5 Tips to Rediscover HOLIDAY joy! Fun class with music and flashing lights | Franki B. Kidd | Skillshare

5 Tips to Rediscover HOLIDAY joy! Fun class with music and flashing lights

Franki B. Kidd, FBKwrites.com

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8 Videos (16m)
    • Bleepin Intro

    • Where's My Music?

    • Can't Steal My Joy!

    • 1. Pay it Forward

    • 2. I Hear Music

    • 3. When Life gives you Lemons (Echos)

    • 4. The Titanic Sinks

    • 5. In Pursuit


About This Class


Welcome to the Holiday “GIF” G-I-F class.  Where I’m at in America, we are in the middle of our BIG Holiday Season.

This is my last class of the year on Skillshare until 2017, and I wanted to do something fun with holiday music and flashing Christmas lights.  I had a few, scratch that, I had a LOT of techy issues. But that didn’t stop this Christmas train.


In this class, I share 5 ways to Rediscover Joy in your life.

Simple tips from a humble online entrepreneur, a gal from the Midwest who tries hard each day to live a purposeful life.

This means staying productive, being purposeful, pursuing passions, not just during the holidays but each and every day.

It’s easy to lose motivation or never gain enough motivation to pursue your dreams and BE HAPPY.

This class is gonna be the sparkle in your day, your week, your life. I believe the positive energy that you put out into the Universe comes back to you.

For many this is a joyous time of year.  But for some, it’s a stressful time and some even experience grief.  

There are also people including some of my family and friends who don’t celebrate the holidays. And that’s OK.

If you celebrate American holidays, this class is for you.  If you DON’T celebrate American holidays or any holidays, this class is for you. 

If you are not a premium member but you’d like to take this class simply click in the class here for limited “FREE”  coupon.  

Be sure to watch the class to the end because not only will it be FUN, but because I also have a few surprises planned for a lucky few. 

Click & Roll and let’s let the festive times begin.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

Your Online friend, FBK





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Franki B. Kidd


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