5 Steps to define your optimal team role for any team! | Reindert Westrik | Skillshare

5 Steps to define your optimal team role for any team!

Reindert Westrik, Strengths activator

5 Steps to define your optimal team role for any team!

Reindert Westrik, Strengths activator

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10 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Outline Class

    • 3. Why CliftonStrengths?

    • 4. Where do you get your energy from?

    • 5. Which values are important for you?

    • 6. What is your unique skill?

    • 7. What is your unique contribution to any team?

    • 8. What is your purpose? Part 1

    • 9. What is your purpose? Part 2

    • 10. Your optimal team role

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About This Class

In this practical course, you will discover your unique contribution to any team with the CliftonStrengths. What kind of team player are you? What’s motivating and energizing you? It starts with your natural pattern of thoughts, feelings, and behavior, your truly unique strengths!

Outline course:

  1. In the first step, we will address the questions WHERE do you get your energy from?
  2. In the second step, we discover the important thinks, WHICH values are important for you.
  3. In the third step, we will look at WHAT are your unique strengths, and WHAT is your unique contribution to any team.
  4. In the 4th step, we will build on the previous steps to construct your WHY.
  5. And in 5th and last step, you clearly see your optimal team role.

Is this class for you? 

The class is for everyone who already did the CliftonStrengths or is planning to. For those who want to know their optimal team role for any team, and maximize their unique talents.

