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5 minute stretching routines to wake you up [beginner]

teacher avatar Nina Modak

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Day 1 Stretches

    • 2. Day 2 Stretches

    • 3. Day 3 stretches

    • 4. Day 4 Stretches

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About This Class

In this class is a series or 5 minute stretches to wake your body up. Whether you are using them first thing in the morning or after a few hours hunched over a computer, these easy stretches will help loosen up the muscles and release stress. 

An added bonus is that you will also build your flexibility.

All you will need is a space the length of your body and some comfortable clothes.

Level: Suitable for complete beginners.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nina Modak


Hi, I'm Nina

I'm a ballroom and latin dancer (have you watched Strictly Come Dancing? that style of dancing), with a background in ballet and am an aspiring entrepreneur.

As a dancer I use my body to move, build core strength and stability. But when I'm working at my computer, sitting at a desk for hours on end I can feel my shoulders getting stiff, back getting sore and just generally not felling great.

So I wanted to put together some videos of daily stretches and exercises I do that help me get rid of these aches and pains. Whether you are a dancer or have two left feet, the course I'm making are suitable for anyone who wants to energise their body, first thing in the morning or after many hours at your desk.


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1. Day 1 Stretches: Good morning, everyone. Or good afternoon. Welcome to today's stretching. Today we have Day one stretching to revitalize your body and Mr Rome's then straight forward keeping back straight. Now Just let your body next just due to a stroke. That's shoulders now Swear bringing body backup one, but a great time again. Relax. Your think about stretching from the base. Get to be distracting. Phoned, laid down back one. Now left hand Bring you other side for your shoulder Down to deep stretch Gent gently stretch now Head again and again to Strange stretched to the right shoulder, the other side shoulder. Irritated Now back. Really? Get those muscles Work forwards for stretching years no further fall arms out to the sides . Bend leg strength. Feel like pulling something stretching to move Something really stretched the side. No back down time. Find out further exit stretching back hits back. Try and keep your feels on your today . Check out the next video More fuel, five minutes 2. Day 2 Stretches: Welcome to the five minute morning stretching routine. This is Nina. And today we're carrying on with day to off our five minute morning stretches toe wake you up. So firstly, we're gonna warm up her neck, but the next the right with that, the right just gently That right gently stretched the neck and again left. Right, One more time. Left. Right now we're going to movement alert around. Stretch the front on the back rotate. Go ahead, fooling around back side front sign but sigh from Besides, you're really gonna walk the neck muscles here on the other way. Back side front, son. Back side, front, side and again, Back side from aside. Gen Rotate Now we're gonna breathe in on up on a stretch forward. You want straight back and try and put your hands on the floor If you can't don't worry. Just let your body hang naturally. Try and keep flat back. Now I like to put my arms together and then that my shoulders on my neck relax of it really loosely. You'll feel a stretch in the back of your thighs. You'll just feel your back in your neck and your shoulders. Relax. it's there. No breath in and breathe out. Relax. I feel a gentle stretch on the backs of guys. Try and keep your knees straight. Andhra backed up one verse prayer time Just like yesterday. Now we're going to go into a lunge one foot back And now keep the bent Ni at a right angle and yours gonna sit and hold that you'll feel a pinching in your hip flexor on your left leg and you'll feel a stretch down your right side. Now put your hands on the floor on the inside of the bent, like on Just breathe into the stretching Feel the pinch in the head, Alexa on the stretching in your even get to die now but only on the floor On a stretch of it, more sit up. Feel your hips Push forward. I feel more of a stretch on your thigh Just do it was comfortable. Just wanted gentle stretch. Now stand up gently, slowly on change legs. So now I'm putting my right leg forward putting my left leg back going into a lunge, making sure my right leg is a 90 degree. I'm just gonna sit in that moment, feel the pinch in my hip flexor. My right leg, and feel the stretch down my left leg gently. Let your body weight make the stretch. Now put your hands on the floor on the inside of your bent like I'm here. You can take a little bit of weight off it. It's pain and just gently push, gently stretch so earlier. Morning stretch. You don't want it to be too energetic. Just toe. Wake your body up. Now put on the on the floor and sit in the stretch. Just enjoy e elongating the leg on gently. Stand up. Now we're gonna stretch. Chuck called off. Guys, take one. Make up and put your foot to your bottom. Hold it and hold your supporting leg. Your standing leg ankle very strong. Now, if you need to balance, make sure you stare one point ahead of you. You need extra balance. Hold onto something. We'll put your arm now change leg well. Your foot up to your bottom and feel the stretch in your side. Keep holding. Keep the legs strong If you stretch in the thigh. Okay. And now we release And that is it for today's stretches. Thank you for joining me. I don't see you again tomorrow morning. 