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teacher avatar Jack Wakem, Video Game Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Streaming The Right Games: Growth Hack 1

    • 3. Streaming At The Right Time: Growth Hack 2

    • 4. The Power Of Consistency: Growth Hack 3

    • 5. Driving Viewership Growth Through Social Expansion: Growth Hack 4

    • 6. Supercharging Collaborations For Growth: Growth Hack 5

    • 7. Conclusion

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About This Class

Learn how to supercharge your growth on Twitch in 2019 with 5 growth hacks!

Why should I take this course?

Twitch's current situation in 2019 of slow growth and limited discoverability of emerging channels on the platform has led to frustration amongst many starting streamers. The old methods of growing a channel on Twitch are no longer relevant, a new set of tactics and growth tips are required to have any hope of growth on the platform. This course teaches you the new set of rules for domination on Twitch in 2019 and will help inspire the growth of your channel. 

Who is this course for:

Anyone with an interest in Twitch, especially people who want to start streaming on the platform or existing streamers wishing to grow their current audience. 

Any requirements to take this course?

Pre-existing knowledge about Twitch would help a lot, but also a willingness to learn and consolidate these classes teachings with further research and analysis of your own stream. 

In this course you will learn:

  • How to identify streaming opportunities of games
  • Optimizing the timing of your stream for maximum growth 
  • How to identify your streaming demographic
  • Develop viewer loyalty through the power of consistency
  • How to drive traffic to your Twitch channel through social media
  • Finding more better quality collaborations to grow your channel
  • Plus more!

So join this course today, and learn how to supercharge your growth on Twitch in 2019!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jack Wakem

Video Game Designer


Email: [email protected]

