5-Minute Study Motivation - Japanese Procrastination Cure

Bryan Bolt, Adventurer & Virtual Coach

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10 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. Welcome & Orientation

    • 2. 1. Why We Procrastinate And The 3 Brains

    • 3. 2. Willpower The Secret to Motivation

    • 4. 3. The Power of 5Minute Study Sessions

    • 5. 4. Mini Study Sessions And What To Do When You Feel Heavy Resistance

    • 6. 5. Your 5 Minute Study Session

    • 7. 6. What To Do When You Feel Resistance To Do More

    • 8. 7. The Key to Long Term Motivation

    • 9. 8. Final Words On Your Academic Journey

    • 10. Q Invitation

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About This Class

Hi. I’m Bryan Bolt and I want to completely change the way you look at motivation.

Do you desperately need to study, but you just can't find the motivation to start?

You see, most people don't know where motivation really comes from and we think hopefully, one day, we'll just have motivation. You know, we'll wake up and feel motivated.

Listen motivation is not something you have, motivation is something you create. And you can create it any moment you want.

Inside this course I'll walk you through a powerful japanese exercise that will help you eliminate your study procrastination and make studying surprisingly easy.    

I’ve now thought this exercise to more than a 1036 people from more than 97 different countries all over the world and people have been absolutely thrilled by the results they have been getting.

This exercise, a proven form of metacognition, allows you to beat your brain at its own game and distract it from the ways that it tries to sabotage you. And this changes everything.

Learning this method is a totally new way to approach motivation and it gives you a powerful, powerful new superpower. And I'm really excited to have it all in one single course for you to discover.

This program is a series of 9 video trainings plus set of powerful exercises to help you beat your study procrastination and make YOUR study routine, whether it's studying maths, chemistry, geography, learning Spanish, Chinese or any other subject, an automatic and effortless part of your life. 

Inside this program… You’ll learn:

  • A powerful exercise that will Help you create your own motivation
  • How to eliminate your study procrastination
  • How to make studying easy and fun
  • How to stay motivated all year long
  • How to wake up excited and motivated to get your studying complete
  • An easy way to find time to study even when your day is already packed
  • Why setting study goals doesn't work – and what to do instead

Okay, here's how this works:

If you are ready to get started and if you are serious about eliminating your study procrastination and making studying surprisingly easy, then I invite you to take the next step with me and join me in 5-Minute Study Motivation.

Alright, see you inside.