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6 Creative Thinking Strategies

Karol Wild, Coach & Psychotherapist

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9 Videos (34m)
    • Trailer to 6 Creative Thinking Strategies

    • Introduction to Thinking strategies - Lesson 1

    • Collecting ideas - Lesson 2

    • Use of stimuli - Lesson 3

    • Combinations - Lesson 4

    • Free associations - Lesson 5

    • Paradoxical Thinking - Lesson 6.1.

    • Lateral Thinking - Lesson 6.2.

    • Putting all together - Lesson 7


About This Class

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Rapidly changing environments with complex and diverse elements require flexible and innovative responses. Rigid operating systems are ineffective in such environments and lead often to stress.

Flexible systems, in contrast, are characterised by multiple solution possibilities.

Creative solutions can provide flexibility by increasing our options and helping us cope and adapt.

The more ideas we have, the more solution avenues will be at our disposal.

New ideas can open up new worlds, new insights, and new ways of doing old things. Creativity, in short, can help us reinvent ourselves and our organisations.

If you are searching for ways to improve your problem solving kit, in this course we present and offer, six different thinking strategies in order to increase your creativity and innovation levels.

1. collecting ideas
2. free associations
3. combinations
4. use of stimuli
5. paradoxical thinking
6. lateral thinking





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Karol Wild

Coach & Psychotherapist

Hello, I'm Karol J. Wild

I provide personal development services, like: Executive Coaching, Psychotherapy, Leadership & Management Workshops. Target group are middle and top managers, respective persons with mental health problems.

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