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6 Email Marketing Tips For Increased Results

teacher avatar James Canzanella, Affiliate Marketing

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 6 Email Marketing Tips For Generating More Cashflow

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About This Class

If you ever wanted to generate more cashflow from the email subscribers that you already have, then this course is definitely for you.

Upon completing this course, you'll discover 6 out of the box tips for REALLY increasing the amount of revenue through email marketing. Best of all? Many of these tips are very simple to implement.

So if you're looking to get the upper hand when it comes to email marketing, go ahead and enroll right now and I'll see you on the other side.

Meet Your Teacher

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James Canzanella

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketer, course creator, and fan of everything 90s.

Join my new affiliate marketing Facebook group here.

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1. Introduction: Hey, my name is James Kansan. Ellen, welcome to my course where I'm going to show you on the inside six email marketing tips for generating more cash flow. Pretty cool right now. This course is very short straight to the point, and it's going to give you six kinda out of the box tips when it comes to email marketing. And the best part about these unique tips is not only that I personally seen amazing results with them, but they're pretty is simple to implement. For example, just about all of them are gonna allow you to basically go in there and make a few tweaks and then continue on. All right, so aside from that, what I'm going to do with each tip is basically telling the purpose of it and how you can go about doing so along with a few stories here and there. And, of course, the occasional ramble. So with that being said, if you are an email marketer, whether you're looking to become one and you want to make more money from these subscribers that you have, go ahead and roll right now and we'll see you on the next video 2. 6 Email Marketing Tips For Generating More Cashflow: Welcome to my core. Six. Email marketing tips for generating more cash flow. Really cool the heavy here and just a very brief introduction. What I'm going to do is walk you through each of these tips and ironically enough, this is really less about a lot of the things you're going to be writing in your email. But more so what you do outside of your email, however, you're going to be reinforcing them when you write your emails. If that makes sense, that doesn't make sense, is completely cool. Let's continue either way, and I'll show you exactly what I'm talking about. All right, so, first and foremost, what you want to do is setting these standards okay for not sure what I'm talking about. That's what This is far right, So why would you want to do this now? First and foremost, it increases trust. It sets expectations, and it keeps your subscribers longer. For example, I swear I have subscribers that have been on my list for 23 years. Maybe even Mawr, basically since I first started, started building a list, and I believe that is not only maybe they like my products. Maybe they have what I like to say. Whatever the reasons why is a lot of the times I always say expectations. Okay. And how you going to do this? Let me dive into this. So your first email is the best opportunity for this, All right. A big thing you want to remind them is how often are you going to email them? All right, So if you start off in your first email and you say, Hey, I'm gonna be sending an email every day or two, okay? And then you actually do it. They're gonna understand. That's what they can expect from you, right? You set the standards, right? But if you say hey, I'm gonna do you know, I could even say when you're going to send out an email. Me start sending an email every day, it's going to take a what the hell? All right, so, aside from that, what types of emails will be received? Okay. What are the benefits? Are they going to get some articles? Are they going to get some written texts where they're going to get some promotions? The best way to do this is be as clear as possible, but also leave yourself some breathing room because you're never gonna probably get locked into one specific way of doing this. Which is why you can say, Hey, I'll be sending you an email. Usually everyone. The four days. Okay. You don't beg every two days. It's always going to be two days. Never Not gonna be that. All right, So keep that in mind. You can always have some breathing room, some room to adjust. And aside from that, your tone, the voice and the length of emails all right. Everyone has their own tone of voice, especially when it comes to emailing. You might throw in a few jokes there. My biggest recommendation for that is kind of look at what everyone's doing and do the complete opposite. Right? The last thing you want to do a sound like a robot, you know, 40th anniversary sale clicker to buy. That's it. Literally. Sounds not like a human. Okay, so if I was actually typing out everything I was saying right now, you know, I would sound like a normal human being, like I'm sitting here having a conversation with you. You know, we're having a beard to watching the Red Sox, whatever it might be, right? So sound like a human. Initiate that initial tone and voice and, of course, the length of emails that can obviously change. But for the most part, I never read emails that are like, you know, 10 pages long. It might be a scroll or two when looking at the email, but that's something else. So setting the standards is very important, especially if you've ever gotten in a relationship. Imagine a guy got in a relationship with a woman, all right, and this guy has to say, I don't know, wanted to make love every single day, and she's like, No, I only do it once a month. All right, you can see where the nightmare that that's going to be Pretty extreme example, but it's a very similar thing. So when you set the standards, when you