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5 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 2 Basic Shadows

    • 3. 3D Shadow

    • 4. Soft Shadow

    • 5. Long Shadow

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About This Class


In After Effect we can different types of shadows most of them are as simple as a one click but most of them need some tips and tricks to combine with each other and achieve a great looking shadow that is perfect and artistic .

In This class i am going to show 5 ways to create different types of shadows in After Effect built in tools from Basic Shadows , 3D shadows with lights , Soft shadows and Long shadows .

We will talk a little bit about expressions and parenting some parameters of shadows with null object to have more access and can change very easily when you deal with complex and heavy projects .

Features of this class :

1- Easy to follow .

2- Project oriented .

Lest Get started :)

Meet Your Teacher

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HU Shahir

Motion Graphic /Visual FX Artist (Polygon Motion)


Hi, I am HU Shahir, Motion Graphic Artist and UI/UX Designer based in Germany.

I love to share what I already know and what I learned from other people in the creative industry.

I have 6 years of professional experience working with major TV Channels and Media productions companies in Kabul and Germany.As I always loved to share what I know and help people to achieve their goals I have started building my teaching startup Polygon Motion.

Polygon Motion is a provider of online training courses and tutorials in Graphic design, Motion Graphic, User Interface Design, 3D Animation and Visual FX Fields on different online training platforms.

Polygon motion helped those of students across the world to learn creative skills.


