them into a file and you can share them. If you don't have permission to shit Teoh to share them or you don't want to share people's last name, you could just put their last initial. And so typically, you can ask the person, Is it okay if I share This has a testimonial, and would you like me to one of the waste? They can't Testimonies is which, like some free advertising, I'm happy to mention your book now. You don't want to link their book. You don't want people leaving your site. But you could mention their book. And if people are interested, they can go look them up on Amazon so that can you see others kind of like nuggets inside of these nuggets. So when I was talking about jotting down the topic areas and five bullet points, can you see how each of these could be a topic area? I could add five bullet points to so then I would have not only four, but I would have four times five. I would have 24 tips. 20 eight tips, however. 12345678 times 5 40 plus thes eight. I don't have 48 tips. I would have almost enough content for an entire year just if I was to take the ideas that I just talked about and expand them in writing. So that's why I'm so passionate and really encouraging you to go through the exercise. Kendall Relationships with leaders in your field. If you're on a call with someone you're like, I love the way this person teaches. Like I wish I could speak like that or I would love to be able to connect with them. We There's some great synergy there. Maybe we could help promote one another. Maybe. Ah, that could have them as a guest for my audience. Whatever it, build those relationships and you want to be as professional and is giving as you can and then grow from where you are and you'll develop the relationships because every person that interviews you or that you interview you can ask for a referral. You could say who else do you know that shares are common audience. I'm looking to interview more people, or I'm looking to line up more speaking engagements and then ask for a personal introduction. And here's a tip. If they say, Oh, yeah, I'll have them get in touch with you. The likelihood is about 10% or less that you will hear back from them. If you do, you know that person's amazing. Most people get busy and forget they're not being mean or anything. They just forget. But if you say, can you send us both an email and introduce us that way, I find that to be the most effective. Some people say absolutely. Or, you know, let me email them first and I'll do that right now and let you know either way, then let the likelihood of it happening is more like 80 to 90%. So which end of the spectrum do you want to be on there? That's just a little tip that I've learned over time. And then listen the podcast in your topic area and reach out to the host and asked to be a guest on their show. Now you don't want to just say Hey, you have a podcast on this topic. You need guests. You want to listen to the podcast for a couple of reasons. You want to show that you definitely listen to their podcast on what you got out of it, What you like about their podcast. Also, there will be podcast that sound good on paper. The title sounds interesting, but you don't like the way the person talks or they're demeaning where they're using it for shameless self promotion to ad nauseum. Do you know what I mean? Those people who like Oh, yeah, I hear what you're saying. Well, in my book and this all about them. But they're the host, and that should be talking about their book. It's about their guest. So you want people who are really shining the light on the guest who have a tone of voice that you like the way that they sound. Some people, the way they talk, just grates on your nerves. I mean, I'm sure I'm not the only one that thinks that maybe it's the tone of their voice or they their they're talking in a harsh kind of way. That's kind of makes you feel anxious. That wouldn't be a good connection. But if you like the tone of voice and you like the way they're treating the guest and you like the topic, so reach out. A lot of people are very, very kind that way, and you will be amazed you'll be amazed. Alright, so give you a little another little sneak behind the curtain here. So when I first started interviewing, I was so nervous, as I mentioned and I went read a book. 1000 and One Ways to Market Your Book by John Kramer. He's considered to be the grandfather of book marketing, right? I'm getting chills I would never have thought to. Maybe I should reach out to him. Oh, he's probably too busy. He would He would never, never write me back, and I was reading his book. And in his book, it says, Interested in book marketing Call me. I love to talk about book marketing. It was either on this blogger or out of this some place online orders website or in his book, and I called him and he answered the phone and he became a guest on three. I went on to host nine annual book marketing conferences online. He was a guest on three of them. So yes, the those of you were thinking nine. Why did you stop nine. Eventually I'm gonna do the 10th annual, but it's a tremendous amount of work to produce a tele summit. I had between nine and 22 speakers, and I did it for nine years. And then I put it on pause. But my point is, don't be afraid to reach out because if you're passionate about their if someone reached out to you and they were passion about the top of your passionate about and they were kind and they wanted to be helpful and they there was a way for you to both maybe have some great synergy together, it wouldn't you want to talk to them or correspond with