5 weeks Social Media Championship Course | Avi Arya | Skillshare

5 weeks Social Media Championship Course

Avi Arya, Trainer, Speaker, & Digital Influencer

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5 Videos (2h 55m)
    • Week 1 – The Foundation

    • Week 2 – Building the Pillars

    • Week 3 – Build Alliances

    • Week 4 – Take a Leap

    • Week 5 Penthouse


About This Class

I have used my 10+ years of working experience with world class clients and put together a course for today's impatient entrepreneur who wants to make a marked difference in his life, family and business in the next 90 days.

Week 1:  The Foundation

Building anything requires a strong foundation, which is why, I will be introducing you to the world of Digital Marketing through 'The Foundation' in the first week of this course.

In this level I will be talking about my concepts and the basics for beginners which I have presented to industry leaders, small business owners and to managements of companies.

Week 2: Building the Pillars

Next are the top concerns that lead to failure but can also help you win the competition.

1. What business must I do on the internet & can my current business do well online?

2. Agency, freelancer or in-house team? How to calculate ROI on my digital marketing returns?

3. What all channels I should use to grow the business in exactly next 90 days from today?

4. “Avi you said 50 percent business should come from online channels. What should I do to make that happen?” The answer has remained the same: reputation management of your brand, online social media, web design, and a refined content marketing strategy.

5. How to select the keywords to be targeted and importance of CTA buttons on social media.

6. Importance of quality content for social media & how to generate the type of content required?

Week 3: Build Alliances

Every product needs a target audience and the third floor of my course has been designed to help you understand your audience. It will definitely help you to get some crucial answers.

Why is it important to know your customer? (Define your demographic)

i. It helps you to modify your business offering as per the audience.

ii. It is essential for customer satisfaction.

iii. Opens up new business opportunities.

iv. Understanding the audience properly adds value to your business.

v. A thorough research of your audience helps in understanding their needs and meeting them which leads to customer satisfaction.

Week 4: Take a Leap

Quite a climb, eh? Well, on the fourth floor of my online course I will introduce you the latest trends of the digital marketing industry to revolutionize your business. The digital world demands that you are consistent and constantly in sync with the pace at which today’s world is moving.

a) Did you know that Live streaming is getting bigger and businesses like yours can reach their audience for free using this?

b) Instagram update of news feed not being time based any longer – Learn how it affects your business!

c) Push marketing is becoming personalized on social media – Get the tips to master it. I love it, market like a sniper.

d) Rise of Snapchat and hacks to master it

e) How are stories making a difference on social channels? Find out to tell your story better to your audience.

Week 5: Penthouse

Let's call the top floor the ‘Penthouse’. Once you are on the penthouse your view and the way you look at the world changes.

Here I will be talking about how to make effective plans or strategies to build your brand.

The history of Advertising dates back to centuries.

Brands used it to the fullest through the traditional media but now it’s the time of Digital. Everyone is reaping the benefits of digital marketing noting that it is a community with the biggest number of your audience. In the fifth floor of the course you will be learning how to advertise your product and brand better on

a. Facebook

b. Instagram

c. Twitter

d. LinkedIn

e. Making social media ad strategies

This and lots more to change the way you do business in today's world.





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Avi Arya

Trainer, Speaker, & Digital Influencer

I am Avi Arya and with my experience of almost two decades, I have helped build and grow many businesses. I am one of the very few entrepreneurs who adopted digital medium during its early days. In an era when not many people were aware about the term Internet, I was sending short video replies to my overseas clients making my way through a really poor internet connection. It was fascinating as my video replies were a total hit and was converting queries at a rate of almost 90%. This is when ...

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