5 Must Use Text Editor Extensions for Web Developers/Designers [Part 2/2] | Filip Kordanovski | Skillshare

5 Must Use Text Editor Extensions for Web Developers/Designers [Part 2/2]

Filip Kordanovski, Graphic & Web Designer

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7 Videos (15m)
    • Class Introduction

    • Minified View Extension

    • PSD File Preview Feature

    • Awesome To-Do Extension (Must Have)

    • Bonus - Themes!!!

    • Extended Right Click Functionality

    • Class Outro & Task


About This Class


Hi everyone, thank you guys for checking out the second class of the series!

In this short yet effective showcase, I'll be taking you through ANOTHER 5 of my favorite text editor extensions.

Extensions are by far the best way to enhance your coding experience and provide you with significant boost when developing a project. They speed up the workflow by unimaginable amounts and they are a must-use for any serious web developer or designer.

My code editor of choice will be Brackets by Adobe, as I think its the best one for beginners as well as enthusiasts and it offers a really clean design.

This is the last part (Part 2 of 2) short series that I was preparing for you the last couple of weeks.





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Filip Kordanovski

Graphic & Web Designer

Filip Kordanovski is a self-taught front-end web developer & designer from Skopje, Macedonia.
He is truly passionate about his work and he loves to learn new stuff everyday.
Filip has more than 4 years expertise in the field of web development & design and has recently started teaching and publishing courses to share his knowledge with the world.
A truly dedicated persona with huge enthusiasm towards teaching, always aiming to deliver affordable, high quality education/content...

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