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5 Ways to Develop Your Presence on Pinterest

teacher avatar Dvorah Lansky, Author & Course Creation Specialist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Intro: Increase Your Visibility on Pinterest

    • 2. Blog About Your Book or Course

    • 3. Connect with Other Pinners on Pinterest

    • 4. Create Pins That Share Reviews and Tips on Your Topic

    • 5. Create a Pinterest Board on the Topic of Your Book or Course

    • 6. Schedule Recurring Times to Promote Your Presence on Pinterest

    • 7. Here's a Gift and Your Class Project

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About This Class

The key to your success on Pinterest is to gain visibility as it relates to your topic. If people resonate with your message, they will want to know more about you and what you have to offer.

One of the keys to creating engagement and interest in your content, is to provide value to your viewers.

In addition to sharing pins that promote your book, course or business, you’ll want to pin content and
re-pin content from other people
, that is designed to inspire, intrigue, motivate or educate viewers.

In this class we'll focus on ways to Gain Visibility as it Relates to Your Topic as we discuss 5 Ways to Develop Your Presence on Pinterest

  1. Blog About Your Book or Course.
  2. Connect with Other Pinners on Pinterest
  3. Create Pins That Share Reviews and Tips on Your Topic.
  4. Create a Pinterest Board on the Topic of Your Book or Course.
  5. Schedule Recurring Times to Promote Your Presence on Pinterest.

What Students Are Saying (From the Reviews of This Class)

"I would highly recommend this course to any authors who are interested in expanding their reach into social media. I found all of D'vorah's training simple to understand yet comprehensive in scope. Plus, she gives you actionable steps which result in creating different types of compelling pins which you can use for marketing and engagement right away as well as repurposing the pins as templates so you can keep creating more pins in the future. Whether you're new to Pinterest or a seasoned pinner wanting some advanced tips to reach new readers or re-engage with followers, you have to go through this course. You won't regret it!"
- Sue Massimo

"If you're an author or course designer or just a blogger who wants to improve her presence on Pinterest, this course is for you! I've dabbled in Pinterest, but D'vorah's easy-to-follow lessons give you actionable steps to use Pinterest effectively. In less than 30 minutes, you'll learn how to connect with other pinners, create pins and boards, and much more. I highly recommend this course."
- Donna K. Fitch

"I liked all the practical information that can be put to use right away. I already followed the teacher's advice on how to connect with pinners and increased my connections and followers in a couple of days."
- Agi Kadar

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dvorah Lansky

Author & Course Creation Specialist


Greetings! My name is D'vorah Lansky. I have a Master's Degree in Education and am the bestselling author of many books including; the Action Guides for Authors series of workbooks and journals and the Health and Happiness Journal series.

Since 2007 I've created 40+ online training program and have taught online marketing and course creation to thousands of authors, entrepreneurs and creatives, across the globe.

One of my passions is to help people share their brilliance with the world.

I look forward to connecting with you here on Skillshare and welcome you to explore my courses on Creative Course Creation Tips, Tools and Strategies.

