6 Steps to Manifesting Your Dream Life + Business with a Vision Board | Genesis Moreno | Skillshare

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6 Steps to Manifesting Your Dream Life + Business with a Vision Board

teacher avatar Genesis Moreno, Mentoring women to become better!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Manifestation Magic

    • 3. Step 1: Alignment

    • 4. Step 2: Clarity

    • 5. Step 3: Setting Goals

    • 6. Step 4: Visualization

    • 7. Step 5: Representation

    • 8. Step 6: Visualization

    • 9. What You'll Need

    • 10. Q1: Career + Finances

    • 11. Q2: Health + Wellness

    • 12. Q3: Love + Relationships

    • 13. Q4: Creativity + Fun

    • 14. Take Action

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About This Class

In this masterclass, Genesis Moreno will show you how to design a magnetic vision board that will facilitate to manifest your dreams through applying the Law of Attraction.

  • You will learn six empowering steps that will magnify attracting your dream life
  • You will learn why high achievers like Oprah and Navy Seal utilize vision boards
  • You will be guided to uncover your true core desires in order to pull them toward you


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Genesis Moreno

Mentoring women to become better!


Hello, I'm Genesis Moreno and I guide individuals like YOU that are curious to grow, evolve, expand, learn, and transform towards a more purpose-driven lifestyle. Over the last 10 years, I've invested thousands into my own education in Psychology + business + coaching + energy healing + teaching and now I'm pouring it all back to you :)

Here's what I'm passionate about + what my courses focus on:

