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6 Powerful Habits & Mindset Hacks to 10X Your Life

teacher avatar Yaswanth Nukasani, Founder & CEO of Merchn.com

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction to Abundance ⛲

    • 2. Tap Into Your Physiology

    • 3. Tap Into Your Subconcious

    • 4. Tap Into Your Subconcious Part.2

    • 5. Powerful Beliefs to Cultivate ☄️

    • 6. Tap Into Your Margin ⏱️

    • 7. Tap Into Your Language

    • 8. Tap Into Your Growth

    • 9. Thank You

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About This Class

Originally, A business concept in which a person believes there are enough resources and success to share with others, when looking at optimistic people.

How to Tap Into Your Abundant State of Mind (POWERFUL)

Tap Into Your Physiology

      • Practice Conscious Breathing- Hands Up Pull Breathing - Tony Robbins
      • Blue-Light Blockers
      • Fun Exercise - yoga, cross-fit, cryotherapy, float-tanks
      • Eating

Tap Into Your Subconcious

      • Journal For Gratitude
        • Write Your Thoughts/Feeling - Joe Dispenza
      • Practice Voluntary Hardships
        • Cold Showers
        • Sleep on the floor
        • Walk vs. Drive
        • Cap Your Spending
    • BREAK: Powerful Beliefs to Cultivate
      • You get out of life exactly what you think you deserve. Before trying to change results in anything, you need to calibrate your mindset
      • Coming to Terms With & Work on Your Past
      • To hit your goals, Become the person capable of achieving your goals

Tap Into Your Margin

  • Time - the space between your responsibilities and available time
      • Parettos 80/20 - Effectiveness
      • Delegation
        • Lawnmowing, Other Tasks which is not your specialization - Try not to do “everything” and “anything”
      • Automation
        • Automated Credit Card Payments
  • Tap Into Your Language
      • Your Words - I AM
      • Your Affirmations - I WILL - I AM GOING TO
      • Developing Self-Efficacy
  • Tap Into Your Growth
      • Improve Your Inputs of Information
      • Ask People About Them
        • Their Goals, Plans. Simply Listening. .
  • Tap Into Something Bigger Than You
    • Church
    • Law of Attraction
      • Write yourself a check to the amount which you desire and date it.
      • Practice being conscious -
      • Mental Spending