I've you'd like, check out my website at: http://www.ShareYourBrilliance.com

And you can view my books, workboo... See full profile

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1. Intro: Increase Your Visibility on Pinterest: hello and welcome to five ways to develop your presence on Pinterest. I'm Devora Lansky, and I am so glad that you could be here today. This is what we're going to be learning, and then we're also going to have a demonstration. So here's what will cover. We're going to focus on the importance of gaining visibility as it relates to your topic so you can attract the people who are most interested in what you have to say in what you have to write and in what you have to teach. So here are the five things will cover when I talk about blogging about your book or course how to connect with other Penner's on Pinterest, we're gonna talk about creating pins on for Pinterest that share reviews and tips on your topic, either for your book or for your course. And then we're going to talk about creating a Pinterest board on the topic of your book or course so that you have a focused area to share nuggets from your book or course. And as we go along through this training, all of these tips can be applied to either your book, your course or your business, so let's get started. You want to gain visibility, especially visibility on mine, because you can reach people across the globe in times that are good for them, and you want to focus on reaching people who are interested in what you have to say. So you want to gain visibility as it relates to your topic. So the key to your success on Pinterest is to gain visibility as it relates to your topic. If people resonate with your message, they'll want to know more about you and what you have to offer. And that's more powerful than any sales tactic, because instead of you pushing your message, you're sharing your wisdom and people who need what you're sharing, your teaching, what you're talking about, they're going to reach out. They're gonna want to know, How can I work with you? How can I study with you? Do you have a book? And so you want to deliver that value and build relationships with which builds trust, which can lead to all types of opportunities. So one of the keys is to create engagement and interest in your content, and, and to do that, you want to provide value to your readers so online? Well, we see a lot of ads, and so when you're marketing online, you want to market your message. You don't want to be marketing a sales pitch because people are trained to tune out of sales pitch. And so what you want to do is share a nugget, share a link toe, Ah, article to share, um, an audio recording or a brief video where you're teaching something where you're enlightening or inspiring people because that's gonna uplift people, and it's gonna help create ah, bond with your audience. So in addition to sharing pins on Pinterest that promote your book course or business, you want the pin content or Repin content, which is a wonderful tactical talk about in just a moment from other people. And you want to focus on content that's designed to inspire, intrigue, motivate or educate viewers. Now, did you know? You probably know this already, but just in case the videos and the post and the images with words which they call me names that get the most interaction that go viral, the quickest are the ones that capture people's imagination and that move them that makes them either moves them to tears or move that moves them toe laugh. Those are the ones that get passed around. So think of the videos that come across your screen. A lot of times it's a cute cat or kids singing or someone doing something amazing to help somebody. It's not a sales pitch. And when you share something that's important to you, people get a peek behind the curtain into your life and what's important to you and that that create that bond. So on Pinterest, I mentioned that you can connect with other people on that. Other people can pin your content. They call that re pinning and it's a really powerful strategy, and it's something that's really encouraged on Pinterest, and we'll talk more about that. In today's training. I have some examples to show you 2. Blog About Your Book or Course: so the next strategy to gaining exposure and increasing your and promoting your presence on Pinterest is to blogged about your book or course so on your blog's you write articles could be something about why you developed that course or how you came to write your book or the message behind the training or how this content can change someone's life. Or how an experience in your life led you to creating this training or writing this book because of the struggles that you were going through and that you want to help other people . There are hundreds of ideas that you if you sat and wrote, you could probably come up with dozens or hundreds of ideas of things that you could write about along those lines. Well, just think if you blawg even one time a week. So if you have, let's say 10 topic areas and you come up with five things you can talk about on each topic area. You have blogged content for ah year, and blawg content can be written content. It could be audio content. It could be video content and Pinterest. People love clicking from Pinterest to your block, and when they're on your blog's. They're going to read your wisdom in your article and they'll explore and see what else is going on on your blog's. And of course, you can have easy access to find out more about your core so more about your book or opt in for a gift. So what you're doing is you're creating. It's interesting. They call it the World Wide Web. It