5 Online Products you can sell | Wendy Vazquez | Skillshare
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About This Class

Have you ever considered the idea of starting an online business? When you have a blog, and want to make it profitable, then you might consider creating online products, that will not only make you earn extra income, but to promote more and more your blog or website. 

Afraid? Don't be! Just realize that there`s a topic in which you are a master, or you are close to be, so you can explode it and start earning what is called: "Passive Income". Take the advantage and change your way of earning income!





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Wendy Vazquez

Business and blogging for creatives

My name is Wendy, and I am a Graphic Designer, who always enjoyed the crafts and DIY. I want to create a community around those topics, in order to help people who also enjoy them, to built their business or project with creativity and organization. There are many ways to achieve it, and one of the most important is by learning how to manage our finances, personal and the business. I want to help people to understand their numbers, embrace their administration, and see that it could be a...

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