# 6 One Trick to Skyrocket your Loyal Skillshare Followers | Rosa Suen ♫ | Skillshare

# 6 One Trick to Skyrocket your Loyal Skillshare Followers

Rosa Suen ♫, Skillshare Coach: Follow Me ☺♫

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8 Videos (18m)
    • Skillshare Success: Increase LOYAL Followers

    • Rosa's Tip 1: Make this CHANGE

    • Rosa's Demo: Less than 1 Minute

    • Tip 2: Powerful Trick with Many Classes

    • Tip 3: Yet More Powerful with Website URL

    • Tip 4: Bond & Connect!

    • Tip 5: Build Series & Smart Market

    • Run with this Skill & Thank you!


About This Class

Take Action Today with this ONE Trick. You actually see me putting this in action right now. Just One EZ Change to start the ball rolling.

In this class, I am going to show you tips of how I increase Loyal Followers who follow you to all your classes by One EZ Change.  When you see how I do it, you too can have the same results.  It only takes 1 minute of  your  time.


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Let me ask you: What is the point of having a lot of followers if they do not follow you to all your classes!

My Goal in Online Teaching:  Recruit Loyal Followers to enroll into all your classes to learn skills from you.

There are many tips that I will share with you, but there is ONE BIG Secret Tip to get RIGHT Loyal Followers that I use time and time again now when I launch new classes now. I discovered this tip myself after creating 30+ classes.  And today, if you are a Skillshare newbie, you can make use of it right away without all the trials and errors many of us have to struggle with.

Here is what is covered in this class:

1.  Rosa's BIG secret tip to recruit followers in each new launch

2.  I use this Tip to my advantage and you can too.

3.  It only TAKES 1 Minute to Make the CHANGE every time you launch a new class.

4. This tip is powerful if you are a Skillshare that teaches a variety of niches.  In fact, it works MAGIC. I know because I teach business and music hobby courses on Skillshare.

5.  Your Loyal Followers love to promote for you - Build & Connect with them.  Watch how I do this in this video lesson to build up my loyal follower here.  Use the LAW of attraction.  Both of you win.

Follow My Skillshare Success Series for 2017:

Each class is stand alone, so there is no need to take it in any particular order.

# 1 Skillshare New Teachers: Bonuses & Rewards

# 2  Skillshare for Newbies: Always Check Your ID Referral  

# 3 Skillshare Success:  Maximize Class Tags & Keywords To Trend

# 4 Skillshare Success: Maximize Premium Students Enrollments

# 5 Skillshare Success:  Clean Audio Tips with Audacity in 1 Minute

# 6 Skillshare Success: Increase LOYAL Followers!

#7  Skillshare Success: Magnetize Students To Come out to Play

#8 Skillshare Success:  Increase Number of Minutes Watched

#9 Skillshare Success: Get Old Classes Trending High

#10  Skillshare Success:  Strategies to Get Your Classes To Trend at #1 Spot Quickly

Come on in and enroll into this class and I will see you inside,






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Rosa Suen ♫

Skillshare Coach: Follow Me ☺♫

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