really is a Web. So you're creating this wonderful weaving for going from your blog's to Pinterest Pinterest back to your blawg and people go to your blawg and they get your gift or they get your or they find out about your Bulger. They find out about your course. And so we're gonna talk about some strategies so that when people click on your pin and I'm just gonna back up here in just a moment, for those of you who aren't familiar with with Pinterest beyond beyond visiting and seeing what it's about, when you're on Pinterest, you have the opportunity to add images and the images air called pins and you're encouraged . Pinterest encourages you to add a Web link to year pins. If you don't add a Web link. When people click on your pins, it'll just open a big picture of your pin. But Pinterest wants you to promote something and and share more about you and more about what you're doing in the world. One of the most popular places toe link people to is back to your blawg. But this is where it gets a little bit tricky, and I'm going to show you some examples here today is you want to make a seamless transition from Pinterest to your blog's so people feel that when they click, their not being is not a bait and switch. It's not. Click here and then I'm gonna try to sell you something. No, it's my pin has words on it that says, um, click here or learn more about how to blah, blah, blah whatever your topic is. And then when they click their you want them, you want to deliver your promise. So that's the linking back and forth, the weaving back and forth from Pinterest to your blogged. So a common practice is to direct people from Pinterest to your blogged. And as I mentioned Pinterest encourages is this is a very common practice What this will do is it will provide people with the opportunity to find out more about you while learning more on your topic. And when you add that Web link, you can have people land on your blawg or land on Amazon if you're talking about your book or land on your course page. If your pin represents that they're gonna learn more about the course, whatever it is that you're promising in your pin could be a recipe. It could be a video tip. It could be, Ah, beautiful scenery, whatever it is that you want to promote. But the key is to making that smooth transition from Pinterest to year block What you want to do. This is the key if you want to include the pin so you you create an image you added to Pinterest. That image that you created is called a pin. You want to add that pin to the block post so that when they click on the pin on Pinterest and they get to your blog's, they see the same image, and it makes that smooth transition becomes seamless. They realize they feel safe. They feel like they're in the right place. There's no trickery going on, and that's a really key element, and I'll show you an example of that. What this will do is it will help people feel comfortable, and it may increase the odds of them reading your article and exploring your block. So here's an example of a blogged post, and that image is a pin, so that could be a pin that I post the Pinterest. And it says hot tip ways to become happier. And when they click that they go to the block post and on the block post that images posted . So they just saw that image on Pinterest. It's like having steppingstones rather than stepping into thin air, and it makes a really smooth transition. So this is a really key best practice for Pinterest and blogging. 3. Connect with Other Pinners on Pinterest: Let's talk now about connecting with other Pinter's on Pinterest and how to follow people in your niche and reap in their content and what all that means. So what you want to dio is when you're on Pinterest. When you see pins, when you see images that appeal to you, you can click on them and it will open up a page with just that pin on it. And then what you want to do is click on the pen to see where it takes you. And if it takes you to a place that you feel comfortable that you would feel comfortable promoting to your audience, you can then what they call save or repin that pinto one of your Pinterest court boards. They call it a board, but think of it as a corkboard. That is a very common practice, and what happens is when you pin other people's content to your boards, they get a little notice and they're going to come over to your Pinterest account and they're going to click on your boards. And if it's common interest than they're likely gonna promote one of your pins, and that's how you convey double triple quadruple your, uh, reach on Pinterest is like a penny that doubles over, you know, each day. So day one, you have one penny day, too. You have two pennies days three, you have four pennies. Day five, you have eight pennies and so on. And supposedly it's something like a $1,000,000 of the I don't know. It's a big, really big number at the end of of 30 days. Well, with Pinterest, the same thing happens. Not necessarily that you have a 1,000,000 followers in 30 days, however you would. You can really magnify and multiply your reach by following other people on Pinterest and by pinning their content to your board. So let's just go through this slide first and then we'll go over to Pinterest and take a peek and I'll show you what I mean. So there is a built in viral effect on Pinterest, and you don't have to be the Onley one, sharing your content. If you're the only one, it's going to take you a lot of energy and a lot of time to reach a lot of people. But if you have 5 10 100,000 people, all sharing your content who a lot of their followers will share your content. Can you see how it can grow really quickly? So what you want to do is