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Yaswanth Nukasani

Founder & CEO of Merchn.com


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1. Introduction to Abundance ⛲: guys, What's up? Welcome to this course. In this course, we're gonna talk about something which is very, very powerful and some practical things that you can dio to tap into the abundant state of mind. So in this court, we're gonna talk about things like tapping into your physiology some practical tips on how to do that and many things like meditation and clear in your mind and just developing like power rituals. And these are all going to be like practical things we should and execute. And for each of these six categories that have developed, there's 2 to 3 practical things that you can do. So this is a personal development course. And if you what just happened to your abundance? Practically. This is, of course, for you. So I look forward to getting started. So if you're interested, go ahead and join the course. 2. Tap Into Your Physiology : guys, what's up? So welcome to the first module in this course and in this part of the course we're talking about something that is very, very key, very, very important. And that is our physiology. So, you know, many people think abundance is like need to go up into the mountain and meditate, and it needs to be all Kumbaya. But actually, to be honest, like abundance is just like the opposite of abundance is like scarcity. And if you look at it, it's the lack of having a deficit. So when you're abundant, you're able to give and even physically everything that we do take so much energy. So where do you have developed things that you know, give us our energy back and restore us really, really important? And as you know, like, there are obvious things, like eating right, drinking a lot of water, taking your vitamins, but something that I wanna cover is other things that you can also do. So the first thing that I would, I really think would be really powerful is stuff with your physiology is I like to drink about 16 ounces of water right when I get up, so before, you know, before my feet hit the floor. I like to drink 16 ounces of water, so that's a great way like a simple thing that you can do. Teoh, Who's your physiology? And the second thing is also when it comes to fun activities. So if you ever tried this singled correo therapy, which is amazing Corio therapy is this. You go into this very cool like liquid nitrogen tank and, you know, basically helps you calm down your muscles, and it's really good for your muscles. Every once in a while I've done it. It's on flow tanks or any of these alternative treatments like acupuncture Cairo practice massage. These a role investments into yourself. The third thing is at night time. Since we love our phone so much, you know, there's this thing called blue light, and melatonin is the chemical which helps asleep. So there are these $8 investment they can make, and I used these easier by you. Vex. I'm not sure if you know, like if you can see them, but it's made by this company called you Becks and basically, at night time. I put these on because usually we're looking at computers. From the moment we wake up to the moment you sleep. So it's really hard to, you know, like you probably don't look the coolest, but, you know, it removes any of this blue light that comes on to yourself. So these air made by next blue light blockers. So this helps with your sleep and improving the quality of your sleep. So using blue like blockers and the last one is the one that I was really looking to save When you see the best for last. And there this is this is a exercise by Tony Robbins and this is like conscious breathing. So the exercise works like this. So first, you can sit down doing this or you can stand and I'm gonna demonstrate the exercise right now, and it's like a breathing exercise. Um, I really have found this exercise to be amazing. And how this exercise works show you right now. So the first thing is, you put your hands up in the air and and when you pull down your pulling down your hands, you're pushing all the air out, and your back of your shoulder believes it should be compressed like this. So So So, uh so you What you're doing is, you know, you're when you're pushing up, you're pushing up your breathing in all this air, and then when you're pulling down, you're pushing out all this air. So if you do that, you're shocking. I love this concept of oxygen. Shocking, because I don't think we get enough oxygen throughout the day because of our because of how we breathe, right? Even our breath. We have so much oxygen available, but yet we breathe so shallow and instead of breathing deeply, abundantly right, that is that I have seen a little weird, but you know, doing that. So basically, when your hands are up, you know you're pulling down, you're exhaling so honestly, if you get out of bed and you do that every morning like it's amazing, like, for example, like, I'm doing this right now like we've been recording for, like, the past six hours. And I still feel great. So, you know, doing things like that being conscious of our breathing and also another bonus is every morning when I wake up, I like to do some kind of acupressure or massage like use a massage school. So, for example, you know. So I have, like, a foot massager. And every morning when I wake up, I put my feet right into it while I'm drinking my water. And the reason is it improves that blood circulation and I usually struggle with, like, waking up properly and, you know, sleeping in and being a little like, tired and lethargic and stuff like that. And since we're being abundant, one more last one is, you know, like I said, the diet thing. But another thing is just green juice, green juice slash like natural herbs still like green juices. I have this powder from like I get it from Hope Foods, and it's green juice powder. So it has, like all the greens that you need just put it in water. I drink it and, of course, like natural herbs. Like if you research homey apathy and stuff like that, there is a ton of things that you can take, but I wouldn't recommend anything that's like not natural like supplements. That's like a whole nother course that I'm gonna develop soon on like natural help, living healthy and stuff like that. But thieves air six ways that you can start to master your physiology. This 3. Tap Into Your Subconcious: So now that we talked about like physiology, the next part, I won't explain. It's subconscious and tapping into yourself Chase. It's amazing how we put so much emphasis on things that are