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6 Content Calendar mistakes most entrepreneurs make

teacher avatar Amsa Venktesan, Digital Marketer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Content Calendar Introduction

    • 2. Content Calendar Mistake #1

    • 3. Content Calendar Mistake #2

    • 4. Content Calendar Mistake #3

    • 5. Content Calendar Mistake #4

    • 6. Content Calendar Mistake #5

    • 7. Content Calendar Mistake #6

    • 8. Bonus My Trello Workflow

    • 9. Content Calendar Wrap up

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About This Class

In this class, you will learn the top 6 mistakes most entrepreneurs and social media managers make and how to overcome them.

Use paper, Trello or Asana to get your content calendar in place!

Meet Your Teacher

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Amsa Venktesan

Digital Marketer


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1. Content Calendar Introduction: Whether you are a marketer, a strategist or a social media manager, you should know the importance off having a Contin calendar for your business. Offer your clients. You could be a freelancer, or you could be working for a company as a social media manager or in the marketing team. But our content calendar is really important to take your business or your client's business to the very next level. Having a proper cat content calendar will help you and your clients understand the exact requirements off what has to be done when, where and how it has to be integrated will be in the system. Clearly. Hi, I'm answer accounting marketer on a social media manager on the founder off team called Mission Consulting. I work with small business owners, toe help them with content marketing and take their social media game to the very next level to help them weather their product or service based business here. Today, I'll be teaching you about the sixth stop mistakes entrepreneurs or social media managers make, and that has to be totally changed so that you can take your content marketing or your country calendar to help with your marketing to the very next level 2. Content Calendar Mistake #1: just that we are gonna be discussing all about content calendars, and I know that most of us as entrepreneurs, we make mistakes. As social media managers, we all are prone to make mistakes. You know, with our country calendar would not be today marketing stuff, just in case we don't have a content calendar. I'll bring an example off exactly what accounting calendar actually is. Let me give you an idea of water content. Calendar is actually is just in case you don't have any idea if you're outside the marketing scope and you're looking to get into marketing or in the Social media management Accountant calendar is basically, you know, a calendar. Or, you know, an idea sheet that is going to give you wish, really an idea off what you will post every single day in your business. All failed lines that is really going to help you get a Momenta me into your business or your clients toe. Understand what your ideal clients or what your target market can actually expect to get from you. When they get into your social media, you don't platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Lyndon Pinterest or even YouTube as a channel. I do use YouTube to promote a lot of videos because I am a social media manager and I have lot of tips that I can share with my audience. I create courses, so these are a few things, and I have all of these laid out on my country calendar. So let me tell you, once again, contain calendar is really important and that you need tohave one, and you have to start your marketing, you know, in the right possible way with all the information. So with this all being said, let's now get into the top six mistakes that entrepreneurs make in terms of content calendar. So this brings me to the number one mistake that entrepreneurs make is actually not having a content calendar are not using the content calendar that you have already created? Yes, you got me right. You might have as a social media manager or an entrepreneur who has marketing efforts into your business. I am sure that you would have had a content calendar if you already know about it, that I don't have to sell you on the idea of having a content calendar. So if you already have had one earlier or you don't have a content calendar yet. It's time for you to start utilizing your content calendar because it is going to help you laid on all the ideas off all that you are going to promote. Or if you work for an organization and the organization has a big team or they're planning to expand their team and that you need to ah, you know, let people know that they have to use your content calendar. It's high time that you use a tool, probably that will help you like asana or trial. Oh, these two are my absolute favorites, so you can use a tool which is visually appealing, where you can have people into the groups or into the boards as they join your team so that they can also keep in the piece. So if you have already had a content calendar and you say it somewhere on the shelf, it's somewhere there. I have no idea. I have to pick it up from somewhere dusted off. It's time to take your content calendar out because you have to do a lot of planning 3. Content Calendar Mistake #2: mistake number two. Not having a live content Galindo, which means you don't have ah content calendar that is easily edit herbal. In case you make any mistakes, let me give you an example again where Let's assume you work in an organization or you have a business of your own again. But in case you work in an organization and you have a marketing team where you work but you know multiple, you know members in the group and you have new ideas flowing every single day. And if you're still using pen and paper to make a note, if it you know that you will have to scratch and make changes, which is really not the case off a content calendar. So you need to have ah content calendar tool that will help you make changes without