provide thought provoking content that other people will want to pin to their boards. You can also find great content for your boat boards by re pinning content from others. Now, this might be of sound sound like a jigsaw puzzle. And if you haven't spent time on Pinterest, you might be saying, like, What does this all mean? But let me just go through one more one or two more bullet points on this slide, and then I'll go over and I'll demonstrate and I'll show you what I mean. So what you're gonna do is you want to search for people on Pinterest who pin on topics that are of interest to your niche audience. Because that way your content is of interest in their audience and their content is of interest to your audience. So if you're taking notes, that's a that's a key take away from today's training. That can really help you, and if you're inspired by what they're sharing, you can follow them and reap in some of their pins to your board, so let's go over so you can see what I mean. So here we are, on Pinterest and the images at the top. Those what they do is Pinterest automatically will place your pins at the top, and the more pins you add, that image at the top will change. So those are my pins, and then you have boards, which are like cork boards, and you could have boards on any topic that you want. I have a lot of ah, content based on digital content. Just what I'm into. Digital art, digital training journals, books, authors, all kinds of things like that. I'm also interested in in home decor, cats and coffee so you could have boards on whatever you want. You just want to keep a focus so that you have boards that reflect your book or your course whatever you want to be promoting. So let's say I want to be focusing on Let's just for fun. I'm gonna click on this graphic design tips, but you could see up here I have one for my books, so I have a book reviews and book tips and images of my books and I leave the block post and I lied to Amazon and I lied to interviews. There's all kinds of things that you can dio. So we're gonna click on the board and it will open up and I'll have pins there. Have a few pins there. I'm really interested in digital art, and what I'm gonna do is I want to add to this board because there are only a few pins here . So I can either go over to camp A and create my own pins or up in the top where it says, search. I'm gonna click digital art, and that's going to give me a search and all of these little words up here, those air, all keywords associated with my search. So if I want a niche further, I can click on, for example, here animals or photo shop or cartoons or beginners. Whatever it is, they want to focus on gonna take it down just a little bit tutorial. Let's click on tutorial moment. Click on Let's click on Procreate. That's a computer, actually a program. I believe it's for the iPad. All right, so let's say this looks interesting. See its its advertising this one here with the green with the woman there says Useful tips and tricks for digital painters. So you want your pin to tell people what your pain is about so they'll want to click. Take a look. Looks like it's taking them, taking us to a legitimate website. But let's just check to be sure. Do you remember how I said You want to have that same image from your pin on your site? So look at this. I feel comfortable here. I would explore here, so I feel comfortable sharing this with my readers. So what I want to do is go back to the other tab because it opens up in a new tab. What I want to do is now save it to my board. When you click on select, it's gonna let you choose on your board. And so if I scroll down graphic design tips and ideas and it saved, it, took seats has saved to the board. And if I want to follow this Pinar, I can either click, follow or I can click on their name here and go to their Pinterest account, and I'll see all of their pins and I look here 1st 4.2 million monthly viewers. So this is someone that I would like to be connected to, so I'm going to follow them. And now there's a possibility it. With 4.2 million monthly viewers, they may have a team that monitors their Pinterest account, and their team may be looking for who follows and who re pins, which means I could get exposure if they see something of my of my work that they would want their followers to know. So you can. You see how this can really expand your up, your presence. And so that's the strategy. And then what happens is up in the top, right? You'll see a little bell that you have, like little notifications. So if someone follows you or someone pins one of your pins or re pins one of your pins, you can. You'll get a little notification, and then what you can do is click on it to see what they're doing, and that can help you grow. And I've been experimenting with this, and in two weeks I have doubled my amount of views on my Pinterest account. By doing this two or three times a week, just for a few minutes at a time. So that's what I was mentioning about having a multiplication effect that well, that you can really, uh, grow exponentially. 