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5 Text Effects In Premiere Pro

teacher avatar Reverse Cuts, Master Media School

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Meet Me & This Course!

    • 2. Unique Flicker Text Effect

    • 3. Shiny Text Effect

    • 4. Beautiful Write-On Text Effect

    • 5. The Underwater Text Effect

    • 6. Spinning Text Effect

    • 7. Bonus Lesson - Video In Text Effect

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About This Class

Learn how to create 5 really cool text effects using Premiere Pro!

Cool animations and looks on your text have never been this easy!

Quick and easy to learn, you will master these text effects really fast and you don't need any prior knowledge since I explain everything from scratch.

All we will be using for this class is Premiere Pro and a couple of fonts that I will be providing you with for free!

You will learn how to create:

1) Unique Flicker Text Effect
2) Shiny Text Effect
3) Beautiful Write-On Text Effect
4) The Underwater Text Effect
5) Spinning Text Effect

Join us now and let's learn together.

Let's Create. We Can Do It.

Enis, Reverse Cuts.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Reverse Cuts

Master Media School


Hello, I'm Enis, founder of Reverse Cuts.

I create/edit videos and photos and teach others how to do the same! 

Before Skillshare I started my journey on some other platforms:
Youtube: 15,500 Subscribers
Udemy: 7,000 students

So I decided to expand here, on Skillshare. 

Join us now and let us help you work your magic!

"Let's create, we can do it."