making it look fuzzy. So that's the reason I love using trailer or asana on my personal favorite estrella. Oh, because I like the way the cars are arranged. The boats look, but don't worry, I'm gonna have a separate tutorial on how I use trail. Oh, and I can give you an idea into how I planned my content for my skill share causes for my YouTube content on many more, but now you need to have a Contin calendar that's easy to use, where you can drag on drop and you can make changes. Always remember, if you are working in an organization or you have multiple team members, you definitely will have to use a tool, which makes it easy where you don't have to scratch. You don't have to charge a paper, so all of these are gonna really help you keep organized. Keep yourself focused. Make it neat, clean American as well. Add attachments. In case you know, you get some ideas, you want to clip ideas from different sources. You use Evernote. There are a lot of things called poverty ups that you can really use, so it's really important to use a life content calendar where you can make changes. 4. Content Calendar Mistake #3: take number three Not having a content Ideas bank. Yes, you got me right. It's really important for marketers and social media managers toe have an idea off all the marketing materials that we could promote in a business. It is so important tohave an accumulation off. You know, our different sources, different materials that could pick from, you know, in order to promote in the business. So I can again, you know, relate this by an example. When I market my business, it I make sure because I am talking toe all small business owners, especially. I talk to coaches, online course creators and bloggers. I ensure that I always have contents that relates toe bloggers. So I do have, ah, habit, any market. I would have a habit off getting into other block posts that are related to manage to see the kind of blog's that they create to see the kind off instagram pose of the share, to see the kind of YouTube videos that they create because they also have the same audience as I do. So that really helps me understand the different topics that I could again talk about. I might have spoken about the same topic earlier, but they could be a slight variation, and I would as well talk about what I'm trying to say to my audience. So this in this case it's really important to understand that not having a content ideas bank will surely, you know, let you not understand the kind of content that you could promote in your channels for your ideal clients. In terms of my content bank, I earlier used one note because that's a free tool that is available toe have a repository off all content ideas. But I recently started using Evernote because I see that's more kind of my style, even though I estrella Oh, I do have up, you know, Ah, long script that I have to create for my videos off of my causes so I don't type and that all the time. So try low and Evernote is open in my system all the time, so you need to have a content bank. I also like the fact that Evernote has electable. So any time that I see a new topic or that I have toe, take something for my branding course or take something where I have to do new images for my you know, I should say, for my clients or for my target audience. And if I find something that's nice on the Web, I use the Avenor vegetable option and I take that idea. And I put it into my content bank repository that I have on my ever. Not so I. You know, I have to let you know that having a content ideas, bank or you can otherwise call it a content repository is really important to get your country in Game two the very next level. 5. Content Calendar Mistake #4: steak number four. Not planning your content a tall or you are planning to much in advance or you're just posting on the go Well, this is something that has to be stopped because you cannot plan too far in advance or you cannot plan at all. And you cannot just post on the go because that really does not work because your target audience will have toe have the kind of content that you will produce or that will, you know, give them on social media because you know you should always lead by value. The company will have a value for its product or its service and in order for your customers, too, trust you the know like and trust factor that the always talked about in marketing. Then it is what your country marketing dust plane. So if you are somebody who does not plan your content it all, I am telling you it's time for you to start easily with a paper and pen. If you have not adapted to any project management tool or a country marketing to, then you could sit down right away. Pause the video. You could sit down right away, take a pen and paper and find out what all content You can talk to your ideal client. I produce videos related to marketing because I am a social media manager. So I create widows about Pinterest, about instagram, about blogging all about you two. I I teach all these on YouTube. I teach all these on sculpture. So this, you know, these are few topics that are related to my you know, topic when I have to sell a particular course. For example, my branding course that I've already done on school share in case I have to promote the course off running for business. Then I will talk something about in case I have to block, and I had to bring people here. Then the content that I will create will be all about the combination of forms that you know people can use to get their branding game. Or I will ask them How was their branding game all Now what are the different colors that they're using? I would give them an insight into the number of colors that they could use, so it makes it easier for their clients to analyze because astounded running is required across all platforms. So you have to remember that it's really important to create content around your product or around your service. So, ideally, let me tell you, not having a content calendar at all and posting on the go randomly is, ah, bad idea. And remember, you have to stop it right