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5 Must Use Strategies for eCommerce

Alex Huston, Coach

5 Must Use Strategies for eCommerce

Alex Huston, Coach

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6 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Intro & Overview

    • 2. Leveraging Emails to Increase Sales

    • 3. Using Consumer Psychology to Increase Conversion Rate

    • 4. Klaviyo: Email Automation

    • 5. Using Customer Content to Increase Brand Identity

    • 6. Upsell and Cross-sell to Increase Sales

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About This Class

Build your eCom store with Shopify! Click here: http://bit.ly/ShopifyAJAX

In this course, we will go over 5 strategies and applications to implement onto your eCommerce store in order to drive more sales and further engage your consumers.

What we will learn: 

  • Leveraging emails to increase sales
  • Using consumer psychology to increase conversions
  • Klaviyo: email automation (see additional classes below for more information)
  • Using customer content to increase brand identity
  • Upsell and Cross-sell to increase sales


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Meet Your Teacher

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Alex Huston



Alex is a determined and focused young professional who has developed an array of skills to share over the past 10 years. With primary focuses around digital marketing, eCommerce, music production and various creative software, his knowledge is applicable to several different industries.


His zealous passion and worth ethic stem from a love of learning and application of new skills to the projects and businesses he is involved with.

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1. Intro & Overview: all right. Today we're gonna go over five different applications that we can implement into our e commerce store and were to drive up our revenue and increase the lifetime value of each consumer that we acquire. Things will be five must have APS. With that being said, there are several different variations of each application. There's different app developers, so feel free to browse around. But these will be the five main apse that have core functions that we should implement into our e commerce store today. We're gonna be specifically focusing on what's available to us through the shop five app store. With that being said, if you host your website on WordPress or some other platforms for your e commerce store, I'm sure you can find somewhere apse with some more functions. So just keep that in mind without further ado. Let's dive into the computer and let's get going 2. Leveraging Emails to Increase Sales: all right. We're in the computer now, guys, and I'm not gonna go into the back end of any of these APS. But I'm gonna I'm gonna show examples of the APS that you're gonna need to really increase revenue on your shop if I or e commerce platform. If you're using WordPress or some other platform, there should be application. Adams there is. Well ah, but we're gonna go into the psychology. And why these APS air important? Um, and you confined whatever applications, it doesn't need to be these exact ones, but something similar that will do the trick for you. So the 1st 1 we're gonna focus on is called Well, Leo, um, if you go to the shop if I store, this is really quick app to integrate into your store and what it does. Is it gamma five? Um, email subscriptions. So, people who are visiting your site Ah, we'll get a pop up. That essentially looks like this, and it will ask them to spin the wheel to get a special discount in turn for their email. Um, I found a lot of success with this app specifically because of the game ified approach that it takes, Um it brings in a new element to, um somebody giving over their email to you that you can use to later market them. Um, people like to have fun, of course. So instead of just a regular email pop up, they actually get Teoh, you know, play a quick game in turn for their email. And I found this works probably 20 to 40% better than just regular email pop ups. And that's why the price of this, this application, um, is a little more expensive. Um, but the return on it is definitely worth it. Ah, the great thing about wheel Leo is you can go in and change each, um, each segment here toe have a different percentage discount. Ah, you can also weight these in a sense of what you want. The wheel toe land on more. Um, so you can really make sure that you're not giving away too much of a discount. That's gonna hurt your margins, and you can still give away discount. That makes it worthwhile for the consumer who just gave you their email. So it's a really cool way to continue to engage your customer while they're on your site and drive further sales if they have a discount out the gate and they're gonna be more likely to purchase for you. Uhm, another great thing about this. This application is that when it lands on the discount percentage, you can set the application automatically apply it to their cart. Eso. The great thing about that is you saved the consumer a step of even having to remember that they got a discount and apply it. And so when they get to the check out process, they'll see that it's already applied. Um, so rule of thumb is the less that you make your consumer do in order to purchase from you, the better. So this app is super powerful, really great results across every single e commerce platform that I've implemented this on . So I definitely go and take a peek at this. It's really awesome. You can customize it to fit your brand. Um, with the different colors and the different backgrounds you can see you can even customize it for holiday sales as well. Um, so really, really awesome app. If you don't want to use the game ified version of of garnering emails on your e commerce platform, you can use something like privy. There's also opt in. Monk, there's a ton A ton of different, uh, email pop ups. Ah, that you can you can use. And this is gonna be your pretty standard. You can see an example here. This is gonna be your pretty standard email. Pop up. Um, and again, not as great of results is something that's a little more game ified, but they still work. Um, and you can still use them to give give out discounts to people's email addresses while acquiring an email. Ah, for long term marketing as well. So that's a secondary option if you're not interested in going down the wheel Leo route. 3. Using Consumer Psychology to Increase Conversion Rate: Okay, guys, the next app we're gonna look at is called her. If I really anything that that creates some level of scarcity, whether it's a countdown timer, um ah, quantity left in stock. Or, um, the other great one is you can have an auto populated, um, number of people who are viewing that product. Um, which is, which is a really good one in the psychology behind this. This is kind of what it looks like. You can change the colors of all this. You can just have the countdown bar. Here it is. 2 52 watching this product number of products sold in the last hour. You know, I'd really pick one of these. So either pick the watching how many are left in stock or the timer. And the idea behind this is to add a level of scarcity, um, to the product that people are viewing. So most likely, if you're running paid advertisements either from Google or from Facebook, um, and Instagram or wherever you're spending your media dollars, people are gonna be coming in off of an ad, probably directly to a product page. And so toe add a level of scarcity that if they were to come back for that product at a later date, it may not be available. Um, is going to entice more people to buy. It's gonna it's gonna it's gonna give that just a little extra push to the consumers who are kind of on the fence of purchasing, um, or aren't sure if they want this product. Um and so an app like this, anything that's gonna add a level of scarcity to your product page is gonna be very beneficial and highly recommended. 