5 Ways to Improve Your Creativity in Marketing & In Life | Robert Solomon | Skillshare

5 Ways to Improve Your Creativity in Marketing & In Life

Robert Solomon, Author, speaker, coach, consultant

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3 Videos (19m)
    • Why ideas matter

    • Five ways to create more ideas

    • Ideas for everyone


About This Class

Ideas are prized by clients, celebrated by those who create them, feared by competitors.  Everyone wants to work at a company known for creating great ideas. But not every company is routinely up to the task.

So how do we create more and better ideas?

Five Ways to be More Creative is designed to help.  In 19 suggestion-packed minutes, consultant, coach, and Art of Client Service author (Wiley, 2016) Robert Solomon lays out practical solutions for those in search of inspiration for a creative challenge you’re confronting.

If you need to jump-start your thinking, start here.





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Robert Solomon

Author, speaker, coach, consultant

Hello, I'm Robert.

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