6 Easy Watercolor Projects You Should Try - Florals, Treats & more! | Sai K | Skillshare

6 Easy Watercolor Projects You Should Try - Florals, Treats & more!

Sai K, Instructor on Skillshare.

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8 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Sweet Cup Cake

    • 4. Loose Roses

    • 5. Cactus

    • 6. Ice Cream

    • 7. Coffee & Tea Cup

    • 8. Popsicles


About This Class

This is a beginner level watercolor painting course.

Every new comer to watercolor will love to paint these cool projects!

And you do not have to take all the lessons at once, you can take up the projects separately in your own time.

Don't forget to share what you create here with me and with everybody else.
I would love to see your projects..!!

Let's Go....


1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. My name is Sai. Welcome to my new class. I'm so excited to present you the class where we will be painting two projects with water colors which you can use them as stickers in your journal also will explore different shapes and styles for our project. As this project is done for beginners, I will be showing radius references from three sites on. My main goal is to convey that any person can enjoy watercolor painting on its soul. So I hope you will enjoy my class. By the end of the class, you'll be able to do sketching on painting. This project's easily as all my videos are real time. So in the next video I will show you supplies I wouldn't be using. So let's begin. 2. Supplies: in this class will be using foreign supplies Court. This paper used at least one having 25% mortality. You can use any brand new life on water Collopy. Since it is big news class, I would recommend you go with basic watercolor kids until you get good. Hang on it. You can see I have different shapes off each color, like blue has three different shapes and even yellow. I'm using Campbell in character. I'm tissue people on off balance. You can see my ballot has many sections. You can have a lot of color mixing in this palette on off course water. And I'm using number six a number four round brush use buried in a brush. Put hi nights. I'm Benson. Very light pencil for out my gun and ingreso that's all. It just so simple. Come along. It's being 3. Sweet Cup Cake: Firstly, let's research for our reference. In Major, you can find your inspiration almost everywhere, beating real life or on sites like Pinterest fixes. It will give you a lot off the results, so I'm keeping this image asthma reference image for today. So let's begin. I'll be using number six on number four, Long Brush on Also, and one inch pencil two months outlines. You can see I'm making the outline very lightly so that I'll be ableto Ellis without any marks on my watercolor painting. Your shape need not be so perfect as but the reference emit. You can make any alterations as per your choice. As for your creativity skills, you can make some different images off the cupcake on my mix and match for you, though patterns. So now let's begin with watercolor. I'm mixing up magenta on, marking up blinds all over them good, leaving some gap in between. I'm I'm not think much water here. I have kept the first layer very light, and I'm making sure that each line has gap between each other, adding some border the bottom part on adding some more darker shades of pink when the paint is almost tried on the lines. I'm adding some ocean Yates off being to highlight the mark to highlight the shadows. Since you're a big no, you can just see a reference image for those shadows on highlight. The 80 s waited requires more color. See that your pain doesn't come out of the outline. Take some water on, pull up all the pain all over the cupcake so that it will give some shadow effect throughout the cup. Next time. Mixing brown on top of the cupcake, spread the pain of gross on top of the light brown. I'm adding darker brown. Once it is dried up. I'm manning an outline with dark brown color for cream. I've added some water. Andi, I hadn't really light thing leaving some white space you can see have left a lot of white space in between and find me. I have made it out. Going with darker p repeated the scene when next Two layers of the cupcake. Just small jobs. Once you let it with water, you can I'm self. I have left some white spaces in between each layer I'm finally with really like think I have colored it up on finally I am adding few more layers on top of the cup. Now it's time to decorate a cupcake with marvels. You can you can on any other shapes, like hearts are chocolate chips to lay the cup key, but I'm adding small caps with darker brown. Give it a nice, realistic So finally over sweetest Coptic Israeli. I hope you're really enjoyed spending this, so see you in the next video. 