4. Klaviyo: Email Automation : Okay, The next application we're gonna talk about is Claudio. I'm not gonna go into a super deep dive of this application because I have other videos on here on my profile about how to use Claudio and the automated mark email marketing systems that they have available in their interface to your to your benefits. All link those in the description of this video as well. Um, so that you can you can check those videos out. We go over how to create a welcome Siri's flow that's automated. Ah, how how to go over our how to create an abandoned cart flow that's automated and how to how to create a post purchase flow that's automated. So all of these various emails that you consent to consumers to increase your revenue in an in an automated sense Ah, where you set it up once and based on the actions that they take on your website, thes e mails get deployed accordingly. So definitely head over to my profile or click the links in the description to take a look at how toe how to use those properly. Um, but this is pretty much the industry standard for any um, for any e commerce, um, or email marketing that you want to do. This is what the application looks like. You can send individual campaigns, you consent automated email flows. They give you a bunch of email templates, um, to to work off of. And they allow you to a list in segment people based on their actions or based on characteristics of their email. Whether that's location, age, ah, gender, all these different things. So another very powerful, um, application have on your e commerce platform for long term marketing. Um, pretty much engaging your consumer over over a lifetime and increasing that average order value, as well as increasing that lifetime value of that individual consumer so highly recommend Claudio specifically for its in depth and, um, versatile tools that you can you can implement when deploying your emails. 5. Using Customer Content to Increase Brand Identity: okay. And the final one that we're gonna go over today is some type of review app. Um, we're looking at Lucques reviews right now. It's a great place to start. There's also other review APS like, um Yapo, which is gonna be a little more expensive, but a little more versatile. And the idea behind reviews on your e commerce platform is to add a level of social awareness and ah, kind of kind of social trust. When people go on to your website and they see that other people have purchased your product and rated that product, well, um, it's going to give them a more comfortable sense of one purchasing from you. And to that, what they're buying is actually what they want. And so having having several product reviews on each of your individual products on your E commerce store is going to greatly increase the chance of new consumers purchasing that product as well. Um, and the great thing about Lukes is that you can you can have consumers, um, take pictures of the product and send it to you, along with a star rating and a ah description of what they thought about the product, and you can display the reviews that you receive. You can You can moderate that. So, Ah, the great thing about about all these review APS is that if you get a bad review, you can choose whether or not to publish that on your site. Um, of course, I would recommend not leaving all five star reviews. Um, you do wanna have some level of authenticity, but there are gonna be some of those just really unhappy customers that are going to say nasty things, and you don't want to publish that on your site. Um, the great thing about most of these review apse is that they will, um, you they'll have parameters and settings that will allow you to send out Ah, an email to people asking them to review your product after a certain date. So let's see if we can find that real quick. This it's not here in the description, um, but anywhere from like, a week after they purchased this 14 days to 21 days, depending on what kind of product you're selling, um, it will auto generate a review email and send it to the consumer that already has your product and asked them to review the product and let them, you know, let them know that we're really interested in how you're enjoying your product. Give us Give us a few minutes of your time and some feedback. Um, we'd love to hear from you kind of thing. Um, and again, this is this is really great engagement for your consumers. Um, and it's really great engagement to have on your website for new potential consumers. 6. Upsell and Cross-sell to Increase Sales: okay, in the final app that we're gonna talk about today is bold up cell. And this is a great app to increase the average order value of each potential consumer that comes through, um, your website effectively what this app is gonna let you do, Um and and actually, before I dive in, I do have a man in depth video on my page about this. I will also like this in the description, so be sure to check that out as well. Um, but the great thing that this APP is gonna let you do is up cell and cross sell based on specific products that people are are looking to purchase. So what this is gonna look like is, um, when somebody decides to in this example, put a bag of coffee into their cart, we can deploy a pop up that says, you know, something like, don't run out of filters at a pack of filters to your order for $3. Okay, um, and just by simply just displaying that pop up, we have the potential to add an additional $3 to that order. So whatever this is, if you're selling jewelry and you have a necklace and a matching bracelet. You could do something like that. Or if you're selling accessories like sunglasses and hats or something like that, Um, whatever it is, you compare products in this way, um, to kind of help people shop for them. You kind of think ahead of what you're consumer may need with the products that their purchasing. And so the great thing about this app is it allows you to up, sell or cross sell. So the difference between up selling is somebody in this. It's laid out right here. Somebody puts a £1 bag of coffee into their cart and we can ask them, Do you want to make it a tube to pound bag of coffee for this discounted price and unlimited time? Um And So, for example, somebody may have been purchasing this £1 bag of coffee for $10 and we're gonna try and up sell this £2 bag of coffee for $17. But originally, this £2 bag of coffee cost $22 for example, um, we just increase that average order by about $7 that's awesome. So that's what up sells. Looks like it's gonna be replacing ah, more expensive product for the product that they've already chosen. The cross sell is adding additional products that will also increase the average order value. So the £1 bag of coffee with the coffee mug and the coffee filters were adding additional products. Okay, so we're thinking for consumer what they might also need. If you're buying coffee, you might need a coffee mug. And if you're buying coffee, you're probably gonna be making coffee, so you probably are going to need coffee filters. So let's think for consumers and try to give them exactly what they need at the exact right time to increase our revenue, our sales and ultimately, the satisfaction of our customers.