now and you cannot go into it any further. Also, if you're planning far, if you're planning, you know too much in advance. I should say that you should again stop that because if you're just starting with your content planning, then you would plan anywhere between 1 to 2 months content in advance. So you have a country for the next month this month and the next one, probably. And if you are an experience marketer than you can plan for every quarter, that's important because when you have content for the quarter and you know that what has to be related into it, because if you have a promotion or if you have a service that you have to give your audience, always remember to relate content relating to that 6. Content Calendar Mistake #5: number five not correlating your content calendar with your promotional calendar, I cannot emphasize the importance off correlating your content calendar with a promotional calendar. WYDELL. Are you creating content? You're creating content because you want to promote your products or your services for you . Offer your clients or anybody. But what is the use of creating a Contin calendar without integrating it with your promotional calendar? Well, if you don't understand what I'm trying to say, then you have to remember that it's really important to create your content around your promotion. Intel's You're planning to sell any product or service, you know, within the first quarter, your second quarter, whatever it is. But I have heard, you know, people my clients have hired me for their country calendars for their social media. They always tell me, Oh, social media doesn't work for me. No social media will work if you're really trying to use your country calendar in correlation with your promotional calendar. So your promotional calendar talks all about when you want to release a particular course or a service or a product. What is your pre launch strategy? What is your post loan strategy? How many people have your return newsletters to How many people have you notified on the email? What is your strategy? Is all your promotional calendar? When does the card open? When does the card close? You have any additional bonuses is all that is in fielded in your promotional calendar. You have to work your content calendar around this promotional calendar. So if you have a release in the month of August, you have to remember that you have to start promoting and prepping your audience toe. Understand that you have, AH, launch coming up soon. And if you're launching a blogger or a backside, then you need to tell people about the importance of blogging about the importance off your product for them or how this can help them so create how to videos. Create tips. Create short tutorials about the product or the service. And so you have to always remember toe. Have your country called Calendar in correlation to your promotional calendar. And if you have not done this, he's tried doing a dry toe way because you are going to see good results 7. Content Calendar Mistake #6: now that I've told you about the importance on one of the top mistakes that entrepreneurs make where you don't correlate your content calendar with a promotional calendar. This brings me to the mistake number six, which is not having a continent promotional plan. Okay, so you would ask me now, what is the difference between having a country calendar on a continent promotional plan? Remember, these two goes hand in hand. When you have a content calendar, what will you do inside the calendar? You open a calendar and you write down what you cannot. Write down something randomly. So this is going to give you an idea off Water post on Monday. What a post on Tuesday, Wednesday and the rest of the week. Or if you have a business strategy or your client has a business strategy. But you say no, we would choose to promote only three times a week, or people choose to promote all five days of the week or even seven days of the week because, you know, social media doesn't sleep, so the social world isn't sleep. So even if you are not available or not working on Saturday and Sunday, which is your weekends, the world still functions, So I would always recommend if you were on Pinterest or if you are on Twitter, your business, probably that I would recommend toe have some sort off, you know, kind of an entertaining post on, you know, during your weekends, because that is really going toe up your social media game. So you don't go silent on these two days, so you could still have a lot of scheduling tools. This brings me to the scheduling tools as well. Again, you could use something like who it's sweet or you could use Buffalo. My personal favorite is Buffalo were in the free version. I guess you can attach up with three accounts and you get a close to some 30 post per month . You could schedule the repost per month, depending on the platforms you are in or if your company is really willing to spend. Because, you know, if you're in the marketing team and you have to up your marketing game that you should be willing to spend on the paid version as well, so you could check out the website, which is hoot Suite Hatch, O. T s u i t ee dot com and buffalo bu double f e r dot com So you can just check the website and you can check all their prising. But you have to remember toe up your social media game. You should be investing in tools like this because the more you posed, the better your engagement becomes. And you should also remember toe have your promotional plan, like I said, where you need to know what you would be posting on Monday. So I basically have something called motivational Monday, where I posed all about quotes on Monday for my business and in terms off what I post on you say it's all about top that Tuesday's. So I basically gave them a tip, and on Wednesdays I repurpose a block post off mine. And then I posed on Thursdays. I pick a short clip from my YouTube, and then I posed on Fridays. I just asked people what they're doing. So for all four days off the week that is Monday through Thursday, I am delivering a lot of value