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6 Success Traits you can add to your Letter "t"

teacher avatar Fiona MacKay Young, Handwriting Analysis & Personal Growth

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. About Handwriting and Success

    • 3. #1 Being Positive

    • 4. #2 Independent Thinking & Pride2

    • 5. #3 Starting Power

    • 6. #4 Your Goals

    • 7. #5 Enthusiasm

    • 8. #6 Optimism

    • 9. Creating Your Success t

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About This Class


Personality shows in writing and by adding strokes to your writing, you can add or change aspects of your personality. This course shows you how to add 6 Success Traits to your writing which, in turn, will add them to your personality. Write for success with these powerful but easy to add pen strokes.

The course includes clear illustrations and instructions for each trait so you will find it easy to follow and easy to claim these traits for yourself.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Fiona MacKay Young

Handwriting Analysis & Personal Growth


I've been involved for over 20 years in helping people move ahead with their lives through identifying their gifts, strengths and overcoming blocks or limitations. It is my goal to inspire those I meet to develop their potential to the fullest.

There are a wide variety of ways to do these things, and I love to explore, adapt and create new ways.

As a Graphologist and Grapho-Therapist (Handwriting Analysis),

And also as a Career Counselor and Personal Development & Law of Attraction Coach,

I love nothing more than to help people be the very best they can be, to realize their hopes and dreams and love their lives. 

I also love 'techie' things, and have worked as a Graphic Designer, creating websites (WordPress) and creating videos fo... See full profile