Chec... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hey, guys. Retreat from Polygon Motion on Welcome to disk lass In this class, we're all talking about shadows in after. We'll create different types of shadows and disk lacks basic shadows. Soft shadows, treaty shadows, long shadow on a bunch of other stuff. If you didn't know about shadows inside of five, perfect on the ways that you can create, then this glasses for you. If you're really open your wrath. Terrific on, let's get a start. 2. 2 Basic Shadows: okay. And this? Listen, let's talk about the basics of shadows. If you didn't know actually about shadows inside of half perfect, then this coalition will help you guys through the process greening shadows with different ways. Actually do your several ways that we can create shadows inside of Perfect on. Let's jump to the first on very easy ways that most of the people just to using this way okay, at the first, the first week I'm using most of the time, I personally, I'm using most of the people. Most of the other people also do. This is just by dropping FX there are several ethics that lets you create shadowing half perfect. So, for example, if I go to perspective, category perspective, category and in here I will see some some some ethics in here. Drop shadows and radial shadow were just talking about drop shadows now and in the mix. Listen, when we talk about creating soft shadows and different other staff, we'll talk about radical shadows. So drop shadow is the basic form of creating shadow inside of half. For example, if I just drop this to my Thailand here, um, I forgot to mention that in here? I just have Ah, very simple. Solid an A tile. Nothing else. Nothing more. So now you see that I have my shadows in here on, uh, I could tweak it. You see, a very artistic and they're very, very a nice shadow by default bad. It is not good if you don't. Ah, want to use different more. You can just do a bunch of other things. For example, there is opacity off your shadow. You can just, ah, change the opacity. You can change the direction off this shadow. You can change a distance like this on. You could also change the collar feel shadow, maybe red shadow. Maybe you need some more dramatic shadow like this, and a bunch of other cool staff you could do with this. And the cool thing is that you can combine these, um, effect. For example, you can have multiple copies of this drop shadow, for example. I'm just creating shadow with this color. And then I'm just control Deleuze duplicate on droppin out when and control the dropping out when and create a very nice looking chatters in here. And also we have in here we have softness that you can solve out our shadow like this. And shadow on Lee. Did we have just the shadows nodding more? Okay, this is the basic way off. Creating a very simple shadowing out traffic. Okay, the other ways. Okay, The other way of creating shadows is okay. The other way of creating shadow is by splitting earlier and go to layer. In Leah Leah style. We have a bunch of style that you can apply on the layers like drop shadows like in a shadow out of glue. Enugu, for example. If I just click on drop shadow on its appear onliest style category in here, and if I drop down, you have a lot of more options than drop shadow that we haven't effort, for example. Weaken, Change the color. Okay. Okay. There was a bunch of cools to happen here that he could do all the things. We're same body in here. You have just a blaming option. Ah, like overlay. And like a screen moody can do on If you have a light in here, you can just on and off the using global lights world grow a global lights off. Just using that and like this. Andi, In here you have blending options and global light angles. For example, if I owned this used global light in here, I'm just going to blending options. And in global light angle, you can change the global lights and hair. If you have multiple copies of shadows, you can control all of them. Ah, with this global in advance lighting, we have, uh, some some settings for on and off, some some colors and and doing a bunch of other staff on it gives ah lots off other options , then drop shadows on ethics and most of the people also using this technique for for creating shadowing as perfect. So for it was dick and also in leer style has we talk about it, we can just create enough shadow. Also, most of the time, we want to use in a shadow and a layers, for example, this text and we can just simply click on in the shadow and change the size of it and chalk it, Andi, change angle over on, maybe change the opacity like this to create a business effect. And these other savin, um, there's on this also a very nice effect that you can use, and we just okay, That was from basics of shadows. Okay, That was from basics of creating shadows in our perfect on. These are very, very basic. Most of the people know most of the beginners. No, but I just cover some of the basics. Maybe it will be helpful for some some users and helps some people's OK in the next. Listen, we just talking about a soft shadows and how to create a real treaty shadow by using off lights in a perfect 3. 3D Shadow: okay. And this. Listen, I'm talking about out to create real treaty shadowing atrophy on most of the time. We just want to create a very nice shadow. That is a real treaty shadow, not a projected one on. I have to mention that these drop shadows effect and the shadow that we have apply from layers Santi's air just just a A to d shadow. It's just a projected shadow. It's not a real freely shadow. And it's not because we don't have any treaty environment. We don't have lied to cast the shadows off on object to other object on. That is the thing for creating treaty shadow. We must have at least one line in our scene and all of the r on all of our layers should be entry team old. Otherwise, we cannot cast shadow from our objects. So for this in here I have my treaty takes an age simply click on treaty and my background also should be in treaty because we want affect off lied on boat layers. So and I'm just going to new and create light and Onda for this example. I want to use a point like maybe you don't know about these. Ah, different. Ah, lights, for example. Spotlights parlor ambient. I mean light, um is a kind of a skylight and over lied of realistic light without any shadows in these and other staff. And pine light is a pint. That and it's a meeting