Discord: Alpenglow#1251

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1. Course Introduction: welcome to mind your course that will teach you how to supercharge your growth as a channel on twitching 2019. In this course, we will learn bar tips and tricks that, if implemented correctly, who boost your viewership in subscribe account, as well as developing a culture of buel loyalty within your strange well. First start by deconstructing what the right games to strange look like and how we can boost our viewership by selecting the right time. Too strange before we move on to learn the importance of consistency. There's application into all areas of our strange, but the fundamentals down Pat voted you had a grow your tweets channel laterally through social media expansion and conversion and had a fund mawr better quality collaboration that are worth your time. So join this court today and learn how to grow your presence on twitch the Fast In most of Samuel Way 2. Streaming The Right Games: Growth Hack 1: applying brought guys grown. No channel on twitch. Stop you playing the rock guns First, let me establish an inconvenient truth. Forget streaming for night or any other off the massive Ganz on the platform. Let's be honest here. If you were just starting out as a streamer and have decided Strange fortnight, you will be buried amongst the 9433 other channels trying to strain for nine. Why should you compete for 100,000 average viewers? Against such stiff competition? Some people would probably still think 10 viewers frustrating. That's still in All right, right show right. I'm sure I could start out just playing this game and build a decently size audience. Well, there's something you need to add as well. You're not actually really competing for the 100,000 average viewers. A common misconception is that everyone on the platform has equal access to these 100,000 audience members. But it is important to remember that 70% of the total viewers are captured by the top 5% of strangers. So when you factor this in, it's more like 31,000 years between 8900 channels And that is not a battle worth fighting for when there are much more lucrative ways to first establish yourself on the platform simply by playing some better games. All right, so now we have established that behind the biggest Ganzon twitch will not result in the biggest growth to your channel. Let me tell you how to find them all. Turn against to maximize your strange guard number one. Look out for the stream ratio. This is the old reliable method of carbon. Your niche within a game streaming community finally gain for the decently sized audience, but with limited competition will mean that one you don't have to compete with excessive amounts of people to find your viewers and to the gang already has an established audience so that you don't have to market itself outside of these games community to entice people to start watching you play this game that they wouldn't watch. Otherwise, the audience is already here. An excellent tool for binding the stream ratio is tweet struck dot com. Simply search of the game that you were looking to stream. Look at the ratio, but make sure that you exclude the top 5% of streamers. Get your numbers and art yourself. The following questions one. Does this game have enough viewers to make streaming it worth my time? There's no point sweating over again, and I have two strings and 100 viewers. Does this game have enough content interesting for the audience? You're going to sit down and play Tetris every single day. Your audience, as well as yourself, will get extremely bored because there's no not Barents into in the game play. Make sure that your gang has enough unique content to sustain engaging play for over 100 hours as a rule of thumb. Get three. Will I enjoy playing this game? You were going to sit there for a couple of hours playing the same game. He's going to stop the lot out of you. Your audience will gradually. Lately, I sense your lack of enthusiasm in spirit. Nobody wants to watch it. Don't be scared to screen blankly for 2 to 3 hours. All right, the second method of finding some games you could always play What is hot now This can be a double edged sword. On one hand. You could potentially expose yourself to a new audience by right in the heart of the new ganja lates or all gained new content updates. Or you could potentially be drowned out by the 1000 other people who have had the same idea of jumping on these new releases and content again. Do your research into the stream a ratio, but also think about how your existing audience is going to react to a jump over to a new gang. Often Strange will find that audience dwindle off their being jumping from again to again like a goddamn jackrabbit. This comes under consistency, which we will be discussed in less than three. If you were going to strain these viral kids, make sure you are one of the first people in their streaming subscribes and gaming public publications. And news starts to make sure you're keeping up to date all the news from the industry so that that you are better informed of upcoming releases. An update and you can get in there quick. Thanks for watching, and I'll see you next lesson 3. Streaming At The Right Time: Growth Hack 2: we have established that it matters what gang you decide to train. But equally important is deciding the timing off your strength. When gearing your channel for maximum growth, you're going to want to consider what time of dying wait. You will be strange. There's many considerations that you must make when stating the time of your strange one. You must consider your demographic. The demographic essentially made the character receipts off the audience that you are. I'm just rainfall. Let's break it down to an example. Imagine you were family friendly upcoming streamer who has decided to start stringing roadblocks. The demographic of male ate the 13 year olds. The streamer realizes that he's going to capture. A high proportion of these do is by simply streaming from four PM 13 17 because the majority of your target demographic will have to deal with set bedtimes that earlier in the not so we decided to time he strange to start when the audience gets back from school, to the time when majority of his demographic will have to stop watching due to bedtime. The stream also realizes that in many households Elektronik, the