4. Create Pins That Share Reviews and Tips on Your Topic: so the next tip is to create pins that share reviews and tips on your topic. This is great because you can turn those into block post, and you can create a new image that represents a review or a tip, and I'll show you some examples of things that I've done. And then you can pin to Pinterest and link them to your book on Amazon or your course sales page or a block post Justus Long is what you're saying in your pin lets people feel comfortable with where they land. That's really key. So one way to increase awareness of your topic is to share reviews from your readers or students. You can reach out and ask them to share what they enjoyed most about your book or your course, and then ask for permission to share their comments and if they're sharing it on Amazon, if you have a book that you want them to review, then you will be able to copy their review and use a sentence or so in a Pinterest pin. Or you can share the review on your website or on a block post and what you can do when you're students are going through your course is you can have a course feedback form, and in the form you can ask them. What did you enjoy most about the course? And that's typically a testimonial for you. You can also ask if there's anything that you could change to make the course better. What would you suggest and people will share with you? You know, I wish there was a lesson on this in that, and you may say, Oh, I never thought of that. I have to add a supplementary bonus training and then you can add more content, add more value so this could be a great way to interact with your audience. And it also provides you with great content for pin content, for Amazon reviews, for course reviews and for block posts. Another powerful type of pin is called a tip pin, so you can share brief tips from your book or course and make your pins colorful and eye catching. So what, you want to do me just go back here So what you can do, for example, because you don't want this is important. You don't want a lot of text on a pin because they're so small. You want maybe one sentence or a brief statement. You don't want multiple sentences, but you can create a, uh, you can create intrigue so that people want to click and find out more so you can say things like Learn more how to blah, blah, blah. Or you can say, Have you ever wondered about and then whatever it is they're wondering about, and they'll click to find out the answer. So the pins are used as teasers, if you will, to create intrigue so people want click. So just think about this. You can go through your of course, outline your book a table of contents, and you can pull content to get ideas for articles, ideas for tips. And that can give you endless amount of content that you can parcel out whether you're pinning 12 or three times a week times, at times, times a year, and you can see how easily you can. That content can add up, and you can do this in a few minutes a day, and we're gonna talk in ah, future tip here today about how to really maximize your momentum so on your pin When you're promoting your tip, be sure to include your book title or your course title at the top or bottom of the pin in nice, clear text so that they can see it. And then you can include an image either your book cover or a banner from your course that demonstrate that illustrates if you will, what your book or your courses about. And then you, um, on Pinterest as I mentioned your encouraged to link your pin so that it can land on your blog's or your sales page or on Amazon. So let's talk about how toe harvest tips from your book or your course. What you want to do is open up to your books, table of contents or your courses. Sales page. Grab a piece of paper, open up a word document and create a list of topics that you'd like to share in the form of tips. Now you don't need to come up with the tips right now. Right now you're just brainstorming ideas, so it could be that you copy your whole table of contents or you copy all the bullet points that you talk about in your course and then you can talk about a tip on each one of those areas or 10 tips on each one of those areas. So once you get brainstorm, you're going to be amazed at how many ideas come and play. So let's just say Let's talk about your course for a moment. So you have a module course and let's say you you teach in module one. You teach five different strategies for like in this example for promoting your presence on Pinterest. Well, those are five tips right there, right? Well, in each one of these tips, you can see there's multiple tips inside of each of these tips toe where, for each idea that you have, you have a multiple off those ideas. If you let yourself brainstorm, so you want to do it When you're feeling creative, maybe go to your favorite bookstore cafe and just don't prejudge And don't start writing tips. But just write down key ideas for tips that you might want to write about. And it could be one sentence tips that you share on Pinterest, or it could be a story starter, if you will, or an article starter for block post on your block and you can add to this list over time. Actually, you know what? I'm going to demonstrate this. All right, so we have a fresh page here. So first of all, you come up with the idea for your topic and then five things you can talk about on your top it. So that would be 12345 So those five things then take a fresh, take a fresh page and write and add the above bullet points to its to their own page. So each bullet point is on their own page. So each bullet point is on its own page. Then what you can dio is come up with five things you can talk about on each of those pages . So then you have five pages. Each has five things on it. So now you have 30 right? 