5 Super Easy Ways To Make Great Art

Ron Mulvey✏️, Artist / Art Teacher

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13 Lessons (1h 35m)
    • 1. 5 Super Easy Ways To Make Great Art INTRO

    • 2. Dare To Design

    • 3. Easy Cactus

    • 4. Improving With Design Concepts

    • 5. Squaring The Circle

    • 6. Intensifying Your Color And Design

    • 7. Circle Drawing For Elephant

    • 8. Tape And Ink

    • 9. Simple Strokes With Watercolor

    • 10. Crop IT...It's An Easy Fix

    • 11. Think Design And Improve Your Artwork

    • 12. Do And Redo/ Cactus Makeover

    • 13. 37 Thousand Years Of Design


About This Class


 I am very excited to show you 5 Super Easy Ways To Make Great Art. I have used these simple ideas to create: a best selling Children's Art Book , to illustrate the Artabet website that reaches out to a worldwide artistic community of teachers and students, and to create Fine Art Paintings from my studio for over 30 years. 

Top of the list is DESIGN IT! I'll show you a few practical Design Principles and Elements of Design that are easy to use and give immediate results.

CROP IT: IT'S AN EASY FIX is next on my top 5 tricks. I have rescued and sold many pictures with this method.

DRAW OUT OUT THE BOUNDARY  AND STAY IN YOUR PICTURE. You have to see this little 'hack' to appreciate it's effectiveness.

SQUARE THE CIRCLE. If they had taught this in geometry class everyone would have aced the course and had fun drawing.

The most underused secret for any creative activity; DO AND RE-DO...DON"T MAKE DO. Follow our little cactus as it get's a few makeovers and comes out with lots of prickles.

“What happens when you get a big break and you haven’t prepared yourself? That becomes the biggest mistake you’ve ever made.” (Quincy Jones)

"Make your mistakes now and make them quickly." this is why you can't just gain theoretical knowledge. Knowledge is much more valuable when you've made a bunch of mistakes and then you learn a better way to do things, really sticks then. This is why we can say there are no mistakes in art. These so-called mistakes are really the learning curve that must take place. Mistakes are misperceptions of how we learn skills. 

This class is for anyone looking to take control of the way they create and the feelings they have when they are creating. Whether you're just starting or you have been into the wonderful world of art, design, illustration or digital artwork for years this class will be easy to follow along. I'll teach you everything you need to know about 5 skills that have been my creative companions for over 30 years.

Class Outline; 

1- Learn principles and develop skills. Knowledge is useless without the accompanying skill. 

2- Practice turning knowledge into skills.

3- Divide and conquer by combining systems with skills.

4- Delete and change direction.

5- Get some spark! No spark means no fire.

We have 3 sections for our Cactus Drawing and Painting. Two  near the start of the class and a final makeover near the end. I really want you to get the process of Do and Redo. We call it editing - not as a correction but as a refiner. Many great artists tackled the same subject over and over again.

See below for yet another version of my 'Cactus Jack'.


I am having some fun uploading my watercolors into my computer drawing and painting program. All I did here was push a button.for the cactus below. These 5 tricks will always keep you in a creative loop.

Take a look at our little Elephant on a "Night Mission'. All I did was pop it into my computer art program and push 'invert colors' and there she was.