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5 Top Ways To Promote Your Affiliate Offers

teacher avatar Mike Ingram, Skillshare Teacher. Follow me

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. 5 top ways to promote your Affiliate Offers

    • 2. Method One

    • 3. Method Two

    • 4. Method Three

    • 5. Method Four

    • 6. Method Five

    • 7. Your class project

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About This Class

5 Top Ways To Promote Your Affiliate Offers

In this course you will learn some of the best methods to get your Affiliate products to convert into sales. I'm going to show you some of the systems I've used to make repeat sales on Rakuten Linkshare for Udemy, on Clickbank and on JV Zoo. Imagine a nice fat commission cheque coming your way. How would you spend it?

Enrol today and you'll learn hacks and tips to make your Affiliate products sell.

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Meet Your Teacher

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Mike Ingram

Skillshare Teacher. Follow me



Thanks for taking time to visit my profile page.

I'm delighted that I might have the chance to help you, through my courses here on Skillshare.

I've been fortunate enough to work at some top companies and have also for the last eleven years run successful businesses of my own.

I've picked up a lot of experience in online and offline business and hope to help you be successful too!

My Interests include online business, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Wordpress, SEO and Social Media and I hope to soon be able to share some of my skills with you In my courses. My hobbies include playing guitar.

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1. 5 top ways to promote your Affiliate Offers: in this course, we're going to be looking at the five top plays to promote your affiliate offers. Now. Having success with affiliate offers is all about this waiting people to buy your foot outs . And in this course we're gonna be looking at everything from how to appetizer on social media to how to put your fill it offers on your own website. I'm gonna show you every hint, tip and trick to make you a successful affiliate. What you got to lose in role today in my five top ways to promote your affiliate offers course here on school, I'll see you in so articles. 2. Method One: Another great way to promote your Philly offers is by using forms such as Cora Read it, Warrior Forum and places like that. You can easily find the right forums for your particular subject by doing a Google search for forums. Now Core is one of the best known, as is read it. And what's going to take a quick look at how I get affiliate cells through Cora. So one of the first things you'll be asked when you join Cora and it's just chora dot com is what topics do you know about and on the left. Here, on my by, you can see that I know about social media working at home, freelancing contests and competitions. Skill share you to me. Design, management and self improvement. You know an interesting stat here. It's that I've had now to date 13 and 1/2 fell with just over 13.5 1000 views on my answers on Cora. Now what core is it's basically with the readers. Ask questions and specialists such as myself, or you will answer those questions. If we just look down the list here, for instance, where can I sell my you to me account. There's 177 views on that, and I've replied hi. And thanks for your question. I would imagine sand in your account ago strictly against you. Therese. Terms and conditions or not content instructed support to discuss this matter with them just to give you some visual view on the number of used you get on your answers if we just go to stats, which is from my profile here, and click on stats that you'll see this month. Five had 1.2 4000 views, which equates to between at the very lowest, too, to 100 views a day for answers. Now my top answer of all time is what amount of money does the average course on you do me make? And if we just click on this for a second, it's had 358 views, and we just go fruit to the actual answer. Now here I've put hi and thanks for your question. And I've answered the question, basically saying that the number off sales are similar to the pop charts where you get the top 10 courses making the most money and so on and so forth now at the bottom. And this is the key part for your you to me affiliate cells. My advice to anyone wanting to earn money on you know me is to go ahead and build a course and then my course. And I've put a link there to the course, and you can put a link there to any course you want. When you fill out the answer so you can promote anything you want on here. We'll show you how to make your own course in a day so my course will show you how to make your own course in a day. Now, people click on that link, they're gonna go straight to my course. And there it is. You did me create a unity course in eight hours unofficial, and that could be a cell straight away from you from one of these forms sites. So it's very simple. Set yourself up on Cora or read it, or warrior Forum. Help people because you'll see that you get lots of feet questions that you can answer like this one here. Which one is better? Udacity Code academy or