physical and outside. But it's so amazing how we don't pay attention to anything on the inside so subconscious. So what is our subconscious mind? And it's very hard for me to not explain it in an abstract way, but it is the part of our mind, according to the word subconscious. It is the word. It's a part of our mind, which is not conscious. So the part of us that makes like in voluntary decisions you look up like the word subconscious mind you'll get, like a scientific explanation of not a scientist. I just improve. I believe I'm like a light improvement. So this is just something that way. So the first thing to improving your subconscious, which is one of my feet like mentors through the Internet, like you know, YouTube. I don't personally know, his doctor, Joe descends so that Ricotta spends up talks a lot about, you know, the mind body connection, which is very important and very cool for you. to check out, but more than the mind body connection, the cool thing that Dr Jonas spends in this practical advice is having a journal and in that journal writing your thoughts. So you know there's there's, like an adage that says thing. We have, like, 70,000 thoughts a day as human beings, we have about like, 70,000 different thoughts a day are in our mind their $70,000 today. And the craziest thing is that 90% of those thoughts are the same toxins the day before. So if you gotta think about that, we're rethinking 90% or more than 90%. Actually, I think it's more than 90% 90 And if you were thinking about the same things over and over and over again, we basically repeat patterns. We repeat cycles, and we live continue to live in the same ways. So what, Dr your stones, that says, is if you write down these stocks for feelings that you're feeling like on a repeated pattern, or you just write them, no right what you're feeling and you'll know that if you look for the last two weeks of your journals, you don't know OK over the last two weeks is now. I felt these were some of repeating patterns. And remember that what? You can't what you can't track or what you don't track what you mentioned. Can't measure can improve? Great. So journaling writing down your thoughts that's exercise number one, cut that. 4. Tap Into Your Subconcious Part.2 : So the second part of subconscious and tapping into your subconscious is the second court is basically practicing voluntary hardships. So practicing voluntary hardships. And this is inspired by a Roman emperor or very famous Roman emperor who actually wrote the book medications. Marcus Aurelius. So what he believed Marcus Aurelius is that as a Roman referees, people leave the in practicing voluntary hardship. So what that means is consciously choosing to put ourselves through, like pain, sometimes sore pain or things which are not easy for us. I'm sure you know what I mean by hardship, so that could mean practically in the modern world. Instead, you know, you could just take cold showers every morning. So practice taking cold showers, you know, And if you're used to taking hot showers in the morning and you switched to cold showers and you're able to everyday train your mind saying I am, I have power over you. You know, that's amazing. Ways you can build that this point. Cold showers, second thing, metals, mental, standing. So what I've kind of learned is you can literally mentally spend so for examples. If you have, like $100 what you could think about $100 in your wallet. This is a great exercise. Is you can go window shopping and, like, mentally, just visual life yourself, buying it and believe that you bought it and you might get over that urge. So if you just type of mental spending on Google, you'll see a lot of cool 20 exercises that are related to that. But their thing I'd like to do is investing in myself, and this is not really on the topic of practicing voluntary hardships. But to be honest, like if you can, you investing in yourself is very important because it dictates the amount of value that you place on yourself. So and sometimes that itself is a hard for people to value themselves. So if you can focus on investing in yourself, so what does that mean? So if you know that you getting some new shoes, actually, that's a bad example. Shoes usually are a terrible investment, but investing in yourself meetings, taking a course, learning, getting trained, getting help for something, getting a trainer, personal trainer. So all those things, like investing in yourself, can be really, really powerful and also practicing long. Carry our ships like, honestly to diet for me, that's the hardest, Like I mean, I would say that's the hardest. That's one of the harder things that I struggle with is how do I control my diet and exercise, right? So practicing things, you know, and even like looking for those of you who are like But, you know, like the rock, I would say, Try this. Try sleeping on the floor or whatever it is that pushes your like that you feel like when you think about that scares you try to do that more often and do it on purpose, even though you don't have to, So those are my two on psychology and sub countries. 5. Powerful Beliefs to Cultivate ☄️: So let's take a break from all this, like tap into subconscious tapping to psychology. And I just want to take a few minutes and share three things that three beliefs that really served me over the years. I think at the end we really think about it, our beliefs and our our values and our characters eyes all things which play into our like , you know, final like outcome. So the three beliefs that you know that I found interesting and unique and not just like cliche quotes is the advice I'm gonna go like in order. Let's go first thing work on your past. So this is so This is a very sound piece of advice, which I thought was rare. I haven't really heard. I heard this one because there's many things that usually people deal with from their past , which affects their present and future, you know, so just coming to terms like there's something in your past which you know, bothers you. There was a podcast that I listened to that actually, the guest was very, very interesting because if there's something that happened in your past, and you think that because of that thing happening. You believe that the new thing that you're attempting is gonna is your old results will repeat itself is most people steer so like if someone failed at something in the past and the present is not exactly how it's going as they wanted, the mind sabotaged and be like OK, well, it happened in the past like, Come on, cross stupid. Let's go. And you know, so working on your past