5 Simple Tips That will Change your Black And White Photos | Serge Ramelli | Skillshare

5 Simple Tips That will Change your Black And White Photos

Serge Ramelli, Photographer

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About This Class

In this behind-the-scenes episode, follow me through Griffith Park in Los Angeles, where I try different compositions to create an amazing, dramatic black and white photo.

I will show you how I shot the photos, which one I select to be retouched and how I retouch it to make it into a dramatic black and white photo.

Here are my tips:

1. Shooting: How I select my Foreground, Middle Ground and Background Elements (I show you 3 examples in the video)

2. Shooting: Since I am on the move for this shoot, I am shooting by hand with no tripod, I am bracketing my photos so I set my camera to 1/250th second for the Normal exposure to ensure I do not get a blurry shot.

3. Shooting: When to switch to Black and White and why I sometimes use it over HDR.

4. Shooting: How to select your best shots and why I select them - composition is key.

5. Retouching: Starting with a low contrast is very important with Black and White retouching, do all of your local work before adjusting to a sharp contrast.
Et Voila, my 5 tips for Black and White!





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Serge Ramelli


Serge Ramelli is one of the most popular on line teachers on Lightroom and Photoshop. He is the second best author on Tuto (the biggest e-learning platform in France) and hosts one of the most popular podcast on Lightroom with over 150 000 subscribers all over the world.

Serge is known for teaching in a very easy way with lot's of beautiful photos. He has been a professional landscape and interior design photographer for over 9 years and has worked for big brands including Samsung, Nik...

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