4. Loose Roses: I'm gonna show you how to paint this gorgeous roses easily. So let's start. I'm using number six round brush. Your I'm dipping off some magenta, so it's just simple brush strokes you can see now for the center. I'm keeping it darkest, so just make a coffee shapes in the center with darker shade of magenta. Andi Azima What you can see. The brushstrokes will be larger on lighter in color. Just press down your brush on. You can cover more space to meet the pattern. You can see each petal is coming to connecting to one another. I like to keep rose light and what tree? Just remember, the center will be darkest on rich in color and soft and color. As you work on the outside, you can see you can give going round and round on. I think you'll eventually. No way to stop Andi. Do not aim for perfect symmetry, so if you have roses lying around your house, you can just look at that on. See that it will be the best painting. Now that we have first rose, I'm going toe second rose. I'm using orange color no again. Darker. She sits in the center Onda play more pressure to get larger strokes. Andi, I forgot to mention that you're gonna leave some white spaces in the middle to get good shape off the rules. You can make it look more watery, are accordingly said your consistency. I'm just adding a little more pain towards edges. I'm mixing two colors here, So if you just want tohave more definition to your pain, you can Adam lots of color. I'm going back to the first rose and adding in some more color. No flower is complete without some leaves, so I'm using some shares of green here for making these again. It's very simple on basic shape. You can use this technique off painting leaves if you are a beginner, no, and make different sciences off your choice. So yah, Firstly, if it's done like me, goto second leaf, Um, adding some extinctions here just toe give Ah, nice look. So coming back toe another leaf, you can pick up any shares of green for making leaves off rose to add more that you can use darker color and then and in some layers to it. So yeah, under roses are done. I find this roses. So, Pitino, I hope you also like that too. 5. Cactus: Hello. In today's with you, I'm gonna show you see cactus tiny cactus, which you can make them as a stickers in your journal. So basically, I'm just finding out Left in snow, seeing on the Internet, you can draw your own. She are. You can just see the shape which I'm doing, and then you can just use it as our reference cactus. So I'm going to start with basic sketch. Firstly, I'm gonna make the remote the part. Andi talk cactuses with me with port on one without part. So I'm just making the outline here. I'm not going in tow The days for first characters I'm adding a small tiny blossom. One top off it are some flour. Anyone can try this cactus article a painting. It's very simple. You just need to use different shades of green. This article a painting went on me that really because I'm just sketching It will be like a stickers for one off my journal. Tarred characters is just a plain one without any flower. So now we have done sketching. Let's go on, grab some paint. I'm mixing two shapes of brown here on adding for my but something which will look something like terracotta part. You can see em adding ready light watch and then spreading the extractor into it. Water andare profit. I'm adding dark run when the pain distant like I'm adding the second layer off brown on a lonely to spread on. I have a lot of white spaces in between so called apart looks like this. I'm finally, um, adding a darker shade off brown on top of the But I'm giving a final that for the bottom. So yeah, what is done? I'm using numbers X round brush your so I'm going back to my third part. I picked up light pink, all magenta you can call magenta, so I'm keeping it very light. I had a little more water for this. If you own much detail just at light paint at the Big Ning and then start adding negotiates but the second good spreading with water again with lightning, I like to make different border plans with different color variations to see it will really look very good, and to use them in your journal will really are a lot off effect, so always choose different colors. Now I'm adding some brown far my second CAC ty So it looks something like soil Just giving some small adapts When you distill went on allowing the pain to flow you can see for character You can use different variations of green For each layer you can use light green For another layer you can use darker shade of green So I'm using lighter green Now for the under the side off cacti Just making a plane wash first wash rich, light ugly. Once it is dried up, I'm gonna add some more shades of green Now, for the second capped, I I'm gonna make some blue A man in a lot of water It's going to be navy blue Just pick some order and then wash it off First on. Then start adding you're water in blue on top of the cactus Get the excess water down. If it is more what we just make your brush to drink the water, just dry brush and then slowly take out the water from your brush trying brush So I'm getting the water tow towards down. Then the