and coming to terms with it and the thought process on what happened, you know, because sometimes the story that you tell him your mind is a lot different than what actually happened. So very sound advice. And this is not for me like this stuff. I just try to read things from great people and learn from them. And sure, And also the first belief, which is completely amazing, is like Tony Robbins. And what Tony says is you get out of life. Exactly What do you think you deserved? You get out of life exactly what you think you deserve. And I think that's amazing. That basically says that people at the end way have this thing in our mind. This vision of what we think we deserve, which is basically like, you know what I think that I can actually just have, you know, like a $20,000 car somewhere in the suburbs. Nice house, Nice like white friends, Nice green thing in our lives. We have these beliefs that when I close my eyes because of things that someone has programmed into me, we know that we feel like that's that's what we think we deserve right. And until we elevate what we expect out of light and exact exactly what we feel like we deserve, right, you have to like in order for something to happen, you have to literally with your whole being feeling great, because many, many times we set these limits right, because we think that's that's what we deserve. Those That's usually I believe that that's where limits come from because sometimes people think they don't deserve to be rich, and it's not like a moral deserve. But it's like this. Is that the type of thing where you actually think that this is your right to that so, like interfere right to become wealthy should become your right to be healthy. So all those things you have to with your whole being. You have to believe and feel on. And I don't know like that. I I understand that internally, it's hard for me to verbalize and explain that concept. But I really do believe you get out of life exactly what you think you deserve. Third, so personal value level, right? It was very interesting. So let's imagine that there's a chart here and this chart is on this side. Let's say that this is X. Where? I don't know. I don't remember it Like it. Is that what they told us in school? X weight. Which ones? Dates which ones? Excellent wants alike. This X explore. It says it's this one. All right, wait. Two days. You don't know either days of searching it up on his phone right now, Theo. School system failed us. But anyway, why? X wait says X this. Where is X? This way. This is this way. All right. Great. So x is this way. I'm so sorry. That's how I look really bad. But anyway, there, you know. So let's see that your goal is up here, and this is your capabilities. I don't know if this is a good example. But honestly, like if you have these massive goals you have, you know you want to make a $1,000,000 or, you know you have this extraordinary goal in your mind of what it is that you want to do. But recently I listen to this podcast on it's called the Mike Doing Podcast. A big fan, by the way. And what he said basically was Mentor told them. Waas Basically, in order for you to hit something and achieve something, you have to you have to become the person in person who's capable of becoming that gold or achieving that goal. So for me, what they broke down to was like, Okay, so I want to make a $1,000,000. How does the person that actually makes a $1,000,000 do things? What does he believe? Whatever his believes, what his actions, what is it set up? How does his business look? You know, all those things, like becoming the person who's capable of achieving the goal that you have in your mind actually means that transforming your soul into that person who actually had achieved that goal, so thinking about it in that manner so Those are the three believes. Guys, I know this might seem a little like, airy and abstract and, like, come by on whatever you put it. But honestly, these three believes that really served me, so I go by them. 6. Tap Into Your Margin ⏱️: Yeah. Alright, guys. So way just got done with the belief section and we found out what was accident. What was why finally. So now I want to talk to you about some. It's a concept. It's actually a business concept. It's called for great margin. And the one thing about margin that I want to talk to you about today is a margin that we have with our time, right? There's always a struggle, and there is always a conflict in a battle in a war that we all deal with you and me. And that is this. Here is a list of things that you and me have to do these air known as our responsibilities . And this is our time. 24 hours. There's always a fight between these two, right? And we don't really have. We have a very thin line between the amount of time that we have in the amount of responsibilities. And the simple concept that I want to talk to you about today is this. I like I've been trying to take this list and shrink this as much as possible because, you know, like I mentioned, there's a law Paret does called the rule of 80 20. Right? And I'm a big believer in this and basically what it is, is that let's say that these right here were your actions. Let's say that this right here, this little sheet of paper compared to this huge piece of paper, let's see that this right here were your effective actions that you took. These are the most important things that produced 80% results. So the world of 18 20 says that 20% off, you know, the things that you do bring you 80% of the results 80% of like your least productive stuff only brings 20% result, 20% of results. So basically, it says that you know the top most important things that you do brings in almost most all of your results. So what kind of do is trying to be effective? Right? And there's a great book by here, Drucker and it's called the Effective executive. So I've been, you know, I always been focused on efficiency and like doing things faster, faster, faster, harder, harder, harder. But if we just focus for a minute on what are the what are the most important things to do and focus on a fish flake effectiveness like it shows here. It's amazing. But the one concept which I will leave you guys here with which is a very simple concept, is like I mentioned here. This little line is our margin. This is this box, right? Here's all responsibilities. And this box right here is all the time that we have. And if you see like there's very little space in between. You know, I believe that we can set up our life where we have enough time, break the same 24 hours, can't buy more time, and then just shortening list right