them? Well, the people you're reaching out to may feel the same way. And if they're not, don't take it personally. Just take a deep breath and keep going. So there you go some some of fuel for your fire. And I have a couple more on this air in this area. These aren't some more things you can do to market your book online not just online, but to market your book. Prepare a series of questions about your author journey and your book. People are gonna most people who interview most. For the most part, they will ask you send me your top five questions that I can ask them right on the on the podcast, some people say, Oh, I asked the same question of all five Pete of everyone. I interview the same three question. It's a 10 minute and a 10 minute interview, and I asked the same three questions. Most people in my experience, though they ask you for the questions and so you can prepare questions. What do you want to be asked? So you get yours, you're in the driver's seat here, and ah, and so it's usually really interesting. Like, how'd you come to write your book? Now? This is important. If it's a 20 minute interview, don't spend 10 minutes talking about you. Spend one minute talking about you. Get into the meat, let people see what you You know how much you know on your topic area. Let it be about the knowledge, so force yourself to not dive in too much talking about yourself. Leave that part pretty brief. If you want to write about it more, you can write about it more on your blogger or on a one sheet or something like that. But in for any questions where you're talking about yourself you wanted. Try to keep it as brief as possible and, if possible, tie in learning points so that you could talk more about your journey as it relates to learning points. Share the answer to those questions in Blawg Post and an online interviews, so you're paving the way to be able to gain more exposure. So when someone says, Oh, I'd love to have you as a guest of my blawg or as a guest on my podcast or as a guest on my tele seminar Tele Summit, you're already prepared or you you gone through the exercise of they ask you for something more niche. You could just replicate the exercise and dive deeper into one of those boxes when we were going through the topic. Ideas, right? The tip ideas. Maybe they want. You want to dive deeper into one of those boxes and turn one of those boxes of five bullet points. Each of the five bullet points becomes the title of of its own box, and then you do sub points on each of those. So you dive deeper. As I demonstrated on the previous life request reviews and testimonials each and every time someone tells you on loved your book, you say really on. It's also what did you love about it? Ask them and say, Can I write that down? Or would you mind? Can I send you back what you just said to me and and have you send it to me as a testimony ? I would. I would love to share that. We could help more readers. And if they want, if they are authors, you can say you can recommend Utkan or people in business. You can offer to include the name of their business or the name of their book as part of in the credits where you know, but what has their name and then use those testimonials and reviews on your website. Have a book page where you talk about your book, and you can list those testimonials there on these top tips that we're talking about. If they're all from your book. We were talking about the signature section of your book. So what you can do is maybe listed testimonial at the bottom of each of those block posts, even if you need to repeat some of the testimonials until you gather enough for all of your post. Just interesting way to repurpose the content and also help more people because that third party endorsement skin is going to spread the word and it's gonna help more readers. And that's gonna help you sell more books. So those are a few things that you can do to market your book. 5. Market Your Book with These Tools & Resources and Tools: next I want to share with you some fun Online resource is to help you market your book for Did I want to share four? Some of you have seen some of these before, but I want to just dive a little deeper and talk about why I like thes and how these places can help you to promote your book. So the 1st 1 is can va dot com Can Va is an online graphic site where you can create all kinds of images. They have templates for your Facebook header for your Facebook page or your Facebook group . They have templates for social networking sites Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, instagram so they have the size on use. Click on it and they give you suggestions that you can use. They have a lot of free content. They also have premium content if you want to pay a little bit. So here we are on camera dot com, and when you log in your taken to this page and you can click here to creative design and they've changed things recently. So those of you haven't been here for a while. They've really updated things, so you can either look for something. Maybe you're looking to create a worksheet or a newsletter or a one sheet or a resume or a ah poster or a social networking image. Whatever you're looking for, you can type it in there. I use sometimes the Instagram post and what it does when you could thought it. It'll pop up, and it hasn't already the dimensions that you need. And over here it has examples, and a lot of these are free. And if they're paid, let me see if I can find See if you hover over it, see how it says free down here. And maybe as we go through here, it didn't say free. It'll it'll probably