to my clients or to my target audience, so that they get to see the free value that I'm giving to them on all my social media channels With this promotional plan, I am taking people through a journey where either they will be looking forward to my freebie, which we also call us. Opt in. So they will be looking at my often because when I am delivering so much value through free videos, why will I not be doing something good on my often, which leads to my paid product? So when they purchase my pay product, they will obviously know that the value that I'm delivering so they would be ready to invest inside into my course and they will purchase the course and they will become, might repeat on my regular customers, depending on how good my course is. Yes, so this is how I take my customers through a journey using my country promotional plan. So if you don't have a plan yet, no matter whether you post three times or five times a week, make sure to have our content promotional plan again. Like I said, you could have a motivational Monday adopted Tuesday Block post Venice T. You know, what are you doing Thursday's or share your winds? Thursday, O'Shea Owens, Friday and on Thursdays, you could just leave it blank, or you could fill it with something else. What, your motivation for the week or what did you accomplish this week? Or you could ask them, What is your favorite food? But always make sure don't always from world business also get that personal touch with your target audience. So they also know that you're not just a big brand. Not only that, you're a brand, but also you care about your customers, so make sure you get your country promotional plan in place today. 8. Bonus My Trello Workflow: Hey, I'm so excited to show you all this about trail. Oh, because we have been talking extensively about Contin calendar and how we could use one. Like I said, my personal favorite Estrella, even though you have something called Asana, you can take a look at asana um which is a because another country calendar tool which looks like this so you could just get into asana. You could just log in and you could take a look at it. But here I'm showing you something that I've never showed anybody so far. And so this is my skin share course launch page where I have all the resources which are shared by screen share for the teachers. And this is how I organize all my course ideas and how I have my draft. I have my keyboard research my DiGel endives. So basically, this is called ah boat, and from the boat we have all these, which are called this course draft, is called a list and these white things that I'm able to move our call cards. So when you have multiple lists for your team, so when you are in your marketing team, so you have to create a course, you could have something like. The resource is that you will have farted the course ideas, probably the random ideas that you would collect from different sources. You can have it here you can attach. You know, you can have attachments here where you can add it from computer from from another cello bowl from Google Drive from Dropbox. You can add for many there you can assign members not only to this, but you can assign members. If I say share, you can bring in a brand new member into this particular boat. You could do a lot of things. You can create checklists where you say this is what I need to do. So when I say a checklist, I have to say part when I say how to launch so I can free prelaunch. So something like this. And then I could just add it. Or I could believe the entire checklists and treat. Oh, the checklist. I can assign a dude it as to when I would like to do this particle up, you know, course on skill, Chef and I wanted to go live on skill share or when I want to edit it. But I want to know the keyboard research when I want to create, you know, the video when I have to publish and promote. And these are few courses that I've already published and promoted on skill share. So this is how cello is going toe to actually help you When I say visually, you can see what I have already created. My recent course is sorry. Yeah, my reason Courses how to create Stella graphics even if you're not a designer. 9. Content Calendar Wrap up: All right. So wrapping off this course I want you to create you could utilise spanning people or you could utilise Strela or asana. Take your time to figure out what you're comfortable with to start with, But you definitely need tohave. Ah, you know your cello or your asana because it makes it more visually and again. Like I said, you wouldn't have to bring your team members in, and you need to have a platform that's gonna be a hassle free and that you could make a lot of changes as and when you want, because I know when I write a block post, I think about it at least 17 times just getting. But I just make a lot of changes to it. So you have to remember to have a tool, and in this course as a project for the scores, I want you to take out your pennant people and create a continent calendar based on the things that I have given you from Monday through Friday, I wanted to create something like this for your business. You don't have to copy my exact style I just gave you because I wanted you to get a head start of what I do so that you could also do something like that. Brains don't different ideas. If you are a solo pron are, you can sit and do it on your own. Or, if you have a team, you can sit with your team and create some ideas from money through Friday. Have, ah content calendar. And if you're already going through a promotion, create a promotional calendar as well. I'll tell you, it makes it much easier to schedule all of this on Google calendar when you have all this, you know, Added to you are, you know, actually, are Clinton Calendar. You could then advance and on all of this year, Google Calendar or I use something called to do ist, which is my absolute goto productively to do list up so you could then added to it. So which are the next steps? So you can first of all, create your country calendar and posted in the project section. See you