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1. Meet Me & This Course!: Hello. My name is Ennis, the founder of Reverse Skins Master Video. Anything? I will be your instructor for this class. This class is really fun and easy to follow and it will feature how to great five Cool text effects improvement probe. We have unique explicar effect Shiny text effect Beautiful right on text effect underwater text effect spinning Thais defect and a bonus lesson which will show you how to place your video inside of the text. I will even provide you with some cool free fostered you can use. This is something that you're interested in joining us. Now Let's greet you can do it. 2. Unique Flicker Text Effect: Hello, everyone. And welcome to our first episode of this class. I'm so great to have you here. So in this score skies for this class, call it wherever you want. We're going to be teaching five touched effects in Premiere Pro that are really easy to use , but really cool looking. It's a fresh new They outside. I just got me a glass of lemonade. Everything is going great, so why not learn? So let's learn together, guys. So right here I mean, Premiere Pro. And what I'm gonna do is going to the graphics panel right here that a graphics workspace and this will be mostly the workspace that we're going to use. But although you can also use the effects one in any occasion because the text we're going to make are not that stuff or you don't need graphics panel a lot do it. So we're going to do to start off as create a black background. So I'm gonna do that by going right your new item and creating a black background click OK to whatever it appears because it doesn't matter. And here's our five seconds background. So what I'm gonna do right now Teoh at text is the next you can do. If you're India Fest controls right here, you can click on this text. Think just line it up, Click on it, just line it up like this life. Something is legacy of graphics to show up right here. That's the way to do it right here in defect step. If you go to do graphics panel right here we can do is click right here on a quick text. The decks should appear right away. Well, you could also do right here is there is a lot of options on Detroit here. Recon. Mind it up vertically, horizontally on a line. It right here. Uh, all types of options right here. So maybe just changes position to center, something like that. You know, you can mess with its transparency on there's some styles right here that you should have, but some reason I don't have them, but it's a game. We're not actually gonna use them in this class right here. We have some with skull fonds on. If I use any specific one Well, you know, because I'm closer, I think provide you with the download link to all the funds that I will be using throughout this class. So right here you get lineup your your text somewhere. Let's see in the middle or at each ends right here. These are some different options. For example, if we do this, if we have a stacked text right here, grab a stack text right here. Let's see, we have another one right here underneath. If we increase this, there's gonna be lots of space between them and we decreases. They're gonna get bumped up into each other pretty much the same things right here. And you have these basic office right here which has failed the color in it. This trove, the outline on the shadows, which is gonna be dropped behind the letters. So it's pretty, pretty easy. And let's start with the first effect. What I also forgot to mention is the war if you didn't remember all of these because we're going to be using them during this classic and practice with them and learn how to use each and every one of these options. So this was just a brief showcased on all of these. So right now, as we said, just like right here, creating you text on. Let's create our unique flicker effect for France lesson. It's gonna be really easy. All right, So what we have here is that that's the fact, which I'm going to rewrite, don't you? Right. Let's say reverse. Since we have, it's just we have since that's my name. And but I'm going to do is let's apply some of the options right here. What do you think? But actually, before we apply them, let's let's go ahead and highlight what we just written on. And if we do, this is you can see we actually apps. We actually separated. We actually separated these right here on. What I'm gonna do is increase their scale. Click on the Vectra motion or the motion doesn't matter just to line it up right here. The reason why I divided them like give each and every one of these space is because of the next thing. So what I'm gonna do right now is hold old and drag it up. Once is going to do to get our Clippers. You could see so we have 1234567 We have exactly seven letters right here, and we need seven of these videos because we're going to be masking each and every single of these letters right here. So we're going to need seven copies of these. Let's just highlight all three of these and drag him up on, as you can see. Uh, just drop this. Thank you. Create another one says, you can see we have 123456 on. I think there's a 7 20 There's seven right here. So what I'm gonna do right here is going to the 1st 1 and but I'm also gonna do is I'm going to click on this directing or thing right here. And the effect controls, as you can see. And once you click on it, there should appear a rough mask off a rectangle. What I'm gonna do is check our first letter in this box right here. It doesn't have to be perfect. Doesn't have to be box as long. And it's only covering our one letter that we're trying to select. So something like this and what I'm gonna do, go down and just click right here's curl down in the effect controls and jump down the Federer to zero because in case you catch up an edge of any other letter is going to fade it out and it's not gonna look professional, So make sure to drop down the mask better because we're not gonna need the feathering. What I'm gonna do right now is click on our second layer and do the same thing for our second letter. Let me just make sure I line it up perfectly. Truck down to zero, and where you can also do is write like this mask, copy it and paste it in every single one of these and just drag it onto the letters, you know? But since I want