boss is a band throughout the weight. So we just lost a strain on Saturdays as well as Mondays and Wednesdays. To capture the proportion on these demographic nor allowed to access tweet your weight does . He's kind of right down is really affected when you're dealing with the small nation viewers. However, if you aim to string towards the broader demographics, it would be smart to our dandified periods of pain. Your ship on the platform using tools again, such as tweet struck don't calm you can use is to break down viewership statistics by game's end time your streams accordingly. Number two. Convenience to you. Think about yourself once, when setting times to strain. Insure their conveying it to you, and you will be out consistently stream at the same time every week without interruption. Also, if you have identified your demographic of 15 to 22 year old emails and USA and you live in you in the UK and to capture pig, you shit, you must remit to I am Forget it isn't sustainable readjusted demographic and give yourself the best chance for success without burning out. Always have these considerations in mind when setting your strange times, but never forget the most important role of developing a loyal Tambor's consistency, said they saw him. So you constraint that interruption every week without stopping, we will be discussing the importance of consistency, next lesson and its application to other areas of your strength. But start with this. Thanks for watching, and I'll see you next lesson. 4. The Power Of Consistency: Growth Hack 3: way have learned about the importance of consistency. Last lesson In this video, I'll be showing you other areas off your stream where consistency will strengthen your viewer loyalty. Here is a little universal truth for all products out there. When a consumer decides to purchase a Google service, they generally expect consistency off the product every time they have purchased it. When you walk into McDonalds and order a big Mac, you don't expect the burger toe have no lettuce or chicken patty. You expected to contain all the ingredients from the last time you bought it. Plus, you expected to taste relatively the same, right? So how does this example feeding with tweets training? Well, first of all, let's draw the parallels. Some ingredients off the twitch stream could include the game you play, the time you stream your personality and showmanship, video and audio quality consistency off these ingredients will mean that your viewers should have a consistent experience off your strain. If your audience enjoys the experience of watching your stream, and then they will expect that the next time they want your strength, it will be the same quality of experience. So they're going to come back and once you next time, so don't be against change. It is always a good idea to change arms off your strain damn line. The changes should come all at once. The viewer comes back to a stream and sees you have started playing a new game. You change a persona from its aggressive try hard toe, a family friendly streamer. You started streaming at completely different times. Then you're going to alienate a proportion of your audience and your viewership numbers will did so. What are the best practices to ensure the consistency off the streaming elements? Let's start with the gang you play pretty self explanatory. Make sure you were stringing the same the same game slash games for at least a couple of months to build up traction. You're going to swap games. Don't just jump ship Immediately cross training at the Samuel Sessions and test audience reactions. Ost yourself whether this the audience enjoys watching you play this new game. Do they enjoy equally or more than the previous game you? Extremely. If the answer to these questions is a resounding yes, then just gradually make the change over to the better pastures and opportunities. Stop by playing maybe a couple of hours awake. Nothing too dramatic time once when compared to your other gang, that US training, and then simply stop playing more, more. Maybe you can stop playing this hand exclusively on one of your streaming days, or for an hour and 1/2 of the start of every stream. It's up to you. Just make sure that you and your audience, they're enjoying it, and you're gradually making the change over rot. Tom of Strain We've or discusses, but as a reminder, it is sticking to the same time and day of wake by accounting for your personal circumstances and scheduled to ensure that you never miss a stream. Consistency in the timing of your stream is important because it establishes have it and incorporate your strain into the routine of your audience. You stream every day from three o'clock to seven o'clock. The members off your audience became watching on Tuesdays and Wednesdays every week without fail, he's going to the come habit, and you can expect these people to pop in to strain every Tuesday and Wednesday. This is the case. Start to building a loyal following audio and video quality as you progress is, a streamer is generally expected that both of these elements will improve as you get access to better equipment, however, isn't uncommon. Tap instances or bad video and audio quality casually, whether it be because of how you said it up, maybe month accidentally changed settings or maybe even some dodgy equipment to mitigate this risk of having bad quality audio and video, make sure you conduct quality assurance checks before you start the stream. It doesn't hurt to just say a bunch of gibberish into the mark to make sure you were achieving that crisp audio No. One does it hurt to set the stream to private and make sure that what is being broadcasted to twitch is the best video quality possible? Getting to habits like this and you never have audio or video quality problem. While on strength, personality and showmanship, your personality drives the streaming experience. The viewers people come back to hang out with you while you place and video again because they enjoy your company. So it is understandable why some streamers can lose their audiences when dramatic changes in character occur, so try and remain consistence with your presence, attitude and personality. The best way to ensure this is debate yourself. I know it's cliche, but you will tire out from constantly putting on this card and pretending to be a someone who you were not. Don't learn it the hard way, be yourself and let your zany character emerged. The people watched you, not the person you're pretending to pay anyway. Thanks for watching this lesson on the importance of consistency, and I hope to see you next lesson. 