5 25 5 times five is 25. Plus, you have the topic area. So now you have 30 ideas. You have more than 1/2 a year's worth of content. So you see how easily you can come up with a lot of content over time. Please go back to our slide here. So what are you So as you create this list, what you're gonna do is you're gonna have a list that you can clip to a clipboard, and this will create an at a glance. Look at topics that you can create pins on or articles on. Now, remember that computer screen that people see those pins they can't read all of the text so you don't want to add a lot of text. You want it to be one sentence or a statement in bigger letters and rather than a lot of text on each pin, you wanted to be brief, and you wanted to encourage people to click. So you want something intriguing in as faras, the text goes on your pins. So what I want to do is show you an example of a review pin and a tip pin. So on the left, that's an example of a review pin on. What I want to show you is at the top. Do you see how it's really clear? I did dark text on a light background and says Book review. There's no guesswork what that is about. And so when people click through, if I click them through the Amazon. They're not going to be surprised. Or for the before, click them through to an article about my book or an interview about my book. They won't be surprised. So you see how there is a lot of text there. But it's It's positioned in a way that it is readable, meaning that it's either light text on a dark background or dark text on a light background , lots of white space, or let the space in between and lots of elements to draw the eye. And also you have the intrigue of the book cover at the bottom. So that's a book review pin. And then on the right hand side, it has similar branding. However, it is a tips pin and so you can share. Just. There's one sentence about a tip from my book, and so there. Those are examples of how you can create review pins and tip ins for your book or for your course 5. Create a Pinterest Board on the Topic of Your Book or Course: on Pinterest. You can create what they call boards so you can think of them as virtual court boards if you will, and what you can do is create as many boards as you'd like. I'm gonna encourage you to create a dedicated board on the topic of your book or course. And if your book, of course on the same topic, you can have separate boards for each, or you can have one board on the same topic and grow and grow it larger, so it's up to you. But the thing is, you want to attract people who are interested in the topic. So you want dedicated content on a dedicated corkboard. They don't call them cork boards. I'm just using that so that you can see they have a visual in your mind. So on Pinterest, you have the opportunities to create boards for your pins, so we'll go over and create one, and I'll show you how in just a moment. So these virtual court boards are where your you pin your Pinterest content to. I recommend that you create a Pinterest board on the topic of your book and or course because this is going to provide you with a specific place the pin content relevant to your topic and of interest to your viewers. So types of content you can post includes a sentence or two from a book or course. Review. Hot tips from your topic from your book or course content related to your topic area. So we talked about the 1st 2 We talked about book re or course reviews, and we talked about hot tips, but we didn't yet talk about content related to your topic area. Think of all the years that you've spent studying about your topic area that might not be in your book or in your course, but it's still in your realm so you can pull from your knowledge you can pull from your notes. You can pull from past articles you can pull from notebooks that you've created by going to conferences. There's a lot of places you can pull that content from, and that's going to give you a whole new source of content for your block post and for your pins so you can see that once you start brainstorming like in any area of notice. When you start brainstorming, I might start out slow, and then all of a sudden you have 100 ideas. You can see how this could easily turn into a year to with a worth of content, and then you want to include images related to your topic area. The more visually appealing your pins are, the more likely people are to click them because the images catch their eye. So let's create a court board or a Pinterest board. All right, so here we are, back on Pinterest, and I'm going to click on boards and we're going to create a new board. So once I see here all the different places I can go, I click on boards and then I have a plus sign. And below that, it says, Create board. Click on this word boards. Then click on this little plus sign above where it says create aboard, and the first thing they're gonna ask us is a name for our board. And so I'm going to talk about unique online learning opportunities, and you have a choice. If you know you're gonna pin a lot of content right now, you can just click create if you know that you're going to start out slow. You can set your board to be secret for now, and that way no one will see it but you. And then you can make it public when you're ready. So I'm gonna make it secret for now and click create and there's my and There's my aboard and there's nothing on it yet. There's some ideas that these aren't my pants. These are ideas that Pinterest is suggesting. I can then go and add content to my board in three different ways, and we're not going to do this here today. But I'm just going to give you Ah ah, brief example example of how you would add content so up at the top. I click on this plus sign and I click Create pin and I can either drag an image here or click here to upload it for my computer. Or I can click on this bottom and click save from site, and then I can post a you earl and there, and it will pull in a So let me Let's try that. Ah, you Earl and let's all to put in my teachable account. So share your brilliant stuff that teachable dot com and then click this little arrow and it's going to save it and it's going to ask me is gonna pull up images and there to