to do it right, I'm just gonna hopes. I'm just gonna use this right here. It's really easy, as you can see, but it's a bit time consuming. I don't think that I wanted to mention the the reason why we didn't create a lot of masks for the for only one clip is because we want them to flicker and we're gonna have to make them appear in different times and make them appear and make them appear licorice. So it's gonna be really hard to do that with capacity because there's gonna be a lot of key framing. So this is the easier way And let's just keep going. Let's speed up this process. - So we're officially done with these mass kings, and what I'm gonna do right now is the next thing. So if we actually zoom in a bit and we drop it down to the 1st 1 what I'm gonna do is just , like, make them appear randomly, you know? And actually, I'm gonna drag this one in a bit further and just make them appear randomly. You know, just just play around with it and see what fits the best for you. So if we played right now, let's just shop this. I'll some actually having problems with this. There we go. So if we go back to the start and played the music Asi Day appear randomly and that's actually pretty good, So you can of course he was. See what fits for you if you maybe want them to appear later. I love it, and right here it's pretty simple. The word gay to create a flicker effect on some of these is by zooming in as much as you can and you can do is just go right here. Let's see right here. Click the shortcut, see to get your razor tool out and just cut each and every frame. So dear a couple of times, something like this and we're going to do is delete every 2nd 1 As you can see, let's do one more and this is going to create a flicker. Effects you can see on the TV letter is going to create a flicker effect. Let's add it to the best to say something right here on. Just cut out a lot of frames. Delete every 2nd 1 It's pretty simple. So let's say we have for now. It's very simple and we can also do is create one right here. So it stands out. You know, when the animation is completed, we can have a nice of flicker effect right here. Announcement. Not something about this effect is that you can You can create it also at the end, you know, for the outcome this was That's a nice right. So basically this I created just make it appear randomly on. Insert all of these. Don't make sure to copy all these tracks, so let's go back to the end and actually just randomly dragged him in and make them reappear randomly. So make sure they don't line up anywhere because it's how the transition will look better. Let's see. All right, so something like this with the outcome. All right, So this is spirit Nice. I like it. And the end. Boom. All right, so that's the unique flicker effect for your next text. And I hope you enjoy this 1st 1 truly covering a lot. A lot. Other text effects, as you've seen in the promotional video to start. And I'm really excited to have you here. Thank you. Once again, let's keep learning, and I will see you in our next lesson. 3. Shiny Text Effect: Hello, everyone. And welcome back to bring your lesson. Thank you for keeping out. I said thank you for learning with me. I don't know what I'm talking about thinking over time, at least. So let's do this shiny effect Shank text. The fact is really easy. Let's waste no more of your time. I talk. I talk pretty fast and I talked a lot of things. So I get from one subject to another and to turn into 1/4. And I just lose track, sir. Sorry from Doc. Nonsense. Nonsense. Sometimes. Guys, I'm just here to teach you a couple of things. So that's what I'm gonna do right now. As you can see, I have my black video from earlier. Of course, you can use an image you want, Teoh. I'm just using this for the cause of the editorial on what I'm gonna do right here is go back through the ethics panels, as you can see, essential that graphic to edit. And I'm going to create in your text. What I'm gonna do right now has, uh, changed the text, actually, so I'm going to type here, right here, shine like this. Let's look for some sexy font. We have it. Something like this. What is this? What? They just usable yard. Fantastic. Strict. All right. So we could do. Of course. There's increased the size of the text, Actually. Like it like this. So hopes I'm actually stupid. What I can do is just click on this right here. Andi, click this like this that is going to center up the text exactly in the middle. So just aligned it right here with these two. What I'm gonna do right now is actually we could increase it a bit more. And as you can see, once we have the text right here, what I'm gonna do is click on it on. Look on this right here and go to fill right here and change its color. So what do you say? Something like some something like this, right? Some vintage orange. So while we added right here where we have this what we created this Just hold all and copy the same thing. Click on it, go back to the shine text, and this time changed the fill too white to fully white. What I'm gonna do right now is while I'm at this white thing right here. Right next. I'm going to click on this free job as here to create a mess. What I'm gonna do is create something like this because you can see it's going to be, like, off to the site on. What I'm gonna do is this time it is you remember, we decrease the mass veteran. Our last lesson in this one. I'm going cute. Increase it by a lot so I can get this natural shine. In fact, that is not just a sharp white line right here. So what I'm gonna do right now is click on this stopwatch next to mask Beth right here so I could actually animate the mask, click back on the mask and track it out of the frame. Something like this. What I'm going to do right now is go. I mean, take this key frame to start, because, as you can see, I created it somewhere in the middle. Make sure your play had is at the beginning was to create the first key free. So dragon and just like this on what I'm gonna do is go to the end and track this in as you can see something like this. So if I go back, you can see it seems like we're shining up our text. And if I click off the mask, them just took off the mask. As you can see, it's looking just like a normal shine on, and that's totally high. Create effect on There's another thing that I