5. Driving Viewership Growth Through Social Expansion: Growth Hack 4: my fourth team to grow. Your twitch channel involves expanding your reach over to other social platforms. There is a reason that the locks and ninja doctor disrespect and other notable streamers can be found on just about every social media platform. If you want to find your viewers for your strain than you need to expand your search radius out from twitch exclusively, you'll be surprised how many new viewers you can peek up from the locks of YouTube. Instagram tweet on even Pinterest. So it's in your best interest to branch out onto these other social media sites to drive more traffic traffic towards our twitch channels. The success of branching out onto alternate social media Platt Court platforms comes down to Truman. Elements capture and conversion capturing involves finds. New phone was on these other social platforms, and conversion has everything to do with how well we can convert these new followers on one platform to regular viewers on our twitch channels. So let's stop with breaking down the audio of capturing the main goal of these processes, drew exposure, social page, two new potential followers and then convince them to follow you to then offer an Avenue for twitch promotion. But we will get to how you can effectively convert your followers to twitch of years later when we floor the process off conversion. That's the general principle across all social media sites. But exactly how do you go about capturing followers will differ from platform to platform. There are a couple of principles that work across all social media platforms, off which the most notable is content creation. For all of your social media profiles, you need to be created content that gets attention. This is the most sustainable and oil roll, the most effective way to drive traffic. 12 social media accounts. Forget trying to speed up the process of growing in social media. We shared out from paid promotion content. Creation needs to be at the core of trying to grow a balding on another platform. What content should you be creating? Well, it's a twitch. Streamer is in your best interest to be creating content that relates back to your tweets. Channel gaming copulation stream highlights or maybe ended some high octane gaming moments of the time you successfully cluster five. The one in rainbow six stage notable or funny chat moments or reactions. Majority of your content needs to be videos of things that have happened on the Australian . You noticed that your social media accounts rating a hape of engaged followers will follow you for your content and therefore easier to convert to twist yours. The second universal principle final followers on social media is niche association. You're a stream of. Then you make sure you you could be found following off the strains and that you're constantly in the comments section of bubbles Dreamers. Do you want all with an interesting tweets training? Then go join a community full of them. He's something important to remember Under No circumstances will use self promote in the comments section of someone else's account. If you'd like fortnight, then follow me for the best compilations on Instagram. There is no need for it, and you come across as a micro unprofessional streamer who hasn't put in the hours and is looking for a quick way to the top. Nobody respects that, and it doesn't work. Instead, here's some better substitute comments warning. Crack, incredible trick shot. I don't know if the nurse on that weapon was called, but what does everyone else think the best comment of those that start a conversation down the comments section between yourself and potential followers, or are so now that we've started to build that social media accounts? How do we get these people to start watching off on twitch? It starts with awareness. I always need to be aware that were active tweet straightness. We can start this process the moment we start making content on their social media accounts . Simply brands start and finish of video content without twitched. And let's look at the content of some other notable streams. Meet a popular warn onstream, a notice that splash rate the end of every one of these YouTube videos. The name of his twitch general in the description of these videos, The link to Its which general throughout the video pop ups on the side of the Stream ad between advertising his tweets channel, he's constantly reminding the audience that hey could be found on tweets training. This is an effective method used by all successful streamers, so you should start doing this now as well. Brand every piece of content you create with the name of your tweets channel, plus the longer at the start and end off every video. But also make sure you reference or Trish Ellen description or comment section conversion can simply be a change through a call to action. Make sure you check me out on twitch streaming World of Warcraft every Tuesday and Friday. Not called the action supported by a clear indication or where they can find you consistently mentioned. Mentioned throughout every piece of branded content that you create will ensure sustainable traffic through to your tweets. General. Thanks for washing his brief rundown on how you can use the power of social media to drive traffic towards your tweets channel. 