pain bleed. So, no for the dark act. I I'm using light green mixed with so orange you can see I'm making the colors. I'm using the article cheer sometime. I'm using very light or shared. At times you could You can see I have left some white spaces. I'm going back to the first cactus. Once it is dried up, I'm adding border with dark green. I'm actually covering half part of the characters with dark green. You can see there are color snow appreciates. No, Do the same with the other side. So in the middle, amounting light green in my right space. No, I'm switching toe slobber. A tiny flower on top of the character. I'm making small, very shapes. Something like his exact type. Yes, models is exact lines. I'm highlighting with darker magenta. Again. I'm going back and adding a few more details to my cactus first cactus. It was looking so dull, so I just added another layer. So now I'm adding some sports. Did the joints, the blue color let it bleed if it is bleeding, but the third characters, once it is almost dried. I'm adding lines. We will not joined, so I'm leaving some gap between if it is still wet. Let it be. It also gives us some natural shape, natural look of the cactus Because all the lines may not be, like very crisp, even for the original characters, right? So I'm allowing it doubly. Now let's go back on, make some vertical lines on character. See that you make really of tin work aligns using some Tina brush but brushstrokes before the second character mounting navy blue dots. Small dots are some a well, kind of shapes here and there. Oh, let it dry. Andi, you're done. Make this as your sticker for your general on Enjoy. 6. Ice Cream: Hello. Let's make some strawberry ice cream. I'm making basic reshape with little co at the bottom on, and your school may be much bigger than this or you can have double school. I'm adding coal at the bottom of the corn. So now let's make clear wash on the corn. See that the water is not too much. You'll have to put in just right amount of Bordeaux. You can see whole kun is covered with water. Now I'm gonna take some yellow polka on. Follow through the edges off the coun. I'm keeping the pain little watery on following my pain toe bleed on top of the cone. I'm making some co V shape under the bottom. I'm adding darker brown. Don't give it up Crisp effect If you see water polo once it is dried up, it's going to be lighten so we can always go back on adding negotiates once it is dried up . If you want to keep it really simple, like how I'm doing it can just add some brighter colors at the beginning, or if you don't wish to add many layers, you can just keep it very simple by adding bright, a color if you want. Oh, make it more complicated than you'll have a lot of layers on it. So now let's allow it to dry the biding. Let's go to Pinterest. Andi. See some patterns to our court. You can make any baton. Crisscross are some check box or squares. I'm keeping it very simple year. I'm making cross lines all over the corn. Andi, it's fine if it is still right on the edges off the corn. It gives us like a really look, but not so super as we don't have to be perfect. Now you can notice Each line is different on not so perfect. I like to keep my painting this way. I'm adding darker brown towards the top and also at the bottom. And now it's time to add Clearwater for our school. You can see him not feeling water all over the school. I'm leaving some wide gaps. I'm taking magenta on, adding some gaps on letting it to spread in its own shape. And then I'm gonna dark in the outer layer, taking dark magenta. It's okay if your color is mixing up with corn school colors, mixing up it cone will give us a nice look. Let's add some gaps here and there. With darker magenta, you can see I'm making some course. Andi, I'm not making any straight lines and I'm adding some more darker. Megyn Loudobbs! It's fun. If we drop in some some of the ice cream down, scandal leaking down, then I'm gonna adding some darkest magenta as a toppings. You can go ahead on adding any details on your corn. You can shape it anyhow. You want toe. You can make your customized corn with the watercolors. Finally, I'm making the corn look like then our two layers off ice cream. So I'm making this shape over here. A call v shape, I like toe are a cherry on top of my cone. So I'm adding small Cherry. So, yeah, our customized phone is ready. I hope you all enjoyed seeing this project 7. Coffee & Tea Cup: Let's paint a coffee cup on. Also take up together. You can see I always like to start with a rough sketch, so make sure you're drawing a perfect nice overall shape for making coffee illustrations. You can draw any kind of bottom. Maybe, Oh, straight line are having some car. I'm adding some calls on top of my cup like to create something like a frost, Um, adding some random lines. Now let's go back on. Sketch over, take up or glass again. A nice oil shape followed by the shape of the glass. I'm using a reference Andi, I'm sketching a