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1. Introduction: I'm hearing Michael Young, and this is six success traits you could add to your letter t the lower case T in graphology, which is handwriting analysis. The lower case T shows more personality traits than any other single letter it shows about 30 and all. But in this course, we're going to look at the success traits on. There are six success traits that you can put into one very simple Laure Casey. And if you put it into the T u R, they're using that body language each time you write it on any kind of body language could change. How you feel about yourself and how do you feel about yourself over a period of time becomes who you are. If you feel happy for a while, you feel happy for a long time. You become a happier person. It same with confidence. If you're more confident over a period of time, you become more confident. And so it is a success. If you change your letter T toe, have these success traits did it? You will have more ability to be successful and you'll be surprised. I want a short amount of time. It takes you to practice this letter T and you don't have to write every day on once you have the society, you still don't have to write every day. The fact that why New writers? It has thes success traits, and it is all you need. So join me in this course and learn how to add six greatest success traits to your lower case letter T. 2. About Handwriting and Success: six success traits you can add to your lower case T If you're new to CRIF ology, otherwise known as handwriting analysis, you may not realize just how much it tells about your personality and your present state of mind, but a trained graphologist can have amazing insights into your personality and behavior by looking at your writing. It doesn't matter if you write in script our prince, although script does give a bit more information, it doesn't matter if you write often are practically never provided. You can write a tall it works. Handwriting is body language because you move your body too right, and just like any other body language. If you change your writing, your body language, you can change how you feel. Hands act. This principle works for smiling, frowning. Carry yourself with confidence or slouching, which are all body language, and it works for handwriting as well. Change your body language to change how you feel and act, so change your handwriting also to change how you feel and act, and if you change how you feel and act over a period of time, it becomes your natural way off feeling and acting, and you have succeeded in making a change to your personality to make changes through writing. You don't even have to write that much when you want to get fit to you. Go to the gym, but you don't spend 24 7 there he go a few times a week for a Knauer. So yes, making changes through your handwriting takes even last time. If you write for about 10 to 15 minutes, three or four times a week, you will succeed in making the changes you want to both your handwriting and your personality within a month or so. Of course, the more you practice, the quicker the results. The lower case T shows more personality traits than any other single letter. It shows a total off over 30 different traits. Hand in this course. We're going to look at the six success traits you can add to your lower case. T coming up next. Trade number one being positive 3. #1 Being Positive: trade number one being positive. Being positive is something that will make you both more successful and happier. It's involves looking on the upside or the bright side of life. The positive person looks for the silver lining and even the heaviest Greece looking clouds that stroke shows in the lower case T and also anywhere else in writing where the same stroke is written. It's identified by a stroke that goes downwards to the baseline, straight direct without a curve or a bend, and it ends abruptly. So there's a line going down on there's a teeth that's written that way. On the baseline is where the line would be if you were writing on lined paper. It can show in a capital T or in a lower Casey. It can show, regardless off the slant off the letter on regardless off a style off the letter to Here are some examples off positiveness in the letter T seal. See there three in that example, and you'll go straight down the end abruptly, or the change direction abruptly. There's no curve. This one is more slanted, but it's still a straight line and going down to the baseline on this one again is upright . Is the capital there? And a lower case one. So now it's your turn. Here's the lesson quiz. Which other writing here do you think shows the trade off being positive? You can pass the video if you like to have a longer look and the answers air on the next site. Okay, here we go. So the one on the left has two very straight. He's going down there so that indeed shows positiveness. The one in the centre at the top has the tease. It has three teas, but they're all curved. There is no straight line in any of these tea, so that does not sure positiveness down on the bottom. Right? And we can do Seattle. There are 40 is there and they're all straight. So that one shows positive this coming up next. Train number two Independent thinking 4. #2 Independent Thinking & Pride2: trait Number two Independent thinking and pride. Independent thinking means that you think for yourself. You'll hopefully be willing to listen to others ideas and advice, but will ultimately make your own decisions and go your own way. It doesn't mean being rebellious or foolhardy. It just means that you have the confidence to make your own decisions on Do what you Think is best independent thinking shows in handwriting where the stem off the lower case T is the same height, or just slightly taller than the other. Lower case letters. As you'll see here, the tea is just very, very slightly taller than the O. The same off the lower case T is a vertical line that may go up and then don't or, as in the case of the example here, it just starts at the top and goes down. It doesn't matter what the style off the writing or printing. All lower case teas have at least a downward going vertical stroke, and it doesn't matter where the cross bar is on the letter. All you're looking at right now is the height off the tee stem in relation to the other lower case letters. You'll see, these ones are all independent thinking, because either the same level as us in a lower case. Oh, or they're just slightly slightly higher. Pride is not pride that goes before a fall. Nor is it vanity. It's a positive trait, meaning that you take pride in yourself and your work results again. You doing your best at all times. Pride shows in a similar way to independent thinking. Andi is when the stem off the lower Case T is twice to 2.5 times the height off the lower case letters. So it's noticeably taller than for independent thinking. So that one you'll see is about twice that was a little bit more than twice and that once about twice the height. So they're taller than independent thinking, but it's still rated by how tall the T's them is both independent thinking and pride. So here is the lesson quiz. Which of the writing here do you think shows the trade of independent thinking and which shows pride? You can pause the video if you like to have a better look, and the answers are on the very next site. Okay, so which do you think his switch. Let's look at work team first. There's the arrow Choi, where the top of the tea is that Remember, we don't care where the T cross bar is. Here is only the height of a tea stem in comparison to the other lower case letters, so they're all very slightly taller. But none of them are as much as twice the height. So that is independent thinking that will look at the one at the top. Things are not and you see the tea there. The tea stem is about twice in the 1st 1 It's more than twice the height off the Lord case letters. So is top of an independent thinking. So that one's pride and then the bottom right. They're obviously very, very short. The teas. So that's again his independent thinking. Did you get these right Coming out? Next trait. Number three. Starting power 5. #3 Starting Power: trade three starting power. Starting part is the energy that gets you going. It doesn't say anything about how well you will keep going, but it does illustrate how good you are getting started on something or anything. It means you don't put things off. Instead, you step out and get things going. It shows in the crossbar off a Lord case T, where the crossbar is heavy, heavier than the rest of the writing. Then starting par exists on you'll see these T bars are noticeably heavier than the rest of the writing, where the cross bar of a lower case T is the same heaviness, which means it was written with the same amount of pressure on the page as the rest of the writing. As you'll see here, it means average starting part. So you can't really tell any difference between the heaviness off a Keith ET crossbar