from a pint and it doesn't have any shape. It doesn't have any cone and any other stuff. But spotlight has a cone shape on Delights is a meeting from a cone. Ah, shape. And it's goes around from that. Shapes and paddle light is also creating and generating on emitting lights at the fortunes . Actually, if he if he talk a little bit physical in parallel ways But in here I just want to use pine light on it will be okay for this example In color, I don't want to use any color their white colors. Okay, intensity. How much into as you want for light? Andres is okay. Fall off. And if all of you want maybe a smooth fall off is good on the cool thing And the important one is the cast shadows. Yeah, we want this lights to cast shadow from our objects and cast shadow when once we checked on this cast shadow, we see shadow, darkness and shatter diffusion. And in shadow darkness it is the amount off the darkness that your shadow has. For example, in here we have 100 um, persons off darkness and we can control data weaken them. And here we country in diffusion and create a soft looking ah style for a shadow that we will talk about a later. So all the thing is set up, just click, OK, now our light is created and you see that the background is getting darker because because we have this light in here and just a meeting. Ah, delights from ah, this point. And there is nothing else to cover these areas of this light with this layer. Sorry. So once you create this, now it's time off changing Pampers off shadows. If I go to cast, um, we won, you see that? It is It is treaty. But it is ah, just looking like a flat scene. And it doesn't have any sp's because in free life objects casting shadows. Wendy having a speaks with the bag around on in here. This also the same. For example, if I go to treaty and just create a little bit space in Z on. Now we see that it's it's in treaty mood and it has a lot of space from the background on If I go to active camera and go to light light option check on that the cast shadows has already on on in layer in treaty text that we haven't here in math. Real options. When you took on this treaty mode and here the material option is appear and you can change a lot of things from this Mallory option. The 1st 1 is the cast shadow and you see in here forages Leah, it is off on when it's off. It doesn't matter if you're light. Ah, cast shadows on because you're layer is doesn't accept any light to create shadow for it. So if I changes to on and accept shadows on on now, if I goto BG and my my solid and go to math, real options and, uh, check on cast shadow in here and go to cast, um, well and and now you see that our shadow is casting now entreating more When I changed it light. You see that the shadows. Also changing on it is cool. It's in real treaty on you can control different parameters and shadow in hair. As I mentioned in Shadow Diffusion, it can change this softness off your shadow. How much offense you want for your shadow like this on uh, if I put Destry Inter to have a good and fast render, and here you can just, ah, chain different parameters. You can change light transmission in Beiji and in your treaty takes off if I go natural option and chain light transmissions. How much light and shadow you want on different other problems was ambient and these others have is not related to shadows, but it's related to other things that I don't want to discuss about it on. Also, we can have multiple lights that casting different shadows, for example for creating. For example, if I create another light pine light on me for this, I don't want to be cast shadow or maybe cast shadow for this also. And if I put this in here, you see that we have multiple lights with different shadow casting in here on a I can change intensity, I can fall off the distance and play with these values, too. Achieve good looking treaty seen like this. And that is cool. So okay, in the next listen, we were just talking about soft shadow by using off radial shadow on how we can parent different parameters off rattle shadow to a knoll object that control it easily would have going to effects and control a bunch of other parishioners. 4. Soft Shadow: Okay, Just listen. Let's talk about itself shadow by using of a radical shadow victim ham. So I have my text in here, and I just simply drag a radical chatter too soft. Text in hand. On you See that as a normal edges, Jen Rade A projected chattering ham that I can change a city by the direction of the shadow By changing this point like this on, uh, for creating soft shadow, we don't need too much distance and hair on the in here we have our light source like this , and we can simply change capacity. Or we can have a very, um, watch, they say have very dark shadow like this and we can change the softness like this and make it this very low and project zero. Or maybe project this very, very softly like this. And we can change the rain there, sitting like glass age or maybe regular shadow, shadow on Lee and resize. Liar for creating and achieving. Ah, good and quality. Um, pixel softening in here on, like this weaken just simply create a very nice soft shadow effect in him. And the cool thing is that we can control each perimeter off this effect not just disinfect any other efforts in inside of a horrific with a null object, for example, imagine we have a different elements and we have a different types of shadow and we just want to control them with one noel object. How can we do that? Because created Because parenting different parameters are often effect with Noel object is very good way to avoid time consuming. It is very easy just creating Yunel object and and reading this to like to maybe fickle hide. And also I'm going to light source because the source that are just ah controlling Ah, this shadow the position is the light source and what I'm doing here is going to effect and going to radial shadow on all click to light source to create an expression. And once you all click now, I forgot to Africa two ah Tuggle down their position of this Noel object And once you ah creed expression in here Just delete this expression already. Ah, already expression on truth pick, wipe tool and in hair truce position of this Noel object. Now if I talk a lap these, uh, effect and change the position of the no logic. You see that we have the control off the shadow overall shadow with this knoll object weaken do a bunch of other things. For