6. Supercharging Collaborations For Growth: Growth Hack 5: he is a universal truth. Do you want to build a your audience? The masters and most effective way to grow your channel is to expose yourself to a new audience. And there's one method that comes to mind that beats that paid advertising every day of the week collaboration with other stream of personalities. Not only does collaboration expose you to other streams audience, but it also results in his dynamic partnership or group that can take the entertainment value of your stream to the other place. If you do it right first, let's learn how we can find collaborations and then how we can assist the there, the value of them towards outgrowth as a channel wedding fund collaborations look to a majority of the streams like to hang out. Discord. Discord for those of you who don't know what it is, is that fruit text, video and voice chat app that allows people to start enjoying servers. The service could be sent around things like gains or interests, and they allow people to come together that hang out talk and share content. Lucky for us, there is a lot of exclusive string community service based on discord the links. Just several notable service Well being is the description of this course you were going to want to join the service. Make sure your name is the same as your twist. Use name and start neck working with people. The first thing that you were going to want to do is to establish yourself as a respected an active member off the community. Introduce yourself in the introductions channel. Tell everyone a bit about yourself, like what your interests are. The games that you play, the fact that you are a regular stream A spend a couple of days in and out of general chats . Chatting with all the stream is about anything other than clad. Writing pulping. The other streams chats on twitch. To show your support, participate in twitch rides, make a name for yourself and get through to respect you by starting with small gestures, off support and family nous. The reason that we're doing this is because generally the streamers who you want to be collaborating with our respected and active members of these communities. No people who've just joined the service yesterday and they're now hassling all the streams to collaborate with them Now, how exactly do you advertise yourself for potential collaboration? Here's a heat. It doesn't start with unsolicited direct messages begging for a collaboration with people you barely know. Do you want collaborations but aren't getting anyone asking you to collaborate? You need to be the one to throw the idea out into the open and then wait for responses. Majority of tweets streaming service will have dedicated channels of Bonnie collaborations . This is where you need today, like the introduction you just made. Talk a bit about itself, what games you play when you were open to collaborate, etcetera. This can be good if you don't have many viewers or followers, because this method is going to attract a lot of similar size streamers. You will get a days number of responses of your pictures since here, but now we have to wade through a lot the potential applicants to find the best possible streaming partner. So most people who were interested in clarity will probably slide into your dance with their twitch name so you could do some stalking toe. Find out the string with them will be worth your time. Here's some things to look out for When stalking out of streams, audience size, check out potential collaborators, twitch pages and steps that follow account an average viewership statistics. This could be done easily by using a tool such as solly norm dot com. With these two, you can check out channels do shit, break down, follow against number of hours, streams and a bunch of other analytics. A common misconception is that just because somebody has less followers and viewers than your channel, it orderly makes it a waste of time to collaborate with them. This is absolute rubbish. Any different audience to your own is still potentially new viewers. But there is a limit to how much core, if you should expect from streaming with smaller channels. For example, a stream with 1000 followers probably wouldn't waste the time stream with the 15 follower collaborator unless plans, this person added a whole new dynamic to the streams entertainment value. All 15 followers will not be watching, and the proportion of those that are watching one all decide to start following and watching you regularly. Our recommend trying find collaborations with streamers with less than a 20% difference in average viewers to yourself or if you confined anyone with the greater number of viewers in yourself. Streamer. I would be more concerned with using average viewership as a metric for deciding the size of someone stream, especially with the follow for a followed trend around twitch, where all of the little stream is always sharp. Between flight, there follow account, but living the average viewership straggling behind all the other strings following them aren't interested in them but really interested in increasing their own follow account. So you were going toe. No. Find a lot of people engage with these accounts while they're streaming massive red flag. Another thing to watch out bull experience. Check out the other streams. Number of Allah strings. This is normally indication of their experiences. A strange preferably. You want to be collaborating with strangers that haven't laced 20 hours straining when you're just starting out. All right, so we have checked out out potential collaborates, audience size and experience level. Now it is time to guard for a test run, closed them for a couple of hours off stream to truly gauge whether this is someone you constrain with effectively while playing together. Off stream is important to make sure that this person is someone you can play with comfortably. Check to make sure those awkward silences aren't present throughout your playtime. Joke around a bit and sure that the conversation doesn't get stale. Think of how your audience will react to this new personality on stream. Hopefully, this person you have been playing with complementary personality and enter tend to play with Dreamliner. You just found itself a collaboration that will expose herself to new audiences and keep the stream interesting with friendly banter and conversation. Hopefully, this person enjoys collaborating with you enough to become a go to twitch ally to string together whenever thanks for washing the lesson on collaboration. 7. Conclusion: thank you. Complain is course on five ticks. To maximize your growth on twitch, make sure you leave your tweets. Use name and a little reflection. What you will be doing toe effectively grow your twitch channel in the course project hat. After you have finished watching the full course, make sure to give me a follow so you can check out my other courses and stay notified of when I'll be dropping Other tweets related courses. Leave and honest review. A lengthy back is valued so I can give you guys the best quality content possible. Thanks for watching, and I'll see you next time.