and the rest of the writing. That means average starting per where the crossbar off the lower case. He is lighter and heaviness or pressure than the rest of the writing house you'll see there . It means the writer may have trouble getting started on things now if that doesn't look lighter on your screen is because the computer screen doesn't show the lightness and heaviness very well. But when you're looking at riel writing paper pen on paper that you notice the tea bars are lighter, then the rest of writing that is the person has trouble gets he started. Parkas. Procrastination is a different treat on It's Not a Success one. So we're not covering it here. Just the light T crossbar just means they'll have a hard time death, he started. It doesn't mean they're necessarily putting things off deliberately. So the heavy T cross bar is what you're McCue far for good. Starting par on here. Celestine Quiz. Which of the writing here do you think shows the trade off Starting park Good starting part . Pause the video. If you want to have a better look, the answers are on the next site, so looking at their left hand one first you'll see the tea bars are slightly heavier than the rest of the writing. They're not much. Everybody are slightly heavier, so that one qualifies for good, strong starting part. Look at the one of the top the tea bars Avery long, so you they tend to make more impact by there, actually about the same weight as the rest of the writing. If you look carefully at the tea Sam on the T bar, they're both the same weight so that but he's average starting power on the bottom, right? The tea bars air very noticeably lighter than the rest of the writing, so that one does not have good starting part at all. How did you do coming up next? Trade them before your goals. 6. #4 Your Goals: right, Number four. Your goals. How high will you reach? Will you reach and stretch for the stars, or do you prefer to take one step at a time? People who take one step at a time are often very successful, but they do just go step by step little by little, rather than jumping up to see how far they can go. So as the success straight, I'm choosing to focus on those who reach and stretch and try to rise as high as they can your goals showing handwriting much as the steps on a ladder. The higher your goals, the higher your cross bar on the lower case T across a T cross bar at or below the level off the other. Lower case letters, as you'll see there, means that you prefer to achieve one smaller step before venturing on to the next. As mentioned before, this does until America chance of success, but immediately it somewhat a T cross far above the lower case letters, but not more than halfway up as you'll see there. These practical goals. You look at what you think is reasonable to achieve and go for that the next one is a crossbar more than halfway up the tea stem, but not right at the top. You'll see that one there. This means high prats. Cocoles. You look at what you think you might just achieve with riel effort on go For that, there's more than an element of risk in this. This is one of the success teas, and if you make your tea bars on your Lord case T so high that it looks like a capital letter as you'll see in that one there, you're aiming at the stars. You have high, ambitious, distant goals. On this, along with the high practical goals, is also one of the success traits. The one bar we haven't looked at is the one that floats above the top off the rest of the letter, and then I shall see there. That means the dreamer. It's all very well to have a few dreams. In fact, that's good. But to be successful, your goals have to be more grounded than that. So here's the success T when it comes to gold setting high prats Google's, which are more than have a tea bar more than halfway out, but not quite at the top on distant goals, which is the T bar in a lower case T that is right at the top. So it kind of looks like a Capital T. So these are the success once. Here's the lesson quiz, which is the writing here. Do you think shows successful goal setting? You can pass the video if you like to have a better look. The answers air on the next site, and here the quiz answers. Looking at the left hand. One. First you'll see the tea bars are right of the top of the tea stem, so this is definitely success straight. This is distant goals. The top one, the T birds. They're very real. Order about the height off the lower case letters. So this is definitely not the success. He the one in the bottom, right? The T bars are high on the Samel. They're not quite at the top, so this is also a success, straight because it's high goals. How did you do with that? Coming out next? Trade number five Enthusiasm 7. #5 Enthusiasm: Trade five enthusiasm. Enthusiasm isn't infectious treat, and it's an infection. You want to spread as far as you can because it helps you, and it helps everyone else as well. Enthusiasm shows where the T bar is longer than it needs to be for the size of the letter. There's to their long T bars. The longer the T Bar R T crossbar safe thing, the stronger the enthusiasm. So there's slight enthusiasm is quite long, but not really long. There's excellent enthusiasm they're pretty long on. There is exaggerated enthusiasm that's just kind of ridiculously long. So here's the lasted quiz. Which of the writing here do you think shows enthusiasm? As always, you compose the video. If you like to have a better look on the answers air on the very next site to hear the answers, we'll start with the one in the Boston left. Now you'll notice these are long T bars, right? So that definitely is good enthusiasm. If you go back to the goal setting that we did before, you'll notice all these tea bars are way above the top off a T stem, so their dreams. So this is a very enthusiastic dreamer here we have some really long T bars, so that is excellent enthusiasm. And this one known at the bottom. The tea bars air very short, so that is not enthusiasm at all. Did you get these right? Coming up. Next trait. Number six optimism. 8. #6 Optimism: trade number six Optimism optimism means looking on the bright side, finding the good in any situation on being hopeful about the outcome. People who are optimistic are happier and also usually more successful because the expect success that are more likely to see obstacles as just things to overcome rather than blocks that can be worked around. Optimism shows in writing in the letter T where the crossbar slants out ports towards the right, she'll see there on the more with slant this stronger the optimism. So the one on the left has mild optimism because it slants up a bit. But the one on the right has strong optimism on the fact that it's to tease at once doesn't make any difference. It's just the angle off the T bar for optimism. It doesn't matter how high the cross far is, how heavy the crossbar is or anything else, except it matters at the cross bar for a lower case T as slants upwards towards the right. Then his optimism. Here's the lesson quiz. Which of the writing here do you think shows the most optimism? You pause the video if you want of a better look on the answers are on the next site. So here are the answers. The one on the left has optimism. It does go uphill, but not very much is just slightly. But nevertheless, it is optimism. Looking at the one on the top, the T bars air either straight or the capsule. One on tell is actually slightly down, slanting so that one does not show optimism. The bottom right. The tea bars are going up hills or the lines of writing, which is another indication of optimism but a T bar. So bring a pills. So that shows lots of optimism. So that one is the strongest. Did you get these right? Coming up next, creating your success T. 9. Creating Your Success t: creating your success. T Many of the success Cheilletz show elsewhere in writing to, but the lower case T is the only place they all come together in one letter, so it's quick and easy to add all these good personality traits all at once. When you put all six success traits together, you will find your success. Tea is really a very simple letter, but don't be fooled by it's simplicity. These teas have all six success traits in them is just a simple straight down stroke anti abruptly on the high, heavy T cross, far long and scenting up to the right, his powerful I will train your mind in the ways off success. Here's what's hidden within positive in the straight down stroke ending up abruptly independent thinking with the tea only slightly taller than the lower case. Oh, that could be changed to pride by making it 2 to 2.5 times taller than the lower case. Oh, starting par heavier crossbar. Hi goals crossbar high on the Sam or, at the top enthusiasm. A long, sweeping T bar on optimism on upward slanting T bar. Here's a class project practice writing with this tea, whether you're writing or printing until it becomes your natural way off writing. By then, all six of these success traits will be part of your personality, too, to your success.