you to me. Now I've got choice of answering or passing that question. If I answer that question, I'm going to send them, give them a link direct to you to me, and it would be my affiliate Link, and I'll be making money for anyone who clicks on that link. And again, I can go down the questions required. Let's have a look at some of these. Where can I find good Web design preferences again? I could give an answer to that. Link it to a Web design course on you to me or skill share, and put an affiliate link in the answer. And again, it will feed straight back in to you to me or skill share and make me an affiliate cell. And there are literally thousands of questions on thousands of subjects. Every single day is enough. One is blocking still an effective way to make money in 2016. Send it through to an affiliate link to a blogging course on you to me and make it your affiliate link and your makes the money from that. So it's really easy to make money from these forums. Sites like Cora, they're All you do is answer the question and sent for your affiliate link. So that's it for this lecture. I hope you've learned something on. I'll see in the next one. 3. Method Two: Now you've signed up as a you to me. If idiot, you're gonna want to promote your projects. So let's pop on over to one of my websites and I'll show you exactly what I do. This is one of the websites that I used to promote. No, only my courses, but courses for others too. As you can see, there's a lot of different courses on here. I'm just about to add another 30 of my courses covering Ah, whole heap of different subjects like that. I currently teach on skill share. So how does that affect you as a you do me a fitted well, you too can have a website just like this one. You could go to blue host dot com and pick up a domain name and hosting for less than $5 per month. In fact, I've got a special offer for hosting available at the end of this course. I also have their own special site building tools to neighbor. You toe have your own side up in no time at all. By putting lots of different courses on your site and promoting them on social media. You can then drive sales to you to me affiliate offers before sending them there. You can easily collect their email addresses to re market other courses and offers to them in the future. It's really very easy to set up websites these days. My sites like this one run on WordPress. Like many of the other big sites such as eBay, etcetera, WordPress could be set up with just a few clicks. And Blue Host provide all the information you need to do this. I have very few computer skills, and I'm able to do it so you should be, too. So what about when you're sites up and running and you need to promote others courses? Well, you did me make it really simple for you and that they send you bespoke links directly, made few and sometimes even give you examples of what to write in your affiliate offers. Here's an example of that. So let's just have a quick recap on what you've learned in this lesson. To pry your affiliate offers. You can set up your own website very cheaply and quickly. Using blue host, you can use a site builder or wordpress toe, have your own site up and running in a few minutes. Once you sign up, Rakuten provide you with your own bespoke links to sign up directly to their you Timmy courses. You then simply write a short article or use the one provided by you to me to promote your affiliate offers. Once your articles are written, use the social sharing buttons that come with your website to share your offers on social media and to article sharing sites such as Stumble Upon. So that's it for this lesson, and I'll see in the next one. 4. Method Three: many people prefer to promote their courses using social media. This is done by grabbing the deep linking code to over the category or the course you want , and then posting it direct to a Facebook group such as online course discounts. And all you do is go to discussion, paste your code, paste your code in the box, scroll down and had your own text and post. And there you are. Promoting, of course, is an affiliate into a Facebook group, and there are hundreds of different groups out there. Feet post your courses into. So it's simple as that. Just grab your affiliate code from Nick share and posted direct to Facebook, and before you know it, you're promoting your own course. If anyone clicks on that particular course, you'll be getting a nice, hefty commission. Now finding the right groups is fairly easy to do, or you do is go down to the side and find groups here and click on discovered groups. And if we wanted to say, Look for a you do me group, we took in the world, you to me. And if we just click on Seymour, you'll see there are a whole load of groups for you to me or or in fact, any subject you choose. And, as you can see here, some of the court, the groups that I've joined for you to me there are similar groups for skill share. If I type teen right now, it's type in the UFO and we look for groups. And if I wanted to, I could join all these people who are interested in UFOs. That's join a group is very simple. All you do is click on the part, plus one button there to join just just here. Once you accepted, you're free to post in as many groups as you want. No affiliate marketers make great use of this. Just go to my online course discount group and you'll see. So here we are on the group and it you'll see here as we go down the page. There are lots of people promoting courses, so just to recap, you can go into any group you want post a copy of the course and a copy of the link. Once people click on the link, they go direct to the course, and it's in a roll button there for whatever course you want to promote. So that's it for promoting courses in Facebook is really quite simple. Give it a go and I'll see in the next lecture. 