set the expectations, they're not going to be disappointed when you do something that you said you were gonna do it right? So that's number one. Like I said, not a huge really email marketing tip. We have to write out a lot, but making sure they know exactly what they're going to be getting from you. OK, so number two, we got email. Often. This is a huge one. And there's so much debate about this. But I'm gonna be giving you my advice from what I have done and has worked to generate the most cash flow for me. All right, so here's the purpose. One you know more often to more casual. Okay, Pretty simple when it comes to purpose. Now, here's the how to. First, you let them know ahead of time. All right. There's a reason why I put the second is because it's after you set the standards. You let them know. Hey, I send daily emails. Okay, If that's not your cup of tea, you can unsubscribe. Okay, But aside from that, that's what I do. You put your foot down, you're the expert. You control how often you send your emails out. Just let them know. All right. So you mail more often, you generate more cash. So with all the testing I have ever done, the most profitable list I have, despite the fact they might be from in the same niche, whether it be a different segment, Whatever is when I email every single day. Okay, so I would say like, hey, expecting email for me every one or two days. And the cool part about this is that sometimes, like, I'll send out an email and 24 hours all son to the UN Opens. Okay, so it's not always going out to everyone, but I am still personally sending out an email, even if not everyone receives. All right, this is, um I just don't know any other way to say it. Besides, it's going to generate more casual because obviously, if you email once a month and there's one promo okay, and you email, you know, seven days a week and there's two pro Mo's each week, it's just it's obvious. Okay? People argue that you're gonna get subscribes. That doesn't matter. That's a scarcity mindset thing. And like I said, when you set the standards, it's not gonna be as big of a deal. So from all the testing I've done and a lot of the expert email marketers, I know it's always come out email more often. Okay? You don't have to do promo is every single email, But keep that in mind, Okay? So if you want, If you want to make more money, send out more emails. It's simple. Is that okay? Next Number three is angle value. You probably have no idea what I'm talking about here. But you know what? That's why I'm gonna explain it to you. So here's the purpose. To provide value and angle it to an offer. All right, This is how you can kind of get sneaky in terms of promoting more often providing value and not having people be like, Oh, this guy sucks, You know what I mean? Cause some I do believe that, like people that do promote often just do it wrong. It's like click here by this click here. By this, it's like a broken record. You know what's coming, and it's just not exciting to read. Okay, I like entertainment personally, so that's the type of email marketing I don't like. But you can actually make it work, provide value and make money at the same time. This is what angle value is all about. Here's the how to. Here's the juice, the good stuff, right? So instead of just doing a value email, okay, a value meal, for example, is let's just say there's no links. It's just texted. You're gonna walk him through something very important, something very valuable to you. That might be something different to me, but it might be something different. Heck, to your audience. It's always gonna be something different, because everyone's at different stages, right? For a complete beginner, how to set up a WordPress site might be like a gold bar to them. But for a grizzled veteran, they want to know how to go from 50 K to 100 k a month. There's gonna be a difference. Depends on your audience. Breathe away. So you write a value email, okay? Or what you can do is perhaps, let's say you send it to an article or you can send it to a block post. Or you can send it to a YouTube video that we're kind of switching it up a little. So instead of doing this on your email would just be like, Hey, I have this great piece of content for you. Click here to see it. It would be a shorter email wherever you send it to. Okay, you have a soft sell for a recommended resource at the end, so if it's a YouTube video after the watching, say, Hey, thanks for watching this email marketing tips. By the way, if you haven't picked up on auto responder, I highly recommend a Weber. It's what I use. I've been using it for years, and it's highly recommended. So if you want to check it out, here's my link for That's a simple soft so all right, something that's going to be recommended. And when you do something like that, I would like to say I've never had complaints like that before because it's it's just very natural. And it's like, Oh, this dude really helped me out and it's like the next step, All right, so someone's like, Hey, how can I use these GMO marketing tips? Well, if you want to use a Weber, here's my link for it. Okay, so it's like the next. It's a natural process, so it Zraly a soft sell. It's not like the whole email is about it, where the whole blogger, the whole article, but what you're doing is basically providing value than at the end of very soft sell. So that's how you can actually get away with literally promoting in every single email. If you do something similar to this heck, it could be tax and say OK, PS, in case you're looking for another responded. That's really good. Check out a Weber OK that could be sent to an article. It could be sent to a block post. People love blawg posts so they know. I feel like they know there's gonna be more recommendations there. Will there be an affiliate link, whatever. And, of course, a YouTube video where it's usually at the end. Nice Little called the action. But hopefully this kind of gets your mind spinning that even if you're going to do some type of value email you can at the same time make commissions from it, makes sales generate cash flow you get. So that's the