3. Day 3 stretches: Good morning and welcome to day three morning stretches and we're gonna stop going ahead, Coming up our backs, shoulders and neck Head to the side on the other side Right for would just gently stretch on Now way round Feel the stretch signed back right away But by front Now I'm gonna warm up shoulders for take backwards Really feel a screed in your shoulder blades And for its roll the shoulders forwards feel a stretch across your shoulders and your back. Now put your palms together on a stretch Syria Palms facing forward on stretch again Being your arms up, Feel shoulder Bates and your side Stretch gently Bring arms Teoh. Right on. Rotate backwards. Fill the shoulders joint, really rotate. You might get clicking. That's OK. Keep rotating that fact. Feel the joints on the other way. Left on forward born socket joint for taking. Make sure the rest of you it's nice and loose and relaxed, right? Tom, take forward. Relax the rest of your body in your shoulder. Don't worry if there's any clicking, Wait going to bring our head down that your body for Ford. One vertebrate time. Relaxed neck. Just go forward as much as you can. You feel attention in your thighs, your hamstrings, flex your knees and just hang. We're trying to touch the floor If you can't, don't worry, just about your body kind. Now bend your knees until your chest is flat on the size head down. Relax, put your hands in the backs of your ankles. Then try and extend your legs, keeping your chest your Tommy slack on your finds. Very gentle. Don't overextend. This is just Oh, now relax. Stretch your legs. Metal body. Relax your neck back, then bring yourself back up. One time. Me, too. Now kneel on the floor with your question on your sit up straight. Now stretch forward arms toward press your thumb and your little fingers into the floor. Feel a stretch around shoulder place. Press your shoulders down into the floor and feel the stretch across your back. Now bring yourself on your knees, taquitos under I'm for sure body. Try and get your heels into the floor. Keep your back straight. Feel as if your hips up being pulled backwards. Now back to you and stretch. Take up. Go back into a down dog stretch, see stretch more still back or front on look up stretch. Just do much as you can again, back into down dog relaxed neck feels if your hips are pulling back gentry. Now sit with your feet souls your feet together with your hands trying for your back top straight. You should feel a stretch first like pinching. Just do this gently. Now put your feet flashed in front of you, goingto flex your toes and then point again. I cannot breathe out and try to break forward. Touch your toes. Just gente reason on out. If you can talk your toes, don't worry. Just reach as far as you can. Now bring your knees up your nose to knees and slide forward as much as you can. If you can't straighten your knees, this law on that. 4. Day 4 Stretches: Welcome to Day four strip morning stretching Today we're gonna focus Chris on warming up the back, But first, that's for more power. Neck moving. I heads forward back inside, side forwards on back, outside to sigh, Gently roll your head all the way around. You might feel some cracking noise, but that's OK now. Feet just over, shoulder width apart, hands on hips, hips to the side, into the side. I feel a little stretch from your hips and now rotate away around. Really move your body from the other way. Hips old way around. No. Put your fingers together, Andi. Now pull your arms up as much as you can go. She feels squeezed between your shoulder blades now feet shoulder width apart and gently fold your body and keeping your back straight and lift your arms up so you can feel the stretch your arms on your up. You get now into not feel fingers in front of you and pull for you. You're back stretching in a stretch between your shoulder blades. Now arms up over your head. Keep fingers interlocked. No, switch the wave. Your hands. Now hands on hips. Just rotate loose. Not your back, sitting on the floor, lying on the floor, feet flat on the floor. And now bring your right leg towards your chest, interlock your fingers over your knee. I'm pulling need towards you. I feel like putting your knee towards your armpit. You should feel a pinching sensation in your hip flexor. Now extend your leg outwards and try and hold your toe. Don't. Or if you can't just get just hold your leg perpendicular to the floor as possible Ojani or your thigh If you can't hold your toe now bring your leg over and feel a stretch in your back. You might find that your back clicks. This is OK to do this really gently to feel a stretch all along your back. On the outside, you're like, Okay, change legs left leg up, fingers interlocked around Ernie and pull your need towards your armpit, pinching in your hip flexor and hold, and now extend your leg outwards. Try and hold your toe the same, almost like if you can't put your ankle or you need grills. I whatever you can do to try and hold your leg so it's perpendicular to the floor in the stretch in your hamstrings. You should also feel a stretch reflex for now, bringing like over and just feel the stretch along the side of your leg twisting your back . Just very regent. Both legs up knees to your chest into lock your fingers around your knees and press that pull them towards your chest next. Now we are going to stretch. Besides, so right leg crossed over left leg. Order left leg in a right angle. Put your arms around your left thigh. Employ aside towards you if you feel it's stretching in your right. Check and switch left leg over your ankle of your left leg on your right knee, you go right. Ni Andi cough. It's a right angle and now use your hands to pull right leg toe to feel stretching along the side. Your left but looks time. You want your front shop hands by her shoulders and then breathed in As you lift your chest up head back. Feel a stretch friend down, breeze in and just a little Try not to use any strength in your arms. Just breathe in as you lift up round out between now they wanna breathe in. Oh, the way up. Feel the stretch on release now. I want your knees. Just stretch your back out. Walk your hands over to the side to the left and feel the stretch on your right side. Now walk your hands over to the right just past center and feel a stretch. Your left and that is our five minute morning stretches.