have, like a dollar sign. Or sometimes it'll say, pay a premium content. They're always changing things. So let's say you, for example, you like this image here. This is I think this is a free one. If it isn't a free one, you'll see lines going across it all right, and the each of the images that you use are usually a dollar. So here's you can create a whole Siri's off images based on this, because I'm not going to do a whole lesson on camera. I just want to show you a couple quick things. But imagine a little picture, your company logo or a picture of you are a picture of your book right here at the top, right? So let's go over. We can upload images. I go to my uploads and let me see if I confined one of my books. So let's use Margarets. I'm just going to make it small, gonna get rid of this little flower and I'm gonna center it, see how it the lines pop up and it shows you that it centered. And then down here, I can put Margaret Reese Ph. Ph. D. And then you can put a tip from book here. Obviously wouldn't want that text will. But whatever your book tip would be, there it is. And there you have that and let's say, Margaret Lexus. But she doesn't necessarily like this orange or yellowish orange around the cover around the border. So I click on it and then when I click on it, you see up here how it pops the image up, and what I do is you want to pick the color that's closest to what you want, so this is the closest to what I want. That looks pretty, but let's say one. Just go a little deeper. What you do once you pick the color, you click on this plus sign, and it will show you all of the color that is related to that. And then as you dragging around, you see how it changes over there, so that will be my color. And then, if I click on the center box, you see how this has a border and it's a red border. I want to change that border and let's make that border the gold color. So that looks nice. And then when you can change, you can do whatever you want with the font styles and whatnot. If you wanna have more room for the text, maybe you put the book down here and you dragged the text box up here. How whatever you want to do, there's lots of flexibility, and this is so much fun. This is almost all of the social Icahn, the social images that I make for Pinterest for Facebook. I make here now when I get to this place phase or once I've completed the whole first graphic over here. There's a little too images on top of each other. That's the copy image. And if I click on that, that becomes the copy image. Maybe I want to invert the colors, so I'm gonna create a set of of the images. So there's that. And then I'm gonna make the font highlight the font on all make the colors you recently used or showed up at the top that goes at the top. And then this one middle make that the blue. And there I have a second image. And there I met creating this whole branded Siri's. And what I might do is at the bottom you could put available on Amazon. Or, if you have ah, easy you, Earl. You know, you can put the u R L at the bottom. Just cap the first letter of each word, right? So instead of quitting in, I'll just do this so you can see it nice and big. Instead of putting my website dot com, which is hard to read fun. Look at all these fonts that you can use, right, so I'll just pick this font here and then I'm going to click on this, these upper lower case, and that way I can make it upper and lower case, not just all upper. So instead of putting my website dot com and all lower case or all caps, you would just put the first letter in upper case. My website dot com obviously would be your website, but see how much easier that is to read, And then you can just put that. But maybe down here at the bottom, and that's how you're gonna get exposure. And then you can use this for a post on your blood. You can use it on Facebook. This is an instagram styled one. If you come over here and you click on create a design, you have all kinds of different options of things you can choose on. She was from Isn't this cool? So this is canvas dot com, and I highly recommend it. Let's see what else we have here. Pinterest dot com so Pinterest dot com I am in love with Pinterest dot com. I create images over in Camba. Then I bring them over to Pinterest, and they let you have boards. Imagine these as court boards on any topic you want, and each of your boards gets what they call a cover. So you see how I have these big squares. I created the A, uh, an instagram sized square or a square shape, because Pinterest images are longer typically than wide. But for your cover, I chose all the same colors for the most part, and they created some branding, and I have the title of my board. And so let's just click on this one here. Um, let me just find, uh, I'm creating one for the authors in our community. So let me just see where I have that showing up. Here we go. Author showcase. So here is the author showcase, and what I dio is this was for the program, and we're going to continue this in our 60 Ways program. We're gonna add all of the authors to our author board and then weaken tag people and people can also link to this so that this will show up on your Pinterest account. And these are all the authors in our community, and I can click on their book. All right, Patricia Ann, There's Patricia Ann's book. And then what it doesn't. It pops it up open. You can put a description about the book and you can add a u R l So when you click on a pin , it's gonna take them toe wear whatever you are l you took them to. And so here it takes us to Amazon. And so that is Pinterest and