next one that was angle value. Keep that in mind. It's Ah, very powerful tactic, and this is how a lot of people quote unquote get away with doing more. I guess you could say promotions or even is putting affiliate links in their emails or value whatever it is because they do. A structure like this makes sense. All right. Cool Number four is pre sell offers right. This is huge, especially if you want to increase your IPCS, which is earnings per click. OK, so here's the purpose it's going to warm up. The audience is going to create buzz and hype, which is not a bad thing. Okay, those words have a lot of negative connotations, but the example I always give is for boxing matches, cause I'm not huge on boxing, I never really watch it. But, man, they know how to really create a lot of buzz and hype to get you excited where I said, I'm not even a boxing fan, and I almost really want to go in order that, Okay, but I won't because I don't. But either way, I know for a fact that someone who might be the slightest bit of a boxing fan that's gonna really help, you know, push him off the fence, get him the order, so it's not a bad thing at all. Next, it's going to draw attention to importance, right? You might have something really important coming up. Maybe it's your own product. Maybe it's someone else. I'll tell you what, If you don't toot your own horn, no one's going to do it for you. All right, So pre selling offers very powerful tactic. Here's the how to. All right, So what you want to do is send toe a block post or okay, you consent to a you tube video, and basically you do that before you pitch a product. So let's just say like a product's going live tomorrow. I can send out an email today reminding them, basically putting them in front of them. They might not even know anything about it. Talk about the benefits, how it's gonna help them, so on and so forth. There's probably gonna be no buying a link just because it hasn't opened up yet. And this works very well with product launches. Okay, and another little note here. Keep in mind that every product can be a quote unquote launch, right? Or, in other words, it can be evergreen. So what that means is, even if you've had a product that's been out for a year, what you can do is lead up to it. For example, if you have new audience subscribers, you can send out an email where, no matter who comes in, no matter how many years past as long as the product is still up to date and it works, and so on and so forth, you can basically do the same thing. We introduced the concept. You build it up, you talk about what's gonna be coming up in a few days and then, you know, once it's finally live, you can send an email were saying, Hey, you can now get your hands on it instead of its live and so on and so forth. What that does is create an evergreen product where it looks like a launch, but you're building up the same process of it without having all the affiliates himself. So keep that in mind. Pre selling offers is extremely powerful. This is what allowed Meteo to get, you know, IPCs of like five and $6 on very, very low ticket products, so works very well. I've done it a lot and a highly recommended as well for you to, as opposed to just, you know, cold. Sending out an email to an offer. They have no idea what it's about. There's no really significance they haven't been, you know, bought into kind of the idea of the benefits behind it. So anyway, wrapping it up, that's pre sell offers. Okay, Next, we got a little curveball for you, for all of you affiliate marketers and is to promote your own products. Okay, so here's the purpose. One is to keep more leads, Okay, The, ah, the Mawr experience to get with online business. And the more I realize people really love holding tight onto their leads. Okay. And any time you send out, you know, an offer and someone purchases, obviously they're going to get the leads. Okay, Aside from that, when you promote your own products, you're going to make more money. Okay, so if you rely mostly on your own products, you're going to control so much of your income and then affiliate marketing is a bonus, Okay. As opposed to affiliate marketing being the only thing you know, that's usually how the situation is. But I've been on both sides of the fence and I can tell you having your own products, you're gonna make so much more money doing that, and then affiliate marketing you can do obviously as a bonus. So here's what happens. You got your products versus not your products, and like I said, Even if you're an affiliate marketer, it's not very challenging to create a product. There's tons of ways to do it. Even if you're not an expert, you can actually go out there and interview someone who has expertise on the topic and sell that as a product of done that before. It works very well, and I remember was for T spring. I never had one campaign that was successful, like I sold a few shirts, but it was never enough where I could actually, you know, get profits from it. So what I did is basically hire someone, not hire someone. I basically talk to someone, and I talked to him on a Skype call, recorded it, and I packaged it up is a product. So not only did I get to learn from it, but many others did, too, and he was the expert sharing the information. So keep that in mind. There's plenty ways to create a product. Okay, next week, 100% verse 50% and I put in quotations, commissions. Whenever you're promoting, you know, an offer, maybe it's unclear. Bank of getting 75% but a lot of products nowadays air 50% on the front end. You're keeping 100% side from, you know, maybe a paid healthy whatever you're still keeping all this is it's not going in any affiliate pockets. Okay? So keep that in mind. The difference between promoting other products in your own is you know, I love to say it's just night and day. I don't know any other way to say it. You're gonna make so much more money, okay? Because like I talked about the commissions and that you control how much it costs so on and so forth. And once again, affiliate marketing gets to become a bonus. Okay, It's putting much more control of your online business