want to mention if you're first shine seems really slow for you, for a text is a bit bigger and it seems slow for you when you can always do is just track. And this this last key frame, which we added, so that's going to speed up to shine. This is also slow. So let's do something like this. All right. That was perfect. So that's how you create the shine effect. It's really easy with the simple off course. You will look better with some cooler background, but I'm right here to teach you about test about backgrounds. You know, Andi, that's how could shine affect. Thank you. Very me. Here, guys. I hope I will see you in our next lesson. Make sure you put these in use because there are some really cool text effects. And also make sure to watch all of these. Don't just watch one or two never come back because they're really easy to create. There's not a lot off time. You'll be, uh, consuming on these so they should to watch this whole class and I will see in our next lesson. 4. Beautiful Write-On Text Effect: Hello, everyone, and welcome back to bring your lesson and it's reverse. Scott's here, and in this lesson, we're going to teach you how to create a right on effect. This effect was Pokhara, popularized by traveling videos as you concede in literally every single one of them. But it's actually easy to create. And I chose this location, this video because I wanted to type sand in the text and I couldn't find anything better and a short amount of time. So this will Berg. What I'm gonna do right now is click right here and at the text. I'm going Teoh make it a bit smaller. Andi, let's see something like this and I'm going to center it up. But I'm going to do is for eight years stand as I said, and I'm going to highlight it and change the font to Brooks I just installed. So that is my alarm. Don't worry, you're not getting bombed. There's something there's not a C for in your house. That was my alarm. So let's continue right here. As you can see, I have a text this you can find this font and downloaded one which you download it which I provided you with for free. So make sure to install it on. What I'm gonna do is actually increase it to about something like this. Andi. Right now I'm going to center it up, as you can see. So what I am I using this font is because this effect is way easier to create what a fund it looks like hand written on. What I'm gonna do right now is go back to defects that because this effect is kind of easier to create the effect stab Although it's nothing specially no, but it's easier for me just to create like this. So what I'm going to do right now as click on this sand right here. And as you can see, this is the thing that I'm going to be using a Z. I made sure everything is okay here. What I'm gonna do is click right here on this page. This new item option and a transparent video. Once that is transparent fitting. I'm going to place it over my video and make sure I light it up perfectly. Let's say it appears and something like this. All right. On what? Zoom in a bit So what I'm going to do? Well, I have this transparent video on as click on it Good effects Step and search before a right on. In fact, this is how you type it. It's right underneath. Video effects and generate still makes you place the transparent video on what I'm going to be doing is messing around with these. So if I click on this right on effect right here, you should see it appear right here. The brush size. Let's change it up to 20 ish, even 20 You could do so just make sure you look perfectly. Line it up with the letter right here, as you can see and when it you should be good. What I'm gonna do is change the brush hardness 200 on and this to Roque. Uh, I think quick can change the skin off five ish on the brush basing Whatever you're committed to do is use the do the smaller one. In this case, it will be 0.1 on. What I'm going to do right now is animate this, that where we're going to animate this is by zooming and right here because we're gonna have to see better. This is perfect. What I'm gonna do right now is if I click right here on this thing right here she said is so actually, this could be smaller. So let's change it to exactly 21 which is perfect. And what I'm going to do is click on this stopwatch on brush position and start enemy. So what I'm gonna do is ah, click on this right here on and click on this, right. You're sorry. And what I'm gonna do is leave it like this at first frames on. Then I'm going to move up to frames and click this dot right here and move it up. Like this, uh, changed two frames. You move up towards two friends and do the same thing. As you can see, this is a really simple process. Make sure covering the whole letter. If you do this like if you stretch it out like this, where you can do is just let it get control Z to undo it and then just redo the process. I have my shortcuts for frame forward and the frame backwards on Q and W, but for you it will be on the arrows on. I will see you once I fish. The reason why I have to start the video then right here is because when it shows something . So if you get to this point where you have to cross the letters, what we're going to do, what you gonna do now? Well, basically, right here You can just turn to a new one and draw a line right here. What are we going to do? Is move up to work two frames and we're actually gonna go all the way to hear, Or it can go quite Hume of two frames and just like right here on move towards two frames and this Andi straggled back right here and just continue. The process is you could see. So if you run into this problem where you have to cross the letter or something, don't worry. It's just for the mask. It's not gonna do anything. Once you officially finished the mask, you can check it out by going back right here and playing it. As you can see, this is exactly what are you going to do? And the master turned out perfectly, as you can see. So what are we going to do right now? As quick on the bottom layer. Right here on searching the effects. Right here. Search for a trap, Matt Key on this. How you write it underneath video effects and king. You will see this one and drag it onto your first clip. The background one on. What are you going to do right now is collect on it. Go down right here on. And as you can see, we have are transparent video in our video track Three. So right here under new track Met Key Mads Change from none to video three because that's where clip is. Andi, literally. That's how you get the right on effects. So in case this is right for you and it's the preview begins, Laghi, where you can do is click enter to render out this part right here. And let's check out what we have. For now, Christine turned out perfectly where you could do what I would recommend you use. Just struck shit out. Just so a David. The deck stays a little longer. And as you can see, it's like you because I didn't render the sequence. And so that's how you create their right on effect. It was really simple. Just follow these simple steps. Really used to effects on it was no biggie. Thank you for having me here. Thank you for learning with me. And let's keep on to the next test effect. 