and just focusing on the most important things. Whatever that means to you, way have all this margin, all this space in between this space right here can become like vacations, whatever it is that you want. And that is literally how you have abundance and you can give to people and just creating margin with your time, do less. I think less is more and always follow the rule of a 20 guys. That is my take on creating margin with time 7. Tap Into Your Language : good. Another powerful, a few powerful things that really affects the outcomes of our lives and plays into the abundance is one. There's three things. I believe that this is like I need this language, right? And I think that first thing, which is also very, very important, is our words. The words that we use, you know. And there's a saying, I believe that there are few two words which I believe are extremely powerful and also extremely harmful, depending on how you use them and those two words where I am, there is a saying that says the words that follow I am followed you. So I think that this is self definition. And you know, if you understand that these two words whatever they whatever comes after your arms literally can dedicate so much of whatever like future outcome and what we're on that thing off. Words and language. Another important thing is affirmations. Affirmations are like I will I can so leaves hard your current belief in yourself. These are your belief in like I will I'm going to. I can amazing affirmations or what you tell yourself great. And words are what using your vocabulary so those to pay being very conscious, too, that like it's so subconscious when we say that it's amazingly powerful, and I just don't know what else to say. Beside, pay very close attention to whatever follows the words I am that come out of your mouth and the third concept in self efficacy. It's D F F I C a. C y on and that you know what determines this? It's the first to the words and your affirmations literally playing yourself efficacy. And what this means is your ability in yourself to perform a task. Well, so basically your belief in your competence. And I think that how you develop this is number one, of course, get the skills and training that you need to be competent in something. But also the kicker for most people to check marks. Is there word in their language? Is that the language that they speak right? The language mean like the words that I am, how positive negative or they are serving them? Just think about for me, it's like is what I'm saying, serving me or not. So that is three simple things on how you should tap into your language and affirmations like a simple exercise can be like when you wake up Be like today is gonna be an amazing day Smile in the mirror, look in the mirror and smile for a minute. So, like those give the affirmations and be like today I'm gonna do this today I was gonna be an amazing day. So saying those things to yourself right when you wake up when you're in that out of a state of mind. Amazing. So there you go. That is how to use language to tap into us. 8. Tap Into Your Growth : guys, let's up. So the last two concepts which I want to talk to you about first being broke, tapping into your growth and what you've seen in many of these modules, I've always tried to keep it on things that you could do so for growth. For you invest into your personal development and your growth. It would be to tap into your abundance state of mind. So one thing that determines your rope that I would like to tell you is what you're consuming. So your inputs of information, because whatever it is like that you're listening to that comes through years or your eyes . So music videos, TV, whatever, like sources of information that you're pulling from in data. So it could be like you're watching TV shows. That's information. It's just probably not high quality information, but, you know, music videos, TVs or, you know, on the positive side way. Look at that. That could be like podcast, the learning, you know, like audiobooks. So whatever it is for your crow, what I'll tell you is it really comes down to the input like the types of inputs that you have it from, like your information and also just a quality like the two queues, of course is quality and quantity. So, like, how much of a positive or negative like inputs of information are you listening to Great and like when you, you know, fix the inputs like the inputs of information like what happens is it inspires you. And it gives you enough lake knowledge to change your actions because applying knowledge is power. So, you know, understanding that our rope, you know, first, it starts with the information and like what we consume the podcast, they e learning the audio books but then transitions into the actions that we take. And, you know, when you have those two things like also what you can use, that helps you flip the switch to get into your state of abundance from inputs and information to action is finding something figure than you. So for me, personally, I go to church and I've been involved with my church, right? And for you, whatever you believe, according to your beliefs and whatever you think is right, you know, you could do things like well, im peering a soup kitchen, right? Or feed my starving Children. Great finding something which is bigger than you, right? Or even like a cool which is bigger than you, which is like hell. About 1000 people feed 1000 people. So whatever it is, that is your goal. It could really help you to do amazing things and take that information that you learn and turn it into action. So that is the last two modules of this course. Thank you. 9. Thank You : guys think is so much for watching that watching this course. And I just want to say again, Thank you. And my name is ya Sport. It was my pleasure talking to you about abundance and things like that. So, you know, the one last thing that I would love to tell you is that abundance is already there, right around us. Everywhere you look, there's abundance. It's just a matter of us tapping into it. And when we tap into it, we just attract more and more and more of it. And if you study things like the law of Attraction, it is a very powerful concept that, like like tracks lady and you get born what you are. You are. So before I go my attention I just wanted to thank you and again my instagram will be up on the screen. You can reach me out through email or my website. So again thank for this course you loved it. Please let me know how I can improve it and also share with a friend which you think get benefit from this. Go eat your buttons