in your own hands. Like I said, this isn't one of those huge tips. When it comes to something you really change in your emails, except for the fact that the products you promote inside your emails they're going to change, all right. And that makes a world of a difference. Because most promotions nowadays, air obviously done through email marketing. So keep that in mind, even if it's something you're not like wanting to do right now or tomorrow, eventually you're gonna come back to this and you're gonna thank me, and it's gonna really explode your business in a good way. Okay, So with that being said, let's move on. This is a continuation of number five. Like I said, this isn't an e mail one, specifically, but a lot of the, um, promotions do get done by email. So you got a raise your prices. Okay, here's the purpose. You know, the products you promote, right? Even if it's yours or not, raise the prices. Okay. I remember one of my coaches once had a ah coaching call. I think he paid, I don't know, maybe 35 k And, you know, I asked him how was it was like it was good. The entire called. Basically, the theme was Just raise your prices. That's it. Guy paid around 3 to 5 k, maybe more. Might be a little less. I know it was at least $1000 the whole idea of the conversation was to raise your prices okay to someone who is just beginning. They're going to be like, Oh, my God, That was a scam, you know? Why would someone pay that much because when he took that person's advice and he starts getting paid double for what he was asking for, coaching that advice can literally make him hundreds of thousands of dollars for some shirt did. Because I seen as he grew, if someone was charging $2000 then they start charging five or $10,000 Okay, that's that's literally a world of a difference. That's a business changed immediately. So keep that in mind, Raise your prices is very powerful. Here's the how to. All right, So if you have your own products, raise your prices. Okay. Now, this isn't always going to work. I completely understand. If you have a $7 product and you're just like, I'm gonna make it $7000 it doesn't always work that way. Okay, cause if you just throw it on like click bank not gonna happen, Especially when the market like that is ah, you know, used to products that are much lower. The thing you need to do, obviously you're gonna probably need to change up the product a little, depending on you know what you got in there? What you don't have in it. Make it more hands on at coaching. But the best way I have noticed, if you want to raise your prices, is to either sell by webinar bacon. Close someone on the phone. Okay, so all you need to do when it comes to closing on a phone is basically getting an application, and you speak to them one on one. From what I've noticed, closing on the phone is the easiest way to sell anything because you can speak to specifically one person. You can answer any objections and excuses, any questions, and it's not directed at a large group of people. Okay. Ironically enough, both of these air pride the two things that people least want to do because the webinar they think it's like stage right there, talking to a lot of people, even though you can automate them. And when it comes to closing on a phone. Apparently, as humans don't like talking to anyone, even if it's someone who wants to speak to you, which is ironic enough. But either way, if you're an affiliate, what you can do is look for higher priced products to promote, okay, there's tons of them out there. A lot of people who are doing high ticket stuff do have affiliate offers for them. Sometimes you can lay since their funnel where all you have to do is send traffic to it, and you get paid some pretty big commissions. Okay, a lot of offers like that where they do the selling, whatever it's going to be, just gotta look for them, depending on what nature. And if you're in the, um, you know, kind of like stitching, Mitch. I'm not sure if they're gonna have high ticket offers for that or if you're in, like the crow. Shea. Or maybe you're in, um, underwater basket weaving. I'm not sure if they have high ticket offers you could check, but I'm gonna guess you're not in those niches. And one thing I do want to mention before I kind of wrap this up. If someone once told me this and it really stuck with me and I want to share it with you two, I'm just paraphrasing here because I'm sure he said it in a different way. But either way, it says you want to gain people's trust to be able to sell mid and high ticket products or offers okay, which makes a ton of sense, because from what I've noticed, someone who doesn't really know you getting them to take out and spend like $5 isn't as big of a deal or much of a difference at all between them taking out a credit card and spending $5000. Okay, so it really doesn't make the sense a lot of sense where if you're going to be building up , an email is building trust, and it's like, Hey, I got this amazing offer for you. It's only a dollar. Okay? Items like that do have their place. Maybe you want to get buyers in, But keep in mind if you're building all this trust and people can spend, you know, $500 maybe $1000 whatever it's going to be, there's no point and not trying it out. I've seen it happen before. I've seen how people's income can literally go from nothing to just so much just because they focused on raising the prices. I know Coach who I went through, used to sell products for, like, that's like $7 then maybe 2 47 and 4 97 Now he's doing 10,000, 25,000 on there's it's basically obvious to see why he's literally the top of what he does right now. Just because he's done so well. He's raised its prices. But like I said, this is email marketing. And, like when it comes to email marketing, got to raise your prices and the products you're going to promote. Because guess what? There's going to be links that go to those products so a little bit out of the box. But either way, I hope you got some great insight out of this. Hope your ah, you got a few ah ha moments. But either way, I'm James Cans. Noah, thank you for watching and I'll talk to you soon.