say, Which image do you want to use? And so I will pull up this image right here and then it says, Add to pin now. Typically, you want your pins to be vertical rather than horizontal. But for now, we can just add it at it like that. And it's gonna say Here, choose aboard. So I'm not sure why it didn't put it on our board that we wanted, but it's alphabetical order. So we're gonna go down to our unique board and click save, and then, um, we can click to see the pin. When we click on it, it will take us to where we wanted wanted to go. So that's how you create your your board, if you will. And then let me just show you a board that's more complete. So here are my boards, and one of the things on Pinterest is that you can be part of a group board, so I'm part of a group board, and there are. There are thousands of people pinning to that look at that. I know 1000 maybe hundreds. There's 1000 of pins on that board and there's look at this one. This one here is 14,000 pins. Eso you. So that's nice because people promote each other's pins is called group boards, which we can get into at some points. It's not part of today's training, but that's something T keep in mind or to research, or we can learn more about. Or let's look at one of my boards that has a lot of pins on it. And so you can see as you add content, it becomes like a little reading list for you. You can do your research. I do research projects on secret boards and ah, and it's becomes just such a useful way of locating content. You can dio like that you're renovating your kitchen. You can say you can create a public or a private or they call it secret Ah, public or a secret board on kitchen renovations, and you problem won't make that public cause People are really interested in that, and you can create a whole little workstation for you. So that's just a sneak peek about Pinterest boards. And imagine if you had a board all about your book or all about your course. And all of these pins lead to articles of yours, your Amazon Page, your course registration page, and you can reap in content from other people so that you're connected to their content and their audience, who are interested in your topic area. And then they can find out about your board and your interest and your book and your course so really does create that exponential growth. 6. Schedule Recurring Times to Promote Your Presence on Pinterest: So then we get to tip number five, and that is to schedule times to promote your presence on Pinterest because everything is well and good. But if you don't schedule time, we all get so busy and life is so full that it might take us weeks or months or if we ever get over to Pinterest. So I'm gonna share with you some tips that you can spend 5 to 30 minutes one or more times a week and gain a lot of traction. I've done that. I've been experimenting with that, and I've doubled my Pinterest views in two weeks by just spending a few minutes a few times a week. So as I mentioned in today's busy world, we often of the best of intentions to spend time on specific projects. But in order to make your intentions or reality, you'll want to actually schedule recurring times into your calendar, and I recommend recurring times because then you create the habit so that you know, every Thursday at 7 p.m. That's my Pinterest time and ah, and you know your schedule on your family schedule and so that you can build this into if you know everybody's out of the house on Saturday evening or or Thursday morning or whatever your schedule looks like. That will be perfect time for you to say. Okay, I'm gonna spend 30 minutes at this time slot, or I'm gonna spend 15 minutes or five minutes. But I recommend setting the recurring appointment in your calendar so that you know that that's your Pinterest time. So here's a couple of examples because you can accomplish a great deal in 5 to 30 minutes. Set increments. So, for example, maybe Monday at 7 p.m. And you said you open up your calendar, he said. A recurring appointment Monday. 7 p.m. Pinterest Let's say that you want to spend that time on creating new pins so that you know every Monday 7 p.m. On creating new pins. And then you have another time. Thursdays at 10 a.m. For example, that that time is that you search Pinterest for other Pinter's who reach your audience so they're pinning on your topic area, which means you pin on their topic area. You're creating a perfect storm, if you will, of possibilities for connection so you can reap in content you can follow Pinter's in your niche and you can explore Pinterest. So those are just a couple of ideas for how you can create recurring sessions for you to grow your presence on Pinterest. So I would encourage you to make yourself a note right now to open up your calendar and scheduled times for your Pinterest activities Schedule recurring times for your Pinterest activities. What I'm going to share with you here is something I just discovered. I wanted to know how can you schedule pins on Pinterest? Because there are services that you can sign up for that allow you to do that. But I came across an article randomly just came across an article that showed how you can schedule your pins on Pinterest. This is brand new and I want to share it with, you know, and I have some visuals for you. In order to do this, you need two things. One is you need a Pinterest business account, so don't worry about that. Now I'm gonna show you in just a moment how you can tell if you have a Pinterest business account. If you don't jot down this you Earl business, stop Pinterest dot com and they'll walk you through the process. It will transform your personal account into a business account. So when you go to