rough image of this. You can see a painting. We may not be perfect now for the colors I'm going to start with. Some local are. You can use my starting state. You can know day some wide gaps all over the coffee. I'm making a light wash off a local on added darker. That's now coming back toe pick up. I'm adding darker brown on dabs off darker brown at the bottom to create some shadow effects. So when you don't this, it will create nice layers you can see once it is right up, you'll be able to see the layers with light of wrong. I'm adding some cardboard. The talk. I'm even at the bottom with medium consistency. Now let's wait until it's dried up and go back and add some frost taking light, taking darker Rome and painting a nice outline for my coffee cup. See that your paint is dried up completely, then come back and add your darker brown for your coffee. Now let's allow it to dry on. Come back toe pick up. I'm using light brown on making coast at the top of the cup. I'm finally amounting your local on top to get some caramel color on finishing it off with thick brown idol outlines all over the glass. You can see our teacup is ready. I have made stop dark brown black on violet on again, making a outline on. Also, I'm making small bubbles for the frost. I'm scattering here and there you can see I'm making very tiny bubbles toe some something larger. I'm placing few bubbles at one sport on fewer the other sports. Now I'm going back and adding some light blue For the cup. You can use very light wash off blue you can turn up with anything you want. Leave some wind gaps in few places just to enhance glossy finish on with darker blue. I'm making the outlines. You can see inner Linus very darker. Come back to the output line for the over and also Father Panda. I'm using the same technique, keeping the in earlier light in a layer dark on outer layer light, finally adding some shadow for the reflections just to add in some more details. But I just want to keep the cup very simple. Under balance Shadow with the cup. I hope you all enjoyed what watching we do. See you in the next week, Dio. 8. Popsicles: we are going to make to particle of Popsicles in this video. So I feel particle ized the best medium toe pain, things like popsicles. Now I have decided which colors I'll be using. Andi, I have made my panel ready, so I'm just grabbing a Benson undoing. Two different shapes off Popsicles. Here for shape is something like rectangle. On 2nd 1 I'm keeping us up bell shaped. Andi, I'm making short stick for that. I made slight alteration toe my popsicle. Scared. After which I have added lots and lots of water all over the popsicles. I'm using a couple of different colors here like magenta green. Violet, Andi, I'm using number six stone brush. Just grab darker magenta. Andi, add some dabs. Allow it to blend. You can see it is blending probably and make some outline. Unfeeling most of the white spaces, but still you can see I have are a few white spaces here and there to give nice ice effect . You can also add up any different texture to it. Andi, Any color combination you like toe for second Popsicle. I'm using the light broke light blue. You can see I have added water only at the top of the Popsicle coming back to the 1st 1 If water is dried up, you can add more water and then filling your colors. Just a lawyer toe. Blake. You can see the middle part is white. You can get to know that it's some plain flavor there or some lemon flavor. So totally it looks like three flavored Popsicle. Just giving some shadows. If you feel it is more dying, you can always go on at some more. Negotiates for watercolors. If you feel very dull, you can go back on adding some more bright colors for the next Popsicle. I'm using green again in the middle, you can see display ending with blue. Light it blank as this is made up off ice I've bought on my minding a manning orange. Like I said, you can use any color combinations for this on for natural effect, I'm allowing it to bleed even more down. This can be easily created by anyone. It looks like watermelon, so I'm adding seeds kind of texture on top of the magenta. You can see I made some mistake over there, so I'm going back on adding magenta on top of it as my bane. Waas read. I added the maybe blue color. So say that once you paid this completely dry, you're going addio textures on top off it. Like how I added the maybe blue color. So since my paint was very dull, I'm adding another court off magenta to it to make it much more brighter. It takes time for watercolors to dry up. So always have patients. Keep it below the fan. Oh, are you could use hair dryer to dry. Once it is dried up, you can go back and every so much out of the markings for the popsicles. I'm using the lighter brown on the Creator. Really? Look, I use darker brown on the top of the Popsicle stick to give something like a shadow. If it are like a really Look, I hope you really enjoyed watching the Stacy Popsicles. See you in the next video