personal growth spiritual growth business growth


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1. Introduction: Hey, and welcome to today's a Vision board party. I'm your host, Genesis. I'm super through that. You here Because to date, you are gonna learn how to make your own vision board where you can merger life in your business together to be totally aligned with your purpose. Where your mission with your dream with everything you wanted in war and going to show you exactly the same steps that I took in order to create my dream business, have the dream relationship, have the dream. Travel experience and adventures have the amazing health, wealth, family and relationships that I have. Now I want you to have exactly the same thing. So get ready. Brace yourself. I'm gonna let you know exactly what you need, so stay tuned. 2. Manifestation Magic: and so I really love vision boards. I love vision boards because you can create some amazing magic with it. I mean, these are things that Navy Seals are using these air. This is the same process at Olympian athletes to win gold medals are using. This is the stuff Oprah talks about. So Vision Board is a really, really big deal. I personally have witnessed the magic just completely unfold over the last five years. I make it a priority to either do it like right before the New Year or if I got having gone into it during that time where I really want to just up level my life. But I need a visualization tool in order for it to just magnify it and make it even clear. So here are a couple steps that you need in order for you to create this vision for yourself in order for you to prep you and prime you in the best state of mind possible in order for you to just start thinking about those things that you want to put on your vision board, 3. Step 1: Alignment: so number one is alignment. You have to have this positive, uplifting environment around you. So as for me, I have my crystals. I have my sage. I have whatever I need in order for me to just feel like I am aligning with myself. Sometimes even the big girls drink works out, but in my case, I hear have a smoothing. You can fill out your cup with whatever you want, whether it's t whether it's coffee, whether it's wine, you know what inspires, you know. You know what it's going to align the, um 4. Step 2: Clarity: step Number two is clarity. Decide what you want. I do have a prompt for you that I'm gonna guide you through. I'm gonna use these 10 questions that are gonna prep you in prime view. And we're for you to gain more clarity as you're here picking now and picking out the pictures that you want from these magazines, picking out the things that you want to glue onto, picking out thoughts and the belief system that you want to start implementing and embedding into your mind. 5. Step 3: Setting Goals: step Number three is setting goals. Like I said, I'm gonna walk you through this whole process. I want you to think about three month goals, six month goals, nine month goes all the way extended to 12 months. Now there's no right or wrong timeline in regards to how you want to your vision board to reflect or what you want. The timeline for your vision board. So some people decide to just focus on three months at a time. But then again, they have, like four different vision boards for me. I'm going to challenge you to think a year ahead. If that seems a little bit too much, Don't were shoring it up to six months, and you're still going to see that amazing, beautiful magic. 6. Step 4: Visualization: step Number four is visualization. I really I mean, like, I really want you to use all your senses in this. I want you to smell, to taste, to hear, to feel, and just to be grounded with yourself grounded with the universe grounded with the things that you really want and desire and nothing. It works much more powerful Lee than to actually feel with all your senses. Because just like I want this amazing, beautiful home and I want to smell like all the clean, fresh sense inside I also want to touch certain things and feel the leather or feel Cering Certain textiles in my home in my furniture And I want you to think about the same things that you want to taste Whether it's amazing food feel whether it's amazing health Whether is money whether it is love, whatever it is, feel with our your senses and just give yourself permission 7. Step 5: Representation: step Number five is representation fine pictures that represent the the ideal you The best version of you that you wish to see in the next 36 months. All the way up to a year. Look through the magazines, see what really resonates with you. Choose those things up. Really? Just stand out to you. Allow yourself. I can't emphasize it enough. Allow yourself. Give yourself permission to just dream big. 8. Step 6: Visualization: and then step number six, which is like super extra credit is write yourself a note. Write yourself a note in the present tense off the things that you have accomplished that you in the sense wish to accomplish later on the future. But you gotta write it as if you are already have received it and express so much gratitude . I walking through that later on, there's gonna be a separate section two this. 9. What You'll Need: But as of right now, all you need is just some magazines. Like I said, create a lovely environment for yourself with whatever it is that inspires you put on some music or maybe not really pose. Music is you gotta hear me. But after, if you need some time If you need more of your own time, don't be afraid to pauses or just to replay it. Then again, and then do your thing. You're also gonna need scissors. You're gonna need some glue and you're gonna need just a poster. Ah, poster paper, posterboard, something that you can just hang up on your wall or put on like your ceiling or your door, something that you're gonna constantly be able to see. 10. Q1: Career + Finances: all right. So what I like to do is I like to divide my vision, boarding four quadrants and the first quadrant that I'd like to begin with his career finances. I personally like to choose magazines such as Success magazine Such a dream magazine, such as Anything to do with wealth, Anything to do with finances. You know what calls you out? You know what you're into, And what I like to do is just flip through the magazines. See the women who look powerful. That looks super empowering. But more than anything, I like to ask myself questions such as, What is the best version of myself doing? What kind of work does she have? What kind of finances is she making? How is her bank account looking? What is she investing in? What is she attracting? How is she partnering up with other people? How is she automating her business? How is she leveraging off her business? So these are things that I person like to ask myself that you can also ask yourself as you're flipping through the pages and when you find something that really stands out, whether it's a word, whether it's an image snip it out, put it to the side on, then start configuring it. It doesn't have to be perfect or anything like that, but that will be your career in finance section. You can also take this to the next level. And if you don't find anything specifically in your magazines, you can always go on Google and find things that symbolize wealth to you or maybe even photoshopped yourself and went to one of these like images and put yourself there anything that gets your mind going, thinking about wealth, just do that. 11. Q2: Health + Wellness: quadrant. Number two is all about health and wellness. This is both internal and physical wellness. This isn't just This isn't all about just having this like hot bod and being super thin and super ripped. No, this is also about the internal wellness within yourself. This is about your mind. This is about year organs. This is about how your cells are functioning. This is a bowel, your energy, your vitality, your enthusiasm. It is all about that. So I want you to look through a couple of health magazines that really call out how you want to eat. How you want to look, how you want to feel. I want you to think how different the best version of yourself feels. How different does the best version of yourself like Cook? How does she How does she create new habits into exercising and being more active? Are you hiking? Are you swimming? Are you enrolled in the gym? Are you meditating? Are you journaling? Think about the things that you really want to implement with your health and your wellness 12. Q3: Love + Relationships : quite a number three is all about love and relationships. 11 relationships just isn't about the love and relationship with your significant other. Or if you're single, who you want to attract me, your dream mate is all about know it also have. It also involves your relationship with God with your friends, with your family, with your neighborhood with the whole world. How we because we are all connected. So it wants you to think about how the best version of yourself spends her days with the people that are most important to her. What kind of activities are you doing? What kind of things are you doing together that make you feel like you're super loves? Super connected? Also think about the activities that really make you feel like you're loving on yourself. What kind of self care things are you doing for yourself? Are you may be having some some freaking are. You may be having like more baths with, like a little bath bomb. Are you scrubbing yourself with, like freaking coconut low and coffee grounds? I don't know. I think about the things that you really want to do that bring out that self loving you, but also that love for other people as well 13. Q4: Creativity + Fun: in the last Quadrant focuses on creativity and fun. Now, in this section, you're gonna fit the things that you didn't really know how to fit into the other quadrants such as travel such as things that are super creative, like zip lining and school diving and just like really things. Okay, we do live in a material world, and although things don't mean anything or don't mean everything, there's a good chance that you strong desire to to manifest having some luxury items or some very extravagant experiences and adventures and vacations. And that's totally okay. Maybe your wardrobe looks really extravagant. And that's totally okay as well. When I want you to do is honor yourself. Put that right there. If your wine a pony, then put that down pony. So do the things that really sparked that creativity that fund the things that are really gonna add a more fun into your life. I want you to focus on that quadrant and put all those things that really make you just super enthusiastic about life. Super excited about the next adventure you're about to take 14. Take Action: So there you have it. These are the exact same steps that I utilize in order to attract the life in business off bedrooms into my life. Now visual ization is powerful, but you must back it up with action steps. And here are a couple steps that you can take in order for you to take your visualization to the next level. The 1st 1 is affirmations and n can't ations. I want you to affirm in the present tense what you currently have what you're declaring and declare it with so much enthusiasm. Step number two is gratitude the world loves when you're grateful when you feel blessed when you're grateful for every step that you take When you're grateful for the things are coming into your life Always let the universe know that you're super grateful and you will start coming into your life more step Number three is trust Just let go and let God let the universe work its magic. You just give out your your your request and just believe Just trust that it is coming your way. Step number four is visualized you have you just created this amazing visual board And if you haven't yet done it. Do it like it is super powerful. You have a visual toe in order for you to just submerge yourself, but you can always internalize. Close your eyes. Envision. Use all your senses dry. That dream card. Have that dream person or that dream relationship that you really want. Just feel it with every cell in your soul. Step number five Action. Take action. The universe loves it when you take action. If you see something that is a line, whether it's ah, internship, whether it's a job, whether it's a collaboration, whatever it is, that is a universal sign that is a line with your purpose with your dream. Take action. Trust the process. Know that the universe has got you're back and last step is awareness. The universe is always gonna send you these signs if you become mindful. If you become open with your mind with your heart with your being, you will start seen in attracting these things into your life. And when you become aware, the magic really, truly does happen. So there you have it. If you have any questions, send me an email sent me a d. M send me whatever it is you need to send me. You know what means to reach out to me and let me know if you are struggling or let me know how I can help you clarify certain things because I'm here to help you out. So I hope you enjoy this master class. I hope that you got a lot of value. Now go out there, create your vision board if you haven't yet done so.