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30 Videos (2h 18m)
    • Introduction

    • My Story

    • The Course Project

    • Free Bonus

    • Introduction

    • Machine 1: Download Entire Youtube Channels in a Click

    • Machine 2: Convert Your Videos to Other Formats and MP3

    • Machine 3: The Ultimate Audio Converter and Joiner

    • Machine 4: Speed Up Your MP3s to Learn 2x Faster

    • Machine 5: Advanced MP3 Tool

    • Machine 6: The Best Note Taking and Organization Machine

    • Machine 7: The Best Mind Mapping Tool

    • Machine 8: A Batch Renaming Tool Anyone Can Use to Build Strong Learning Systems

    • Machine 9: The Unlimited Tool for Backing Up Your Learning Projects and Library

    • Machine 10: Totally Control Your Videos and Audios With This Free App

    • Machine 11: The Best eBook Converter, Manager, Plus Works With All eReaders

    • Machine 12: Very Few Know About This Advanced System Building Tool

    • Machine 13: The Best Picture Manager Plus Batch Printing With Footers

    • Machine 14: The Batch Image Editor That Will Make Scanning a Breeze

    • Machine 15: The Quick Draw Screen Capture Tool (Under 1 Second)

    • Machine 16: The Free Pro Video Editor That Cuts Clips Without Re-Rendering

    • Machine 17: The Ultimate Screen Dimmer for Your Desktop, Great For Eye Strain

    • Machine 18: The Best Tool for Searching Your Entire Computer Instantly

    • Machine 19: The Best Source for Podcasts and Manager

    • Machine 20: Key Tool For Connecting to Famous Experts Easily and Free

    • Machine 21: Ultimate Batch Thumbnail Creator For Video to ThumbSheet

    • Machine 22: The Best Video Screen Capture Tool (Used for This Course)

    • Machine 25: Save a Web Page as a Single File (No More File/Folder Twins)

    • Machine 26: The Ultimate Gmail Hack for Finding Emails and Getting Info Fast

    • Machine 27: The Best Password Manager For All Your Learning Forums and Sites


About This Class

In this class, you will learn how to set up a custom flowchart of your learning process and then add to the flowchart specific automation tools to help you learn faster. 





Timothy Kenny

Author of "Accelerated Learning for Entrepreneurs"

I am the author of "Accelerated Learning for Entrepreneurs" and I have spoken at Harvard University on accelerated learning. 

My interest in the Google suite of cloud applications comes from the amazing ability to work together with other people in realtime and edit the same document together. I started using Google Docs years ago to collaborate on design and business projects and discovered that there were many uses for the Google Drawing app. I later realized that all the same functions were available in Google slides. In effect, each "slide" was like a page in a book, or a separate Google Drawing canvas...but all in the same single Google Slide document.

I constantly had problems with collaborators who were not technically inclined and couldn't understand or use (or even afford to buy) adobe programs, so I ended up making numerous micro-adjustments and sending version after version, which was a tedious process.

One day I was trying my hand at a flat design poster after seeing one that I liked on the city and started to think...I bet I could create this exact design in a Google Drawing. I sat down for half an hour and I did it! 

My mind was racing with all the possibilities.

Many years ago I worked my way up from Newspaper Layout editor to Editor in Chief, and spent many late nights in Adobe Indesign. Once I had proven to myself what was possible, I decided to try a simple newsletter design I would have otherwise used InDesign for, but in Google Slides.

Again, it worked beautifully!

I've been tweaking my methods, learning all the ins and outs of Google Slides over the past year to see how much functionality from Photoshop I could "port over" to Google Slides.

It turns out you can do quite a bit. 

I have been using Photoshop for over 10 years and this recent project with Google Slides has been a great constraint to simplify my designs and do more with less. 

Flat design is where everything is moving, and it's easier than ever to bang out quick designs, work with non-designers and get things done fast by using Google Slides for basic to intermediate designs that you would otherwise need Photoshop or InDesign to do properly.