5. The Underwater Text Effect: Hello, everyone, and welcome back to bring your lesson in this lesson and make sure how to create the underwater effect, which is really cool. And it looks kind of realistic. So it's really catchy to see it in the video, and that's great for your audience. And I really like it. This is my second time recording this lesson, because the first time I recorded I had some technical difficulties and for some reason, after fully recording the lesson, I thought I had it done. And for some reason, the screen was black and no by I almost broke my computer. But, hey, we're here. So let's create mean recorded the lesson all over again. So let's see. Let's keep this video short to about 10 seconds. All right? On. Right here. What I'm gonna do is due to the graph an essential graphics creating your next. I'm gonna lined it up, let's say and I'm gonna double click it and let's just play underwater. I'm going to highlight it and go right here and search for a Yeah, right. You rough? Simple. I don't know. Why Then came out the first time a guy spelled something wrong. All right. So this is the effect I'm going to be using for the underwater effect, in case you want your just something right here. It would be nice to do right now, because we're going to go to the effects panel. And right here. What I'm gonna do is Oh, shit. Oh, I'm dumb. I got this short about their frames they actually needed at that in seconds. Right? Well, maybe not Tensing can something like this. What am I doing? All right, so we finally have this adds a couple of seconds. What I'm gonna do right now, as a click off of it on, I'm going to go to the effect step and search for a turbulent this place. It's underneath video effects and distort folder. Place it on your title. Ondas. You can see the text already got the effect, but it's not moving. We're gonna have to animate it. And if you go to effect controls by clicking on the underwater effect as crawling down right here, we're gonna go. Let me just drop this. I mean this text effect up on right here. These are the options that we're going to be messing with to create the effect. Let me explain each and every one of these for the terrible. In this place, we have displacement first and you consistency turbulent will broke just fine as it created the effect already, but turbulence smoother. For some reason, I like to use it. I don't know why it's pretty much the same thing. Maybe just because the name is says it's smoother, but I like to use it for the amount you can keep it the way it is. But I'm just gonna drop it a bit less. At about 40. 35 will work as well for this size. Let's see, We could drop this to about 50 as I used to do, maybe even 60 on for the offset. That's something that we're gonna have to animate what we're going to do right now as like a stopwatch right here. Make sure play hat is at the start. What I'm gonna do is make sure this is 500 if I scroll back to the end and get this to 8000 we will see a difference. We'll actually see the effect happening. But the effect is really BC Heavy. So as you can see this Red line means it's not rendered out. So it's gonna be buggy right here. But don't worry, once we render it out by pressing enter is going fine. But let's mess around with these options a bit more for the complexity. What you can do is increase it to 1.5. That's how I like it. And the evolution for the evolution for the of course means for repeating. What I'm gonna do is get evolution and stick the stopwatch. Make sure play had it at the start and leave it at zero. That's how you add a cube ring for zero dragging back to the end and to get the security 10 . What I'm gonna do right now is make this a bit ah, shorter because it will take long to render it out. So was this affect renders out? We will be able to see normally. How are effect? Looks like All right, So see you after a French is out. Yeah, this is kind of awkward, isn't it? So how's your David going? Guys was soft. Uh, have been just recording some courses. I look right. Alright. Sample it. Shut up. It's done All right. So this is the effect, Actually. Create the underwater effect. As you can see, it looks realistic. It looks really cool. This how like it of for some of you who don't like the look is because I have a specific font for it. But if you use a normal wanted to look way less dreamy on this is how I personally like it . So that's how you create the underwater effect. And thank you for having me here. Guys. I will see you in our next lesson. 