5 minute stretching routines to wake you up | Nina Modak | Skillshare

5 minute stretching routines to wake you up

Nina Modak

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About This Class

In this class is a series or 5 minute stretches to wake your body up. Whether you are using them first thing in the morning or after a few hours hunched over a computer, these easy stretches will help loosen up the muscles and release stress. 

An added bonus is that you will also build your flexibility.

All you will need is a space the length of your body and some comfortable clothes





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Hi, I'm Nina, after a long break while I was at university I have come back to dancing.

I'm currently training as a ballroom and latin dancer (have you watched Strictly Come Dancing? that style of dancing), I have a background in ballet and am an aspiring entrepreneur.

As a dancer I use my body to move, build core strength and stability. But when I'm working at my computer, sitting at a desk for hours on end I can feel my shoulders getting stiff, back getting sore and just gener...

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