Pinterest is a wonderful way to connect with other people because you can also were on pinch were on Pinterest here, and I'm gonna search for book marketing. So I'm searching for book marketing and it pulls up all kinds of things. And one of the things I want you to be aware of is you want to test you want the click on all of the pins before you add them to one of your boards because there are some spammers and scammers out there, and sometimes they linked to weird sites or sites that you wouldn't be proud of. So you want to test all your links. So, for example, let's see over here book marketing, pre marketing your book, that looks interesting. So I'm going to click on that, and then I'm gonna click to see where it goes. All right, This looks like a good block. Reputable. Um, I could I could endorse this. All right, then, over here we can add it to a board. So I'm going Teoh, click here and I'm gonna add it to a board called Book Marketing Tips. And if I didn't have that board, I could create a board book, marketing tips, and then it's now added to my book to my board. And so it's safe to the book marketing tips and strategies. This is one of my cork boards, if you will, and I have all kinds of book marketing tips. And then there are people who are following. Let's say, for example, I click on this one. Well, I have nine, you can't really see. But it says I have 980 followers of this board, So can you see how you would get a lot of exposure? So obviously I have boards there specifically connected to my books. So let me just show you one of those some going back to my boards and here, action guides and journals and planners for authors. And so I have here all of my books, and so this is a great way. It's fun to see them. I could see my branding. I can look at different things. This is a pin that I made over in Cava. So over in camp I created a whole Siri's, and I just mixed and matched the colors. And I added a tip. This is, Ah, hot tips only click on it so you can see it better to that hot tip. So based on that first exercise we did today, I took those tips and I went over to camera and I turned them into graphics that I can use on my block that I can use on the social networks and that I can use here on Pinterest. So that is Pinterest. And then I have we have good reads, which we're not going to go over there today. But I do recommend that you jot it down, good reads and that you explore it. That's a great place for authors. We could spend a whole month on good reads, and so we're going to dive deeper at some point. So good reads is a fantastic place to explore it, and then we have list. Lee and I've added my list over on Leslie. So I just want to take you real quick over to Leslie. So we go toe lift dot L Y. This is a fun place to come to get a lot of exposure. You get up your own page here and look at this. I've had close to 29,000 views and you can create different list. So I have a list on favorite ways to promote a Kindle book. I have a list for books by authors in our community, etcetera. So whatever your topic area is, look at this author's who podcast and I have these here. And let's just click on this one. Authors who podcast isn't that pretty? You could make a little graphic at the top, and then you can add these little articles and link them anywhere that you want, and you could have it set up so that people can add to your board. So maybe you want to create a tips about biodynamic gardening and you want, and your readers are interested in that. You can give them a link to your list Lee list and asked them to go and post a tip or post a question that you can answer. And so this is a great way to gain exposure. And to really, it's kind of like more written content version of Pinterest. But it's another way to gain exposure, and it's one of my favorite sites. So again, that's list Lee at l. I s t dot Well, why? 6. Transform Your Book into a Variety of Products and Programs: your book conform the foundation of content for a variety of products, programs and services. You can create a companion workbook, a take action journal, which is a combination of a workbook and a journal Ah, collection of worksheets that you either give away either as an opt in gift or that you sell on your Etsy shop or that you sell on whatever platform that you're on or that you use as part of your course content. You can transform your book into block posts and articles. As we discussed earlier. You can transform your book into a PdF or a Kindle version so that people have other ways of accessing the content. You can transform your book into a course type program based on a challenge, like a seven day or a 21 day or a 30 day challenge, where you walk people through ah, process over a period of time, and it's all based on your book. Do you already have the content? You're just bringing it out off the written page and turning it into different formats. When I first discovered this strategy, I had purchased a book from someone or actually I saw that someone had a book, and the book was like $14. But she was selling the book with four audio's where she had done a book study. So she met with people on the phone. She recorded the for an hour. They talked about the book. She answered questions. There were four audios. She sold the book with the four Audios for $147 because it gave it so much more value and people heard her voice well. From there, she provides a way that you can connect with her and you can buy her course. Her courses. $2000. Once you buy her course, she invites you to her life event her life event. You can get involved with her group or