6. Spinning Text Effect: Hello, everyone. And welcome back to bring your lesson and is here as always. And this should be our last lesson, as it's our fifth text effect will actually on light. It's not our last lesson as the last from these five effects, but we're actually gonna have a bonus lesson, as you probably knew. And make sure you check out the bonus less. And it's actually pretty easy. And it's a really cool effect to make. So let's create a spinning effect. So what I'm gonna do right now is at my background. It's this right here. What I'm gonna do right now is good through graphics, and what I'm gonna do is click on you layer text. Make sure I line it up, double click on it. And let's name it's pink. Let me highlight it. Uh, what should we use? Let's use something simple again. Oh, this looks cool. All right? And what I'm gonna do right now is make sure I light it up with the clip underneath. What I'm gonna do is make sure if I want to use any of thes other ones because I'm gonna switch the effects panel right now and right here. What I'm going to do is the next thing which is switched to this correct. Go to the effects that right here, and search for a basic treaty. Once you get it right here from the perspective folder, drag it on top of your text when she do that for organic. Like closed the texting G on. What I'm gonna do now is a just this. So basically this right here is measured. And was it called Degrees on? For example, if you like 200 it's gonna twist it at 200 degrees. But we can do is like they've been the circles for how many's Penning's circles you wanted to create. So let's see, I want 14. So I'm going to do it. This type in 14 then have been x 0.0, and that's going to create fourth expense with zero more, uh, degrees. We're not gonna be using tilting distance because we don't need it for now. But what I'm going to do is stopwatch this cling to stop Our stock information had a key from at the start. So what are we going to do? Is drag it out till etc. Three seconds at a key frame right here and to go back to the start because right here we wanted at zero. So that's gonna make this spinning, as you can see. So let's check it out so you could see it spinning. Right now it's making 14 spends till it reaches our key frame at three seconds. For for us to make it splitter. Where we can do is right. Click the last key frame in Click He's in on right, like our first key frame, and I think he's out. It's basically going to make it smoother. So here's what we have. It starts smooth and goes in really fast, and it goes out gradually. So what we can do right now also has dropped down this swivel options for key framing. And this is nothing scary, which it's just basically framing. What we're going to do is drag it by this right here. This blue thingy drag it out as much as you can. And what are we also going to do? Is track these ones right here to this right here. Just dragging the left to this and we're going to create this simple curve right here on this actually really make its smooth? As you can see, it's really cool on what are we going to do right now to enhance this? This text effect a bit more is go again to defects, controls. Let's just close this and get to the effects controls and search effect controls. What am I talking about? Going to the simple effect that affects that and search for a directional blur. They just directional blur and place it on your text for the direction. We're just gonna type in 90 as it's going to add any degrees, which is a normal angle and front of blur length. What are we going to do is go right here and think the stopwatch. Keep it at zero at the start. And actually, my bad, my bad. Keep it on 90 at the start and just before it's about to finish, make sure it's at zero. So as you can see, that's how we're going. Cube. That's what we're going to make. You can even drag his 1st 1 in a bit. That's how we're going to enhance this transition. Batting it directional blur and is it slowing down? We're going to lose directional blur. And actually, we can just shrank this a bit and more. And that's how you create the spinning text effect. It's really simple, and it's really cool looking and right here also. What I forgot to mention is you don't have to add 92 off course from the Blur life. You can increase it even more. But I found the 95th for me. Really well, as you can see, something else would do good to, and it's really simple to use. So this was our fifth effect, as it's our last. Thank you so much for having me here. What I forgot to mention is don't like Click away or a turn it off because we have a bonus lesson, as you probably know. So make sure stick around for that. If you did enjoy learning with me. If you love me as an instructor, I highly thank you for that. And just to show some appreciation, where you can do is leave a nice little review, which will help me out as an instructor on skill share and thank you very much. Thank you for Army here. Let's check out the bonus lesson and finish this course 7. Bonus Lesson - Video In Text Effect: Hello, everyone. And welcome to our bonus lesson. Thank you for sticking out throughout this whole class. I I actually appreciate you as a person and for lying to teach. I mean to learn with me that basically thank you for being with me right here. So let's finish with this class on what I'm gonna do for our last bonus lesson astral your how to put a video inside of your text. It's a really cool little trick where you can use for your videos of projects and stuff. So they're just import video, a video just released of this on. What I'm gonna do is choose a specific spot. Let's do something like this. Something like this and what I'm gonna do right now is at a text. I'm not gonna go to the graphics panel because we don't eat much for this. So let's just take it right here. Text. It's highlighted. Be increased text size a bit and what I'm going to do right now to place it plays the video inside of our text. Let's just first line it up the way we like it. So let's see something like this. What I'm gonna do is go to effects tab right here and search for a crack math. Keith, remember, we use this effect in our earlier lessons. Place it on your video knocked or a text on your video, which you want to place inside of the text on, Click on it and make sure scroll down right here in the effect controls that on May math right here. Where you want to do is change from none to the track where your text is. For me, it's video, too, as you can see right here. Still effect like video to it's going to apply my back straight year. So let me just just It's like this. And as you can see it, Z absolutes mute this circuit talk. As you can see, it's moving inside of a text, and it's really easy to use. We had a small mistake right here can be fixed. As you can see, it's looking pretty nice. Pretty normal. This how you put your baby inside your text? I hope you enjoy it. Learning with me right here. Thank you very much. If you want to support me once again, where you can do is subscribe. My YouTube channel to keep learning with me for free. And also leave a nice review on this class if you don't enjoy and learn something here. So think of around me here, guys and is from briskets signing out.