example, if I go to slider, I just type slide of control and apply this to ah, no object. And maybe I want to control the amount of opacity in here like this and ancient I just simply type capacity and in soft shadow and really shadow I'm just growing old, clicked on opacity and also end light Ah, pill Apted Capacity and slider. And in here and opacity as we as we did for this Ah, light source. Lead this and choose pick wipe on in hand through slider. Now all the things going on going off because our slider and value zero If I if I ah increased the value of it, you see that you can control it, okay, To to create a precise ah measurement for because it has be seen here at this opacity. Is that measuring by a percent We can we can add some other expressions to control. But I don't want to going dipped off expressions inside of after work. I just want to show you how How can we parent different perimeters off off an ethic inside of after FIC like this radial shadow on we can apply a fill A color picker in here, for example Color color control If I apply, it is to this knoll object on Ah, I simply lock loved this effort control if I just Because when you lock down Pacific control, if you see any other Elia, the effort control is remaining to that layer that you've locked out on. If I go too soft and in shadow color, I just simply all clicking here and lead the expression truce pick, wipe and choose this college controller. And now you see that it's already its change, its collar to read, and we can control it in here very simply, These kinds of parenting helps you while you handle a lots of complex projects. Ah, while you dealing with projects that you have hundreds off element and you want control all of them with just thes slider controls 5. Long Shadow: Okay, Ends. Listen, let's talk about a very fancy and very cool shadow Trains called long shows. Okay, as I mentioned, long shadows or in every veer analogies. You see, you see at least one example of long shadows in a whip, and there's a lot of AH elements that are created with this long shadows, and it's important for you to know how to create this long shadow for complex layers. For example, you can you can and create long shadows for for sickle circular shapes very easily, with shape tools bad. It is not dynamic. It is not procedure. For example, if you change the position off your object or shape their shadows not go along because it's just a shape in this. Listen, I show you have to create ah long shadow out to create long shadow dynamic, a long shadow that that that doesn't matter if you change the position. The shadow position is also changing. Okay, the first thing that I want to do is I want to pre comp this text because because we used valuable of radical Blair and already blur. If if we apply this to this layer itself, it just carrying out these ages, but we don't want to cap those agents. We need long shadows. So create any pre comp for this and apply this radical fast blur. Not fast bowler. Just irregular on, uh, change the amount off this blurriness and also change a type two centrism and changed the position like this. Very good. And that is a think. You've create long shadows until Okay, we need some atter fix. The other fixed I want to apply. Is is he complicit? And what TC complicit does is would have copy piecing any other last it just composite the first form off the leah with the applying effortful. For example, if I changes to in copy and in front, just check off this RGB only. And now we see that we have board a boat. Ah, form off the outer layers. So just click this in here and okay, now, the other things that I want to do is put a fill and make it black and put this before the composite and now the shadows created, but we want to make it a little bit darker and longer. So in this. So for this, I'm just applying level effect level, not level. It'll level individual controllers is a good effect to create and control parameters off the contrast and colors off your layers. So in here I'm just change to channel toe Alfa on in Alfa. I'm playing with these values. And if I change this value in these areas, you see that we just gave a very nice long shadow with art is like, this is its simple. And now I could just change the type to feelings who it will be. Okay, are maybe straight room was okay. And I put this way too long and hair like this on, uh, I can change different other parameters. Yeah, to create transparency a little bit, Lord and transparency, we can also, uh, if you if you want some some, um, faintness. And here you can apply. Lynn, you're white Lynn, your wife and ham and change the directions like this and sit around you see, like this. Or maybe if you don't want these niceness can apply this on the need off the level, and you get a very nice looking long show on. The cool thing about is that it is dynamic. It's procedural. If you change the position off this fix. It's already changed. For example, if if our imagine if our fix has animation, if I go to comp and create an anti made it fixed capacity lower down and create a key for him for this star and like this now if I go back, you see that it is completely procedure on dynamic and in level for twisting Apted quality a little bit this weekend. Create amazing. We can create it like this and also in amount. We can change the direction of it like this and can if I go to advance in here and smokiness out, you see, there's completely procedural Onda Ah too If I time consuming Yeah, you can save all of them has a presets. For example, If I select all of them on Goto animation and save sorry in save animation presets on Troost way you won't say for example, disk top and choose long shadow like this and click safe. Okay, wait a moment. And now if I delete the these effects and go to animation and applying emission presets from desktop, choose our president We have saved and click open. Now you see that We have our long shadow with just one click. And if I go and change the lien here for Jeremy Text Ah, Polly. Like this. You see that? Nothing to do more. Just went one click. Okay, I was hoping to drive from this class. And don't forget to put your reviews if you in dry from this class. If you learn one single thing from this class, put your reviews. And that is the only thing that helped me to create amazing and other classes on a scale Fear. Okay. My name is that you shade from Polly in motion and we will see next time.