5. Method Four: now another great way to advertise off people's courses on Instagram. No, this is my test account and as you can see here, I've got 17 post 75 followers and I'm following 152 people may just my website address just underneath my name there. So if we look down this instagram account, you'll see Basically, instagram, which is which can be linked to your Facebook account, is just a series of pictures. Now what you can do is an affiliate marketer for for you to be is to put posts up off other people's courses. So all you do is click on the image for the course, copy and paste it and edit it down to the right size and then just put it onto instagram on this. And as you can see here, I've got check out my stunning new skill share class. How to create stunning pages using Adobe Spark used the link below to get three months of skill share premium for only 99 cents for unlimited access to this and thousands of online courses. And all I've done there is put a link to the course in now what you can do. If you're an affiliate marketer is, you can get the deep linking course link, and that's a mouthful and poster into Betley dot com. And just get the short version of it and put it on here and you get thousands of eyes on each post when you put them on to Instagram. So it's a very, very simple and effective way off promoting of people's products on instagram. And if we just look it down a bit further, you'll see that I've done quite a few more different courses here. Here's one for become a paid a mystery shopper. And again there's the image there and on the right hand side. Just a short bit of information about the course and a link to the course. So that's a simple is. It is just going to instagram connected up. Put an image of the course and your affiliate link in there, and before you know it, you're gonna get more traffic coming to your cause from Instagram. That's it for this lecture, and I'll see in the next one 6. Method Five: in this lecture going to be looking at how simple it is to promote courses on Pinterest. So here you are on one of my Pinterest accounts. I use it again. I use this one for test purposes again. It's got my name and my website address at the top and these air pin boards that I've created. It's very easy to add a new pin board. All you do is click on the plus button here to create board, which is on the left hand side, just under your name, and make any board you want. Think of it as a notice board where you pin notices to it Now here, to the right, you see lots of the pin boards that I've put on Pinterest. So ways to make money for state home month make money online. Social media hints, blogging, you know, the one that interests you in particular is this one here top you Timmy courses and again, this is just an example board. But if we to go into top you Timmy courses and it says there, this board lists some top you Timmy websites, which will help you earn additional income from the ideas In each course, the course is shown a discount counted by massive amounts. On top of this or courses come for a full 30 day money back guarantee. Now all you need to do if you want to promote your affiliate links to any course, is just click on save Pin, which is to the left. Here again. Click on from the Web and post your affiliate link in two. The screen there simply is that just post your fill it link and click on Next on what will happen. You'll come up with something like this. You can then go into it and write a description, and the link is a link there and place it on whichever bought you want. And then all you do is click on Save. So just to recap, go to save pain. Click on Safe from the Web, post your affiliate marketing link there to whichever course you want, and you'll come to something like this. You then edit it. I didn't a description I didn. The link should already be there. But if it's no added in and click on Saif, and then that pain will be posted to your PIN board and here are some others that I've done already on this. So that's the simplicities. You can easily promote courses on Pinterest. You'll get thousands and thousands of views for it, and it will drive traffic to your affiliate offers. So that's promoting with Pinterest, we'll see you in the next lesson. 7. Your class project: Hi. Your car's project is shown in the box just below the main screen net to the community books Creature Project on Uploaded under the Class Project section. I'm really looking forward to seeing it. I want to congratulate you for completing this course on hope It helps. Have you enjoyed the class? I really hope so. If so, I would be grateful if you could leave her of you in this. Bob's here. Thank you for watching. And I'll see you inside some of my classes.