private coaching, which is between 10 and $50,000. Can you see how you're creating this funnel off knowledge? And the more access people have to you personally and you in person, the more people are willing to pay, so there's a lot of different options based on your interests. But challenge based experiences, I think are wonderful for really walking people through ah process step by step and helping them to get results, and then you could create a worksheet for each step in the in the you know, each day of the Daily Challenge, for example, you can create a skill share class, which could be a great way for people to connect with you that you might not have ever met where you conduce like a an introductory training to your book or two year course. Or maybe of those tips that you came up with that you could do a whole cause. Skill share classes could be, they recommend. The ideal length is 20 minutes. Could be assured is 10 minutes as long as you want hours long if you want. But they say that for the best retention 20 minutes, his ideal. So let's say you took those tips that we just created the 52 tips and you speak on each one for 10 minutes. There is a school share class. You just record it with power point slides and uploaded to skill share. That's another way to share your content. You can create course curriculum. You can create content for a membership site, whether it's audio, video worksheets, whatever webinars that you could see how you can mix and match, and you could transform all this into a group coaching program. And I've done all of these, and people love having content in different types of format. So there are a lot of ways that you can transform your book one of the things that I'm currently studying, and if it works out, of course I will teach a workshop on it is I want to take a journal and turn it into a Kindle book, which you can easily do because you can't upload just a blank journal with lines to kindle . They will be very mad at you, and they could close your account. So I want to take it and turn it into a step by step exercise book. And so that's what I'm in the process of doing and then being able to easily upload it to kindle, which is the challenging part because of how it's formatted. So that's my research project in the background of what I'm working on, and if it works out, you will be hearing about it because I think it's a great way another way for us to expand our reach 7. Keep Your Momentum Going: all right. We want to take steps to keep your momentum going. It's really common to think that we'll find time to get it to dedicate, to marketing. But when we look back, we realize that activity has taken a back seat. Somehow everything else has greater import than us. Marketing our book Woman encourage you to shift that thinking, at least for a period of time and watch what happens, because the key is to build momentum and consistency over time. I mentioned John Kramer, the author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Book. He says that we should do something each day for each of our books for three years. Some people put out one block post or one tweet, and that's it for their book forever. He's saying one thing a day each day for each of your books for three years. Try that. And that's why he is as successful as he is, or one of the reasons why he is. It's imagine the kind of momentum that you'll gain, and by having multiple books they will cross pollinate, which is wonderful. So schedule recurring times to mark your book, even if just for a few minutes at a time, and here's a little worksheet for you that you can work on later to help you identify those times and then plugged them into your calendar. You'll be so glad you did. Even if you do it for a season, do it for 90 days. Do it for 12 weeks, which is 90 days approximately, and watch what happens. It could blow your mind when you see the results and you see how much fun you have and how many great contexts humid. 8. Your Class Project: one of the things I want you to think about is what would it mean to you to be able to get your book in front of more readers? So this is another activity that I'm gonna encourage you to dio either today or within 24 hours. To really give this some thought. This could touch your heart and change your life If you tap into this because it's not about you, even though it is about you. It's not about you. It's about the message that you're sharing with the world and how it can impact others. What would it mean if you knew people were getting value from your book? And if you could get your book in front off more readers? Someone? How do you give that some thought and take some time a little bit later to write about that ? So here are your action steps. Open up your calendar and schedule recurring times to mark your book on an ongoing basis. Even with 10 minutes a few times a week, you can accomplish a great deal draw from what you learned today and in the next 24 hours, do something, anything toe market your book, you'll be really glad that you did. And then, while it's on your mind, jot down an idea. Was there something you heard today where you were intrigued or Oh, I have to go check that out. Jot that down right now and then right after this, listening to this training schedule the time in your calendar or, if you have time, jump into it. Now I think that you'll be delighted by the results and by how it makes you feel and the momentum that you'll begin to create. Sending good thoughts your way, encouraging you to take action on what you learned today and wishing you much success. Take care, everyone.