Pinterest, do you see up here at the top left where it says analytics, if you see that you have a business account if you don't see that when you're logged in, If you don't see that, then what will happen is you go to that website, let me go there for you so you can see what it looks like. Business that Pinterest dot com And here you are, and they will walk you through how to set up your business account. It says Join as a business and they'll walk you through nice and easy. All right, so let me show you how you can schedule your pins. Now. The only caveat here is you can Onley do it from an IOS device so you can schedule your pins for up to two weeks into the future. Currently, you could only do it via an iPad and iPad, an iPod touch or the iPhone. So let me show you this because it's really intriguing, and they may have it for other devices in the future. So in I don't know if you use instagram but an instagram pretty much unless you do a real work around and code a website, you can Onley add pictures in instagram from your phone. Well, this strategy here, you could only use do from your iPad, your iPod touch or your iPhone. So I'm gonna walk you through how I did this from my phone to schedule a pin from your IOS device. You You first go to your Pinterest profile, so I'm gonna walk you through the steps and then I'm gonna show you a visual. You tap on the top navigation bar When you get your profile, you select an image that you want to upload a pin that you created, for example, or a photo that you'd like to use for your pin. You add a title, a website and a description for your pin. The website meaning a girl. Where do you want people to land when they click on the pin and then you can schedule it, you can either click to publish it right away, or you can schedule it. There's a place that you can tap and select the date and the time, and I'm gonna show you the visual in just a second, and then you can. You can schedule the pins one at a time, and you can schedule up to 30 pins. So once a, let's say you've scheduled 30 pins. One pin publishes means that you have room to publish one more so you can have 30 pins up to 30 pins in your Q. And then once you're pins are scheduled, you can always edit them, change them, delete them, publish them right away. So it's not like you're locked into something, but you have them scheduled, and they're there for you to access or to just allow to be published. All right, so let's check out a visual what you want to dio on the left hand side. That's a picture from my cell phone on. I want to show you how I took a picture of my cell phone. So what I did, I followed their instructions. I went to Pinterest and I went to my profile on my cell phone. Then I wanted to take a picture of my cell phone. You want to go to the exact screen you want to capture. So maybe you want to go someplace where you want an image of beautiful scenery or a pin that you created. Whatever you want to take a picture of you take a picture of it. You can either take a picture of it with your camera or if it's on your screen on your your phone screen. What you do on the right hand side of your phone of your iPhone is the power button. Don't push it yet. You put What you want to do is you want to have your finger on the power button and then the home button, which is that little round button at the bottom of your screen on the iPhone. You press them simultaneously, let go and you'll hear like a camera shutter, a shutter click, and then it will create that picture. So what I did is I click to add that picture. Just as I followed the instructions on the previous page and then on the right hand side, it pulled up this image on Pinterest so you can see halfway down the screen, it says, Give your pin a title, say more about your pin so you can type in a description, and then you add the destination website and then down in the red rectangle below. I can either have it scheduled to go immediately. Or if I click on that little edit button, I can schedule it for a date and time in the future. So that's pretty cool, because you can create a Let's say, a Monday. You create 10 pins and you want them to go out over two weeks. Well, what you can do, or or over the week you can schedule them ahead of time so that you don't have 10. It's better to have one pin a day for 10 days than 10 pins on one day, so that's why this is a really, really useful strategy. 7. Here's a Gift and Your Class Project: all right. It's time to take action. Here's your class project. First of all, I have a surprise for you. Do you see that image? To the right, I have a full size infographic where I captured the essence of each of the five tips that we covered today. So you will find that in the class project section for this class typically is to the right of the page. And you could just click on that and download it. Enjoy. I hope you find it really helpful. Then what I'd love for you to dio is post a comment in the class project section and share something that you learned in this class that you'll take action on. And I think that you'll find it interesting because as more and more people post what they learned, you're going to see things that you might not have remembered. So we'll all walk away with more. So take a moment, share something that you learned in this class that you'd like to take action on. And if you have a Pinterest account already, please also post a link to your Pinterest's profile that will get you some more exposure and we'll get to know one another in this class, so have fun developing your presence on Pinterest. All look forward to reading and commenting on your class project. And as I like to say, Here's to your success.