5 Mindset "MUST" For Content Creators

Kramer Ammons, If you think you can your right!

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7 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Life changing

    • 2. Small tweaks lead to big peaks

    • 3. Create vs Consume

    • 4. Acting over analytics

    • 5. People don't like you

    • 6. Consistency creates confidence

    • 7. Project 1 minute you should DO it!!


About This Class

5 mindset must for content creators is a class that teaches you what your mind needs to be focusing on in order to have the best life as a content creator. In this class, we cover 5 essential mindsets.  

1. Small tweaks lead to big peaks-David Crank

We have a hard time seeing what we can accomplish if we have not done so before yet. We can often think that the solution is going to be some huge move some big thing. When really the small things make a huge difference 

2. Create Content over-consuming content

Making content gets results consuming content can trigger comparison. 

3. Acting over analytics 

It is easy to sit and look at analytics when what really gets the result is doing. 

4. People Don't like you and that okay, Be an adult. 

It does not matter what people think, stay your lane and do your best and how people respond is not up to you!

5. Consistency creates confidence. 

People often stop right before they hit their break threw. How many people die with their gifts still inside of them?