Meet Your Teacher

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Reindert Westrik

Strengths activator


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1. Welcome: imagine a world where every human tenant issues to solve wicked problems where you fell but being on your best. And if you are felt for being, I don't believe that strength, the first table vice innovation and that we need each other Strengths toe solve wicked problems In this farce, station willed efforting will change, but not your talent. Your natural but third off thinking, feeling and behavior is what makes you unique. This uniqueness breaks value. I am at a basic. I'm Gallup certified goats and I have teams and organizations fully understand deck tenants and used more productively. I will guide you in this meeting course to discover your optional team rope for anything. Are you ready? Let's start. 2. Outline Class: This mini course is broken into five steps. It starts, and it's built on the Clifton strength. If you didn't do this assignment now, it's the time. Join over more than 22 million people who already using their Clifton strings to drive at work and everywhere else. In the first step, we will address the question. Where do you get your energy from? In the second step, we will discover the important things which values are important for you. In the third step, we will look at what is your unique skill and what if your unique contribution to the team in the fourth step, we will build on the spree few steps to construct your why. And in the fifth and last step, we are able to see clearly your optimal team row, the royal play who speaks to the two competitive needs belonging and being unique at the same time, and this will translate in a more meaningful and fulfilling life. The five steps are simple, and the framework will set you up for success. However, it cost time and investment in yourself to reflect on your strength. If you know your strength of heart, you can give better direction to your work and life. You don't have to look outside a few. It's already there inside off you. Are you ready to activate your strength? 3. Why CliftonStrengths?: Clifton Strengths explains how you are truly unique. It's not cool. It's the excerpt player. So purposes to ignite all the talent on the team, the Clifton strings helps you discover your strength and describes your potential. It helps you to focus on the positive instead of negative, find a good fit of life and name your strength by using one strangling which 1000 off the world's best organizations in cream Get up string science deep into their culture. And what s a strength? It iss the ability to consistently profile near perfect performance in unspecific activity . An easy way to explain this is with the following exercise past this video and download to provide it works. Hi. Welcome back, Right? With your dominant hand to centers, I use my strength every day. Fish Okay, do the same. Making no dominant hands with the same speak and occur She This is hard, right? Maybe even frustrating. Of course you can practice this, but what if you put all your time and energy in your natural ability? So how do you know your in your strengths on Certs? From one off The five clues one yearning quick start to rapid learning tree flow. The time flies. It totally got the time. Four. And this is a major one. Glimpses off. Excellent. People are telling you you're great in this kind of activity. You're thinking by yourself everybody. Justice, right? This is normal. No, this is one of your strength. Five energy satisfaction. The Clifton strings. What? It is not and what it is. It is not. We are all the same. It is. We are all different. It is not one size fits all approach. It is the lens to with you feud world. It is also not a two for selection of promotion. It's a tool for development. It is not identified the right wrong or good in bed. Devin's it is we are all the same. It is also not a complete explanation of who we are. It is. Where do you find your energy? It is not an excuse. If this maximize performance, it is also not a tool that dramatically changes over time. It is talents remained consistent over life. 4. Where do you get your energy from?: Where do you get your energy from? It's from your strength off course, and therefore you do need to talk five Clifton strengths to go off these exercises to better articulate and simplify the question. Where do you get your energy from? For example, my top five talents are activator strategic, restorative focus and learner. Highlight the phrases that really resonates with you From my activated talent, I get energized by accident that ignites progress. Do this for all of your top five drift in strength. 5. Which values are important for you?: fellows are the things that are very, very important to you and heavily influenced by your daily decision making and how you feud world. And so I have strings. And that's why we want to discover the link between your strengths and values. Donald the provided worksheet and sore truth values Jewish Your took five core values. Some failures are still important to you, but you are willing to negotiate at the end of this exercise. You do know what's important for you and how this is influenced by your strength, For example, For me, personal development is super super important. I don't vote my life and build my business around it. You can see clearly the link between learning and personal development. I also see a link with my number one activator. I like toe activate people on the talent so they can develop and use the full potential. I do also see a link between my restorative strength and personal development. I like to help people fix things, true personal development. So this is important to me and how I am wired. Let's find out what's important for you and how this is influenced by your strength 6. What is your unique skill?: you are powerful, you have amazing strings. You are truly unique. I don't believe there's this. Uniqueness brings value. Sometimes you have potential environment or use your strengths more productively. But what makes you unique? What is your unique skills? This tough questions and therefore we do need to lead a bit off help. I would challenge you toe ask street or four colleagues entry or four family members and friends for strength based feedback. So what s sensory feedback? In my opinion, it focused far more on strength instead of weakness. Of course, it's also focused on the feedback receiver, instead off the feedback bullfighter, and it gives you more clear insight instead of judgement. What usually works when you ask for feedback is that you say I follow a class to identify my unique skill, and the person who gives the class encouraged us to ask colleagues. Family members inference for strength based feedback. Can you help me? Which feel to it answers Thanks. This kind of exercises can be life changing when you receive your feet big forms look for rat threats for statements that really resonates with you. For example, when I did sorts through all my feedback forms for me, creativity did stand out. Also focus on strengths, coating and motivating. Seeing things from a different angle. It's super cool to get this kind of feedback. The Goa is to find your red threats to find your unique skill thinks that you excel at Remember. You only know you like you do. They can be digits off your red threats. 7. What is your unique contribution to any team?: the four Clifton strength domains. Executing, influencing relationship building and strategic thinking is not away. To think how you contribute toe anything, the best teams are made up off infidels who understand their own and others unique contribution to the team, this awareness and appreciation and policy team to be more cohesive, fresh hotel, productive and engaged. At the end of this exercise, you do now your unique contribution to the T and which do may most dominant for you. Exercise to be Donald to provide it worksheet in circle you took five signature teams, then answer the questions that follow. With domain is most dominant for you. I lied with influencing. This is because of my relative distribution off all the 34 15 strength. 8. What is your purpose? Part 1: Why do you have to know your purpose for your optimal Timo? This is because tasks can be done without a purpose that tomorrow has always so meaning to it. Why is forever so important? Purpose is important because it is one off the basic needs for intrinsic motivation. Besides a telling me at mastery, you can even call this strength mastery. These are the basic needs were interesting. Motivation is built on and this is also true for your ideal team Row. This from you is Val described in this book drive from Daniel Pink. A lot off advice nowadays is find your passion, find work you really, really love. My advice is find your strength instead. If I glove in your work five activities that makes you feel storm and find to think you excel it and in a sweet spot you will find your purpose. And death is exactly what we're kind of doing This exercise This exercise consists of two parts part one. Construct your purpose from your strengths. Now everything's comes together. Take over the statements and sentences from the previous exercises so you can construct your purpose from it. This will give you a strong direction off your purpose, for example, thinks it energized me. Are extended ignite progress for seeing a goal, solving problems and things that are important for me our autonomy, creativity, loyalty, self development and things that I am excel. It are embracing unique talons, coaching and motivating focus on strengths and creative problem solving. And then I waas ableto right down my first version off my purpose. Activate on strengths. 9. What is your purpose? Part 2: often get me hard to put your finger on or to articulate what your purpose is. Off course. I could speed up this process, but you can also challenge yourself. Part two. Sharpen your purpose downloads to provide it Worksheet. Now, this exercise start with a statement. I'm a person who likes to activate on strengths. But why is that? Because I like to solve world problems. I like to add value and I like to ignites progress. And why is that? Because I want to be seen. And why is dead? Because I want to be valued for being valuable. And now I can stay my purpose. I'm a person really likes activated strings, so wicked problems that I value being on. 10. Your optimal team role: Now you find your purpose. It's time to discover the optimal team wrote for anything. Often when we think about team roles, you think about former rules about what am I? I'm a team leader. I do think we need to shift to Who am I? What role do you play? Let's find out Donald. The provided worksheet and the team dynamics Select your top five talents. Choose a role. What suits you best for the team you have in mind? In this example, we did use surface and then two characteristics from your other top five talents that really describe this role in this case which Jews curious, selective, genuine and scientific and then do the same for your other top five talents. Choose other words that describe this role.